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It only 
takes a 

Annual report supplement 
Honor roll of donors 

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By the time I sat under his 
tutelage, Dr. Heath was a 
skinny, wizened, old man. 
He was fond of telling his 
classes that he graduated from 
seminary at the fall of the Roman 
empire. Most of us believed him. 

"I only weigh 98 pounds," he'd 
confide. "I'll probably be blown 
away in the next windstorm." In 
moments of weakness, generally 
while cramming for the every- 
Friday morning Greek test, there 
were those of us who devoutly 
wished for a tornado. 

Dr. Heath taught New Testament 
Greek — never my best subject. In 
fact, I hated it with a passion 
surpassed only by his love for the 
language of Saint Paul and Saint 

It took me four long years to 
wade through the four semesters of 
Greek needed to meet my language 
requirement. I never did come to 
share Dr. Heath's fervor for the 

By example, however, he 
sparked in me a genuine love for 
learning and a thirst for knowledge. 
"I'm up reading by 5:00 every 
morning," he would say. And it 
seemed he was forever running off 
to Greece for continued study, 
translation work, or participation in 
an archeological dig. (Even today, 

after having retired, he continues to 
teach in a college near his Florida 

The flame of learning Dr. Heath 
kindled in me was just one part of 
my Taylor experience. Yet, it has 
affected my life and my service to 

To my mind, that's what Taylor is 
about. Here, individuals are edu- 
cated for lifelong learning. Students 
are affected and, in turn, will affect 
the world around them. 

It makes for a stimulating and 
challenging environment. As you 
read this issue, share a little of the 
excitement. Herein, you'll find high- 
lighted reports from across the 
campus, pointing to significant ac- 
complishments of the past year. 

Also listed are the names of the 
many, many people who, together, 
ensure that Taylor maintains her 
standing as a beacon for Christian 
liberal arts education. 

For all of us at Taylor, please 
allow me to thank you who are a part 
of this world-changing endeavor. 
Through your gifts and support, you 
spark the flame of learning in the 
hearts of young men and women 
who will influence the lives of 
countless people. 

-Doug Marlow '8 1 , editor 


TAYLOR magazine 

Volume 27, Number 1 

Fall, 1989 

Taylor University 

Dr. Jay Kesler '58, president 

Dr. Daryl R. Yost, provost 

TAYLOR magazine is published quarterly for 
alumni, students, faculty, staff, parents of 
current students and friends of Taylor 
University by the University Advancement 
Office, Dr. Charles R. Jaggers '69, vice 

Doug Marlow '81 , editor 

Betty Freese, alumni notes editor 

Jim Garringer, photographer 

Lori Anderson '90, student proofreader 

Ann Calkins '91 , student news editor 

Tim Carlson '90, student technical assistant 

Jane Huntzinger '90, student assistant editor 

Regular contributing authors: Dr. Jay Kesler 
'58, Wesley Robinson '50, Jere Truex '68. 

Guest authors this issue: Steve Baarendse 
'90, Jim Garringer, Marsha (Elkund '64) Ged- 
des, Carl Hassel, Brenda Hendrickson 76, 
Robert Hodge, Dr. Charles Jaggers, Damon 
Seacott, Allan Smith, Dr. Richard Stanislaw, 
Wynn Lembright, Daryl Yost. 

Address letters and comments to: Editor, 
TAYLOR magazine, Taylor University, Upland, 
IN 46989. The staff reserves the right to 
publish a representative sample of letters and 
to edit letters for space. Unsolicited manu- 
scripts are welcomed for possible inclusion in 
the magazine. Enclose a self-addressed, 
stamped envelope for return of material. 
Selection and publication are at the discretion 
of the editor and his advisory panel. Opinions 
expressed in TAYLOR magazine are those of 
the authors, not necessarily Taylor University. 

Persons wishing to reproduce any portion of 
TAYLOR magazine's contents are requested to 
write in advance for permission. 

Printing, Colony Printing and Labeling, Eaton, 
Indiana; mailing, Faris Mailing, Indianapolis, 
Indiana; mailing labels prepared by Information 
Services, Taylor University. Typesetting, layout 
and paste-up was done at Taylor University 
using the Apple Macintosh II computer, Apple 
LaserWriter II NT printer, and Aldus Page- 
Maker software. Final output at Taylor 
University Press on the Allied Linotronic 1 00 

Front cover and back cover photos by Jim 

Taylor University complies with all federal and 
state nondescrimination laws. Taylor 
University is an equal-opportunity institution. 
Direct inquiries to the Office of the President, 
Taylor University, Upland, IN 46989, (317) 998- 
5203, or the Office of Civil Rights, Washington, 

Mailed in Indianapolis, non-profit permit #8 by 
Faris Mailing, Incorporated, 535 South Illinois 
Street, Indianapolis, Indiana 46225. Please 
mail address corrections to Alumni Office, 
Taylor University, Upland, IN 46989. 



Readers respond to previous issues of the magazine. 


Jay Kesler's new book on marriage and family, Taylor's 
high school involvement programs and more. 


An alumna reflects on returning for her 25th class 
reunion. By Martha (Elkund '64) Geddes. 


Page 4 


Taylor's first donor, lifesaving and school saving efforts, 
and a last-second shot. By Wesley Robinson '50. 


Take a look at the conference which offers something 
for all ages. Photography by Jim Garringer. 

11 ANNUAL REPORT 1988-89 

The achievements and challenges of this past year are 
chronicled in this report. 


With appreciation to those who make Taylor possible. 
Thank you. 


It all started at Taylor for the son of a former baseball 
coach who hit the big time. A pictorial essay by Jim 


News from members of our Taylor family. 


An eyewitness account and perspective from someone 
who was there. By Brenda Hendrickson 76. 

Page 21 

Page 62 


Broadcast beginnings 

On page 37 of the Summer, 
1989 issue of TAYLOR maga- 
zine, there is reference to radio 
& television programs developed 
in 1958 being broadcast over 
WLBC, Muncie, Indiana. 

Taylor radio broadcasts on 
WLBC go back to the school 
year 1941-42, when friends of 
Dr. J. A. Huffman, Bible profes- 
sor, made it possible. Either Dr. 
Huffman, or Dr. Robert Lee 
Stuart, the president of Taylor at 
that time, gave the sermon on the 
half-hour broadcast. Music was 
provided by students directed by 
Raymond Kreiner, vocal music 
professor, and Miss Thodora 
Bothwell, professor of organ and 

piano music. The broadcasts 
were aired on Sunday after- 
noons, live, by telephone, from 
Shreiner Auditorium, Helene 
Music Hall. 

In the school year that fol- 
lowed, radio broadcasts were 
aired on WKMO, Kokomo, 
Indiana for 13 weeks, ending in 
a special hour-long broadcast of 
THE MESSIAH' by the Taylor 
Choral Society in December, 
1942. This had the largest 
listening audience of any of the 

Since I was college electrician 
those years, I was radio techni- 
cian for the telephone connec- 

Rev. Don R. Yocom, '44 
Springfield, Ohio 

Happy memories 

In thinking of Taylor, one 
thinks of the inspiring professors 
who shaped one's life. It 
happens that during my life as a 
missionary and now as a 
volunteer prison worker, I have 
written at least 250,000 letters. I 
still write up to 15 letters a day 
to prisoners. 

And how often my mind 
harks back to dear Professor 
Cline. How she just loved the 
English language! And how she 
imparted that love to her stu- 
dents; how she polished up our 
model letters. And, Professor 
Cline, I owe so much to you! 
Maynard Ketcham, class '25 
Springfield, Missouri 

Student calendars campus: A Taylor 'Odyssey' 

Taylor students who have always wondered 
how to keep track of athletic events, play produc- 
tions, music concerts and assorted other activities 
have a friend in Connie Lindman, a senior Com- 
munication Studies major. 

Last year, Lindman decided to put together a 
calendar/day planner, designed to make it easier 
for students to keep track of events. 

The 1 989-90 Odyssey, named to complement 
Taylor's yearbook, the Illium, became the reali- 
zation of the dream for an activities calendar 
Lindman has had since her freshman year. 

"When I came to Taylor," said Lindman, "I 
was unsure of when and where events were and I 
thought about the calendar I had used in high 

The Odyssey, which was put together on the 
basis of Lindman 's school calendar, includes 
dates and places for all athletic teams' events, 
play production dates, Student Activities Council 
(SAC) activities and other departmental func- 
tions which were available to Lindman late this 

As a Communication major, Lindman must 

complete a practicum, internship or independent 
study before graduation. She decided to prepare 
the school events calendar as her independent 
study project. 

According to Lindman, she made different 
proposals of the idea, reviewed them with her 
adviser, then presented her ideas before the 
student senate in order to receive funding for her 

Once her idea was approved, she began 
sending letters to department heads, and contact- 
ing people about the events to be collected in the 

Now that this year's Odyssey is completed 
and has generated enthusiasm among the student 
body, Lindman would like to see her project con- 

Student Services, a division of Taylor Student 
Organization (TSO), will take over the produc- 
tion of the calendar in the future. 

According to Juanita Yoder, vice president for 
student services, the Odyssey has found a 
"home" in TSO and will hopefully be continued 
in the future. — AC 


Jere Truex 

'68 named 
Hoosier of 
the Year 

Derrick Sanford, a freshman at Taylor, was 
one of the top winners in last year's Christian 
Leadership Scholarship competition. 

Conference, competition 
encourage leaders 

High school students who are academi- 
cally strong and who exhibit Christian 
leadership should be recognized, re- 
warded and encouraged. 

That's the premise of Taylor Univer- 
sity's annual High School Leadership 
Conference, held November 17-18 this 

The conference offers nationally 
recognized speakers along with work- 
shops, discussion groups and fellowship 
for all those attending the conference. 

Another highlight is the Christian 
Leadership Scholarship competition, held 
in conjunction with the conference. 

For students selected to participate in 
the competition, the conference offers an 
even more tangible award: the opportu- 
nity to win one of twelve partial tuition 
scholarships to attend Taylor University. 

This year, three 80% of tuition scholar- 
ships (approximately $25,000 each) and 
nine 40% of tuition scholarships (ap- 

proximately $13,000 each) comprised the 
competition's awards. 

Since its inception five years ago, 
over $500,000 in scholarships have been 

Wynn Lembright, vice president for 
student affairs and services, feels the 
money is invested wisely. He believes 
the scholarship program is vital because it 
enhances the Taylor community by 
bringing quality students to campus. 

To be eligible for this scholarship, a 
student must be a senior in high school; 
be in the top 20% of his class; have a 
combined S.A.T. score of at least 1,000. 

According to Larry Mealy, director of 
leadership development and student 
programs at Taylor, as students inquire 
about the scholarship, they become more 
aware of the leadership opportunities at 

Initially, 30 competitors are selected 
by scholarship judges (made up of 
faculty, administrators, friends of the 
University and students). Then, the selec- 
tion process is continued at the Christian 
Leadership Conference. 

After a student has received the 
scholarship, he or she must continue to 
exhibit leadership characteristics. 

Recipients must maintain a 3.0 grade 
point average, continue to be active in 
leadership positions, take part in Taylor's 
mentor program, assist with instructing 
leadership classes, conferences and 
workshops and re-apply for the scholar- 
ship each year. 

Freshman Derrick Sanford is one of 
eight competition winners currently at 
Taylor. He will take a leadership role in 
next year's leadership conference. 

Mealy explains that the conference is 
not just for scholarship candidates. All 
students in grades nine through twelve are 
encouraged to attend. 

"We want to begin developing leader- 
ship in students at an early age," Mealy 
said. "The High School Leadership 
Conference is a great way to support 
Christian youth as they develop leader- 
ship skills." — DS 

Taylor grad named 
Hoosier of the Year 

Indiana Governor Evan 
Bayh named Jere Truex '68, 
Hoosier of the Year for 1989, 
during the Annual Governor's 
Conference for Persons with 

Struck by polio at age 7, 
Truex is a quadriplegic who 
spent most of his youth in an 
iron lung. A portable respira- 
tor now makes it possible for 
him to function outside of the 
iron lung during the day. 

Truex earned a BA in busi- 
ness administration from 
Taylor with high honor and a 
MS in computer science from 
Ball State University. 

Currently, he serves on the 
University Advancement staff 
writing grant proposals and 
providing technical services 
in public relations. He also 
writes for Taylor magazine. 

Both Taylor and Ball State 
have honored Truex with 
achievement awards. 

Project puts Taylor 
on tape 

Student life at Taylor is 
being captured on videotape 
for a project co-sponsored by 
university admissions and 
university advancement. 

The project, which is being 
produced in conjunction with 
Video Image Productions 
(VIP) of Siloam Springs, 
Ark., will yield two 8-10 
minute videos for use by 
admissions for recruitment 
and by university advance- 
ment for public relations. 

Although each video will 
have a different focus in terms 
of constituency, both videos 
will focus on Taylor's spiri- 
tual, academic and commu- 
nity tradition and will feature 
informal conversations with 
President Jay Kesler. 

Both videos should be 
completed sometime early 
next year. 


Oxford professor 
joins summer faculty 

Dr. E. David Cook, profes- 
sor of philosophy at Oxford 
University, joined Taylor's 
faculty this summer as a 
visiting professor. 

He conducted two classes 
which dealt with ethical 
decision making concerning 
the moral choices of our 

Bio-medical ethics, ration- 
ality and religion were among 
the topics Cook discussed in 
the lectures for both students 
and faculty. 

Cook has written nine 
books. His most recent are 
Christian Ethics, Questions 
and Answers and Cultural Re- 
lativism. He is a Fellow and 
Chaplain of Green College 
and serves as Dean of Studies 
at the Oxford Centre for 
Mission Studies. 

Spiritual renewal week 
centers on sojourners 

Earl Palmer, minister of the 
First Presbyterian Church in 
Berkeley, California, and Jay 
Kesler, Taylor's president 
since 1984, were the featured 
speakers at Taylor's fall 
Spiritual Renewal Week serv- 

Palmer used the theme "A 
durable faith for today's 
sojourner," while Kesler com- 
plemented that theme with an 
analogy to Robert Frost's 
poem, "The road not taken." 

According to Palmer, his 
love for students led him to 
use the concept of a sojourner 
as the theme for his addresses. 

"I have a long-standing 
respect for students," said 
Palmer, whose church is 
located near USC-Berkley. 
"They are at a key time in life 
for weighing ideas and deter- 
mining values. As students, 
they're concerned about the 
need to stay focused." 

Kesler addresses marriage, family, in new book 

Many couples in the Church, today, 
are seeing relationships crumble and end 
in divorce. Is there a way to defy the 
growing statistics? Jay Kesler believes 
so — if Christ becomes the center of the 

In his most 
recent book, tenta- 
tively titled Let's try 
harder, Kesler 
argues that, even in 
modern society, a 
marriage exercising 
Christian principles 
can surmount the 
forces and pressures 
that devastate ordi- 
nary relationships. 

"We don't have to 
have lives just like 
the world," Kesler 
said. "There can be 
a qualitative differ- 
ence in Christian 

Kesler maintains 
that Christianity 
should not merely be 
the means by which 

we allow God to save our souls, but that 
it should pervade our lives so that it 
works in marriages, as well. 

Faith gives Christians a unique angle 
on important qualities such as patience, 
forgiveness and understanding. God gave 
believers these fruits of the Spirit, points 
out Kesler, to apply to their lives, not just 
to satisfy their curiosities. 

He uses infidelity as an example. 
Christians can believe in the healing of 
painful memories and the forgiveness of 
an unfaithful spouse, Kesler says, by 
following the example of the Savior, who 
has forgiven all sins. 

The breakdown of the family, however, 
has consequences that extend far beyond 
the home. 

Kesler views divorce as a "theological 

battle" in which Satan is attempting to de- 
stroy the foundation on which the Chris- 
tian faith stands. 

According to Kesler, the Bible consis- 
tently uses 
family structure 
to illustrate 
God's relation- 
ship to mankind: 
God is repre- 
sented as a 
father, Christ as 
a bridegroom. 
By casting a 
negative light on 
these illustra- 
tions, Kesler 
writes, Satan di- 
minishes the 
comfort and love 
they convey. 

"If [the mar- 
riage union] is 
no longer 
possible, or if 
the viability of 
Christian mar- 
riage becomes 
questioned much further, then indeed, the 
very promises in the Word of God be- 
come suspect and people will be unable 
to put their whole weight down on their 

Kesler makes it clear that this issue 
goes beyond individual happiness; it cuts 
to the very marrow of our relationship 
with Christ and has the potential to 
change the way our children, and even 
grandchildren, will perceive God. 

Kesler hopes to see his book become 
available in video and audio tape form for 
young couples' Sunday school classes, 
allowing them to see that the power of 
Christ is relevant to real-life issues. 

Let's try harder, Kesler's seventeenth 
book, is expected in bookstores in Janu- 
ary, 1990 as a David C. Cook publica- 
tion. — JH 

Partners in Christian marriage do have an 
advantage, stresses President Jay Kesler in 
Let's try harder, his most recent book. 


High schoolers savor 
"heart of Taylor" 

Junior and senior high school students 
from as far away as Egypt and Singapore 
arrived on campus this summer for the 
tuition-free summer honors program and 
the Taylor alumni program. 

During their five weeks together, 
students earn six hours of college credit, 
participate in collegiate activities and ex- 
perience "dorm life." 

The alumni program is open to chil- 
dren of alumni. Applicants to the honors 
program must meet academic and other 

Tuition is free. Students pay only 
standard room, board and fee costs. 
Nevertheless, the university considers the 
honors and Alumni programs wise 

Bill Ringenberg, director of the 
program, explains, "The major goal is 
attracting more high quality students to 
Taylor and therefore, helping admissions. 
Even to students who don't come [to 
Taylor after they graduate], it communi- 
cates Taylor's message and connotes, in 
their minds, the academic quality of 

Ringenberg estimates that half of all 
honors students return to Taylor as 

Betty Freese, director of alumni 
relations, reports that almost 60% of the 
participants in the alumni program have 
returned or will return to Taylor as 
college students. 

"Our overall aim is always to let 
alumni know we consider them a special 
constituency," Freese says. "They are im- 
portant to us at Taylor. We, of course, 
want their support, but this is one of the 
ways we've chosen to serve alumni: by 
giving their children special opportuni- 

While at Taylor, students in the honors 
program are required to take the seminar 
"God, man and society." 

Taught by Ringenberg, the course 

"Apply your faith to your culture," urges Bill 
Ringenberg to students at the summer honors 

investigates the interrelationship between 
Christianity and secular culture, examin- 
ing current issues and major world views. 

Ringenberg feels the course is valu- 
able: "It challenges students to seek to 
apply their Christian faith and knowledge 
in practical ways and reflect upon the 
needs of society." He considers the 
program an "introduction to the heart of 
Taylor education." 

"I saw a very special thing at work in 
the group," reflects freshman Aaron 
Kleist. "As we came together, the Spirit 
of Christ became evident in a variety of 
ways that I had not experienced with a 
group of people such as this. From the 
very start, people reached out to each 
other, accepted each other and bonded 
with each other." 

Persons interested in obtaining materi- 
als may contact the Office of admissions, 
Taylor University, Upland, IN 46989. Or, 
in Indiana, call toll free, 1-800-882- 
2345; nationwide, 1-800-882-3456.— JH 

R2-D2 look-alike 
aids teaching staff 

A new robot, donated by 
David VanderMay, joined 
Taylor's computer science de- 
partment this summer. 

The robot is a model RB5X 
and features a five-axis arm, 
speech capability, and mobil- 
ity through sonar sensors 
along with touch-sensitive 

"It looks like R2-D2," says 
Art White, associate professor 
of information sciences, "and 
is almost as friendly." 

White describes the robot's 
capabilities as diverse: it can 
sing a song, play games, and 
sound intruder alarms, among 
other things. 

However, the robot did not 
come for fun and games. 

White, who co-instructs the 
Interterm robotics class, rec- 
ognizes the value of RB5X as 
a practical teaching tool. 

According to Dr. Timothy 
Diller, professor of informa- 
tion sciences, donations such 
as VanderMay's are what put 
Taylor on the cutting edge of 
artificial intelligence. 

VanderMay, who attended 
Taylor for one year in 1964, 
was the keynote speaker at the 
International Conference for 
Computers and Missions 
(ICCM) at Taylor this sum- 

Grant monies to fund 
variety of programs 

The Pew Memorial Trust 
granted a second $1.8 million 
to the Christian College 
Consortium, of which Taylor 
is a member. 

Taylor expects to receive 
approximately $100,000 over 
the next three years for 
various programs addressing 
minority faculty development, 
international education, 
foreign language study and 
ethics studies. 


Marsha (Elkund '64) Geddes resides 
with her husband Dave '65 in Whea- 
ton, Illinois. She celebrated her 25 
year class reunion this fall. 

If you can't go home, 
why do they call it 

When I was a student at 
Taylor, there was one thing I was 
certain about — I was never 
going to be old enough to attend 
a 25 year class reunion! No 
way! I wasn't going to become 
one of those gray haired, dotter- 
ing folks who went about ex- 
claiming, "Well, when I was a 
student here we had to wash our 
clothes in a stream and dry them 
on rocks." 

So just how did I explain that 
my husband Dave and I were 
traveling back from the "real 

world" to return to Upland for 
Homecoming and a 25 year class 

What a comfort to find that 
the road to and from the "real 
world" is still only two lanes. 
When you turn onto the campus, 
however, several things are im- 
mediately apparent — namely 
buildings and cars. 

You quickly discover that all 
the buildings you knew in the 
early 60's have either been 
bricked over or are memorial- 
ized by a marble plaque. The 

Adrien Chandler is crowned 1961 Homecoming queen as Joan Mcintosh andJeannie Wills 

amazing thing is that the new 
buildings are all named after 
people you knew! Just who 
were Magee? Campbell? Wis- 
consin? Swallow or Robin? 

But, Odle, Rediger, Nuss- 
baum, Haakonsen! I have vivid 
memories of those people. How 
many cases of "postnasal drip" 
did Mrs. Haakonsen diagnose for 
me in my four years? And 
everyone has memories of 
Coach Odle yelling "weave!" 

The building I find most 
fitting is Olson Residence Hall. 
It is the most appropriate thing I 
can imagine — a dormitory 
named for Miss Olson. In the 
years I was a student at Taylor, I 
think that the only classroom 
Miss Olson ever taught in was 
that cavern in the basement of 
Wisconsin dorm that was 
euphemistically called "Wiscon- 
sin lounge." 

The acoustics were terrible in 
that room. I remember Miss 
Olson had a unique teaching 
method for maintaining silence 
in the classroom: a tiny voice 
that forced us to be extremely 
quiet in order to hear. She had a 
tendency to call on people to 
answer questions. She also had 
an uncanny sense of just which 
student was not prepared to 
answer the question. 

The laundry room for the 
entire dorm was on the other 
side of the classroom wall. Why 
did it always seem as though the 
entire dorm decided to do 
laundry during the class session 
before an exam? Just as Miss 
Olson started telling us how to 
study, two washers shifted into 
rinse cycle, another started to 
spin dry, a fourth went into 
wash, and someone yelled, 
"Quick, get a mop, a washer is 
overflowing." In the process, 

Students like Dave Geddes '61 can name the make, model and owner of 
each car on campus in the four years they were at Taylor. 

Miss Olson's study helps would 
be drowned out. 

The other major difference is 
cars and parking lots. We actu- 
ally had to drive around a while 
to find a parking spot. To this 
day, Dave can still recite the 
entire student population 
owning cars in the four 
years he was a student, 
including the year, 
make and color of the 

To have been a 
student at Taylor during 
the '60's is to under- 
stand time travel. You 
arrived in Upland and 
became enveloped in 
an environment that 
had little contact with 
the outside world. 

Television sets 
were almost nonexist- 
ent on campus, and, 
for the most part, 
the only thing you 
could see on those 
black and white screens was 
something akin to a blizzard. 

We listened to the radio for 
contact with the outside world. 
Our choices were WOWO in 

Fort Wayne where the morning 
program started out from the 
"little red barn" and a station in 
Marion where our classmate, 
Toby Mort, played Hawaiian 
music on Saturdays. 

Since we had few options for 
leaving campus and not 
many places to go even 
if we had wheels, we 
got to know each 

During the 
intervening years, we 
have found that 
when our paths cross 
with alumni from our 
student years, it 
doesn't take long to 
become friends, even 
if we had not known 
each other well 
during our campus 
days. We share the 
same memories. 

One of the major 
problems with return- 
ing to campus today 
after such a long absence, is 
where do you go to find other 
returning alumni? Without 
Campbell parlors, we were at a 
loss. The cornfield has been 

replaced by many buildings where alumni might 
be congregating. 

Dave and I wandered about haphazardly from 
building to building Saturday morning. But, we 
learned one secret to finding our classmates. 

Those of us who graduated in the 60 's still 
return to campus dressed for Sunday dinner. (Din- 
ing hall rules specified coats and ties for men, 
dresses and heels for women). I guess we return 
expecting Miss Kesler to frown if we aren't prop- 
erly attired. Dave and I soon found ourselves 
looking for likely clothes about campus, then we 
searched our memories to identify the face. 

We thoroughly enjoyed our time back on cam- 
pus, remembering how it was when we were stu- 
dents and just catching up on the 25 years since we 
last met. 

Why did I return for my 25 year reunion? I 
prefer to think of it this way: I went out and got 
myself a new "Sunday dress," polished my bifo- 
cals, and prepared for time travel. I'm not old 
enough for a 25 year reunion — I went "back to the 
future!" — MG 

In 1963, MCW was easily vivible through the windows 
of the "bubble" — then dining hall, now student union. 



^ history writer 

Thaddeus C. 




Original gift 
goes on giving 

Taylor's first donor was 
William Rockhill, an early 
settler of Fort Wayne. Rockhill 
was born in Burlington, New 
Jersey where he received his 

At age 29, he moved to Fort 
Wayne, Indiana where he and 
members of his family accumu- 
lated large tracts of land. 

Rockhill enjoyed a distin- 
guished career in public service. 
He served as one of the first 
commissioners of Allen county, 
city assessor, and in the city 
council, state legislature and 
U.S. Congress. 

He was an active layman and 
member of the Presbyterian 

Rockhill was a pioneer in 
public education. He established 
the city's public school system 
and in 1 846 chaired the first 
public meeting to discuss the es- 
tablisment of a new college in 
Fort Wayne. 

Elected chairman of the 
building committee for the new 
college, Rockhill donated the 
land upon which the Fort Wayne 
Female Collegiate Institute, now 
Taylor University, was built. 

Rockhill served the university 
in various capacities, including 
chairman of the board of trus- 
tees, until his death on January 
15, 1865. 


first donor 
was a 
pioneer in 
The gift he 
made in 

to affect 
the lives of 

President willing 
to sacrifice self 

Thaddeus C. Reade accepted 
the presidency of Taylor Univer- 
sity in the summer of 1891, 
while the school was still located 
in Fort Wayne. In 1893, he 
supervised the removal of the 
college from that city to Upland, 
assuming all burdens and 
responsibilities of that move. 

Throughout the ensuing years, 
heavy burdens and responsibil- 
ites gradually took their toll on 
the president's health, which had 
never been robust. 

In the spring of 1902, with his 
health failing, Reade visited the 
Battle Creek (MI) Health Sani- 
tarium. Shortly after his arrival, 
while resting in his room, the 
dormitory caught on fire, engulf- 
ing the building in flames and 

After making his way to 
safety, he realized that many 
people were trapped in the 
building due to excessive smoke. 

Ignoring his own physical 
condition, Reade returned again 
and again to the building, 
rescuing many people and 
leading them to safety. Newspa- 
per accounts indicate he rescued 
at least 30 people. 

The heroism he displayed 
may have further weakened his 
health. After returning to 
Upland, his health deteriorated 
rapidly and he died a few 
months later. 


When fire 








his life and 


his health 

to help 



John Paul, 

basketball team 

Group preserves 
university's mission 

At the beginning of the 1923 
school year, Taylor's financial 
situation was critical. Some- 
thing had to be done to stabilize 
the university's financial condi- 
tion, catch up on overdue bills 
and ensure the survival of the 

Accordingly, President John 
Paul organized the Legal 
Hundred, borrowing the concept 
and name from the group John 
Wesley formed to hold and 
administer the property of 
British Methodism. 

At commencement, in June, 
1924, Taylor's charter was 
revised to make the Legal 
Hundred, a board of individuals 
not to number more than 100, 
custodian of all property and 
business affairs of the university. 

The school's charter continued 
to administer education and 
confer degrees. Steps were taken 
to ensure that the doctrinal focus 
and mission of the university 
would remain unchanged. 

The Legal Hundred owned 
and governed the university until 


The efforts 

of the 




Taylor to 









Last-second effort 
clinches title 

The trophy that Coach Don 
Odle's team brought home from 
the 1962 Marshall (MI) Optimist 
Basketball Classic was so large, 
the trophy case had to be rebuilt. 
To win the trophy, the Trojans 
trounced Central Michigan 
University, 101 to 82. 

Three years later, the two 
teams met again in the title 
match. This time, CMU was 
favored to win. 

Just before the tournament, 
the local paper reported about 
Taylor's team, "One thing is 
certain: this team will get more 
than its share of shots at the 
basket and will keep the game 
moving at a high rate of speed. 
Dillon, Bocken, Wilson, and 
Harvey can score the points. 
Ability to win the title hinges on 
the strength of the big boys to 
dig out the ball and get it mov- 

The game got underway and 
turned into a see-saw battle. It 
remained that way, right down to 
the final gun. The score was tied 
at 69. There was one second 
left on the clock. Taylor's Larry 
Harvey had the ball under the 
Taylor basket. 

He let go with a long arching 
shot. The final gun sounded. 
The ball never touched the 
backboard. It sailed down the 
floor and swished into the 
basket. The winning goal 
counted. Taylor won the Classic 
and the championship trophy 
once again. 


"The most 
moment of 
my life," 
some say, 
ing Larry 


Taylor Christian Life 


Justin Martin (right) gets a kick out 
of activities geared for his age 
group, while Bob Griffin (below) 
leads a workshop for adults. 

Teens (left) compete in a 
balloon bust, part of 
activities and seminars 
geared toward their age 




Conferees listen in rapt attention to 
keynote speaker Jay Kesler. 

Conference offers something for all ages 

President Jay Kesler was the keynote speaker at the 1989 Taylor 
Christian Life Conference, which was held on campus June 30-July 
2, 1989. More than 150 persons attended the weekend conference 
designed to promote spiritual growth and renewal. Besides activities 
for all age groups, the conference featured a series of workshops for 
adults on Christian growth and development. 

This summer, children in kindergarten through grade 6 were 
fascinated by ventriloquist Murl Eastman '50. Bill Shewan, execu- 
tive director of North Central Indiana Youth for Christ, was the guest 
speaker for the teen section of the conference. 

The next Taylor Christian Life Conference will be held from June 
29-July 1, 1990 and will feature Kesler as the keynote speaker. 
Christine Wyrtzen, noted concert artist and speaker, will host work- 
shops and present a concert during the weekend. — AC 

It only 
takes a 

Annual report: 


President's message 


Provost/Executive vice 



Academic affairs 


Business and finance 


Information services 


Student affairs and 



Giving report 

Annual report and 
honor roll of donors 

Taylor University 1988-89 

Honor roll of donors: 

26 President's Associates 

28 Tower Club 

28 Taylor Fund: Alumni 

38 Taylor Fund: Friends 

49 Taylor Fund: Parents 

50 Taylor Fund: Faculty & staff 
50 Taylor Fund: Foundations 

50 Taylor Fund: Businesses & industry 

50 Taylor Fund: Matching gift companies 

51 Taylor Fund: Church matching gift program 

52 Taylor Fund: Honorary & memorial gifts, 

annuities, estates, new scholarships 

53 National Alumni Council 

53 Parents' Cabinet 

54 Board of Trustees 



President Jay Kesler 


t only takes a spark..." immediately evokes memories in the 
minds of the "over forty" set. We recognize it as the opening 
line of a quiet chorus, usually sung while holding hands to 
the accompaniment of acoustical guitar. It was the evangeli- 
cal version of "We shall overcome" in the troubled 60s. Christian 
youth longed for a revival that would result in a better world, not 
through political revolution, but by the powerful working of God's love 
in the lives of individuals. 

Looking for light 
The Woodstock generation sought peace, freedom and love in the 
private expression of personal desires, uninhibited and unrestrained by 
establishment prohibitions. Christian youth argued that, without the 
guiding presence of Christ and the word of God, even well-intentioned 
motives would eventually lead to the selfish satisfaction of personal 
appetites rather than the promised Utopia. The recent obituary of Abbie 
Hoffman was, for many, the death rattle of the hippie movement and 
the naive idealisms of the 60s. The "me" generation reigns supreme 
without the dreams of world community and endless love making while 
racism is alive and well in many pockets of land. Predictably, as noted 
by almost all social commentators, the cult of the individual has been 
institutionalized, even to the privitization of religion, until concern for 
others and the welfare of society is waning. 

It only takes a spark... 
We have chosen "it only takes a spark..." as the title of this issue of 
the Taylor magazine to rekindle the truth that, though misdirected 
energies can lead to ruin, the central truth of the Christian community 
is stubbornly valid. Individuals can make a difference! "It only takes a 
spark to get a fire going, and soon all those around can warm up to its 
glowing... that's how it is with God's love once you've experience it, 
you've got to pass it on...." 

You might legitimately ask of your president: "What kind of fire do 
you have in mind for Taylor University?" My vision is for a "light on a 
hill for all to see," a beacon fire in a dark world. Those who light 
candles always make a greater difference than those who curse the 

For Taylor University, the light is not education alone. Education 
that leaves out the creator and the central figure of human history is, 
however well financed and intentioned, destined to eventual twilight 
and darkness. When we Christians insist that Jesus is the light of the 
world, we are not simply professing admiration for a heroic life, tragic 
death and noble resolves. We actually believe that He is the son of God 
and that ultimate truth is revealed in Him. All truth really is God's 
truth and there are no sacred-secular distinctions. 


Preparation for enlightened service 

Taylor must not be a light under a basket or a warming place for a 
few committed pilgrims, huddled together, awaiting eventual envelop- 
ment by the darkening chill. We must continue to be obedient to the 
vision of preparing young people for enlightened service in a dark and 
needy world: thousands of lights, each, in their own way, dispelling 
darkness wherever it destroys individuals or culture. 

The fire at Taylor has always been fueled and tended by relatively 
ordinary people who, united together, have developed a significant 
Christian college. My vision longs for the day when the word "Chris- 
tian" before the word "college" will mean more, not less, to a watching, 
often cynical secular world. 

A brightening glow 

This issue documents the brightening glow of our progress in this 
endeavor. It is about the hundreds of contributions of ordinary persons, 
vital to the realization of a vision of greatness. It is intended to provide 
information, inspiration, credit and thanksgiving. 

We also ask the questions "Who shall sustain the fire in the future? 
How shall it grow for the watching world to see and take notice? What 
is the critical fuel most needed for the future?" 

My assessment is that our greatest need is for the financial resources 
to expand the university endowment to provide assistance to worthy 
students, regardless of their financial circumstances, and to undergird the 
faculty with adequate supports to achieve excellence in scholarship and 
teaching. When we have completed phase II of the fine arts building and 
have renovated the few historic buildings on campus, all of our energies 
must be marshalled to this task. 

My confident belief is that God has indeed raised up Taylor to be a 
"light on a hill" and has trusted her future brightness to all of us who 
share the vision. 

This issue of the Taylor magazine expresses gratitude to those who 
have substantial resources and have shared generously and largely. In 
harmony with the heart of Christ, we are also saying thank you to those 
who have relatively little, but have shared what they have as well. 
A fire on a hill 

The result is that the fire is growing! ! Somewhere, there may be 
those of personal insight or deep biblical conviction who believe in long 
range leadership development through Christian education who, with 
very large resources, will ignite the dreams beyond our present imagina- 
tion. We pray daily that this is so, but at present, we will be faithful, we 
will continue to be self critical and improve and we will continue to 
challenge one another to be even brighter: a fire on a hill. 

The twin spires of the Rice bell tower 
symbolize Taylor's commitment to integrate 
faith and learning. 


Daryl Yost, provostl executive vice 

Executive Vice 

In his article summarizing a research project sponsored by the Car- 
negie Foundation, Dr. Ernest Boyer indicated sixty percent of first 
time freshmen make their choice of college on the basis of the 
physical facilities available and the condition of these facilities. 
That is a significant fact as consideration is given to priorities for 
Taylor University, especially as it relates to a stable enrollment. 
On first impressions 
Often, one develops an opinion on first impressions. As one walks or 
drives around the campus, it is easy to see the improvements manifested 
in new sidewalks, flower beds, painting, landscaping around buildings, 
standardized external lighting throughout the campus, in paving and 
many other less noticeable items . 

Of buildings and beginnings 
In addition to these noted improvements, this past year, the Univer- 
sity made an effort to improve its "best foot forward" in welcoming 
people to campus by establishing the Helena Memorial Hall as the 
offices for admissions, the president and the provost/executive vice 

As one of the oldest buildings on campus, it has become the center 
for many exciting beginnings. Helena Memorial Hall was renovated to 
accommodate these services after a devastating fire in August, 1986. It 
has proven to be a wise decision and should be considered in regarding 
the preservation of older buildings on the campus. 

Even though Bergwall Hall opened in the fall of 1989, the majority of 
the construction took place during the 1988-89 fiscal year. Due to a 

Helena Memorial Hall, newly 
renovated, stands as one of the 
oldest buildings on campus. 


sincere desire to honor Taylor's 
commitment to have a resident 
campus, the Board of Trustees au- 
thorized the construction of this 
new facility. The facility has 78 
student rooms. During the 1989-90 
school year, there are 20 three- 
person rooms, representing a total 
of 176 students. 

Each room is furnished with its 
own bathroom and independent 
heating/air conditioning capability. 
The entire facility was furnished 
with new furniture and equipment. 
It will serve the University well for 
the next fifty years. 

On planning for the future 

As the university considers its 
future, considerable effort is being 
put forth to make provisions for replacement of equipment, especially 
those items which have a tendency to become obsolete quickly; e.g. 
computers. It is also important that residence hall and classroom equip- 
ment be kept up-to-date and safe. Each vice president is responsible to 
assure this for the future as the budget is prepared each year. Signifi- 
cant progress was made during the 1988-89 school year. This is a part 
of the administration's plan to make the University a financially sound 

Of assets and enthusiasm 

The provost/executive vice president strives for stability and compati- 
bility — two important ingredients in a strong management team. There 
has been enormous growth and maturity during 1988-89 in the senior 
administration. This has enabled the administration to tackle some 
critical issues and bring them to resolution. This strength in the admin- 
istrative team is one if the University's greatest assets. It will continue 
to improve during 1989-90. Reports from senior officers do reflect and 
also support this fact. 

Taylor University is your institution. You are encouraged to come to 
the campus and enjoy the spirit of enthusiasm that is so present. Your 
comments, observations and concerns are welcome. 

Bergwall Hall, Taylor's newest residence 
hall, represents Taylor's commitment to a 
resident campus. 


Richard Stanislaw, vice president for 
academic affairs 

Academic affairs 

nlike the state multiversity, Taylor University does not define 
education simply as a "cafeteria of information and useful 
skills." Rather, Taylor is what Robert Bellah describes as a 
voice crying for development of the total individual. 
Reaffirming the role of education 
In his book, Habits of the heart, Bellah observes "while our universi- 
ties are under greater pressure than ever to emphasize pragmatic re- 
sults — technological achievements and career oriented skills — there are 
voices calling for a reaffirmation of the classic role of education... so 
that individuals become more fully developed people and citizens of a 
free society." 

Acquiring more than skills 
Taylor administration and faculty are committed to providing a place 
for students to acquire knowledge of God, others, the universe and 
human place and purpose. 

Programs encourage growth in the individual discipline, the integra- 
tion of faith and learning, and the broader integration of the total liberal 

Fulfilling the mission 
Each year, Taylor faculty make vital contributions in achieving uni- 
versity goals and strengthening curricular programs for the education of 
students. Through their efforts, the faculty demonstrates a concern for 
academic enrichment and sensitivity to student needs. 

Sampling the diversity 

The following selection of programs is only a sample of the 
many ways in which faculty are fulfilling the mission of the university. 

Art professor, Craig Moore directed Taylor's efforts in acquiring three 
art pieces from Chicago Sculptures, as well as several other art pieces. 
This "art on campus" was noted in a major New York publication, Art 
in America. 

The first student teacher to teach abroad was at Rift Valley Academy, 
Kijabe, Kenya this fall. 

The English department added a new major in English (writing), 
while the history department began development of an international, 
cross-disciplinary major and title changes in the music department 
produced three new degrees. 

Taylor was recognized by NACADA, the national advising profes- 
sional organization and Dwight Mikkelson was named to receive a na- 
tional faculty advisor recognition award. 

Whether on-campus, in emphasizing the quality of the collection at 
the Zondervan library, or through off-campus academic experiences 
abroad, Taylor faculty continue to reaffirm their commitment to the 
classic role of education. 


Writing major adds diversity 

Last semester, the English department added a 
bachelor of arts in English (writing) to its list of 
degree programs. 

The program, which was implemented because of 
increased student interest, will feature more writing 
courses than the literature and teaching programs 
presently include. 

Approximately 9 to 12 students are currently 
enrolled in the writing major program and more are 
expected to join next year. 

"We have a number of students who have an 
interest in writing but don't know what they want to 
do," said Dr. William Fry, head of the English 
department. "They don't feel comfortable with 
journalism and business writing, but they do want to 
study writing for publication or graduate study." 

While the other bachelor of arts degree has a two- 
thirds emphasis in literature, the new one is specifi- 
cally geared toward writing. 

"Traditionally, the English department has given 
two degrees," according to Fry. "One is the bache- 
lor of science for teaching and the other is the 
bachelor of arts for writing and literature with an 
emphasis in literature." 

To develop the curriculum for the new major, the 
department re-packaged courses already in the cur- 
riculum and added one new course in free-lance 

Oxford influence: E. David Cook joined the faculty this 
summer as a visiting professor from Oxford University, England. 

Places in the heart: Researchers at Taylor identified the 
location of fat pads in animal hearts that have a regulatory effect 
on heart rate, conduction time, and contractive force . At work 
with Dr. Walter Randall (far right) are Tim Kroeker '91 and Kurt 
Hotmire '91 ; Dr. Tim Burkholder and Kevin Bluemal '91 are not 

Neuhouser cited for 
teaching excellence 

David Neuhouser, professor of 
mathematics, was recently awarded 
the Sears-Roebuck Award for 
Teaching Excellence and Campus 
Leadership for the 1989-90 aca- 
demic year. 

According to Ken Swan, profes- 
sor of English, the award, which is 
worth a total of $2,500, was given 
to Neuhouser on the basis of his 
"many years of meritorious teach- 
ing and servant leadership at Taylor 

Neuhouser has been instrumen- 
tal in attracting students to the 
campus, one of the stipulations of 
the award. 

David Neuhouser 


Allan Smith, chief financial officer 

Business and 

Market value of endowment 

(in millions of dollars) 


The financial condition of Taylor University continues to improve 
in 1988-89. As of June 30, 1989, Taylor had total assets of $47.7 
million, an increase of 13% over 1987-88. The operating budget 
for 1988-89 was 421.4 million, also an increase of 13% over 

New residence hall 
During 1988-89, the bond financing for the construction of Bergwall 
Hall, a new four floor residence hall, was completed. This facility was 
financed with economic development bonds through the Upland, 
Indiana Economic Development Commission. 

Stewardship opportunities 
Taylor's strong enrollment has enabled some important acts of ste- 
wardship this year. Debt on the library was further reduced by 
$300,000 and up reserves of $700,00 have been set up for facilities and 
equipment replacement and repair. These actions, on the part of the 
Taylor administration, continue to strengthen our financial base. 
Growing enrollment, growing needs 
The bookstore, food center and business office have all taken steps to 
better and more efficiently serve the burgeoning student population. 

With the addition of computerized text management, the Bookstore 
personnel will become more efficient in the important tasks of ordering, 
taking inventory, and selling needed materials. This will provide Bob 
Neideck, manager, and his staff with better information to serve stu- 
dents, faculty, and staff. 

Serving hours in the Hodson Dining Commons have been extended to 
reduce the lines and give the students 
more flexibility in their schedules. New 
salad bars, condiment bars and beverage 
service have been installed. Another 
new feature, the deli bar, has been very 
positively received by the students. 

The business office has just completed 
the installation of a new management 
system for processing and reporting all 
financial data. Managers feel this will 
give them better data to help make better 
financial decisions. 

Together, these changes will help the 
Business office and auxiliary services 
better serve the institution and its con- 

1 ■ ' *^H 1^1 


80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 



1988-89 Operating revenue 

2 % 


Tuition and fees 

Gifts & grants 


Sales & service auxilliary dapartments 

Other sources 

1988-89 Operating expenditures 



Academic support 
Student services 
Operation physical plant 
Institutional support i 5 % 

Scholarships and fellowships 
Operation of auxiliaries 
Mandatory transfers 

6 % 

Condensed Balance Sheet 




Current Fund 
Loan Fund 



Endowment & 
Similar Funds 



Plant Fund 



Agency Fund 



Total Assets 








mortgages & 
bonds payable 






Fund Balance 



Fund Balance 



Loan Fund 






Annuity & life 
income fund 



Plant Fund 



Agency Fund 






Robert Hodge, chief 
information officer 


The use of technology is growing by leaps and bounds at Taylor. 
The campus is exploring innovative ways to achieve better com- 
munication, instruction, decision making and future planning. 
The information services department (ENS) helps make these 
advances possible. 
The many people within INS — repair technicians, software specialists 
and programmers, computer operators, secretarial staff and managers — 
are dedicated to helping the university use high-tech tools effectively 
and efficiently. 

Making connections 
From more efficient handling of telephone calls to the reception of 
Ball State's televised MBA program, new and updated electronic com- 
munication systems, installed by INS, have benefited the Taylor commu- 
nity. Other changes are coming soon, including a satellite receiving 
dish that will allow reception of foriegn language programming from 
around the world. 

Aiding teaching and learning 
In today's information age, merging computer technology into the 
curriculum is important in the success of our graduates. Supporting the 
use of computers in academics is a high priority for INS. This year, 
services provided by INS have provided 50% more processing power for 
teaching in computer languages and statistical analysis, an enhanced 
computer literacy program and better grade information and reporting 
for faculty. 

Serving the Servants 
As our administrative departments strive to keep up with increasing 
enrollment, make good decisions and provide services to students and 
alumni, the administrative computer system needs to keep pace with 
these changes. INS plays an important role in this process, evidenced 
this year in the projects completed for the financial aid and business of- 

Enabling the Future 
To be fiscally responsible and plan for ongoing excellence of existing 
program and services, INS has been instrumental in encouraging the 
establishment of a replacement fund for high-tech equipment. Few 
colleges have developed such policies to assure lasting computing 
resources over time. 

The role of INS is to support and facilitate these innovations and 
assess new technologies for the future. 


New computers, software 
enhance lab 

Students enrolled in required 
computer literacy courses will be 
using new and up-to-date comput- 
ers and software this year. 

Information services ordered and 
installed new computers, printers 
and software in the Reade Center's 
instructional computing lab over the 

Using the new equipment, stu- 
dents will have the opportunity to 
learn and use microcomputer 
software packages such as 
WordPerfect and Lotus 1-2-3, 
which will help in writing papers, 
creating graphs, performing calcu- 
lations, and printing results. 

The lab can be used by both 
computer literacy and introductory 
computer science students. Stu- 
dents not enrolled in these courses 
may use the equipment to write 
papers and complete other class 

New equipment in the computer literacy lab gives students an added edge in today's 
information age. 

Planning, research benefits campus 

Taylor's Information services department recently 
expanded its role to include an office of institutional 
research and planning. 

According to Robert Hodge, chief information 
officer and currently director of the research office, un- 
answered questions such as "Who are Taylor's competi- 
tors and peers? Which colleges have characteristics to 
which Taylor aspires?" and many others have been the 
incentive for establishing the office. 

Hodge is directing the program, which includes 
applied research to answer specific questions, evalu- 
ation of quantitative and qualitative information under- 
lying periodic or ad hoc review, judgements of effi- 
ciency and effectiveness, identification of needs, and 
leadership to facilitate the goals of the university. 

Research results are already being put to use, en- 
hancing decision-making processes. 

Making connections: INS technicians service 
the phone cables which keep the campus in touch. 


Wynn Lembright, vice president for 
student affairs and services 

Student affairs 
and services 

Providing out-of-class development opportunities and delivering 
student services is a major undertaking. In accomplishing this 
task, the office of student development and services touches 
nearly every aspect of the university's mission and student life. 
Nationally, many colleges are experiencing a shortage of applicants. 
Taylor, however, is experiencing the opposite phenomena. Incoming 
freshman numbered 484 this year, selected from a record number 9000 
inquiries and 1400 applications. 

Taylor is committed to the recruitment and retention of minority 
students. A $159,000 grant from Lily Endowment, received for this 
purpose, will significantly affect the goal of attracting minority students 
to Taylor. 

Athletics form part of the well-rounded education available to stu- 
dents. Taylor sponsors 14 intercollegiate sports, eight for men and four 
for women. Men compete in the newly-formed Indiana Collegiate 
Athletic Conference (ICAC) and women in the newly-formed Indiana 
Conference for Women (HCW). Taylor's football, women's volleyball, 
both men and women's cross country and soccer, and men's basketball 
teams posted impressive accomplishments last year. 
Financial aid 
The cost of a Taylor education must be matched by a concern for it 
being affordable. In the last five years, tuition has increased 57%. Dur- 
ing the same time, however, Taylor nearly doubled the amount of insti- 
tutional dollars committed to helping students achieve a Taylor educa- 
tion from $1,335,194 to $2,233,718. 

Student development 
The offices and programs of student development provide fertile 
ground for a student's sense of belonging and growth. 

Well over 1000 students are involved in various ministry leadership 
programs. Opportunities abound, including mission trips, evangelistic 
and outreach programs, youth conference, leadership of small group 
Bible studies, offices in student government and leadership positions in 
the residence halls. 

A cooperative effort 
The effective but often unnoticed efforts of our campus safety office, 
new student orientation program, health center and committees dealing 
with the AIDs issue and wellness reflect the cooperative effort required 
to meet the total needs of students. 


Bergwall Hall offers students "high class" accommodations. 

Record enrollment finds escape valve 

Bergwall Hall is Taylor's newest residence hall. It 
features, among other things, a bathroom and air con- 
ditioner in each of the seventy-eight rooms. "High 
class," students call it. Denise Bakerink, however, 
uses a different term: "An escape valve," she says. 
Bakerink is director of housing and welcomes the new 
hall as a partial solution to the need for more student 
housing brought about by the unprecedented size of 
Taylor's enrollment. 

Bergwall Hall is designed for 156 students. This 
year, however, 20 rooms each house three persons, for 
a total of 175 residents. 

Another year of record enrollment and Taylor's 
unusually high student retention rate are not the only 
reasons the new residence hall was dedicated October 
27. The building is "a major step towards confirming 
Taylor's on-campus residence life program in the face 
of increasing enrollment," says Dean of Students, Walt 

The building is named for Dr. Evan Bergwall, presi- 
dent of Taylor University from 1 95 1 - 1 959. According 
to Provost Daryl Yost, this name was selected because 
"Bergwall and his wife represent the mission of Taylor 
University, which is to develop men and women who 
are Christ-like and able to function in the real world." 

Bergwall 's years were critical ones for Taylor and 
the Board of Trustees felt his name needed to be 
preserved for future students. 

Resume service offered 

Taylor alumni and current stu- 
dents are already benefiting from a 
new computerized resume service 
sponsored by the Offices of career 
development and alumni relations. 

Participants may have their resu- 
mes screened by employers across 
the country. There is no charge for 
this service. 

Those interested in more informa- 
tion about this, or other career de- 
velopment programs, may contact 
Tim Nace at the Office of career 
development, Taylor University, 
Upland, IN 46953, (317) 998-5384. 

Soft touch: Matt Widdoes '91 crosses the goal line for the two- 
point conversion, despite the efforts of his Anderson University 
opponent. Taylor won the game. 



A glowing candle serves as a reminder of 
the significance of each gift to the Taylor 

The Fire Is Going 

It only takes a spark... 

Giving report 

"It only takes a spark. . ." is the theme of this year's giving report. 
Taken from the familiar gospel chorus, this theme is intended to under- 
score the point, "It only takes a spark to get a fire going." 

We believe the generous increase in giving to Taylor by many alumni, 
friends, businesses, and foundations is symbolized in this musical line. 

Just four short years ago, Jay Kesler came to Taylor as president and 
articulated a vision. 

That vision involved building on Taylor's reputation as a respected, 
Christian college and moving the university to a new level of greatness: 
greatness, not defined as fame or prestige, but rather, in terms of world- 
wide influence for the kingdom of God. 

Taylor's historical roots have been a tradition of academic excellence 
and depth of Christian commitment since 1 846. The president, building 
on this heritage, is now seeking to position Taylor as a key center for the 
development of leadership for the Lord's work around the globe. 

Jay's vision, as with any great dream, needs resources. As a result, 
we have turned to our many friends for support. The response has been 
overwhelming. It started with a few sparks, but now, a fire is going. 
Evidence of this outpouring of support can be found in the lists of the 
many names which follow. 

As you see your name listed and the names of others, please be 
assured of our deepest gratitude for your gifts. 

Just three years ago, the honor roll of donors could be contained in 
five pages. This year's list of names of those supporting Taylor repre- 
sents 29 pages of this magazine. But the measure of success is not 
simply many donors. These donors have also increased their generosity. 
As a result, we can report several noteworthy achievements made 
possible by your gifts to Taylor. 

• Total giving to Taylor was up 30% for 88-89, exceeding 
$3 million for only the third time in our history. 

• Alumni participation in giving moved from under 20% to over 
33% this past year. 


Overall giving to the Taylor Fund approximated $1 million for 

the second year in a row. 

Parents' giving increased by 40%. 

The Church Matching Program for student aid brought in 

$119,626 in its third year; 187 students benefited from this 

program with 147 churches participating. 

Planned and estate gifts for the past two years have exceeded 

$2 million. 

Multiple faculty grants have been received. 

A grant of $500,000 was received from a foundation, tying the 

record for the largest grant ever received by Taylor University. 

Matching gifts from alumni and friends working for matching 

gift companies increased by 15%. 

The number of Presidents Associates ($ 1 ,000 and above donors) 

moved from 278 to 330. 

Chip J aggers, 
vice president 
for advancement 

This past year, like the previous year, was one of some controversy ComiTICntdrV 

among Christian organizations in the area of fund raising. Support for a 
number of ministries declined. Despite such difficulties, we are pleased 
to report that giving to Taylor University continues to increase at un- 
precedented levels. Feedback from our alumni and friends suggests the 
reason is their belief in the integrity of Taylor University, their respect 
for the Christ-centered quality of a Taylor education, and their apprecia- 
tion for the stewardship demonstrated by the institution over the years. 

This past year, we saw continued concern expressed by charities over 
the tax law changes of 1986. Many had predicted an ongoing decline in 
charitable giving as a result. Again, this was not true at Taylor Univer- 
sity. Gifts to the college have increased during this period of tax re- 

In the area of ethics, Taylor University has maintained a strong stance 
in fund raising and other financial areas. Taylor is a charter member of 
the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA), joining as 
a founding member in 1979. 

"Light and Faith." That has been the Latin motto of Taylor Univer- LlIX 6t Fi(J6S 

sity since 1846. It is the sincere desire of the faculty, students, admini- 
stration, and trustees of Taylor that we carry on the mission of being a 
light in a world of need. To achieve such a noble goal takes resources 
to sustain and strengthen the effort. During the 1988-89 school year we 
witnessed another tremendous outpouring of gifts. You were a signifi- 
cant part of a generous giving year. Consistent with our theme, each 
gift was appreciated regardless of size. Celebrate, with us, this excel- 
lent giving report. 
Thank you. 



^ . As alumni, parents, and friends of Taylor University, you are 
the President's Associates, the ones who stand in the gap to provide 
the moral and financial support Taylor needs to stand strong. 

Continuing the 150-year Taylor tradition into the 21st century, 
you perpetuate your life ideals and values to tomorrow's leaders, 
making a lasting statement in a transitory world. 

You recognize the value of a Taylor education and wish to make 
it possible for future generations. Without your assistance, each 
student's tuition would increase significantly. Your gifts to the 
Taylor Fund bridge the gap between the cost of tuition and the 
actual cost of a Taylor education. 

Your loyalty is crucial to building and maintaining a strong insti- 
tution. Thank you. 

Svend & Arna Abrahamsen 
Rick & Ellen Adams 
Mark Ahlseen 
W. Douglas & Susan 

Timothy & Betsy Anderson 
Jeffrey & Joy Archer 
Harold & Janet Arnette 
Margaret G. Atkinson 
Floyd Baker 

James & Priscilla Barnes 
Mark & Pamela Barton 
Lawrence & Mary Bauer 
David & Margaret Beamer 
Roger & Marilyn Beaverson 
Thomas & Helen Beers 
Margaret H. Behnken 
Randolph & Bari Behnken 
Robert & Marcia Benjamin 
Robert C. Benson 
Roland & Shirley Bertka 
Marjorie Bill 
Lula Bolks 

Leland & LaRita Boren 
Curtis & Virginia Bowers 
R. David & Joan Boyer 
Joseph & Judy Brain 
Brian & Beverly Brightly 
Theodore & Murlaine 

Craig & Susan Bugno 
Peter & Kimberly Buhrow 

Ray & Jeanne Bullock 
Mr. & Mrs. John Burgess 
Jessie M. Cain 
Walter & Mary Campbell 
Robert & Charlotte Canida 
Peter W. Carlson 
Hazel E. Carruth 
Brian & Gay Christy 
Barry & Diane Clark 
Russell & Gertrude Clark 
Alyce Cleveland 
Nels & Elizabeth Clint 
Paul & Kay Cox 
Lawrence & Rachael 

Crabb, Jr. 
Janice Shaw Crouse 
Thomas & Bonnie 

Robert & Karen 

Craig & Carmen Curtiss 
Wayne & Barbara Dal land 
Daniel & Nancy Dame 
Robert & Barbara Davenport 
Robert & Marilyn Deich 
Roger & Marjorie Demarest 
Mildred DeWeerd 
Proctor A. Dick 
Patrick & Cathy Dickey 
Douglas & Barbara 

James & Jean Di Her 

Thomas & Deborah Dillon 
R. E. & Nancy Dodge, Jr. 
Richard & Weezie Doermer 
Michael & Jeanine Douglas 
Wayne & Ruthanna 

Bradley & Sylvia Duckworth 
Robert & Patricia Dunbar 
Michael & Sandra Duncan 
Philip & Kendra Duncan 
Robert & Margaret Duncan 
Robert & Marian Elliot 
John & Bernita Ellis 
Timothy & Suzanne Ellis 
Charles A. Engle 
Ted & Marge Essen burg 
Tom & Julie Essenburg 
Don & Josie Essig, III 
Gregor & Mary Fran Euler 
Keith & Debra Euler 
Joyce S. Evans 
Don & Nan Fancher 
Wayne & Marilyn Fine 
Kenneth & Elizabeth 

Flanigan, Jr. 
Ruth Flood 

James & Roberta Fowler 
Chester Fox 
David & Carole Fraser 
Robert & Elizabeth Freese 
Eugene & Catherine French 
Terry E. Frick 

President Jay Kesler motivates students to servant 
leadership at chapel services. 

Joseph & Marcia Fritzsche 
William & Lura Fry 
Ted & Jeanne Gabrielsen 
Rex & Ruth Gearhart 
Thomas & Julie Gearhart 
David & Sandra Gelwicks 
J. Paul & Barbara Gentile 
Lester & Mildred Gerig 
James & Solvig Getz 
Robert & Joan Gilkison 
George & Jan Glass 
James & Irlene Glenn 
Chris & Debra Goeglein 
Kedwin & Margo Graber 
E. James & Joanne Graham 
John & Phyllis Green 
J. Corbly & Vivian Gregg 
Dale Grimes 
Frank & Bea Grotenhuis 
Norman Gundersen 
Richard & Bonnie Gygi 
Bessie Haan 

Richard & Clarice Halfast 
James & Edith Hall 
Ronald & Vivienne Hall 
Carl & Avis Hassel 
L Shirl & Gloria Hatfield 
Steven & Mary Haun 
John & Lucille Hershey 
Thomas Jay & Susan Hight 
David & Carol 


F. R. & Helen Hodges 
Arthur & Mary Hodson 
Gerald & Jane Hodson 
Curt & Vivian Hoeksema 
Timothy & Janis Hoeksema 
Carl & Jana Lee Hofinga 
Alice K. Holcombe 
E. Jean Holcombe 
Mary J. Holden 
Richard & Kathi Honig 
Jerry & Delores Home 
John & Joan Home 
Daniel & Rosemary Howell 
Berry & Lynn Huffman 
Kevin & Donna Her 
Fern Jackson 

Robert & Margaret Jackson 
Dwight & Sally Jacobsen 
V. Donald & Shirley 

John & Carol Jaderholm 
Charles & Verna Jaggers, III 
J. James & Sue Jerele, Jr. 
Paul & Marilyn Johnson 
Mr. & Mrs. David D. Jordan 
John & Margot Jurgensen 
Brian & Lila Justinger 
Eugene & Nellie Kandel 
Charles & Carol Keller 
Jeffrey & Kristin Keplar 
Joseph & Roselyn Kerlin 
Jay & Jane Kesler 



Partnership in the President's Associates is based upon an 

unrestricted annual gift (cash, securities, real or personal 

property and gifts generated through matching gift programs) of 

$1 ,000 or more. Partnership levels include collegues ($1 ,000— 

4, 999), fellows ($5,000—9,000) and founders ($10,000 or more). 

David & Cheryl Klopfenstein 
Thomas & Shirley Knox 
James & Lydia Knutson 
Milton & Edith Korpi 
Gordon & Ruth Krueger 
Robert & Lonnie Krumroy 
Mark & Karen Kuiper 
Mrs. C. E. Liechty (D) 
Christian & Donna Losch 
Fred & Elaine Luthy 
Charles & Dottie Lynn 
Daniel & Joyce MacLeish 
James & Val Marie 

John & Jane Maddox 
Raymond & Kay Maddox 
Allen & Beverly Mathis, Jr. 
William & Janet Matthews 
Michael & Shari May 
John & Ola McDougall 
Ross & Vivian McLennan 
Herbert & Mary Ellen Meier 
Laurel G. Meissner 
Paul & Evelyn Mendenhall 
Miles & Jill Mercer 
Clyde & Jane Meredith, Jr, 
James & Ruth Meyerholtz 
Don & Jane Mick 
Robert & Coleen Midwood 
Joe & Barbara Mi ley 
Calvin & Eloise Miller 
Herberts Jane Miller 
Paul & Karen Millikan 
Edward & Marguerite 

Arthur & Gloria Muselman 
Karen E. Muselman 
Roger & Naomi Muselman 
Kenneth Musselman 
Louis & Jane Myre 
Gerald & Arlouine Nelson 
Donald & Sandy Neu 
Charles & Irma Newman 
Charles & Jean Noggle 
Dennis & Renee Norton 
Elmer Nussbaum 
Kenyon & Catherine 

Ronald & Elizabeth 

E. Herbert & Louise Nygren 
George T. Oborn 
Don & Bonnie Odle 
Ben & Doris Ogborn 
Wallace W. Page 
Kirk & Sharon Parr 

Eugene & Ruth Pashley 
Eugene & Laureen 

Pashley, Jr. 
Timothy R. Pashley 
Paul & Phyllis Patterson 
Ralph & Audrey Payne, Jr. 
Clayton & Carolyn Peters 
James & Dara Peters 
Richard & Margo Peterson 
Thaddaeus & Donna Lee 

Richard & Judith Poland 
Martha Puntenney 
David & Nanci Pyle 
Charles & Sherry 

Ramsay, Jr. 
Walter &G wen Randall 
Velma Rediger 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. 

Garnet Rice 
Keith & Marge Rich 
Norval & Margie Rich 
Gale & Eve Rickner, Jr. 
Ronald & Frances 

WilliamS Rebecca 

Stanley C. Rishel 
Darryl & Marsha Rogers 
William & Sally Roost 
R. Waldo & Marlene Roth 
Roger & Louona Roth 
Frank & Mary Roye 
Brian & Joy Ruegsegger 
Donald & Shirley 

Randolph & Bonnie Rumble 
Thomas & Jonnine Rumney 
Charles & Jeanette Rupp 
Douglas & Kathleen Rupp 
Gene & Nancy Rupp 
Richard & Pauline Russell 
Richard & Nancy Russell 
Donald & Jean Schaffer 
Dr. & Mrs. Robert B. Scheidt 
Robert & Marci Schenck 
David Lee & Diane Schmitz 
James R. Schmitz 
Martha D. Schmitz 
Cherie E. Scranton 
Richard & Joanne Seaman 
Floyd & Barbara Selby 
Robert & June Shatter 
Ronald & Shelba Shaw 
Todd & Cynthia Shinabarger 

William & Carolee Shinn 

John & Karol Siefer 
Crystal L. Silverman 
Lowell & Miriam Sloat 
Charles T. Smith 
Daniel & Janet Smith 
Robert & Lee Smith 
C. Edward & Ellen Smyth 
Arthur B. Snowhite 
Harold & Ellen Snyder 
Donald & JoAnn 

Dana & Judy Sommers 
Jack & Carol Sonneveldt 
Raymond M. Squire 
Richard & Rebecca 

Delmar & Mary Ann 

Max & Dorothy Stebbins 
Peter & Joyce 

Stipanuk, Jr. 
Fred & Jane Stockinger 
Larry & Judith Summers 
Fred & Bernice Swanson 
Douglas & Robin Taylor 
Howard & Jill Taylor 
Keith Thompson 
Thomas & Eileen Tobias 
Margaret L. Trefz 
Wendell & Diane True 
Jere Truex 
William & Janet Van 

Gordon & Elaine 

Gustave & Esca 

Craig & Vicki Vielguth 
Elmer & Nancy 

Peter & Lisa Vogler 
Michael & Pamela 

Olive Walker 
Thomas & Barbara 

Raymond & Vivian 

Lawrence & Sally Weber 
Lois A. Weed 
L. Marshall & Rodah 

Helen Wengatz 
John & Jody Wheeler 
Alice H. White 

Steven & Beverly Whiteman 

Mary Jane Williams 

Paul & Lois Williams 

William K.Williams 

Paul & Ruth Wills 

Ronald Winder 

Paul & Deborah Winter 

Sharon B. Wit 

Samuel & Grace Wolgemuth 

James & Judith Woods 

Harold & Deborah 

Robert & Evelyn Wyatt, Jr. 
Robert & Patricia 

Wynalda, Sr. 
Daryl & Joenita Yost 
Daniel & Martha Yutzy 
Pat & Mary Zondervan 
*I0 Anonymous Donors 

President Jay Kesler 


The Taylor Fund, comprised of unrestricted 

annual gifts, covers costs not passed on to 

students. As such, your gift to the Taylor 

Fund is significant in training and 

educating tomorrow's leaders. 

Taylor Fund 

As a member of the Taylor fam- 
ily, please accept our warm thanks 
for your support of the Taylor Fund 
during the 1988-89 giving year. 
Through your gifts and encourag- 
ing support, you play a significant 
role in all that happens at Taylor 

Whether as a graduate, friend of 
the university, parent of a Taylor 
student, or in some other way a 
believer in what Taylor 
stands for, you are part of the team 
who is making a difference in 
Christian higher education. 

Alumni giving continued at a 
high level this year, with an overall 
participation rate of 33 percent — 

Partnership in 
the Tower Club is 
based upon an 
unrestricted annual 
gift of $500- $999. 

the second highest in Taylor's 
history. The average alumnus gift 
climbed to $108 as many alumni re- 
sponded to the National Alumni 
Council phonathon. 

Friends of the university continue 
to play a significant and much ap- 
preciated role, as well. 

Parents increased their giving 
this year by 40 percent, an over- 
whelming expression of generosity 
and support! 

On the pages that follow, you'll 
find listed contributors to Taylor 
University. Thank you for your 
commitment to Taylor University 
this past year! — CJ 

Myrneth & Marjorie Anderson 

Gayle E. Arnold 

Herman & Betty Beem 

Robert & Catherine Berger 

Barbara Bill 

Burton & Nancy Brubaker 

Richard & Elizabeth Brubaker 

Jon W. Campbell 

Keith & Jeanne Canham 

Herbert & Carol Carlburg 

Theodore & Hazel Carlson 

Albert & Orpha Clarke 

Merritt Clymer 

James & Susette Cochran 

George & Marjory Connon 

Everett & Luetta Cook 

Mark & Vicki Coy 

Grey & JoAnn Culberson 

Jack & Carol Daniel 

Daniel & Cynthia Dew 

Theodore Dexter 

Stanley & Dorothy Dykstra 

Herschel & Ruth Ell 

Scott Ellenberger 

Jerry & Sue Ellenwood 

Mary Ellis 

Grace Fry 

Walter & Ruth Gepfer 

Harold & Mary Gianopulos, Sr. 

David & Alice Golden 

Paul & Sheri Harris 

George & Anna Harrison 

Lowell & Doretta Hatter 

Lucile Heindricks 

Tower Club 

The twin towers of our Rice Bell 
Tower symbolize Taylor's commit- 
ment to integrate faith and learning. 
As members of the Tower Club, you 
share in this mission. 

Today, your support of the Taylor 
Fund touches the lives of students 
who, in turn, will tomorrow provide 
leadership and vision in countless 
occupations, touching lives across 
the globe. 



Class of 15 

* ol donors: 1 
Participation 33% 
Iris Abbey 

Class of 16 

t of donors: 1 
Participation: 33% 
Robert L Tressler 

Class of 18 

t of donors: 2 
Participation: 100% 
Marie Gibbs Tressler 
Cleo D Beekman Weaver 

Class of 20 

I of donors: 1 
Participation: 33% 
Alvin L Anderson 

Kenneth & Treva Howatd 
Max L. Hunt 
Edward & Denise Hurst 
Robert & 
Theodore & Kathryn Jahn 
Kevin P. Johnson 
Maurice & Hazel Jones 
Robert & Helen Jones 
John & Josephine Juett 
Richard & Di Kahn 
Clifford & Ruth Keizet 
Gene & Margo Keller 
R. Dale & Annabelle Kitley 
Verne & Miriam Koppin 
Edmund & Virginia Kornfeld 
Arthur & Gladys Lindell 
Carroll & DonnaMae Lindman 
Stanley & Donna Long 
Ann Lutes 

Bruce & Rosemary MacFadyen 
Timothy & Donna Mann 
Charles & Margaret Mealy 
Todd & Ruth Meinen 
Lester & Martha Michel 
Lynn & Irmgard Miller 
Dennis 8. Nancy Moller 
Michael & Andrea Moorehead 
Cameron D. L. Mosser 
Torrey & Margaret Mosvold 
Robert & Robin Mourey 
Sibyl K. Nelson 
Kevin Nill 

Terrance & Rachel Oban 
Dorrell & Marguerite Ochs 

Class of 21 

* of donors: 2 
Participation: 33% 
Robert R Shaw 
William K. Williams 

Class of 22 

/ ol donors: 3 
Participation: 50% 
Mary F French Mabuce 
Helen Hall Roberts 
Randolpb W. Webster 

Class of 23 

t of donors: 4 

Participation: 67% 


Joyce Spalding Evans 

Charles W. & Miriam Teed Shilling 

Class of 24 

/ ol donors: 4 
Participation: 36% 
Winifred Smith 
Florence Welch Squier 
Bessie L Lindsey Steward 
Dorothea Leach Wideman 

Class of 25 

/ ol donors: 6 
Participation: 60% 
Gilbert Ayres 
lima Dare 
Maynard Ketcham 
Lauren Naden 
Kathryne Bieri Sears 
Mearl Himelick Taber 

Mr. & Mrs. Jimmie Ochs 
Harold & Martha Oechsle 
Philip & Joyce Passon 
Ervin & Alfrieda Penner 
Gary & Ruth Rehm 
James & Lys Reiskytl 
Stanley Rich 

Lloyd & Margaret Robbins 
James & Mary Roden 
Wallace & Bobbie Scea 
Mark C. Schram 
Charles & Barbara Schramm 
LaVaughn Schuckers 
Lee & Mae Scroggins 
Jay & Judy Shapley 
Charles & Letha Smith 
Norma & Jessie Soper 
Kermit & Ethel Starns 
Gary L. Stern 

C. David & Nedra Steury, Jr. 
Charles & Barbara Stevens 
Roger & Carol Storer 
W. Don & May Thorpe 
Lavonne Tieszen 
Roger Trueblood 
Robert A. Walker 
Loren & Judith Wanner 
R. Ruth Welch 
Norman & Virginia Wheeler 
Thomas & Barbara Widdoes 
Robert & Rosanne Wolfe 
Samuel & Mary Wolgemuth 
Ernest & Alma Yerks 


Class of 26 

I ol donors: 1 1 
Participation: 61% 
Irene Kletzing Amundson 
Pascal P Belew 
Prances Rowland Haag 
Charlotte Kaelzel 
Milton B Leisman 
Harriet Leisure Naden 
Doris Atkinson Paul 
George Samuelson 
Raymond M. Squire 
D V Whiienack 
Howard Young 

Class of 27 

lot donors: 10 

Participation: 50% 

Allen E Bartlelt 

Ethel L. Boyer 

Bertha Phillips Conel ley 

Maurice L. & Hazel Chamberlain Jones 

Lynn S Mosser 

Mable Thomas Norris 

Travis Purdy 

Alma Silzle 

Marcius Taber 

Class of 28 

/ ol donors: 1 1 

Participation: 48% 

Earl E. & Frances Thomas Allen 

Esther Blank (D) 

George L. Edie 

Ruth Flood 

Helen Brown Hamilton 

Betty Beebe Irish 

Susan Ruby Breland Lamb 

Rosell Miller (D) 

Ellon B. Stetson 

Melvina Gleason Wilson 

Class of 29 

/ ol donors: 1 7 
Participation: 61% 
Esther L. Anderson 
Mildred Parvin Baslian 
Lawrence Boyll 
Allhea Osborne Callin 
Bertha Pollitl Gilson 
Bessie Haan 

Mildred Sliter Hinrichsen 
Katherine Tower Horton 
Mary L. Leisure Johnson 
Ida Marie Spreen Jones 
Dorothy Collins Miller 
Wilson B Paul 
Velma Fields Purdy 
Garnet Williams Rice 
Lena York Roth 
Paul Whilaker 
Wayne York 

Class of 30 

#ol donors: 16 
Participation: 62% 

Edna Chambers Chandler 
Lester Clough 
Ona Ingerson Epler 
Kenneth F Fox 
Elsie Fuller Gibson 
Samuel A. Grave 
Mary Miller LeValley 
Lloyd V. Mohnkern 
Lillian Morrison 
Grant E. Oberhollzer 
W. Harold Pailthorp 
Jeff P. Paul 
Pauline Collins Rhine 
Loyal R. Ringenberg 
Beatrice Patrick Sparks 
Gladys Sanborn Wagoner 

Class of 31 

/ ol donors: 21 
Participation: 51% 
Darwin Bryan 
Ellen Smith Cutp 
Wallace W Deyo 
Ralph Dodge, Sr. 
Chester Fox 
Hugh Freese 
Lila R. Longcar Frye 
Florence Hazellon Hiesler 

Kenneth E. Hoover 

Valla Rayl Johnson 

John Kjolseth 

George H Lee 

Anita Hauber Leonard 

K Edward Maynard 

Cameron D L Mosser 

Clarence & Helen Brechbill Musser 

Adelaide McDonald Oakes 

Marguerite Deyo Pugh 

John W. Rood 

Hazen Sparks 

Class of 32 

/ ol donors 20 
Participation: 45% 

Naomi Brubaker Brechbill 

Margarel Woll Breen 

Luther Brokaw 

Lilly Reedy Clough 

Mary Beebe Deyo 

Oral & Florence M. Drake Duckworth 

Vivien Myers Freese 

Carl L Hawkes 

Mary Rice Hawley 

Irene Witner Hoover 

Cecelia Learn Jordan 

Reuben Judson 

Marguerite Friel Keltner 

Albert C. Mathias 

Mary lllk Mohnkern 

James Rhine 

Frank A. & Alice Bissell Simons 

Leah Loader Thomas 

Class of 33 

/ol donors. 17 
Participation: 52% 
Warren Bailey 
Stanley R Boughlon 
Ray Brechbill 
Edna Musser Brokaw 
Merritt Clymer 
Calherine Tatem French 
Elizabeth Stuart Gates 
P Ardath Kletzing Hoflmann 
Mabel Kreie Lemke 
Dayton Musselman 
Lucille Jones Ross 
C. Lyle Thomas 
Nathan Tyler 

Fred & Ruth Tabberer Vosburg 
Olive Tatem Walker 
Audrey Ashe Zahniser 

Class of 34 

/ol donors: 15 

Participation: 52% 

Herbert E & Roberta Bennell Boyd 

Winilred Brown 

Louise Longnecker Cookingham 

Mina Herman Derby 

Mary D Deich Forgy 

Genevieve Cushman Fox 

Arthur L. Hodson 

Arthur W. Howard 

Paul J lllk 

Hazel Simons Musselman 

Rowena Walker Stucky 

Ella Mae Davis Thomas 

Helen Gilmore Traw 

Percival A. Wesche 

Class of 35 

/ ot donors: 14 
Participation: 56% 
Blaine Bishop 
Robert F. Dennis 
DeWittC. Fowler 
Mabel Frey Hensel 
Gordon Herrmann 
Goldie Crippen lllk 
Clarence P. Miller 
Helen Boiler Myers 
Lois Boslic Nelson 
Milton G. Persons 
M. E. Piltman 
Martha Smith Shelley 
Crystal L Lockridge Silverman 
Ruth Coby Vimng 

Class of 36 

§ of donors: 9 
Participation: 53% 

Marjone White Bill 

VanNess & Margaret Louise Chne 

Charles W. Cookingham 
Esta Herrmann Howard 
Carman English Livezey 
Alvin D. Strong 
Clara Vanderlan Tyler 
R. Ruth Tatbott Welch 

Class of 37 

# of donors: 16 
Participation: 53% 
Roy F Ballard 
Betty Peck Bishop 
Virginia Roysler Bowers 
Mary Leiler Brenaman 
Mabel Johnston Fields 
Ruth Weller Hamann 
Aileen Callin Herrmann 
Joseph Kimbe! 
Ethel York Kleppinger 
John U. Miller 
Leon Shaffer 
Lester Sommer 
Garfield G. Steedman 
Clayton J Steele 
Paul Stephenson 
Marjone MacKellar Wesche 

Class of 38 

/ ol donors 34 

Participation: 69% 

Hazel E. Butz Carrulh 

Arthur Climenhaga 

Virginia Cline 

Hazel Compton 

Emma Alspaugh Copeland 

J Arthur Dahlslrand 

Ralph R Dillon 

Charles L Garringer 

Vergil Gerber 

Richard W. & Clarice J Bell Hallast 

Marie Harriett Heinemann 

Loran W Helm 

John & Lucille Kruschwilz Hershey 

Calherine Chappell Jones 

Gerald Kelver 

VirgieGrile Kinney 

Mildred Huber Lovell 

Mildred Macy 

Dorothy Martin 

Rebecca Wheeler Maxson 

John Miles 

John Powell 

Walter C Randall 

Atlene Pask Rosectanls 

Wallace Scea 

Marian Matthew Steedman 

Paul Stuart 

Glenber S. Sutton 

Wirth Tennanl 

Margarel L. Trelz 

Samuel F Wolgemulh 

Rulh Roysler Yunker 

Class of 39 

/ ol donors: 33 

Participation: 17% 

Donald Barnes 

Maurice Beery 

Arland (D) & Margaret Briggs 

Devee Brown 

Geraldine Scheel Burnett 

Dorotha Crandall Chapman 

George Guindon 

EarleE Hart 

William & Mary Hess Hoke 

Alice K. Holcombe 

Francis Holloway 

Francis C. Johannides 

Stanley Jones 

Edith Persons Korpi 

Merrill W. Livezey 

Nellie Blake McKitrick 

Isabel Baxter Meadows 

Harold S. & Muriel Sutch Miller 

Marcella Hubner Miller 

Taeko Obaro Okimoto 

Cyril D. Persons 

Reuben Short 

Paul Sobel 

Alice Butz Uphold 

Ruth Anderson Wedel 

L. Marshall Welch 

Martha Matthews Wilkinson 

Kenneth Williams 
Grace Dourte Wolgemuth 
Priscilla Synder Wurtz (D) 

Class of 40 

/ ot donors 37 
Participation: 69% 
Thomas Chilcote 
Ralph W Cummings 
Oliver R. Degelman 
William CEvers 
Kenneth Foulke 
Madelyn Leak Guindon 
Ruth E. Johnson Hall 

Elisabeth Roane McClintock 

Ross McLennan 

Lester A. Michel 

Donald A. Miller 

James R. Miller 

Eleanor E. Parry 

Ross Richey 

Glenn Rocke (D) 

Lucille Rupp 

Jessie Burtner Skinner 

Gail Malsbary Stein 

Mary E. Stoddard (D) 

Dorothy Anderson Swearingen 

W. Erwin Vincent 

Rhoda Elliott Welch 

Phyllis Hyde Grove 
Virgil Hamilton 
L. Shirl Hatfield 
Doris Kaparoff Johnston 
Margaret Muilenburg Lixey 
Ann Bengston Lutes 
John R. Malott 
Robert E. McClintock 
Vivian Havens McLennan 
Jeanne Blackburn Pearson 
Priscilla Pal lotta Pomarici 
Gail Price 
Fred C. Rowley 
Joseph Shisler 
Joyce Hunt Spitnale 

To them, caring means sharing 

Serving others is an important way of life 
on Taylor's campus. And it's something 
students see in the lives of faculty and staff. 

From classroom teacher to campus safety 
officer, from night-shift housekeeper to pro- 
vost, employment at Taylor means involve- 
ment in ministry. 

Not content with paid service alone, many 
faculty and staff members serve their commu- 
nities in a variety of ways. 

Throughout this giving report, you'll find a 
sampling of the many ways in which Taylor 
employees put their faith into action, spread- 
ing the light of Christ into the world. 

Teuntje Peters Hershey 
Harriet E Davis Holcombe 
Gordon Kashner 
Ruth Prosser Keizer 
A. Leroy Keller 
Deane E. Kilbourne 
Lovina Shupe Kimbel 
Olin E Lehman 
C Edwin McClamon 
Evelyn Nysewander Miles 
Leone Harris Milliner 
William Moreland, Jr. 
Virginia Null Moshier 
George Murphy 
Jean Southern Nemore 
Wallace W. Page 
Evelyn Mudgelt Platte 
Floyd & Bertha Sanderson Porter 
Josephine Ladd Powell 
Eileen Small Punlenney 
Gwen Niebel Randall 
Maxine Weed Robinson 
Virginia Longnecker Shatter 
Sherman Spear 
Opal Sprunger 
Ernestine Pask Stephenson 
John W. Warner 
Eilamarie Williamson 
W. Wayne Yealer 

Class of 41 

/ ot donors: 35 

Participation: 80% 

William L Armitage, Jr. 

Hope Wiggins Barnes 

Harold E. Bauer 

Richard W. Bishop 

Virginia R. Bunner 

Earl & Eleanor Anderson Butz 

Gerald Foster 

Mary Sypos Frandsen 

Noble Gividen 

Ruth Boiler Grant 

Kathryn Young Gruver 

Kay B. Bingaman Hahn 

Naomi Hoke 

Nettie Lewis Leach 

Ann A. Leathers 

Robert Wilcox 
Philip Yaggy 
Dorolhy Ferree Yocom 
John E Zoller (D) 

Class of 42 

/ ol donors 31 

Participation: 45% 

Margaret Hyde Behnken 

Carl Brown 

Albert Clarke 

Margaret Haelner Elliott 

Eleanor Robinson Foulke 

Ruth Patow Gepter 

M. Arthur Grant 

Warne C. Holcombe 

Wilma Ditzler Kennedy 

Walter H. Kruschwilz 

Arnold R Lewis 

Howard A. Lyman 

Gertrude MacDonald 

HarleyJ. Martin 

Claude McCallisler 

Alphretta Meginnis 

Bernice Greer Meyer 

Martha Brown Michel 

Doris Horn Miller 

Pauline E. Muselman 

Miriam Reish Nelson 

Penn H. & Eunice A. Knight O'Brien 

Don Odle 

Mary Kendall Sanders 

Frances Guindon Shisler 

Kathryn Rupp Short 

Howard Spitnale 

Ellis & Esther Prosser Webb 

Mildred Brown Yaggy 

Class of 43 

/ ol donors: 28 
Participation: 57% 
Nelle Leisman Alspaugh 
James Harvey Brown 
Martha Gerber Brown 
Elsie Preslon Drake 
Edilh Charbonnier Driver 
Norma Hoke Fisher 
Bonnie Gould 

Rowena Jamison Tebbe 
Joyce Burtner Trumbauer 
Paul Trumbauer 
Paul P Williams 
Faith Glenwood Wynne 
Phyllis Martin Young 

Class of 44 

# of donors: 26 
Participation: 60% 
June Pugh Bergwall 
James E. Bertsche 
Margery Williamson Brown 
Lois Chandler 
Paul D. Clasper 
Nancy Fox Crecraft 
Edward Evanick 
Martha Devoss Evers 
Ralph R. Johnson 
Gwendolyn Glenwood Jones 
Josephine Stuart Juett 
Betty Weed Kruschwilz 
Janyce Swearingen Lyman 
Martha Leeman Matthews 
Virgil E. Maybray 
Phyllis Steiner McCoy 
Bonnie Weaver Odle 
Norma Michel Reece 
Kathryn Tucker Schoen 
Jacob Seibold, Jr. 
Elizabeth Suderman 
Alice Theobald 
Philip M.Whisler 
Lewis A. Wilson 
Donald R. Yocom 
Dorothy McFall Zart 

Class of 45 

/ ol donors: 21 

Participation: 37% 

M. Wesley Arms 

Gordon Bell 

Genevieve Shuppert Bertsche 

Sarah Burdon Chrismer 

Robert L. Cox 

Jean Chalmers Creighton 

Gerald Fisher 

Raymond Garrett 



James E Giggy 
Catherine Hill Groslic 
Jean Holcombe 
Marybelh Smith Hunl 
John Juett 
Gerald R Klinefelter 
J. W Kruschwitz 
Esther Lewis Martin 
Marian Young Mayhray 
Elizabeth Good Owsley 
Paul Rupp 
John E Siner 
Warren Tropl 

Class of 46 

lot donors: 15 
Participation: 44% 

G. Linwood Barney 
Lois B Guyanl Gallenberger 
Margarel Brown Gould 
Maurine Carver Hoflman 
Harold E Homer 
Pulh Bergert Messerschmidt 
Arlouine Hamann Nelson 
Kathleen Howard Price 
Andrew Rupp 
Stewart H Silver 
Elizabeth Studabaker 
AlvaJ Swarner 
Russel Van Vleel (D) 
Calherine Hatfield Welty 
Philip Williams 

Class of 47 

/ol donors: 19 

Participation: 43% 

Warren Bergwall 

Joy Magsig Bothe 

Betty M Buerki 

Russell M Clark 

Ruth Coughenour Cox 

Gwendolyn Somerville Gerig 

Alice Hitchcock Good 

Taylor W Hayes 

Robert & Gene L Gibbs Henthorn 

G Gene Jackson 

Gladys Brown Klinefelter 

Milton Murphey 

Margie Billet Rich 

Annabel Longyear Rogers 

Esther King Rupp 

Jean Hayes Silver 

Dorothy Olsen Van Vleet 

Agnes Grant Wilson 

Class of 48 

# of donors 41 
Participation 65% 
Bermce Schell Baker 

Elsie McWhirter Barney 

Florence Branch Bond 

Wesley M & Dorothy H. Horn Bullis 

Adelle Davis Carpenter 

Vera Fesmire Carroll 

Alyce Rocke Cleveland 

Harold Curdy 

Monroe Duflie 

Helen Zimmerman Dunham 

Floyd A Emshwiller 

Jual H. Evans 

Norma Hickey Fleming 

Calvin & Betty Coats Fleser 

Catherine Wright Good 

Donald Hubbard 

Donna Mougin Kachuk 

Don W Klopfenslein 

Vernon Macy 

Ida Wessman Mannix 

Robert L. Morris 

Martha Ladd Murphey 

Edith Boiler Newell 

Jean Smith Rasmussen 

Ruth Btose Rogers 

Ray Stair 

Oliver Sleiner 

William L Stone 

Martha Johnson Strunk 

Merlon & Helen Maurer Tanner 

Charles A Tharp 

Wayne Tone 

George Toops 

Joan Powell Tropl 

Clyde Trumbauer 

Rulh Waldin 

Robert W Whitehead 

Fran Johnson Willed 

Class of 49 

f ol donors: 25 
Participation: 35% 
Louisa Mize Austin 
Genevieve Beischer Bealtie 
Evan Bertsche 

Margarel L Sherman Brown 
Maurice W Coburn 
Leon L Fennig 
Gaylord Gerig 
Vernon G. Gott 
Wanita Sheagley Grainger 
Natalie Jukotf Guslafson 
Carol Brewer Guy 
Betty Kinsllet 
Miriam E Lilten Long 
Elmer Nussbaum 
C Lennart Poison 
Beatrice Chambers Powers 
Frances Prough 
Norval Rich 
Ellsworth Runyon 

Donna Williams Schmidt 
Shirley Gaerte Svaan 
Elhel Mae Abrams Tone 
Merlin Wilkins 
Lois M Williams 
Harold Zart 

Class of 50 

# ol donors: 46 

Participation: 37% 

Matjone Wyanl Anderson 

Charles Baker 

Harold Beattie 

Edgar W Bolles 

Dama Martin Burkhart 

Bruce Charles 

Elmer H. Copley 

William Deal 

Murl Eastman 

Merlyn & Marilyn Anderson Egle 

Reva Zischke Frees 

Mae Westing Froysland 

Barbara Clark Gentile 

Emerald Gerig 

Carl W Hassel 

Dillon L. Hess 

Virginia Gilchnsl Hoyt 

Dons Bantz Hunter 

Daniel Hutchens 

Anthony Jalovick 

Gordon S & Helen Turner Jensen 

Joy E Jessup Jones 

Helen Boyer Langdon 

Fred H 8, Elaine MillhislerLulhy 

Clyde Meredith. Jr 

Carl H Muselman 

William D. Ng 

Virginia Veenslra Pieschke 

Elizabeth Stanley Pilkey 

Lyle Rasmussen 

Rulus A Regier 

Carl W Rice 

Arthur M- Ross 

Christian L. Rupp 

Edward Shy 

Paul Sleiner 

Royal Sleiner 

John Svaan 

Gallon Van Valkenburg 

Howard A Washburn 

Douglas Weikel 

Robed Wendel 

Raymond Wilbur 

Class of 51 

# of donors: 62 
Participation: 39% 
Dorothy E Eells Andresen 
William C- Berry 
Dorothy Kimball Blomquisl 

Reynold Bohleen 

Bessie Carter Brewington 

Dorothy M Butler 

Nancy Mudge Cato 

Betty Cole Charles 

Malvin Cofield 

Marian Munson Collins 

Alieda Bushey Deal 

Theodore S Dexter 

Eugene W Friesen 

Donavon J Gerig 

Betty J- Thompson Getty 

Ralph Goodell 

R James Hagen 

Owen L. Hailley 

Fenton DeWilte Hall 

Avis Morehead Hassel 

Clyde K- Hunler 

Ulee Clinton Hutchens 

Esther Hund Johnson 

Roberta Kessler 

Lauradean Snooks Kraklan 

Walter Kregler 

Dillon Laflin 

Andrew J & Ella Kincaid Lindvall 

Calvin & Twyla Bergman Marcum 

Gerald Marek 

Carlene Mitchell Matthews 

ErmaH Gardner McCarthy 

Billy Melvin 

Shirley Harvey Miller 

M Jean Mosher Morris 

Henry Nelson 

F James Norris, Sr. 

Milo Nussbaum 

E Herbert Nygren 

Martha Slagg Oechsle 

Dan Oliver 

William E Payne 

Howard Pearson 

Robert Pieschke 

Dolly Holman Poison 

David E Rathjen 

Frederick H Russell 

Robert R Schenck 

Marian Wilson Schindler 

F DaleSelby 

Adeline Slagg 

Ruth Henry Steiner 

Ruth Muselman Steury 

Ralph Teuber 

Elizabeth Brose Van Horn 

Donald E Walden 

Lois A. Weed 

James L West 

Norman & Eunice Berg Wilhelmi 

Class of 52 

I ol donors 61 
Participation: 37% 
Lawrence W Bauer 

Joseph Beeson 
Joan Beghlel 
Merlin R Birky 
Marilee Brown Bohleen 
William 8. Ruth Zimmerman 

Bowers, Jr 
John Bragg 
Doris Oswalt Brause 
Lewis Burns 
Evelyn Eisele Clark 
Richard E Melt 
James W Comstock 
Roy L. Comstock 
Louise P Dawson 
Jean Miller Diller 
Robert Fraser 
J Paul Gentile 
Raymond L Gillis 
Mary A Goodndge 
Don L & Dorothy Jean Huflman 

Pearl Hoflman 
Shirley Lunde Jacobsen 
Gordon W Johnson 
Thelma Aileen Karg 
Gloria Krebs Kleinhen 
Maurice Lindell 
Herbert R Lucas 
E Don Martin 
William P Malhews 
Harold Matthews 
Darlene Eby Melvin 
Clyde Michel 
Carl Miller 
Jean M Morgan 
Arthur K Muselman 
Robert M Neely, Jr. 
John M. Nelson 
Mildred Holmes Nelson 
Harold J Oechsle 
James H. Oliver 
Jerry L. Partain 
Richard Plants 

Elmer & Gloria Bridson Regier 
Ralph Ringenberg 
Richard Russell 
W. Bruce Samuelson 
Mary E Klopfenslein Schmidt 
Carol Gramlich Scott 
Joyce Scod Sloner 
Verna Steury Tharp 
W Lee & Ruth Dixon Truman 
Richard 8. Pat West Unkenholz 
Glenna Phillips Walton 
Ward Whitman 
William I Wortman 
Ted Wright 

Class of 53 

/ of donors 32 

Participation: 29% 

Max Andrew 

Lyle Barred 

Georgia Taylor Batten 

Lois Ford Beeson 

Mary A Fleming Berry 

Gerald A Close 

Ernest L. Cobbs 

Myrna Allen Deal 

Jane Ericson Everson 

Bertel J Froysland 

Rex Gearhart 

Dorothy Burgess Greimann 

David Harvey 

William Hesse 

Ralph R. High 

Mary Beany Hosch 

V Donald Jacobsen 

A Warren Johnson 

Fred Kleinhen 

David & Rebecca Swander Le Shana 

Dan Lesher 

Mae Presnal Lewelling 

Phyllis Miller 

Barbara Owen 

Virginia Balk Pickering 

William L Rediger 

Martha Fordyce Welsh 

David Wheeler 

W Warren 8. Marilyn Gerlach Williams 

Kenneth Wright 

Ayres Alumni Memorial building. 

Class Of 54 

# of donors 40 
Participation: 44% 
Sarah Andrews 
Joy Arthur 

Shirley Bohleen 

Barbara Gordinier Brancato 

Mary E. Dahl Brower 

Raymond Brundage 

Donna Colbert 

Lila Hansen Cosmades 

Harold W Draper 

Kenneth Fahl 

Violet Goldsworlhy Fraser 

Rulh Gentile Gearhart 

Terveer Ginter 

Mary Von Bergen Hesse 

Winnie M Holm 

Forrest & Arlene Smith Jackson 

David A. Jones 

Elaine McNeil Lindell 

Donald M MacLeod 

Esther Williams Martin 
Joanne Dulro Maughlin 

Max E Meier 

Gail Brenneman Nichols 

George R. Paterson 

Richard H. Raby 

Edith Casperson Rediger 

Emory Reece 

Vonda Lightbody Rigel 

Betty Blom Ruth 

Noel Spencer 

Richard Steiner 

Leona Tieszen Sloltzfus 

Helen Ballinger Summers 

Robert Tidgwell 

Ronald Townsend 

Donna Peck Wanvlg 

Gerald Welsh 

John C Wheeler 

Lloyd Wright 

Class of 55 

/ ot donors: 34 

Participation: 33% 

Jack 8, Ramona Ferguson Augustine 

Thomas G Beers 

Donald Callan 

Joyce Lister/Godorhazy Clark 

Lois Corliss 

Doris Crawmer 

Paul Crockett 

Loretta Dawson 

N. Arthur Edslrom 

Stuart F Frase 

Margaret Gillis 

Charles W. Good 

Dorothy Hiatt 

L. Norma Holmgren 

Nancy Jacohson 

Roselyn Baugh Kerlin 

Larry Liechty 

Eloise Olcott Miller 

Arloeen Williams Oliver 

Eunice Jones Pertibone 

Fred Prinzing 

Pal Lucas Raby 

Stanley M & Connie Ross Reed 

Jane Slenzak 

Margarel Cambridge Spring 

Margaret Wicked Vida 

Waller Wanvig 

Faith Dodge Wheeler 

Norman G Wheeler 

Martha Hayden Woodward 

Marie Lamb Wright 

Milsuko Higa Yamaguchi 

Class of 56 

# of donors: 43 

Participation' 36% 

Margarel Weedon Barton 

Margaret A Bash 

Dorothy Wing Blakely 

Riley B. Case 

Carol Herber Coblentz 

Roland Coffey 

Elsa Dahl 

Robert 8i Lois Slockman Duffy 

A. Kay Brenneman Erb 

Delile Lieske Fahl 

June Fraulschy 

Virginia L Sticklen Gulick 

Robert G. Hanklns 

G Kent Hatfield 

Jacquelyn E. Chastain Ingram 

JoAnn Nemolh Jones 

Joseph C. Kerlin 

Joseph D. Kipfer 

Jeanne Saiki Koloshirodo 

Loren Lindholm 


Demeril Molter 

William & Dorothy (D) Plumb 

Nalhan Price 

Velma Vernier Rediger 

John Rigel. Sr. 

Phyllis Snyder Rowe 

Lorraine Lindholm Ryberg 

Eleanor Fordyce Sells 

Evangeline Thomas Smith 

George E. Somers 

Ruth Thomas Spencer 

Jarvis Sleiner 

Ann Donker Stubbs 

John Terrell 

Wendell C & Diane Beghtel True 

David Wells 

Charles M Whiteley 

Dian Krider Wilkey 

Ronald Woodward 

Robert Wright 

Class of 57 

/of donors: 38 

Participation 33% 

Joyle Allen 

Joyce Bowen Ancil 

Dorothy Brown Arthur 

Ann Nishihara Ayabe 

Ruth Unkenholz Case 

William L. Chapman 

Mildred Copeland 

Nancy Delay Dodge 

Sylvia Hines Duckworth 

Paul Fendl 

Kennelh Gangel 

Robert C. & Joan Lloyd Gilkison 

Daniel M Howell 

Joyce Kaufmann 

Jane Peirce Lesh 

Rita Gearhart Lindholm 

Janet Benmng Marquardt 

Daniel McLario 

Sarah Roush McMillin 

Pal Sparks Meredith 

Anita Ford Prinzing 

Charles D. Saleska 

Dorothy Miller Schroepfer 

Delmar Schwanke 

Ronald w Shaw 

Curtis & Delois Stoesz Smith 

Shirley Pletcher Smith 

Ken & Elizabeth Galloway Stark 

Miriam Culp Stewart 

Patricia Kirkendall Stocksdale 

Rhoda Evans Taylor-Mayer 

Virginia Hamilton Tobias 

Larry Warner 

Mildred J. Andrews Whiteley 

Edwin H.Wiens 

Class of 58 

# of donors: 61 

Participation- 36% 

Jerry D. Alfred 

Carolyn Carlson Anderson 

Floyd Baker 

Stan J. Beach 

Marilyn Habegger Beaverson 

Roland M. Bertka 

Lulu Turbin Bowen 

William Boycott, Jr. 

Beverly Gustalson Brady 

Joan Sloane Coffey 

Robert & Betty Godsey Davis 

Victor Denton 

R. E. Dodge, Jr. 

Jemima Ensing 

Ramon Farley 

Ronald & Mary Lou Loomis Fasse 

Mary C. Cavanaugh Fendt 

Anna Newhard Fullhart 

Elizabeth Blackburn Gangel 

George A. Glass 

Russell L. Hamilton 

Hubert Hansel 

G.Arthur Hansen, Jr. 

Donald & Miriam Parks Hedrick 

Martin Hess 

Jane Vanzant Hodson 

Carl H. Hofinga 

Verna Isaac 

Jay Kesler 

Dawn Shumaker Kinzer 

Doris McBride Knoblock 

Elsa Anderson Kroger 

Rolf E. Larsen 

William M. Loewen 

Arlene Lundquist 

Gail Malmsberry 

Kathleen Dilley Miller 

Paul Millikan 

Eloise Van Natta Moore 

Russell & Lois Johnson Paulson 

Nelson Price 

Nancy Lindgren Rohart 

Gene L. Rupp 

Charlotte Justice Saleska 

Joyce Shick Schwanke 

Jean Lehman Sheels 

Suzanne Kuhn Smith 

Arlene Frehse Spade 

Takako Kokame Tanaka 

Marilyn Holloway Taylor 

Nancy Shamblen Taylor 

Irvin Thompson 

Marilyn Lehman Townsend 

Barbara Meyer Warner 

Howard Watson 

Allan K. Wilson 

Robert C Wolfe 

Class of 59 

t of donors 61 

Participation; 48% 

Janis Smith Bateman 

Roger E. Beaverson 

Sandra Moore Bedford 

Janet Berst 

David Bowman 

Nancy Wittman Brubaker 

Gertrude Dahl 

Tracy L. Davis 

Bradley Duckworth 

Patricia A Stall Eklund 

Marilyn Foil eft 

Gerald & Arlene Hieber Fouls 

Irlene Gierman Glenn 

Dave Gustalson 

Richard Guthrie 

Geraldine Ensor Hall 

Betty Zeigler Handley 

Cleo Murdoch Henry 

Carol Coyner Hess 

Marilynn Nurse Huge 

Walter & Darlene Reimer Huitema 

Beverly Johnson Kahn 

David Kemp 

Jane Smith Kesler 

Charles Kimes 

Jack & Janel King 

Leroy D Kinzer 

Priscilla McMahan Kreis 

Shiela Kuehnle 

Ruth Dillon Lambright 

Patsy Burkhart Lenhart 

Dale Linhart 

Gretchen Miller Loomis 

Gene Matsudo 

Raymond A. Merz 

Ann Montgomery 

Gloria Shepherd Nelson 

Judy Weber Polsgrove 

Myrna Lynch Price 

R.Waldo Roth 

Wayne Rowell 

Russell M. Ruch 

Thomas G. Rumney 

Marilyn Adams Schick 

Barbara SchultzShupe 

Joseph Smith 

Barbara Udisky Stigleman 

Paul Stubbs 

Roland L. Sumney 

Leil & Marjorie Starkweather Terdal 

Mary Maynard Theaker 

Lavonne Tieszen 

Robert Trout 

Ronald Valutis 

Gladys Haakonsen Westerberg 

Rosanne Shippy Wolfe 

Mari Mieno Yamaguchi 

Class of 60 

# ol donors: 69 
Participation: 46% 
Ellen Lee Barnes 
G Dewayne Bontrager 
Joan Haaland Britton 
Rosemary Harper Bucy 
Betty Augustine Burden 
Lorene Reisdorph Burns 
Gloria Moennig Carey 
Earl Christensen 
Madonna E. Clements 

Ruth Moss Coverdale 

Nancy Rot le Day 

Wendell DeBruin 

John Wesley Duckworth 

Robert Dvorak 

Paul & Janel Orne Flickmger 

Charles W. Ford 

Robert J. Freese 

David & Dorothy Brunner Gehres 

Jan Huflman Glass 

Annerta Josephs Graham 

Freda J. Riddle 

Marlene Wilcox Roth 

Jonnine McKinley Rumney 

Nancy A. Rowley Rupp 

David R. Scudder 

Larry Sheets 

Linda Brokaw Shelton 

Richard Shupe 

Janet Schneider Spence 

Carol Howland Thompson 

Rosalie Closson Valutis 

Lucille EntzDiller 

Barbara Hanawalt Ford 

Gary W. Foss 

Stewart W Silvis Georgia 

Jane Kinkead Graham 

Charles D. & Patricia Hard Griffin 

Marjorie Chitwood Hamilton 

D. Duane Houser 

Garth D Irey 

Robert F. & Margaret Tatem Jackson 

Paul Jorg 

Diane Tenpas Vivian 
Dale A. Williams 
R. Scott Wilson 
Roger E. Winn 

Class of 62 

I ot donors: 65 
Participation: 36% 
Sharon Shannahan Arndt 
Morris L Barber 

Reaching out 
around the world 

Dale Sloat, director of 
marketing and media 
services and part-time in- 
structor, together with his 
wife Bonnie served over 
20 years on the mission 

His understanding of the 
need for contact between 
missionary parents and 
their stateside students and 
the need for an missionary 
kid (MK) support-orienta- 
tion system has resulted in 
a burgeoning network 
called Mu Kappa Interna- 

Not just a church nor college group, Mu Kappa(first char- 
tered at Taylor) pursues a multi-faceted approach to the needs 
of students who have an international view. 

"The motivation for Bonnie and me comes from 
the potential that Mu Kappa provides as a vehicle bringing an 
unusual combination of resources together," says Dale. "Our 
campus, our people at Taylor, and our international students 
form an international equation helping families all over the 
world." He concludes, "Taylor has historically encouraged 
visionaries and we're grateful that donations to Mu Kappa 
multiply the result of our efforts!" 

Dale Sloat maintains an international 

JohnH Grile 

Elaine Gril 

Gertrude Krein Hampton 

Marilyn D. Verks Harp 

Dale Hochstettler 

Roger Jenkinson 

James William Jones 

George Klohck 

Carol Ash Kundenreich 

David B. Larson 

David Leveille 

Marian Lehmer Linhart 

Marjorie Kaufmann Mason 

Howard Malhisen 

Charleen Schmeltzer Malsudo 

Peggy Matthews 

Thomas McGeath 

Helen Padrutt Miller 

Millard Niver 

Catherine Cecil Norman 

Arthur Norris 

John Okesson 

Mary Dellinger Pahmeier 

Darrel Parris 

Roger Peck 

Gordon Polsgrove 

Miriam Beers Van Valkenburg 
Joseph S & Carolyn Cloer Wagner 
Mary Henning Weirick 
Carol L Wharton 
Carolyn Bennett Wheeler 
Edythe Brown Williams 
Jerry & Maxine Smith Willman 
William Worth 

Class of 61 

i of donors: 60 

Participation: 42% 

Richard A. Baarendse 

Judy Hoffman Bontrager 

R. David & Joan Graflis Boyer 

Joseph D.& Judy Boll Brain 

Bruce N. Brenneman 

Stanley Burden 

Ruth Volk Carlisle 

Donald D. Clark 

Gary Cooper 

Beverly A. Corts 

James R. & Marjorie Eby Crowder 

Mary M. Sheedy Dailey 

Samuel L. & Mary Carlson Delcamp 

Rosalyn Rogers Keck 

Hubert Kuhn 

Donald Leigh 

Rulh A. Stockinger Meyerholtz 

Faith Springer Miller 

Stanley Morton 

Janice Miller Myers 

Elaine Hosman Newton 

Robert E. & Barbara J. Jacobson 

John N. Oswalt 
Robert L. Palmer 
Myrna Marshall Parris 
Irvin Polk 
H. Fred Pomeroy 
William Ringenberg 
Elizabeth Rees Roby 
Sharon A. Rupp 
Judy Lammon Sampson 
Joyce Huebner Scharringhausen 
R.Larry Smith 
Karen Cheesman Snider 
Ronald G. Spade 
Carolyn Haas Sprunger 
C. Rex Taylor 
Bernie E. Tucker 

Sally Sweet Birkey 

Ardith Hooten Bradford 

Priscilla J. Bruce 

Audrey Raab Chilton 

Nancy Henderson Christensen 

Lois A. Clough 

Jack L. Cramblel 

John A. Cromer 

L. Jeannette McClure Davis 

Lou Ellen Larson Dewitt 

Arthur Deyo 

Timothy Diller 

Raymond Durham 

David Eakins 

Linda Larsen Fuhrer 

Tom Gehner 

Ruth Gehres 

Nelson Gould 

Joyce Worgul Gustafson 

Donna L. Ramseyer Hallenbeck 

Nancy Lu Atha Halterman 

Marion J. Ward Hoopingarner 

Oelores Steinbach Home 

Janet Mendenhall Horner 

Donald L. Homey 

Janet Judd Jenkinson 



Total giving to Taylor up 33 percent in 1988-89 






79/80 80/31 81/82 82/83 B3/H4 84/85 85/86 86/87 87/88 

Fiscal Year 

June Kearney 

Tal Keenan 

Al Kundenreich 

Janet Case Langenwaller 

Judith Johnson Leigh 

Carolyn Wolfgang Lewis 

Philip Loy 

Stephen Manley 

Rodger Martin 

Donald & Janice Salisbury McDougall 

Donald I Miller 

Patricia Rutenachl Moctiel 

Melvin Moeschberger 

Richard & Judy Entrikin Nicewonger 

Connie Peck 

Paul Phinney 

Anita Van Winkle Rice 

Roger Roth 

Martha D Dunn Russell 

Barbara Archer Silvis 

Carlton J Snow 

John & Rebecca Parrish Slevens 

Charles Sticklen 

G Patrick & Beulah Reinmille 

Ruth Strong 
Ned Stucky 

James & Frances Woy Tertiune 
Daniel W Thor 
Carolyn Varga Tidlund 
Joyce McClurg Todd 
Elaine Brunz Vandermeulen 
Beverly Horn Zell 

Class of 63 

# of donors 71 
Pari icipal ion: 36% 
JaneK Kemple Allan 
Jacquelin Ruchli Ashlon 
Wayne Augustine 
Lois Jackson Austin 
Elsbeth Bans Baarendse 
MaxmeR Sleury Balkema 
James R. Black. Jr. 
Marilyn EllettBlom 
Timothy Burkholder 

Paul Wesley Carlson 
Jacob C Chan 
Sterling E Davis 
Lois Staub Oeyo 
Adrian Chandler Durham 
Carolyn Rose Eakins 
Emerson B Fisher 
E Byron Fox 
Charles T. French 
Robert H & Sandra Krehbiel 

Gardner. Jr 
Alice Hendrickson Golden 
David PGorrell 
Sarah Owens Gould 
Janette Lister Greene 
Ruth Wolgemulh Guillaume 
Harry Haakonsen 
Doyle L. Nickels Hayes 
Janet Hardy Hochstettler 
Irvin & Nancy Fr icke Johnson 
Richard P Johnson 
Marcia Van Doren Jorg 
Robert Klingel 

David & Karole Bowen Kocher 
Roy A. Krai 
Ronda Hurler Kunau 
Robert C Larsen 
E Lewis Lultrell 
Joyce Gray MacLeish 
Loretla Thomas Mann 
Peggy Ulmer Marquard 
Bonnie Mcintosh Martin 
James E. Metcalfe 
Sandra Rupp Moeschberger 
Everett Myers, Jr. 
Evelyn Richards Norris 
Jill O'Brien 
Judy Ackerman Oyer 
Jane Lunde Pedersen 
Sandra Gage Peterson 
Luanne Adams Phillips 
Philip A. Place 
Charles L Ramsay. Jr 
Lawrence J Rich 
Thomas D Ringenberg 
Sarah Wimmer Rodeheaver 
Joanne Fox Rosller 
Wayne E Samson 
Peler Schug 

Patricia Benson Shannon 
Fred Slockinger 
Sally Verrill Thor 
Lois Charles Whilcraft 
Mary Baker Whitehead 
Sandra L Whitaker Whilesides 
Marthena Rawlings Wilder 
David Williams 
Jennifer Fierke Wilson 
Douglas D. Wood 
Ronald L Zerbe 

Class of 64 

* ol donors: 84 

Participation: 36% 

Ronald C Angerer 

Mary Schneider Augustine 

Becky Thompson Brunton 

Carolyn Williamson Burkholder 

Ann Newsom Bush 

Walter E Campbell 

Dan Carpenter 

Carole Gibson Denlinger 

Daniel Dew 

David Dickey 

Don & Nan Buecker Fancher 

David H Forbes 

Deanna Mayne Francis 

Carole Geren Fraser 

Nancy Ackerman Frederick 

Barbara Davis French 

Norma Hill Gehner 

David Gelwicks 

Marilyn Bohn Gilford 

David Golden 

Robert Grau 

Stanley Guillaume 

Roy & Lynne Osberg Hagen 

Herbert Hall 

Carol S Haught Headland 

Charles & Barbara Bennett Hertzler 

SuelynJ SaderleeHeth 

Todd Hinkle 

Elizabeth Pigueton Jones 

Myra Bullock Jones 

David 8. Bonnie Philpot Kastelein 

Judith Fink Kirsch 

Judith Gehner Knell 


Donald Knudsen 

Bruce & Carolyn Martin Konya 

Wayne M Ladd 

Phoebe Dew Law 

Daniel MacLeish 

Rhoda G Grosser Mackenzie 

Patricia Hellrick McMurtry 

Dana McQuinn 

Lyndon Merkle 

Jane Walker Metcalfe 

Helen LaDuke Miller 

Terrell D Minks 

Louis & Patricia Patterson Molic 

LaMoine L. Mot 

P Ray Music 

Paul E & Karen Brown Nelson 

Parker A. Nilsen 

Mary Hogslon Palmer 

Joyce Krins Passon 

James & Dara Epp Peters 

Sandra Marshall Phinney 

Gloria Callaway Regier 

Sigrid Schaflroth 

Ronald L Scott 

Marcia Everswick Seeland 

Dan P & Janet Tucker Smith 

Joyce A Rose Sommer 

Paul & Nancy Badskey Spurgeon 

Marjorie Carlson Swisher 

Darleen Mills Tectot 

Stanley & Janet Richardson 

Peler Valberg 

Bonnie Garard Van Der Kolk 
Richard Veltrus 
Glenis Jo Sandford Walker 
Marijane Rilter West 
George Y Williamson 
Larry Winlerholter 
Ruth Walker Wood 
Sherry Johnson Zerbe 

Class of 65 

/ of donors. 61 
Participation: 37% 
David Andersen 
Norman Andresen 
M Dennis Austin 

Robert R. Barker 

Ruth Reger Brooks 

Mary Baker Campbell 

Edwin Chappell 

Susan Beam Crumbacher 

Sara Guynn Darby 

Jeanne Desposilo 

J Ranae Thorne Drozda 

Martin L Earnest 

Thomas Ebrighl 

Juanita Krueger Exman 

Kenneth Flanigan 

James Florence 

David Fraser 

Terry E. Frick 

John Gehres 

Jack P Given 

Diane Highfield Holcomb 

Joyce Eileen Knell Hooper 

David Horsey 

Treva Davis Howard 

Judith Boyko Imperial 

Barbara Inglis 

David I. Johnson 

William E.Jones 

LilyBaluski King 

Clifford Kirk 

Joyce Helm Kuhn 

James Lindell 

Dorolhy Hess Luttrell 

James MacLeish 

Delphine Louise Oliver Manley 

R. Eugene Mastin 

Bonnie Rauch McCullough 

Nancy Wagner McMahon 

James Richard Miller 

Lynn E. & Irmgard Holz Miller 

Dennis & Nancy J Verdell Moller 

Marshall & Marylee Sweel Morton 

Emily Goetz Murray 

Richard G Newton 

Charles Paxton 

Carollyn L Saxton Peerman 

Toby Andrews Peterson 

Robert 0. Ransbottom 

Sandra Kriesch Rautiola 

Yvonne C Rosecrans 

Beverly Petterson Scott 

Gary Shuppert 

Jack L. Souder 

Judson Sprunger 

Robert H. Stewart 

Judith Starns Willard 

Samuel C Wolgemuth 

James H Woods 

Class of 66 

# of donors 60 

Participation: 33% 

Sandra La Rose Andresen 

D James Barton 

David Baugh 

Edgar Cline 

Marjorie Neuenschwander Culbertson 

Wanda Chasteen Culbertson 

Daniel R. Darby 

Dianne Weedon DeBoer 

Judith A. Dick 

Douglas S & Barbara Wills 

William A Downs 
Sara Carmany Eggleston 
Susan Rosberg Emerson 
Janel W Woods Erickson 
Elizabeth Clint Flanigan 
Ruth A McDonald Fouse 
Donald Francis 
DeeW Friesen 
Jams Sprunger Grau 
Norman L. Guillaume 
Ronald Guyer 

Carl & Marilyn Bekowies Haaland 
Gary Habegger 

Barbara Beanblossom Harrison 
Carol Grater Henry 
Kenneth D. Hess 
Karen Plueddeman Horsey 
Dorothy Kalb Hsu 
Steve Huser 
Lucille Lang Johnson 
Don L Jones 

Gary J & Judith Carlson Jones 
Daniel R. & Judy R Englund 

Ronald D Kregel 
Carol Heilnck La Grange 
Suzanne Peterson Lindgren 

Lois Horst McFadden 
Jean Perego 
David J Peterson 
Terry Porter 
JohnS Prins 
James Rahn 
Wilbur Regier 
James Q. Richard 
Karen J Huston Russell 
Marcia Sammis Salisbury 
Gloria Gates Schaffer 
Jeanette Wood Sommers 
Margaret Hiatl Sprunger 
Jeannine Terhune 
Gordon Vandermeulen 
Kenneth F Walker 
Carolyn Borg Webb 
Mary A Winter Wiebers 
Lynne Fridstrom Winlerholter 
Judith Paulson Woods 

Class of 67 

/ of donors 74 

Participation: 33% 

Svend E. Abrahamsen 

Charlotte May Andersen 

Carol Marshall Ashman 

Donald A Bardsley 

Raymond D Benson 

Sheldon W Burkhalter 

Beverly Boldt Carlson 

Peter Wilbur Carlson 

Sharon Steiner Connor 

Warren H. Day 

Edward J DeVries 

Roger T. & Marjorie Andes Demarest 

M Dayle Dickey 

D Keith Doudt 

John R Ebright 

Gary W Exman 

CharmaineE Elliott Freeze 

Arnold G Grover 

Richard W. & Bonni Fisher Gygi 

Rosetta Liechty Habegger 

Paul W Hanson 

Walter Harvey 

Michael K. Hey 

Ruth A. Rock Houser 

Gene Keller 

David Kleinschmidl 

Kathleen S. Kubik 

Linda Mortenson Ladd 

Judy Landenberger 

Charles H Leach 

Ben B. Lester 

Donna Fridstrom Lindell 

Jerald C & Janel Aichele Lindell 

Joellen Rice Linkenback 

Barbara Kirchner Martin 

Jeanne Hawk Mathias 

Charles D. Persons 

Ronald W Philpot 

Russell J Potter 

Beth E Preston 

Nelson E Rediger 

Judy Johnson Roth 

DaleL Rust 

Darlyne Young Saldan 

Janet Schantzenbach 

Thomas J & Martha Sharp Schultz 

Carolyn A Breedlove Schwartz 

Beverly Gnade Seilert 

Frederick H & Carol Batdorf 

Shearer, Jr 
Sally Zart Shell 
Samuel & Carole Richardson 

Audrey SchulB Shupe 
Marjorie Schippers Smith 
Charles C Slevens 
Wanda Ward Stowers 
Naomi Hine Symanzik 
Margo Dreyer Trout 
Richard E Walker 
Frank J. Weaver 
Cheryl L Wehling 
Barry W. & Phyllis Grimm Wehrle 
William Y & Linda Sweel Williams 
Kenneth G. & Sharon Osterhus 

Susan Gardner Wood 
Ray C. Woodcock 

Class of 68 

/ ol donors 84 
Participation: 33% 


Susan Peterson Adams 

William Glen Andrews 

Jayne Chrislran Bardsley 

Leslie W Baffletl 

Sharilyn Barton Baugh 

Sally Thoma Beers 

Kennein P Bell 

Marilee Martin Breeding 

Sherri L Berends Bmder 

Diana K Bueker 

Janis Sprunger Burkhaller 

Gladys Connor 

Robert Connor 

R. Richard Cory 

Dennis W. Dawes 

Peter L. Denton 

Deborah J Diemer 

Thomas Dillon 

Daniel J, & Nancy Goodwine Duchardl 

Larame B. Betz Dunmire 

Jeffrey E. Dye 

Janice Peterson Ebrighl 

Kenneth N & Nancy Nelson Enright 

R. Dale Ferris 

Priscilla Hamilton Garwood 

Bruce W Gee 

Helen Seilried Germann 

Charlene Phillips Getz 

Linda Karwoski Green 

Patricia Fields Hart 

Gayle Acheson Hey 

J. James Jerele, Jr. 

Ronald C Johnson 

Cheryl Helle Jones 

Liisa Greenstein Kaminski 

David A. Knauss 

James A Linkenback 

Michael Manclni 

Margaret A Weiland Marsh 

Paul R Martin 

Bonnalyn Blair Martinson 

Barbara Colling Matthews 

Thomas McCabe 

Janice Simpson McGuire 

Michael D. Mitchell 

Wendy Ollrogge Moore 

Mary E. Morgan 

Kenneth Musselman 

David Odle 

F. William & Carolyn Knight Parman 

Julia Broman Parsons 

Sharon Dexter Persons 

Richard C & Marilyn Barr Petersen 

Richard P Peterson 

Carolyn J, Rawley 

Priscilla Robb 

Alan L. & Jo Liechly Rupp 

Christina Benson Sargent 

Donald D Schaffer 

Jon Millon Schubert 

Harry A. Shepler, Jr. 

Ronald Shugart 

Gordon D. Smith 

Michael J. Sonnenberg 

C. David Steury, Jr. 

Karen Younl Stoltz 

Donald C. Storer 

Oralee Wauterlek Thompson 

Thomas Tobias 

Jere Truex 

Elaine Dupuis Walker 

Loren J & Judith Rupp Wanner 

Daniel E Ward 

Sandra L. Way 

Wayne GWegner 

Gretchen Hubbard Williams 

Nancy Kilson Williams 

Theodore N. Wood 

Class of 69 

# ol donors: 93 
Participation: 35% 

Pamela Ogg Barton 
Sheila Solomon Beers 
Randolph Behnken 
Joan Sandberg Bellito 
Nancy Ell Bensley 
Charles B. Bowman 
Dan R. Boyd 

Betty J. Graftis 8 ran d en berg er 
Brenda Brenneman 
Kenneth G. Brix 
James R. Carmany 
Mary L. Crabb 
Andrew C. Dale 
Daniel R. Dame 
Barbara Phinney Day 

Linda George Dersch 

Barbara Raster Dickey 

Donald M Dunkerton 

Merna Zimmerman Eisenbraun 

Anila Richards Ellenberger 

Renee Burkhaller Emrick 

Heather Ewald 

Barbara Burtch Ferris 

Joseph L. Fritzsche 

William W. Furman, Jr. 

Pam Reynolds Gabbard 

Lauralee A. De Bruyn Gates 

Karen S Smerik Gerber 

Charles D. Gifford 

Ann E. Glazier 

Carol McKellin Gonsky 

Susan Wenzel Grommes 

Marilyn Hay Habecker 

James B Hall 

Ted Hamrick 

Richard Hardesty 

Brenda Gillim Harland 

Gary G Harmon 

Diane W Powell Hawkins 

G. Scott Hawkins 

Donald H. & Suzanne Forte Herron 

Diana Beer Humble 

Kathleen Lixey Husted 

Charles Jaggers. Ill 

Stephen B. Jeffrey 

Mark A. Karls 

Margo Williamson Keller 

Eugene Kenl 

Kay Peterson Kleinschmidt 

Edna Thompson Koepf 

Mary K. Burkhaller Larson 

David J Lorenc 

Earte T. & Jessie Randolph Lusk 

Richard D Martinson 

Frank J Marxer 

Janet E Michel 

Robert Midwood 

Mary Anna Crk Miller 

E. Anne Moudy 

Carole L Nussbaum 

Stephen K & Diane Lundquist 

Mary Alice Hicks Palmer 
John P. Porter 
Richard Pyle 

Marietta Campbell Richard 
Cynthia Heide! Robson 
Philip C Ross 
Mary J Slelma Rust 
Kathleen Sears 
Robert B. Shaffer 
Herbert A. Shaw 
Kalhryn Meyer Shugart 
James E. Sieber 
Nancy Ransboltom Smith 
Roger D Smitter 
Ronald D. Soloc 

Christian L & Hettie Hardin Slauffer 
Kenneth N Taylor 
Byron E. & Cheryl Ayers Toombs 
Charles & Connie Folkers 

Webber, Jr. 
Sharyn Vinson Whitman 
Stephen B Wilcox 
David M Wilson 
Timothy S Wilson 
Robert B Witmer 
Robert D. Wolgemuth 
Joan Leary Young 

Class of 70 

I ot donors: 86 

Participation: 28% 

Karen A Aukland 

Dale I Bales 

Lois Swinson Barrett 

Carolyn Yerke Becker 

Marilyn L Russell Bell 

Michael W Betz 

Barbara Bill 

Dale E. Brown 

Robert A. Brown 

George E. Carpenter 

Paul J. Challgren 

Tom Chelt 

Gertrude Johnson Clark 

James Cochran 

Cynthia L. Coulter 

Robert R. & Helene Muffin Oilier 

Deborah Wills Dillon 

Alyce G. Lorence Doss 

Gerald L. Eash 

Janice Adams Elslon 
Michael W. Erdmann 
Tom P. Essenburg 
Keith Euler 

Catherine Eger Fetters 
Ruth Mikaelson Gee 
Lee Gerwin 
Robed Gnade 
Richard L Gray 
Cynthia Bishop Harmon 
Bruce E. Hess 
Gary L Hipes 

Gayle E McMinn 

Coleen J Myers Midwood 

Michael J. Miley 

Randall Mohler 

David B. & Ruth Shields Morgan 

Alice Reitenour Myers 

Lee E Myers 

Joann Neuroth 

Thomas & Dee Stoops Peterson 

Joseph J. Prillwit 

David D. Pyle 

Ruth Laughlin Rehm 

Class of 71 

/ of donors: 88 
Participation: 27% 
Philip W.Arnold 
Beverly Olsen Bakke 
Mary Littrell Bales 
Michael R Beck 
William E Beck 
Marsha Corll Becker 
Alan K. Begbie 
John M Bonham 

Franklin W. Forman 

Linda Long Gifford 
Michael R. Goble 
Suzan Jo Scott Gonser 
Roger W. Good 
Harold B. Habecker 
Joy Sprunger Habegger 
Johnnie L. Harris 
Virginia M. Miner Hawkins 
Timothy P. & Kay Knappenberger 

Charles M. Hess 

Coach continues 
winning service 

George Glass '58 has 
enjoyed a long and stellar 
career as a coach, profes- 
sor, athletic director and 
department chair at Taylor. 

That, combined with his 
personal warmth and 
steadfast example of Chris 
tian leadership, has made 
him a role model for 

These attributes and 
abilities also make George 
a natural choice to be asso- 
ciate vice president for George Glass combines leadership and 
alumni and institutional love for people in service to his commu- 
relations, his current posi- nity. 

tion at Taylor. His many efforts continue to win friends for 

He assists other institutions, too. George now serves as 
president of the Eastbrook Dollars for Scholars program, sec- 
retary of the Marion Rotary Club, and member of the Upland 
Chamber of Commerce, Marion-Grant County Chamber of 
Commerce, and Ambassadors Club (an arm of the Marion 
Chamber of Commerce). 

"I've always enjoyed contacts with Taylor students and our 
Taylor constituency," he says, "but I also appreciate the oppor- 
tunities to meet and work with local people." George adds, 
"Our community means a great deal to me and I love to see 
people of differing ages with varied interests helping each 

Karen E. Hovey 

Craig W. & Marilyn Minks Hubler 

Barry L. Humble 

Roderick E. Huston 

Janet Cordin Jeflrey 

Dwighl D Kay 

Mary Ann Cracium Key 

Orlena Rathel Klinefelter 

Thomas & Linda Holliman Kraus 

Carol A. Kubik 

Dennis D Ladd 

Priscilla Alden Lamed 

Jean A. Lehman 

Donna Trumbauer Losch 

Vicki Miller Luoma 

Dorothy Maddox 

Cheryl Fridstrom Mahoney 

Jeanne Bankes Marino 

Pamela J. Schreck McDaniel 

David L. Rich 

Elisabeth Koppin Rickner 

Joyce E. Rinker 

Joe & Carol Luginbill Romine 

William D. Salsbery 

Roger Schnepp 

Patricia A. Wendt Seined 

Thomas W. Stony 

Russell D. Stover 

Howard E. & Jill Shuler Taylor 

John A. Terhune 

Cheryl Ashby Thornell 

Vernice Ward 

Lee R. Weiss 

Mark Wilson 

John J. Yantiss 

Omer Young 

Rebecca Martin Bontrager 
Betty L. Carson Bridenstine 
Robert R. Canida 
Arleen Conrad 
Peggy Lortz Coppler 
G. Jack Crabtree 
Philippa Ellzroth Culley 
Janet Head Dale 
Nancy Loew Dame 
Heather Ewbank Day 
Rebecca S. Embry Douglas 
Ronald D. & Margaret Plueddeman 

Elisabeth Robinson Ensmenger 
Terri Jones Erdmann 
Gary E. Evans 
Rebecca Ann Rupp Flagel 
Millard W Foraker 

June Hunt Hess 

Karol Koehler Hess 

Sandra K. Hill Hight 

Timothy J. Hillen 

Jack T. Hinkle 

Jo Anne Milks Holden 

Thomas.E Holsworth, Jr 

Waller J. Hooper, III 

John P. & Joyce Pence Jentes 

Candace Barker Jones 

Thomas G. & Carolyn M Sparks 

Melanie Hawks Kemp 
Larry Klinefelter 
Martha Stone Kreps 
Martha Hogan Lauber 
Karen Hall Lemke 
Teresa Acree Marcus 
Craig A. Millhouse 



i 75 / 

/ 67 / 

( / 7 
7 466\. / 

of alumni 

5 ^T 


35 f \ 

14A| 20 J> 

f M JA / 108 
_^ 300 XZ£2> 

/ X- — "~Vy ^83 

■A 42 0>^^255 
160 k-rTSTWL 

T^ V 168 V x 117 

'^ 7 135 T^ Alaska: 21 

t^^***" — V/ Canada: 32 

^\ 55 / Hawaii: 21 

>. j Puerto Rico: 2 

141 Y Washington, DC: 18 

/ Other Countries: 194 


4 1 

38 \ 

157 f^Z^Pf^ 

\ 186 *) J ^ 
__JX { \ 1182] 

. ioo p V T~" 

V / 1083\330\ 

1 l2i vr^ 5 






55 I 22 /~~T~~\ 
• r ' J ~* L i [ 14 35 V 


\ 2oi ^rr 

1 515\ 

Craig W Moore 

David P. Murphy 

William H. Olds. Jr. 

Gayle L Ott 

Leslie Van Deusen Philpol 

Joyce Kegg Pinkham 

James Postlewaile 

Nanci Henning Pyle 

Meegan M Weyrauch Reidy 

Deborah Daniel Reinbold 

Stanley Rich 

Gary J Rickner 

Jane Richards Rosentreter 

Nancy Sonnenberg Schnepp 

Ted W & Lana Sprunger Schwartz 

Merrill G & Barbara Peterson Skinner 

Patrick A. Sprunger 

John C. & Edith L Shugart Stiner 

Karen Anderson Slowers 

Rochelle Gibson Tabor 

William E. Toll 

Deborah Carter Tomquist 

Gayle E Webb 

Kermit L Welly 

Douglas K S Susan Helsing Whitlaker 

Gary A Young 

Class of 72 

/of donors: 117 

Participation: 35% 

Chrisline M. Rutzen Anderson 

Jeffrey M. Archer 

Gayle E. Arnold 

Kenneth A Bakke 

Thomas & Elaine Robertson Ballard 

Lucette M. Dekruyter Bamlord 

Richard E. Becker 

Karen Nyslrom Beechy 

Bari McCracken Behnken 

Kevin N Bergstrand 

Donna Jean Stern Bolesta 

Nancy Boldt Bowman 

Sharmin G Drake Brenneman 

RoberlJ Brodt 

David T Brown 

Herbert J Buwalda. Jr 

Linda Robinson Carpenter 

Carol L Davis Carter 

John M & Janet Nelson Clarkson 

Stephen J. Clough 

Margarel Earl Copeland 

Rodney A. Dickson 

Edward W Diffin. Jr. 

Keith & Barbara Macy Dunkel 

Lynette Carlson Duplain 

Suzanne Wills Ellis 

Ronald D Hall 

John D & Gail Nahm Heere 

William B Heinrich 

Mary Lou Pletcher Hess 

Nancy Dyiholf Hill 

Richard D. Hill 

Martha Wilson Hillen 

Vicki Bacon Holden 

Allan J. & Joanne Beahm Holmberg 

Steven P Howell 

George T. Hutchison 

Marjorie D. Imel 

Robert A. Jones 

Sharon Hendricks Josl 

Phyllis Redding Keesling 

Kathleen A. Kitzmann 

Lonnie Taylor Krumroy 

Jonathan E. Lauber 

Lawrence A. Lemke 

James C. Lerew 

Lee Lewis 

Kathleen Townsend Linsner 

Robert J. Livingston 

Timothy L Mann 

Linda J Fox Marvin 

Robert W. Maxwell 

George K. McFarland 

James E McFarland 

J. Michael & Beverly Good McGowan 

Robert W & Janice Spaulding Miller 

Ruth A. Young Millikan 

Barbara A. Blessing Miser 

L Kent Mundell 

Pamela J. Wonderly Muschara 

Sandra Ruegsegger Neeley 

Roger Olsen 

Mary E. Mielke Parrish 

Karen S Russell Parsons 

Sydney G Paul, Jr. 

R.Kim Vaughn Phillips 

James A. Pietrini 

Lawrence J & JoAnne C. Metcalf 

James C Prenkert 
Patricia L Bibler Price 
Joan Elaine Provinse 
Susan Nussbaum Rayls 
Stephen R. Reash 
Joan Grondahl Rich 
Charles A. Roney 
R. Randolph & Bonnie Versaw 

Rumble, Jr. 
Christine E. Braun Sarros 
Candace Kiess Schreck 
Geoffrey J Schwartz 
Jim Schweickart 
Sharon Tucker Secor 
Van R Shank 
Dixie L. Manwell Shrock 
Sandra Kashian Sieber 
Cheryl Thompson Small 
Douglas B Smith 
Rebecca A Smith 
Janel Schneider Sonnenberg 
Nancy L Spaulding 
Martha Graves Spicuzza 

Charles E. Staulfer 
Wesley N. Steury 
Debra J. Switzer 
Paul L. Taylor 
Gwendolyn Potter Tetrick 
Ronald A. Ukstins 
Richard H. Veth 
Allen J. Voth 
Douglas A. Wendt 
Steven D.Whiteman 
Lois Wightman 
Terry B.Willis 
Rebecca J Wilson 
Karen M. Siders Wissman 
Barbara J. Gardner Wolgemuth 
Timothy L. Yoder 
John M Youngblood 
Roger A. Zimmerman 

Class of 73 

/ of donors: 99 

Participation: 30% 

J. Stanley & Jennie Buschmeyer 

Nancy M. Jane Barnett 
David G. Beechy 
Cathy Ann Newland Biglin 
Gloria Conrad Bowman 
Brent A Brenneman 
Cynthia Bnggs 
Devona Pederson Brodt 
Stacy L Clark 
Donna Duren Clough 
Earl Copeland 
Paul R. Cox 
Ronald L. Cress 
Pauletle Lynne Witmer Crider 
Vernon F. Dunmire 
Charles A. Engle 
Julie Ringenburg Essenburg 
Roberta A. Kitley Fowler 
Esther J. Meyer Futred 
Nancee Frye Gnade 
Cheryl L. Gottfried 
Nancy R Graber 
Norman Gundersen 
John C. Hall 
Marianne Davis Harper 
Linda J Hilbert 
John H Hill 
David A. Honan 
James S Hopkins 
Jane Ramsey Hopper 
Jay & Martha Schrader Huitsing, Jr 
Paula De Graff Hunt 
Susan K. Hutchison 
Dennis P. Johnson 
Earl L Jordan, Jr. 
Brian L Justinger 
Philip J Karl 
Mary J. Rice Keifer 

Gary Kibbey 

Paul F King 

Kenneth H. & Vickie Stockman Knipp 

William & Rosalyn Fricker Korst, Jr 

Robert Krumroy 

Judy Ott Langdon 

Kathleen A. McLennan Legel 

Philip J. & Susan Farb Luginbill 

Terry W. & Constance Gordon Metzger 

Vickie Haiflich Miller 

Cynthia Nader Moore » 

Kenneth R. Narvesen 

Craig D. Nelson 

Roberta J, Franke Norton 

Rachel Holloway Oban 

Gayle L. Oldenbusch 

James A. Parsons 

John H. Pinkham 

Cheryl Rice Prince 

James R Prins 

Clyde R. Rauch 

Sherry Ralston Reash 

Beth Stebbins Rediger 

Paul H. Richards 

Tim E. Rietdorf 

Adele Courtney Roney 

Joe D. Rupp 

Timothy K. Salsbery 

Leroy C. Scheumann 

Thomas E. Schreck 

Deborah Speedy Schweickart 

Eric E. Sheagley 

James H. Small 

Carol Metheny Smith 

Marjorie Livingston Smith 

Dana K Sorensen 

William A. Sowers 

Lois Beavers Sleiner 

Dara L. Apel Sterling 

Judy Stephanson Stetler 

Barbara Fesmire Stevens 

Russell H. Sutton. Jr. 

Dennis M. Thompson 

Louise A. Thompson 

John R. Tyson 

Cathy L. Vierra 

David W. Voris 

Kaye L Frank Voth 

Jean Long Wehling 

Kathy Grimm Welly 

Rita Olson Wiley 

Donald & Marsha Fields Williams 

Dennis A. Young 

Judy Martin Zimmerman 

Class of 74 

# of donors: 112 

Participation: 31% 
Rick D Adams 
Bruce T. Anderson 
Curtis A. & Nancie Moyer 

Joy Sidebotham Archer 

Kathleen Atkinson Arnold 

Larry G.Avery 

Steven L. Baucher 

Laurel Jeanne Warner Bayless 

Charles R.& Betty Woods Becker 

Brian P. Behnken 

Barbara Kouwe Bergstrand 

Bill Blanchard 

Elaine Carlin Brown 

Janet Goulooze Brown 

Lee Anne E. Keller Buwalda 

F Guthrie Castle. Jr. 

Craig Challgren 

C. Gregory & Jeanine King Childs 

Linda S. Cummins 

Robert T. & Karen Erikson 

Raymond C de la Haye 
Evelyn Mencke Dickson 
Gloria Cox Dinse 
Pamela Ann Miller Dischinger 
Martha W Wilson Dubbert 
Ellen Banks Elwell 
Marian Perren Enckson 
James Fair, Jr. 
Susan Sauer Geesa 
Linda M. Troilo Gerig 
Judith Hartman Godfrey 
Sharon Haligas Hakeman 
Kathleen N. Minarck Hall 
Vivienne Smith Hall 
Robert W. Herriman 
Rebecca Landis Hill 
Cynthia Peterson Hillier 
Thomas & Janice Blue Holmes 
Philip M.Holtje 
Gary Horning 
Lawrence R. Hunt 
Eric & Susan Van Poucker Jarboe 
Lois Zodhiates Jenks 
Joel S & Diane Nania Johnson 
Wendell E.Johnting 
Wesena Adcock Jordan 
Karin Kovai Jurgenson 
Susan Elizabeth Shaffer Kohout 
Joyce Leach Lawson 
Nancy Baker Lewis 
Paul & Connie Hall Lighlfoot 
Janel Macy MacKinney 
Charles H Malone.Jr. 
Bruce & Karen Palmer McCracken 
Leroy F McKay 
Paul R McKinney 
Duane A. Meade 
Carol Jean Miller 
David Dean Moolenaar 
John A. Muselman 
James G. Nelson 
Timothy Glenn Nelson 
John F. Norris 

Timothy Joseph North 

William Taylor Oliver 

Janel Lynn Pietrini 

Heather Dawn Clayton Powers 

John R. Prince 

Marcia L. Pugh 

Glenn Rathke 

Susan McFarland Rauckhorst 

Keith M. Rich 

William Alan Roberts 

Jeffrey A. Rocke 

Steve D. Roesch 

Douglas L Rupp 

Mark Sakuta 

Darlene Seifert Salsbery 

Audrey Arlene Satterblom 

Armeda Sawmiller 

Martha J. Duffy Schlechty 

Brian Secor 

Gary Kenton & Joan McLaughlin 

Douglas L. Shrake 
Corina Verhagen Sorensen 
Daryl Koeppen Sowers 
Catherine F. Sparks 
Daniel T Spencer 
Kathryn Lesher Strapp 
Donna Thomas Toll 
Bruce Torgersen 
Kathleen Bogue Ukstins 
Judith Mae Vandermeulen 
Gary Lee & Rosalie Robinson Walter 
Roxy Marie Watson 
Beniamin Wehling, II 
Beverly Chatman Whiteman 
Deborah A. King Winter 
Karen Dykstra Yerkie 
Donald & Ellen Morgan Yerks 
Joyce E Shoemaker Young 

Class of 75 

/of donors: 110 

Participation: 31% 

Ellen Bromley Adams 

Jeffrey T Ahlseen 

Cynlhia Louise Rite Appleby 

Marilyn Ann Taylor Bennett 

Julie Roberts Borteicher 

Rickie Broach 

Bonnie M Brotherton 

James G Brown 

Craig A & Susan Bechlel Bugno 

Jeanne Scherling Canham 

Nellie Chan 

Randy D & Kathy Bull Clarkson 

Mark E & M Susan Behnken Conrad 

Nancy Welsh Cook 

W. Marshall Cool 

Marilyn L. Newman Dodds 

Dale E. Duncan 

Mark W & Judith Oyei Dungan 

Nancy E. Dusckas 

Sue A. Eisner 

Roy E Finkenbine 

Denise M. Fix 

Anita Grace Phillips Fosler 

Darrel H & Bonita M Elmer Goad 

Henry V. Goben 

Thomas F, Godlrey 

LuAnne Slarkey Gordon 

Ginger Guzi Handy 

Thomas Hanover 

Timothy Herrmann 

Peggy S. Douglas Hirl 

Martha J. Dillon Hogue 

Kevin J Holzaplel 

Rex M. Hudleson 

Carol I. Ives Hughes 

Robert D. Hunt 

Sue A. Rohrer Hunt 

Bruce G. Jackson 

Frances H Janowicz 

Paul E. Jenks 

David Kaiser 

Paul Kasambira 

Martin F. Koehler 

Martha Ann Koppin 

Donna J Burling Kruse 

J. Randolph Landon 

Glenn A Lapinski 

David H. Lawson 

Dwighl David Lubansky 

Benjamin C. & Darlene Master Manmx 

Allen W Malhis. Ill 

Michael G May 

Jan C Coombs McCrory 

Gary William MeBenbacher 


Thomas Ralland Miller 

Andrew R. Moore 

Joseph C Moravec.Jr. 

Earl Stephen Morris 

Beverly A. Confer Nay 

Johannah Oliver 

Kirk & Sharon Rediger Parr 

Garry Lowell & Patricia Thursby Peters 

Daniel Henry Pfeiler 

Trudy PI etcher 

Steven Powers 

Pamela G. Graham Putnam 

Steve Raymond 

Marabeth Lois Johannes Ringenberg 

Pamela Sue Shank Rink 

Keith Roy & Sandra Lea Barber Roath 

Pamela Ritchie Roesch 

Trudy Elizabeth Rose 

Claudia Lou WellenRuch 

Bruce A. Rupp 

Kathleen Sonnenberg Rupp 

Marilynn Cariine Rupp 

Malha Peacock Schleinitz 

Donna Vandermolen Schmunk 

Randall C. Sellhorn 

Rodney Kent Shaler 

Merianne L. Shaffer 

Deborah Joy Sleight 

Barbara J. Chatman Smith 

De Ann M. Farrier Smith 

Linda Callant Smith 

Michael H. Snider 

Candice Jacobsen Sonerholm 

Susan Beam Sprunger 

Mark Henry Steiner 

Ann R. Cookson Swanson 

Marlow Thomas 

Sheri Poehler Thompson 

Betsy A Clark Tomblin 

Jennifer W. Wysong Vance 

Robert Charles Vogier, Jr. 

Julie Freeze Wagner 

William Weberling 

Deborah L. Wright Westby 

Diane Sue Miller Wildermuth 

David Yerkie 

Carol Lynn Reece Zoutendam 

Class of 76 

/ of donors: 98 

Participation: 29% 

Kathleen Sakuta Abbott 

Elizabeth R. Amber 

Stephen W Amerson 

Parti Jacobs Anberson 

Laurel S. Carlson Armerding 

James W. Barnum 

Stephen D Berwager 

Laurie Bobbin 

Deborah Ruegsegger Bonham 

Randel Botleicher 

Marcia J. Geyer Bowden 

Brice Brenneman 

William G. Breth 

Steven J. Brogan 

Norma R. Styles Brown 

David & Connie Abbott Conant 

Christine L. Daugherty Cool 

Terry L. Daniels 

Stanley Daugherty 

Charles Dehaan 

Scott S. Dissinger 

Janet S. Douglas 

Kathryn M King Duncan 

Beverly G. Fleming 

Christie Luellen Fouse 

David M. & Carol Jernberg Franson 

Kathryn L. Keene Garcia 

Roger D. Getz 

Wendell Watts Goad. II 

John W. Good 

James D. Gordon 

Dale Grimes 

Gary & Barbara Briggs Guenlher 

Margaret Emling Hanson 

Marilyn L. Amstutz Helms 

Kathryn A Klosterman Herrmann 

Miriam Gandolfo Hopkins 

Larry T. Humberd 

Denise A. Rediger Hurst 

Daniel M. & Janice Thompson Jenny 

Jeffrey M. Johnson 

Susan J Woolpert Johnson 

Jams M. McElhinney Keenen 


William T. Kinnick 

David A. Kloptenstein 

Kevin Lehman 

Rae Lynn Crist Massie 

Danielle Messinger Malhis 

James L. McCrory 

Joan C Nyslrom McNeill 

Diane K. Schrock Miller 

Carol Love Mills 

Joy Denise Leonard Moravec 

Denis K. Nielz 

Dennis Norton 

Ronald W Nussbaum 

Gary D & Robin E. Deich Otloson 

Steven Ray Owen 

Martin L Peacock 

Wayne Allen Potter 

Mark A. Presson 

Joan Critchlield Rauch 

Jennifer J Cordier Reifsnider 

Tim W Reusser 

Glen Stanley Richardson 

Roy Ringenberg 

Kathleen Showers Roberts 

David A Ruch 

Cathy Bruhn Rusnak 

Richard E Russell, Jr. 

John White Sampson, Jr 

Nancy Flora Satlerblom 

Constance M. Brown Schlupp 

Philip Schmunk 

Philip A. Sebby 

Keilh Sheard 

Jane E Johnson Sherberg 

John W. Sieler 

Dana E Sommers 

Daniel Soultiern 

Ken G Stuart 

Glynis Marlatte Thompson 

Keith Douglas Thompson 

Gregg Allen Townsend 

David S Travis 

Donna Shaerer Tripple 

F Cynthia Hughes Truitt 

Michael L Turnow 

Cynthia Pearson Tyner 

Lou Ann Craig Van Fossen 

Timothy E. Welly 

Gretchen Taylor Worcester 

Class of 77 

# of donors 113 
Participation: 30% 
Harry W Albright 
Kristine M Hayes Amerson 
Rita R. Bullis Bagley 
Richard J Baldwin 
Susan M. Deutscher Bealor 
Robert G Berger 
Anna L. Welty Billman 
Deborah S Wolgemuth Birkey 
Susan E. Cole Bower 
Dana K Tucker Boxell 
E Matthew Branam 
Gerry R. Briggs 
Curtis A. Brown 
Judy Bennett Brown 
Gregg E. Burt 
Beth E, Christie 
Brian G. Christy 
Audrey F Fairfield Colon 
Jan L. Crawlord 
Jay A. & Paige L. Comstock 

Rebecca R. Pinder Daniels 
Elizabeth R. Beamer Davenport 
Mark E & Jann C, Eisenmann Day 
Jill A Gunsteens DesJardins 
Galen R. Dolby 
Joseph B Fowler 
Lorraine D.Emilio Frank 
Stephanie R. Vincent Fruth 
Carolyn M. McKenny Fuller 
Thomas R. Gearhart 
Bonnie Vander Schuur Gordon 
Timothy A. & Karen J. Hoyt Gorman 
G. Douglas Greenwood 
Glenn Wayne Grumbling 
Glenn C. Guerin 
Catherine Wilson Hanover 
Sandra K. Harris 
Marlette Sutherland Holgrimson 
Berry R. Huffman 
Diana L Roberts Kaul 
Kenneth E. Kenipe, Jr. 
Joseph W. King 
James M. Koerten 
Sharon L. Chechowich Kostaroff 
Jay R. Kuhrt 

Albert John Kuiper 

R Timothy Lee 

Lori Jo Vinson Lindau 

Ronald J Losure 

Hans R Malebranche 

J Bradley Martin 

James R. McFarland 

Susan E Guffey McGrady 

Randall J Miller 

Brian L, Mollenkamp 

Andrea M Wallers Moorehead 

Randell Smith 

Judy L Grolenhuis Sommers 
Holly Jane Speirs 
Robert B Spence 
Jeffrey L. Spiess 
Janet Rulledge Spurling 
Holly J Squeo 
Douglas E. Starkey 
Gary L. Stern 
Marilyn Kay Stiner 
Larry D. Slralton 

Kent A. Bealor 

George & Bonnie J Weimer 

Bennett, III 
Deborah L Hayworth Bowen 
Karen Baker Briggs 
Brenda D Pichea Burlew 
Dennis L. Buroker 
Mark A Cameron 
Phyllis G Price Carlisle 
Michelle R. Cates 
Gay L Peters Christy 

Mary J. Holden 
Jenny Lu Fagan Horner 
Robyn M, Dillon Hughes 
Robert L. & Lynn M. Cavin 

Hutcbins, Jr. 
Susan R Eddy Imrie 
Nancy Jo Swanson Johnson 
Rick A Jones 
Pamela L. Jordan 
Kathryn J. Dollier King 
Linda M Kline 

Martha Brane and Joe Romine make 
their voices heard in community policy. 

Public office offers challenges, rewards 

Martha Brane, admissions clerk, and Joe Romine '70, athlet- 
ic director, serve their communities as town council members. 

"I was elected in 1982," Martha remembers. "My commu- 
nity needed more people willing to make a commitment. It has 
been a very positive experience, partly because I enjoy new 
challenges and partly because we've accomplished so much." 

A new sewage system, a new water tower, and plans for 
further municipal development attest to her words. 

Joe currently serves as vice president of his town council. 
He's contributed eight years as an volunteer fireman and six 
years as an emergency medical technician (EMT). "I see a re- 
sponsibility to my community and I accept it," says Joe. 

Deborah J. Montgomery 
Ruth A Hostetler Nietz 
Janice S. Nusbaumer 
Kathleen A. Nussbaum 
Edward P. Okuley 
Susan K. Wilson Palomba 
Eugene W. Pashley, Jr. 
E May Hans Patalano 
Debbie J. Reynolds Peacock 
Jeffery L. Putnam 
Gloria K. Rader 
Jane D. Riblet 
Steven J. Rich 

Georgann Maroc Richardson 
Ronald E. Ringenberg 
Asenath Overpeck Rxke 
Ned Tracy Rupp 
Holly L Warden Sail 
Raymond T. Satterblom 
Charles W. Schramm 
Wendy L. Roost Sellers 
Diane L Fuller Sellhorn 
Susan R. Healy Shaler 
Cynthia A. Metzenbacher Smith 
Julie L. Merchant Smith 
Michelle S. Londoff Smith 

Charles H. Tripple, Jr 

Thomas E. Tropf 

Stewart D. Tumbull 

Heidi L. Lappin Upton 

Phyllis I. Vance 

Rebecca A. Nordin Verhagen 

Peter J Vogier 

John R. Voigt 

Michael J. Walcott 

Douglas E. & Joyce A. Vastbinder 

Melvin Wellen, Jr. 
Randall S. Widbin 
Barbara J. Winslow 
Daniel S. Wolgemuth 
Janet C.LameikaWyant 
Stephen A. Wyatt 

Class of 78 

/ of donors: 99 
Participation: 28% 

David N. Allan 

J. Michael & Carole J. Akers Alspaugh 

Gail L McKenny Andre 

Michael K. Ayers 

Mark & Lou Ann Preston Beadle 

Cathleen A. McClew Church 

Galen L. Classen 

Kent D Cocking 

Dawn Comstock 

Beth A. Conrad 

Mark W Coy 

Randall W. & Sarahlynn Crouse 

Steven D. Doles 
Michael W. Duncan 
Samue! J Eddy 
Dwight I. Ginn 

Ron L. & Sherry L. Bright Grogg 
Rebecca Keriin Haak 
Jerri Ann Clouse Haas 
James Hagman 
Susan L Rexilius Hall 
Michael D. Hamman 
Catherine M. Wiihelmi Haney 
Dennis P. Hanson 
Paul M. & Sheri Mahr Harris 
Kenneth P. Haughl 
Mary J. Klosterman Haun 
Deborah L. Cummings Hayden 
Michael J. Haynes 
Karen E. Elliot Henderson 
Joseph W. Himelick. II 

Timothy J. Kloptenstein 

Paul A. Koch 

Sandra A. Slroup Korenstra 

Michael K. Lehe 

Richard D. Lloyd 

Thomas R. Lough 

Christine S. Schleucher Mastin 

Mark K. Maxwell 

James H. & Jane C Francis McAlisler 

Elizabeth Honig Nussbaum 

Stephen A. Olsen 

Benjamin E. Oswalt 

Laureen J. Smith Pashley 

Dennis Patton 

Russell W.Patton 

Phillip L Price 

Gary B. 8, Mary A. Williams Randolph 

Rebecca A. Lichtenberger Reichard 

M. Frances Valberg Ringenberg 

Mary A. Davis Rogers 

Carol Maxon Sampson 

Kathleen J. Oliver Schmeichel 

Richard A. Seaman 

David E. Shaver 

Deborah Palacino Smith 

Karl M. Smith 



Alumni participation by class 

O 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 

Alumni class runs vertically; - 
percent of donors for 1988-89 
runs horizontally 

10 20 30 40 50 


70 80 90 100 

Martha R. Cleveland Songer 

Janet R. CarleySpence 

Ruth A. Wiren Springer 

PaulJ Staup 

Diane K. Stoner 

Carol A. McGregor Slratton 

Laurie L Robinson Turnow 

Jonathan Utley 

Bradley K. Van Fossen 

Mark Verhagen 

Ruth A. Williams 

Mary C. Cargo Wolgemuth 

Brenda S. Yager 

Class of 79 

/ of donors 101 

Participation: 27% 

Mark J. Ahlseen 

Ronald J. Blevins 

Keith H. Bowman 

Cheryl K. Hirons Burford 

Marianne Carter 

David W. Jones Chivington 

Ranee W. Clouser 

Terry R & Gail R Renbarger Coleman 

Donald T. Collins 

Mark E. & Martha K Kashian Collins 

KurtD & Nancy L. Nordin Cornfield 

Brad J. Cummins 

Wayne A. Dalland 

Rebecca L. Robins Dissinger 

Laura J. Short Dolby 

Stephen P. Dowell 

Philip J. & Kendra L. Dunkelberger 

Sandra R. Fonseca Duncan 
Jill A. Dunham 
Barbara S Habegger Ellis 
William B. Evans 
Donald W. Fugett 
Kevin M. & Onalee I. Geng Giggy 
Barbara Billman Gilzean 
Rebecca S Ferguson Goertemoeller 
Bruce W. Grabenkort 
Nancy J. Grande Graham 
Glenda S. Greenwood 
Mark N. Hammer 
Cindy A. Morris Harden 
Cindy S. Ortkiese Haught 
Kenneth A. Hendricks 
Shirley A. Pritchett Hill 
Joel M. Hilhker 
Robinson C. Hoefer 
Jill E. Laird Hoilman 
Roger S. Holmes 
Grace B. Bardsley Hunt 
John R. Imrie 
Kevin P. Johnson 
Brian H. Jones 
Lillie B Kitley Jones 
Richard D & Jan L. Shuler Jones 
Judith C. O'Mara Kaniewski 
Pamela J. May Kenipe 
Doreen K Korfmacher 
Jeanne L. Garzon Kouwe 
Robin L. Westervelt Kuhrt 
Elizabeth A. Burdick Kuiper 
Marlene J. Alderink Lathers 
Craig R. Leach 

J Mark & Susan M Kocik Long 
Stephen D. Long 
Susan M Ekstrom Lough 
Cathryn A. Flaherty Maxwell 
Kevin L. May 
Donald E McNamara 
Barbara J. Miller 
Diana F Murrell-Reese 
Benjamin B. Myers 
Mark W. Nilsen 
Patricia S. Klyne Norman 
Rebecca R. Norris 
Renee Bianchini Norton 
Sonja M Nussbaum Oetzel 
Thaddaeus M. & Donna Lee Jacobsen 

Michael F. Reger 
Ruth S. Reinhard 
Jan A. Dunham Rickard 
Lois A Soper Roelse 
Thomas C. Rogers 
Lewis P. Sale, III 
JaneH Slrunk Samuelson 
Terry A. Schaumleffel 
Deborah Hahn Schloemer 
Deborah S. Belon Schrauger 
Terry D. & Janet K. Hendrix Seagrave 
Bryan R. Sedio 

Lonnie L. Smith 
Stephen A. Smithley 
Georgina Roberts Snyder 
Robert Staley 
Steven J Super 
Scott L. Sutton 
Michael L. Swan 
Gregg A. Taylor 
J. Trevor Tipton 
Kristin L Hoyt Voigt 
Pamela J. WilksWatcott 
David J Winkler 
Scott A. Wonderly 
Bruce A. Wright 

Class of 80 


Participation. 27% 

Ana M. Hernandez Ahlenius 

James R Anderson 

Brian G Baker 

William J. Barton 

Lyn K Berkebile 

Gerald W. 8, Lynn P. Riley Black 

Paul W Bondarenko 

Douglas S Bowen 

Enid G.Ruyle Brenner 

Steven G. & Terri Ann King Brooks 

David Eric Brown 

Brian S Burnett 

Roxanne K Jones Chivington 

David S. Close 

Carey F & Julia Anne Beers Cole 

David E & Carol M. Cleveland Conn 

Dane B. & Laura B Beers Davenport 

Brenl A Dawes 

Douglas D Diedrich 

Kimberly A Archer Dockus 

Sara E DePree Donkersloot 

Karen S Stacy Doxsey 

Scott Ellenberger 

Gregory L. Ellis 

Charles Donald Emery, III 

TimolhyJ Enchelmaier 

Edwin A. Fenstermacher 

Kenneth W. Fink 

Cynthia G Finn 

Beverly J. Ehrmger Fugett 

Julie C. Maxfield Gearhart 

Deborah I Lapham Gillesee 

Rebecca A. Grant 

Jayne A Thomas Green 

Michael D Greenwood 

Lorenzo B Guevara 

Rhonda K Hardi 

Steven E. Haun 

Jon G- Heaney 

Lynn S. Griesmeyer Heath 

Michael A. Hellwege 

Lee A. Holdeman 

Richard E. & Kathi L Myers Honig 

Vickie L Highley Houts 

Jelfrey S Hunt 

John E. Jaderholm 

Stacy C.HerrJarvi 

Rulh A. Smith Johns 

Barbara E. Johnson 

Karen M Johnson 

Mak Stanley Kawano, Jr 

Beth A- Feldkamp Kumter 

Karyn R Anthony Laing 

Thomas D Lathers 

Gregory J. Little 

Ronald D Lolt 

Jenneva L Haskins Martin 

Neil F Martin 

Donna L Behr May 

Daniel J Mayer 

Martha J- Border McCoy 

Timothy & Sharon Raby McGarvey 

Laurel G Meissner 

Jennifer S Utley Mertens 

Karen S Hartman Metzler 

Sarah A Koppin Monroe 

James N Narvesen 

Paul D. Nassar 

Carol J. Deboer Nyczak 

Daniel J Pederson 

Thomas K Petersen 

Rae E Ringenberg 

Cherie L Burnett Ritz 

Donald R Robinson 

Michael G Rogers 

David A Ruegsegger 

Beth D- Pichea Sanlord 

Mark P. Seabloom 

David S Smith 


Mark W. Soderquist 

Gayle A. Cook Staley 

Craig D. Steiner 

Theodore H. Steinmetz 

Eddie J. Sletn 

Rachel M. Stiver 

Laurie Jo Street! 

Jerome A. Swale 

Rick & Gloria Swartzenlmber 


Deborah Jo Frank Tipton 

Elizabeth A. Kerlin Toben 

Audrey F. Tobias 

Keith Trievel 

William Turkington, II 

Richard & Anne Margaret Van Pelt 

Deborah E Vogler 
Dawn L Katterjohn Weber 
Jeannie L Swill Wilgus 
Kimberly M. Sandin Winter 
Kristine M Gibson Woodworth 
Rebecca S Youngs 

Class of 81 

# of donors: 101 

Participation: 26% 

David W Albright 

Michael W. Alderink 

Brenda K. Long Andress 

Sue A. Freshour Bales 

L William Bauer, Jr. 

Michael J. Becker 

Jane E. Klosterman Beers 

Steve E. Beeson 

Kevin Biondo 

Brenda L Tansey Bowman 

Timothy G. Bowman 

Steven K. Boyd 

Marlene S Frederick Brennan 

Kevin H Brennlleck 

Karen Jill Blue Brown 

Robert F. Brummeler 

James K. Brydon 

Christina R. Boned Buehler 

Erik H. & Tamara L. Redigcr Burklin 

Heiko E Burklin 

Martha P. Chambers 

Susan L. Chan 

Martha A. Collins Cook 

Brian D & Donna J. Wyse Dawes 

Christine L. Larson DeHaan 

Mary J. Brolund Dehaan 

Chantal J. Diedrich 

Randall E. & M. Colleen Byers Dodge 

Joy E. Kruizenga Doles 

David W Dormans 

Jeanine T. Tice Douglas 

Carla J. Dusek 

James A. Fereira 

Mary B. Fortney 

Joyce A. Harrison Fox 

Paul S. Gearhart 

Thomas D. & Laura L Kesler Green 

Timothy A. Hagmaier 

David G. SKatherineJ. Hubbs 

Philip W. Heebner 
Sherry Sims Hendricks 
Jean P. Jaggers Holaday 
Merlin J. Holmes 
Cynthia A. Ferguson Hornefler 
Diane L. McClenaghan Jacobs 
DwightD. & Sally J. Thome 

Cheryl L. Gettmann Jarvi 
Vicki G. George Kawano 
Reid A. Kennedy 
Bradley W. Koenig 
Thomas C. Lee 
Janet L. Maier Lewin 
Beth A. Jacober Long 
Tim A. Lugbill 
Douglas J. Marlow 
Jane A. Crawford Martin 
Brenda J. Hugunin Metzger 
Jeri L. Barlow Millhouse 
Tammy J. Miner 
Jody L. Anderson Nonnemacher 
Tamara H. Hall Olson 
Kim A. Wallace Petersen 
John G. Phillips 
Linda J. DiMenna Phillips 
Alexandra Lee Mena Phipps 
Mary J. Leltrich Poletti 

Pamela J. Karens Pursley 

Cynthia L. Rowe Reinholl 

Donald A. Richards 

Stanley C Rishel 

David M. Roesener 

Elizabeth J. Rohrer 

GaryS Rowell 

Leonard J. Sanchez 

Paul L & Sherry Bradlord Sanlord 

Carol L. Scheer 

Daniel W Sheard 

Todd E. Shinabarger 

Mark & Dawn Riley Slaughter 

Karen E. Tomrell Smith 

Mark E. Smith 

Lori J. Jacobsen Slaup 

James M Slimmel 

Kathryn E Sypher 

Douglas 8. Robin Mook Taylor 

Raymond & Dorothy Ludlow Unangsl 

Timothy J. Wesolek 

J. Michael Wilhelm 

Jeffrey P. Zinn 

Class of 82 

* ol donors: 95 

Participation: 24% 

Beth K Anderson 

Julie A. Axberg 

Lynn M. Bauer 

Craig & Phyllis Roden Beadle 

Stanley B Beckman 

Stephen T Beers 

Marilyn R. Bennett 

Andrew H Billing 

Cristin L Case Bragg 

Brian C Brooke 

Dave H Bull 

Jay R. Caven 

Carol J Askeland Chauvette 

Samantha J Rogers Cocking 

Joseph A. & Karen Heasley Coffey 

Martha L Tilton Collier 

Janice E. Cook 

Philip C.Cook 

Douglas L. Daniels 

Beth A Kroeker Davis 

Kevin F Dayton 

Peggy L Kendall DeWaele 

Bruce D. Dodds 

Beth Ann Euler 

Thomas E. Fox 

Patricia A Walker Franklin 

Adley D. Harms 

David E. Harper 

Barbara L Jensen Hade 

Elaine J. Hepler Hartman 

Heather L Kline Heaney 

David M. Henderson 

H. Jane Henderson 

Greg A. Herbsler 

Bruce A. Holt 

Kelly G.Holt 

James W. Horn 

Christopher B. Houts 

Kyle Huber 

Brenda W Witman Jackson 

Cheryl M Johnson 

M. Randall Jones 

Laurie E. Mowery Keen 

Bruce T Kesler 

Kelly R. & Wendy Soderquist Koons 

Janet J. Klann Kraft 

Catherine Behmer Larson 

Eric A. Lasure 

Cynthia A. Warner Lingle 

Sheri A. Aylor Matthews 

Byron K. Mossburg 

Susan E. Searer Myers 

Quentin L. & Karen E. Garner Nantz 

Scott D. Norris 

Mark A. Nussbaum 

S. Douglas Oliver 

Jetfery A. Perrine 

Jan E. Perry 

Robert Earl Peterson 

Robert Pieschke 

Sherry A. While Prescott 

Laurie Mason Price 

Carol L. Holland Radwan 

Keith M. Reinholl 

Brenda L. Renzulli 

Rebecca Owen Robinson 

Deborah M. Pretty Rogers 

Karen E. Muterspaw Rush 

David M. Schrock 

Jamie Schwietert 

Heidi A. Hopkins Seabloom 

Cynthia R. Glass Shinabarger 

Lisa B Lehe Smith 

James Snyder 

Leslie J Soken 

Jeffery S. Spencer 

Donna L Slapleton 

Kathleen E Sheppard Stevens 

Dena S Strasbaugh 

Mark A. Sumney 

Ronald B & Judith K. Sutherland 

KarenS Gould 

Beverly A. Renner Green 

Patricia E Griswold 

Maria D. Carpenter Groholske 

Jill E. Lawrence Hasty 

Thomas E. Heard 

Georgiann Brooks Henderson 

Timothy W. Hill 

Cud D & Vivian M Marshall 

Kim Wheaton Hoffman 

Carrie E Greene Poder 

Scott M. Preissler 

F. Scott Price 

Kevin J. Rich 

Melody A. Rohrer Ringenberg 

Lana K. Roth 

Craig A. Rupp 

James R. & Victoria Pierce 

Schindler, Jr. 
Ronald J. Schrock 
J. Lynette Miller Schultz 

Mark A. I 
Jonathan D. Brewer 
Laurelyn Brown 
James C. Butler 
Jay Case 
Bert T. Chapman 
Brett N. & Lynne J. Bell Ccwell 
Diane J Cullen 
Anita M GuilerDathe 
Michael P & Marcia Harness 

Time to serve, sing 

Richard "Dick" Stanislaw is 
vice president for academic 
affairs, dean of the university, 
and professor of music. He's also 
a modern-day renaissance man. 

Dick regularly contributes to 
various publications, including 
Christianity Today, and actively 
participates in such national 
organizations as the American 
Choral Directors Association. He 
also thrives on community 

Dick serves as director of the 
fifty-member Blackford Commu- 
nity Choir, a purely volunteer en- 

Each summer, the choir per- 
forms for the local Heritage Days. As this year marked the 
town's sesquicentennial, Dick researched and arranged several 
150-year-old selections of American music for the group. 

December marks another busy time of year for the group. 
In the past, they have performed with the likes of the Marion 
Philharmonic Orchestra and the Taylor orchestra. 

Jean K. Culbertson Sutton 
Leo E. Swiontek 
Colleen E. Tonn 
William Van Treuren, Jr. 
Laura K. Walker 
Randy & Deborah A Niequist 

Michael D. Wolford 
Randall S. Wyatt 

Class of 83 

/ol donors: 103 

Participation: 23% 

W. Douglas Allgood 

Sheryl L. Hume Billing 

Wendy L Boalt 

Angela R. Green Boyd 

Kathleen J. Cassetty 


James F. Connon 

Pamela D Hogan Daniels 

Kirk DeHaan 

Cheryl L. Dial 

Timothy P. Duncan 

David N. 8. Deborah Sheron Enlwistle 

Cheryl L Miller Fanning 

Carole T Holt Fisher 

Jeffrey L. Frantz 

Blair J. Freer 

Carol S. Avery Frenette 

Debra L. Messamore Frostrom 

Patricia VanderSchaaf Fussell 

Joy K. Garda 

Kathleen A. Geiger 

Debra K. Oyer Gerber 

Clint B.Holden 
Gregory L Holz 
David L. Hosteller 
Alice B. Batcher Howard 
Marion S Humbles 
Cynthia L Swart Hunter 
Donna M Pino Her 
Robert F. Jackson. II 
Michael W. 8, Gena L Griswold 

Ronald A. & Julie A. Reed Kortmacher 
Mark A. Kuiper 
Charlotte D. Kumpt 
Wayne L. Landis 
Mark A. Lantz 
Debbie A. McDaniel Leas 
Kim McKinney 
Barbara Sue Metzger 
Mark L. Metzger 
Kenneth A. Meyer 
Kara L Boehm Molenhouse 
Robert J. Molzahn 
Robin G. Hockenbrocht Mourey 
Wendy Priebe Mumme 
Douglas W. Munson 
Sibyl K. Nelson 
David A. Nonnemacher 
James C. Ogborn 
Bonnie Hochstettler Olson 
Mark A. Olson 
Paul C. Orchard 
Patricia M. Pefley 
Dorren J. DeSmit Perrine 
Jon D. Peterson 
Gregory H. 8. Shelly R. Hansen Ping 

Chris A. Seymour 

Monica L Sheets 

Kristin M. Salsbery Shoemaker 

Joel T. Shultz 

Douglas P. Siewert 

Karen K. Hudson Smith 

James Stamper 

Linda Sue Stotz 

Joanna K. Svaan 

Michelle D. Avery Taber 

James B. Teela 

Kalhy L. Teeple 

James T Tipton 

Darla Towne 

Linda J. Mikkelson Umphreyville 

Lori A. Lambright Walter 

Elizabeth Watson 

Lynn Ann Livergood Wells 

Marilyn Hall Wilder 

Janice J. Beihold Wright 

Kimberly J Wuebben 

Class of 84 

# of donors: 92 

Participation: 23% 

James Ft. Allan 

Susan N. Richey Allgood 

Scott A. & Suzanne Eileen Lefvtaster 

Janet L. Logan Anastasi 
Phillip D. Barker 
Dorothy H. Hays Barzizza 
Cynthia M. Wieling Bennett 
Douglas A. Ber 
Randy A. Bowles 

Pamela J. Drake 

Cheryl L. Anderson Duncan 

Elizabeth J. Eaton 

Thomas E. Emmons 

William J. Ferrell 

David G. Fisher 

Stephen H. Flowers 

Sandra J. Soderquist Ford 

Shelley K.Glenn 

Chris L & Debra J. Glass Goeglein 

Marjorie A. Gowman 

Jenifer A. McCaughan Harms 

Donna Carlburg Harper 

Pamela L. Miller Hays 

Dawn L Laibly Holden 

Marcia Melvin Holt 

Teresa Sheffler Holz 

Jo Ellen Hulce 

Carol A. Hummel 

Deanna S. Hutchinson 

Kevin L Her 

Judd Johnson 

Ronald D. Johnson, Jr. 

Dwight D. Kingdon 

Nancy Ann Knibbe 

Karen B. Peterson Kuiper 

Dianne M. Lund 

Penny Miller Martin 

Gregory B. Mathews 

Todd Kendall Meissner 

Sheri Kocsis Mergenthal 

Elizabeth Bliss Meyer 

Jeffrey T. & Lynn N. Harmon Morton 

Ronald S. Moser 

Tim Neuenschwander 



Campus visitors 

Timothy S Noreen 

Cynthia M Olenik 

Dawn L. Berge Osborne 

Jody Luxlord Oxley 

Laurel B Pasma 

Clwles Payne 

Carey L. Peters 

Andrea J. Price Preissler 

Rhonda L Crawford Price 

Patty Ramsey 

Claudia M Prestel Riewald 

Jon & Cylinda 0. Monroe Ring 

Randal R Rosema 

Vanessa L Roth 

Leslie Cruz Ruegsegger 

Shari L. Tamow Schippers 

Tamara L Hinman Scott 

Lori A Stiepard 

Penny L Smith Shultz 

Joann Squires 

Michelle D Steinbeck 

Jonathan P. & Janet L Carlson Steiner 

Scott R Taylor 

Kathryn S. Ludwig Teela 

Kenneth W Vint 

Kendal D. & Kathryn S. Cabush 

Gary A. Waterman 
Elaine R Weber 
Edmund E Williams 
Melanie R Zurcher Williams 

Class of 85 

I donors ot: 74 

Participation- 20% 

Timothy M & Betsy Jo Helmus 

Barbara Askeland 
Lisa R. Donnell Badger 
Holly L Barber 
Stephen D Bauman 
John R. Bennett 
D. MarkBowell 
Julie K Bailey Bowers 
Dan L & Annette M Shipley Bragg 
Patsy A Howard Bryant 
David Bums 
Robert G. Canfield 
Elisa M Jessup Case 
David R Chupp 
Gregory A Davis 
Daniel M. Detrick 
Cathy L Beers Dickey 
Stephen M Dodds 
Daniel L Edwards 
Joseph W Edwards 
Andrew Elliot 
Srteryl A Elesner 
Rick D. Florian 
Rollin L Ford 
Jeffrey R. Fralus 
Diane M MoellerGerlt 
Nancy R. Hansen 

Daniel J & Brenda K. Hunter Hauser 
David F Hodgkinson 
Jay P Hoffman 
Scot R. Houck 
Mark A Hurl 
Karen C Inrnan 
Joni L. Jacobsen 
Jeffrey T Jones 
Cindi Dawes Lantz 
Ronald Lockyear 
Jonathan H McCracken 
Susan C Binder Medalis 
Kelly D. Merrick 
Brian K Minnich 
David S Moore 

Cynthia L Mossburg 

Robert L & Michele L. Lee Nugen 

Kimberly Oftenhouser 

KentL Oxley 

Timothy R. Pashley 

Chns J Peterson 

Timothy Petty 

Peggi Essig Rafterty 

Roland Rohrer 

Trace G. Roth 


Philip Schultz 

Douglas W. Shultz 

Susan M Vinton Stone 

Toni Thomas Swanson 

Brenda J Boyer Thompson 

Janice L Van Meter 

Lori A Hartman Wagner 

Catherine J Walker 

Jeffrey Todd Weber 

Todd M Welch 

Steven R Wells 

Jill E. Winkler Wilbanks 

Austin Eraser Winkleman 

Laura L Yeager 

Class of 86 

t of donors: 97 

Participation: 27% 

Christopher D Adams 

Marlasue Amstutz 

Melody J. Anderson 

Cynthia L RothArndt 

Sally Bertram 

LeDania K Wallace Bowell 

John F. Brand 

Scott R Brubaker 

Daniel W Bryant 

Jill L Rabine Bullock 

C Kent Bundy 

Jon William Campbell 

Kathryn Stout Carter 

Marlis J. Castle 

Susan L Chemenko 

Sharon K. Christman 

Heidi L Halterman Chupp 

Michael R Cira 

Tern Comer 

Robert R. Conley 

Mike Conn 

Brett A Conner 

Denise D. Desler 

Sheri K Dewald 

Patrick D Dickey 

Stacey Sue Moore Douglas 

David H. Dugan 

Juh J King Elliot 

Angela C Ellis 

Jayne E. Fettes 

David A Fisher 

Sherry D Furnish 

Kristine D. Walton Gammage 

Marianne R Getz 

Timothy A Glass 

Tracy R Bane Goodson 

Thomas P. Granitz 

DwightJ Hammond 

Margaret B. Hammond 

Michael L Harlan 

Gregory L Harris 

Andrew Harshbarger 

Stephanie A Heckman 

Kamala S Hildebrand 

Rebecca J. Archdeacon Houser 

Christine G Hume 

Terry A. Jackson 

Timothy D Jackson 

Steven Marx Kastelein 

Hans E- Keener 

Eric M Key 

Diane M. Rutter Kingdon 

Cynthia J Krauss 

Susan T Thomas Kubler 

Joy L Mathews 

Susan G- Henningsen McCracken 

Vance A McLarren 

Susan J. Miller 

Carol A. Mills 

Karen L. Morris 

Jenny L Klosterman Munson 

Roger C. Muselman 

Robert T Myers 

Timothy S. Nelson 

Arne R Pedersen 

Sally J- Perkins 

Debdrah A Perrin 

Deborah L. Peters 

Ronald S Phillips 

Jill A Garzon Pinkslon 

J Bohn Popp 

H Juan Porter 

Kimberly J. Mounsey Powell 

Brian S. Ramsland 

Jeffrey A Raymond 

Claudia Rishaw 

Jill R. Rohrer 

Gregory S. Roth 

Brad L. Rupp 

Tove E. Shergold 

Robed M Sisson 

Scott Harry Snyder 

Thomas A Spahr 

Ronald A Spyker 

Donald H Starke 

David R. Steiner 

Sherri A Steiner 

Darrell Stone, II 

K Scott Swan 

Philip D. Taylor 

Kristen Thorn 

Laura M. McSpadden Thomburg 

Sarah J. Meier Wagoner 

Steven R White 

Kevin L Wilder 

Rutti E. Meier Wilson 

Julia Wixtrom 

Class of 87 

4 of donors: 109 

Participation: 28% 

Dirk W.Ai Its 

Pamela S Anderson 

Darnell L. Bain 

Lori A Kendall Barnette 

Gregory E. Beaverson 

Jeffrey A & Andrea J. Levin Beck 

Suzanne M. Beers 

Duane Birkey 

Peter J & Luci A Best Bowman 

Jennifer A Aldridge Bozone 

Lisa M Johnson Brewer 

Peter J Buhrow 

Kris A Bullock 

Susan J. Mishler Bundy 

Daniel B. Carter 

Jeremy S. Case 

Michael Crabb 

Barbara G Shaffer Dalland 

David M. Darrah 

Frank E Downing 

Marc L. Dubois 

Pamela S Dugan 

Linnaea R. Everill 

Christine Neal Ferrell 

James M. Fleming 

Howard A Free 

Richard C. Frieder 

James Print 

Paul D Gammage 

Harold W Gianopulos, Jr. 

Rebecca L Gordon 

Marc D Graber 

Cheryl L Gutsche 

Greg A Habegger 

Heather M. Halterman 

Michael A Heiniger 

Scott D. Henry 

Matthew KHooolth 

Sarah J. Home 

Jill A Turner Hoskins 

Scott E Hughett 

Jeremy W.Johnson 

Ruby L. Karges 

Robin L Knapp 

Laura S Kroesen 

Robyn R. Landt 

Michael L Larson 

Andrew J & Tamara L. Rinard Lee 

Jennifer P. Luttrell 

JeffryW Marble 

Jessica J McCoskey 

Mindy J Roost McLarren 

Todd D. & Ruth C Cripe Meinen 

Stephen D. Mercer 

Jay M. Millikan 

Kevin P Moritz 

Deborah E Meek Morris 

Todd A Moser 

Kim W. Munro 

Karen E Muselman 

Naomi A Humphrey Muselman 

Mary L. Haupert Musselman 

David P Myers 

Kent R. & Darla S. Griffith Nelson 

Melissa J. Nelson 

Krista A Nicholson 

AnneM Pederson 

Jeffrey C Petersen 

Randall E. Pfaff 

Scott A Polsgrove 

Michael T. Prell 

Brenl D Puck 

Douglas R & Jayanne K Housholder 

OavidW Ruths, Jr. 
Rhonda M Sabot 
Karen S Schulz Schultz 
Kimberly K Montalone Shultz 
Jillane A Sikkenga 
Keith M & Karen Anne Helm Singer 
Sherry S. Smith 
Sandra L Bragg Stapleton 
Elizabeth H. Pringle Steiner 
LisaG Slephan 
Douglas E. & Jodi B. Wemberg 

Shelli S. Stuiber 
James D. Swanson 
Kimberly S. VanOstrom Thomas 
Joy M. Walker 
Sheila G Pitts Weiland 
Nancy L Wenger 
W Quinn While 
James R Wierenga 
Daniel P. & Cynthia L Diener Wilmol 
William C Wilson 
Sharon B. Wit 
James W. Wolff 
Jerald W. Yeager 
Cheryl J. Yutzy 
Brent L Zimmerman 

Class of 88 

/ of donors: 88 

Participation: 27% 

Lisa D Anderson 

Jeffrey S Arnette 

Marty R Bailey 

Tina Marie Baranouski 

Danice L Barker 

Michael W. Bertsche 

Valerie J Ennis Brady 

Oebra S Brown 

Mark S. Brown 

Kimberly Y Smith Buhrow 

James DBunce 

Cristine M. Burchi 

Tammie L. Byrnes 

Leigh A Hammond Carlson 

Valerie L. Owen Christner 

Sherry M. Coulter 

Darla A Haskins Crabb 

Randall J. Crowder 

Annette M. DeGraff 

David S & Colleen Michell Donaldson 

Dennis P. Dickey 
Wayne S.& Wendy Rutherford 

Laura J. Ferkinhofl 
Andrea C. Foss 
Wendell Gaff ord 
Laura A Gerber 
Dawn Roberds Gerent 
Heidi U Goehring 

Angela J. Gollmer 

Sheila M. Harris Graber 

Steven J. Halleen 

Robert L Hanlon, IV 

Todd B. Hoatson 

Daniel D. Houser, II 

Heather A Hull 

Lionel J Hurd 

Teresa A Nevil Jackson 

Ann B. Johns 

Marion A Reeves Johnson 


Dina King 

Nancy Anne Freltinger Kirgis 

Todd G Ladd 

Alicia K. Landis 

Jennifer L McNeil 

Gail E. Mercer 

Jelfery G. Milter 

Lisa A Miller 

Brian K. & Kimberly Ann Black 

Michael A Muter 
Robert A Muthiah 
Jodi K LamDrighi Mynhier 
Carole L Newing 
Scott & Julie L Belknap Nieveen 
Kevin J. Mil 
Brian J. & Jennifer K. Jurgensen 

Sherry K. Pomeroy Petersen 
Douglas Robert Peterson 
Karen S Pfister 
Kimberly K. Kile Polsgrove 
Melissa A Resch 
Daryl W. Rider 
Paula J. Rieck 
Shelley L Rogers 
James R Schmitz 
Becky J Shannon 
Lisanne R Shupe 
Carol B Meier Sisson 
Richard J Stanislaw, Jr 

Kimberly I Stephens 
Kay E Slotts 
Steven L Swing 
Gregory M. Thome 
Stephen A. Ticknor 
Stephanie A Valuta 
Rita B. Versendaal 
Anne E. Wagner 
Michael D West 
James Alan Wilkinson 
Gregory J. Wilson 
Julie T. Wiseman 
James M. Wyant 

Class of 89 

I ol donors: 26 
Participation: 09% 
April Armslong 
Amy Beutler 
Jennifer Blum 
Edward Carlsen 
Jennifer L Collins 
Leza A Davis 
Martha Dennen 
Virginia Ducker 
Katherine Durham 
Joel E. Durkovic 
N. Lynelte Dyson 
Karin L Gibson 
Shelly M.Hardesty 
David Home 
Brian L Luke 
Douglas S. Mantha 
Laural Menningen 
Deborah Moore 
Simon Mungai 
Deborah G Patterson 
Stacey E. Peters 
Cam Piekarski 
Lisa Puck 
Joe B VonGunten 
Angela Weldy 
Julia Bagley White 


Mrs. Phyllis A Aaron 
Mr. Mark T. Abbott 
Mrs. Ama Abrahamsen 
Mr. & Mrs. Loren K. Acker 
Miss Anna Mae Adams 
Mr Harry A Adams 
Mr & Mrs. Henry Adams 
Mrs. Irma R. Adams 
Mrs. Janice Adams 
Mrs. Margaret H Adams 
Mr. & Mrs. Paul D. Adams 
Mr & Mrs Hubert Adey 
Mr Joe F Adian 
Dr. & Mrs. H. Leon Adkison 
Mr. & Mrs. William VAdler 
Mr & Mrs Sieve Adriansen 
Mr. & Mrs. Terry Agness 
Mr. MarkT Ahlenius 
Mrs. A Christina Ahlseen 
Mr. Robert F.Ahrens 
Miss Carolyn E Aishlon 
Mr & Mrs. Ralph J. Akre 
Mrs. Nancy Albright 
Mr. & Mrs Bruce Alexander 
Mr. & Mrs. James C. Alexander 
Miss Janet R. Alexander 
Mr. Paul Alexander 
Miss Natalie Alfonso 
Mr. & Mrs. Dale Allrey 
Miss Dianna May Allrey 
Mr & Mrs. Lyle E Algate 

Mr & Mrs. Martin Alig 

Mr William M. Allan 

Mr & Mrs. David W.Allen 

Mr Gary I Allen 

Mr & Mrs Gary L Allen 

Mr Homer J. Allen 

Mr & Mrs. Lloyd E- Allen 

Mr & Mrs. Robert D Allen 

Mr. & Mrs. David C.AIIgood 

Miss Gladys K Aim 

Mr. & Mrs. Curt E. Alspaugh 

Mr. Henry D. Altorter 

Miss Maria Ameden 

Mrs. Catherine M. Amoss 

Miss Janice L Amrine 

Mr & Mrs. Robert N. Amstutz 

Mr & Mrs. Clifford Amundsen 

Mi Norman Amundson 

Mi Charles G. Ancil 

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher M Anderson 

Mr Daniel P. Anderson 

Mr. & Mrs. David E. Anderson 

Mi David W Anderson 

Mr Dougtas Anderson 

Mr & Mrs. Harry T. Anderson 

Miss Hazel Anderson 

Mrs. Jill Carrico Anderson 

Mr. Myrneth H. Anderson 

Mr Nils Anderson 

Mr Norman Anderson 

Mr Robert K. Anderson 

Mr & Mrs Robert L. Anderson 

Mr. & Mrs. Steve Anderson 

Mr. David Andre* 

Mr. Bob Andress 

Mrs. Dorothy Andrew 

Mrs. Roth E. Andrew 

Mrs. Deborah Andrews 

Miss Dorothy B. Andrews 

Mr. John M. Andrews 

Mr. & Mrs. Mike Anenson 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald C Anthony 

Mr. & Mrs. James R. Anthony 

Mr. Wesley J. Apitz 

Mr. Michael J. Appleby 

Mr. & Mrs. David Applegate 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph S. Archibald 

Dr. Paul T. Armerding 

Mrs. Florence Arms 

Mr. & Mrs. Phil Armstrong 

Mr. John P. Amdt 

Mr. Steven W. Arndt 

Mr. & Mrs. Harold L. Arnette 

Mr. Chester A Arnhold 

Mr. & Mrs. William Arnol 

Mr & Mrs Frank J. Arthur 

Mr. Rodger E. Ashman 

Miss Patricia R. Atkins 

Mr. & Mrs. Carl D. Atkinson 

Mrs. Margaret G. Atkinson 

Miss Reva B. Alkisson 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Augsburger 

Miss Agnes Austin 

Mr. Harvey Austin 

Mrs. Carol Avery 

Miss Deborah Sue Avery 

Mrs. Teresa Avery 

Mr. Harold Ayabe 

Dr. & Mrs. David Aycock 

Mrs. Marilyn Ayers 

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald D Baas 

MissJeanerteR Baas 

Miss Bethenia M. Bacon 

Mr. & Mrs. Nelson L. Baer 

Mr. David Bagley 

Mrs. Richard G Bagley 

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald K. Bagley 

Ms. Margurile R. Baier 

Mrs. Bernice M. Bailey 

Dr. Beulah P. Baker 

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce W. Baker 

Mr. & Mrs. Jack Baker 

Mrs. Sanna A. Baker 

Miss Denise Bakerink 

Mrs. Barbara A Baldwin 

Dr. & Mrs. Charles E. Baldwin 

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth W. Bales 

Mr Max Balkema 

Mr. James M Ballenger 

Miss Madene M. Balsley 

Mr. Thomas J. Bamlord 

Mr. & Mrs. James W. Banner 

Mr. Danny Bao 

Mr. David R. Barber. 

Mrs. Leoma W. Barber 

Mr. Scott H.Barber 

Mr. & Mrs. James R. Barker 

Mrs. Janice Barker 

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Barker 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Barkey 

Miss Janet Barkley 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard D. Barkley 

Mrs. Eileen Barnes 

Mr. & Mrs. James H. Barnes, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Graham Barnett 

Mr, Jeffrey Barnett 

Mr. Paul D. Bamette 

Miss Martha E Bamhart 

Mrs. Linda Bamum 

Mrs. Lorena Barrett 

Mr. & Mrs. Owen Barrett 

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Barrett 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Barrett 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Barron 

Mrs. Le Etta Bartlett 

Mrs. Marguerite Bartlett 

Mr. Mark Barton 

Mrs. Rebecca R. Barton 

Mr. Thomas M. Barzizza 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert Bass 

Mr. Carl Bastian 

Mr. S. Charles Bateman 

Mr. Robert H.Bates 

Mr. Henry Batten 

Miss Brooke Bauer 

Mrs. Dorothea Bauer 

Mrs. Jeanette K. Bauer 

Mrs. Mary E. Bauer 

Mrs. Cheryl Bauman 

Mr. & Mrs. Clayton R. Baumann 

Mr. Philip J- EJaur, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Baxendale 

Miss Cheryl L. Bayes 

Mr. Dan Bayless 

Mrs. Ellen Beach 

Mrs. Grace S. Beach 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Beachy 

Mr. J. Duane Beals 

Mr & Mrs. David L. Beamer 

Mrs. Lesli Beaverson 

Mr. G. F. Bechlel 

Mr. & Mrs. John Bechlel 

Mrs. Jean M. Beck 

Mrs. Marianne Beck 

Mrs. Mary E. Beck 

Mrs. Mickey M. Beck 

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher A Becker 

Mr. Dennis Becker 

Mr. Harold E. Becker 

Mr. John C. Becker 

Mrs. Mary L. Becker 

Mrs Naomi J. Becker 

Mr. Ward R. Becker 

Mr. Clark W Bedford 

Mr. & Mrs. Herman Beem 

Mr. B. D. Beers 

Mr. Dale H. Beers 

Mrs. Helen Beers 

Miss Mary Beers 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Beggs 

Mrs. Joyce A Behnken 

Mr. Jonas D Beiler 

Dr. Sylvia L. Beimtohr 

Miss Janet A Belcher 

Mrs Marie Belew 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Belknap 

Mr. & Mrs. Harry Bell 

Mrs. Lola Bell 

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph E. Bell 

Mr. Michael Bellilo 

Mr. & Mrs. George T. Belon 

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald M. Benbow 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Benjamin 

Mrs. Virginia E Benjamin 

Miss Dorothy A. Benner 

Mr. David D. Bennett 

Mrs. Dorothy Sue Bennett 

Mr. Jack Bennett 

Miss Mary Utley Bennett 

Mr. M. Keith Bensley 

Mr. & Mrs. Darrel Benson 

Miss Edna Benson 

Mrs. Gladys Benson 

Mrs. Judy Benson 

Miss Melvina Benson 

Mr. & Mrs. William C. Benson 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Berg 

Mr. John W. Bergen 

Mr. & Mrs. Armistead Berger 

Mrs. Catherine Berger 

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Berger 

Miss Evelyn Bergreen 

Mrs. Jean Bergwall 

Mr. & Mrs. Roger C. Bern 

Dr. & Mrs. Edwin Y. Bernard 

Miss Stephanie Bernard 

Mr. & Mrs. David D. Berry 

Mrs. Ruth Berry 

Mrs. Shirley Bertka 

Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Bertsche 

Mrs. Loretta Bertsche 

Dr. & Mrs. James L. Best 

Mrs. Carol Betz 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles W.Betz 

Mi & Mrs Albert J Beuller 

Mr. & Mrs. Rodney E Bevington 

Mr. & Mrs. Chris E Bibersfine 

Mr. John Biberstine 

Mr. & Mrs. Scott J. Bickett 

Mr. & Mrs. D. S. Bicknell 

Mr. Mark Biebighauser 

Mr. Jeffrey Biehler 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Biermann 

Mr. Charles J. Biglin 

Rev. & Mrs. Clement P. Bilhorn 

Mrs. Sandra Biller 

Mr. William Billman 

Mr. Rick Brando 

Mr. & Mrs. R. Kent Birckhead. Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. John C. Bird 

Mr. Arlan J. Birkey 

Mr. & Mrs. Barry L Birkey 

Mrs. Donna Birkey 

Mr. Randal Birkey 

Mrs Bette Bishop 
Mrs. Evelyn Bishop 
Mr. & Mrs. H. E Bishton 
Mr. & Mrs. Al Bilonti 
Mrs. Betty Black 
Mr. & Mrs. Lynn Blackmore 
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Blagg 
Mr. Richard W Blain 
Mr. Arthur Blakely 

Mr Rodney Bowen 
Miss Mary Louise Bower 
Mr. Rodney F. Bower 
Mr. Curtis W. Bowers 
Mrs. Deborah Bowles 
Mr. Randy Bowman 
Mr. David Boxell 
Mrs. Marilyn Boycott 
Mr. D. Keith Boyd 

Rev. & Mrs. D. Stuart Briscoe 

Mr Bob Britten 

Mr. & Mrs H Ely Britton, Jr 

Mr Meredith Britton 

Mrs. Nancy Brix 

Mrs. Barbara Brocker 

Mrs. Sue Brogan 

Mr. & Mrs. Theodore F. Brolund 

Mr. Ralph A Broman 

Mr Burton Brubaker 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Brubaker 

Mr, John M. Bruder 

Mr. & Mrs. John F. Brumbaugh 

Mrs. Wendy Brummeler 

Mrs. Verna Brundage 

Mr. Robert P. Brunfon 

Mrs. Helen Bryan 

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Bryant 

Loving the unloved 

John Wallace, associate 
professor of social work, is 
almost a social work depart- 
ment on two legs. Besides 
solid academic credentials, 
he has experience as a min- 
ister, executive director of 
residential treatment cen- 
ters, administrator of educa- 
tional re-entry services for 
public schools, public 
school teacher and deputy 

John has remained active 
as consultant, member and 

John Wallace has a heart for children. 

leader for several county organizations: the task force on 
drunk driving, treatment center, court, United Way, Substance 
Abuse Center, and Big Brothers/Big Sisters. 

He now focuses on duties as vice president of the Indiana 
chapter of the National committee for the prevention of child 
abuse and as coordinator of the Grant county Child Protection 
team. "I'm especially involved with the child protection team 
because," he says, "as a minister and former public school 
teacher, I know that child abuse is a neglected area." 

Miss Abigail Blanch 

Mrs. Lara Blanchard 

Miss Ruth Blay 

Mrs. Margaret A Blevins 

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Blinn 

Mr. & Mrs. Edgar P. Blom 

Mr. Lowell A Blom 

Mr. Alfred P. Blomquist 

Miss Bonnie Blougn 

Dr. & Mrs. E Robert Blue 

Mr. & Mrs. James A Blum 

Mr. Ronald Edward Boden 

Mr. & Mrs. Dorsey Boise 

Miss Theresa A Bojak 

Mr. Ronald Bolesra 

Mr. & Mrs. George M. Bollinger 

Dr. & Mrs. John P. Bolthouse 

Mr. Walter Bond 

Mr. & Mrs. William C. Bond, II 

Mr. & Mrs. Joe M. Bonham 

Mr. Edward Bonnes 

Mr. & Mrs. M. Dayne Bonta 

Mr. Jay Bontrager 

Mr. & Mrs. Manassas M.E Bontrager 

Mr. & Mrs. A David Borchardt 

Mr. & Mrs. M. H. Bordewick 

Mrs. LaRita Boren 

Mr. Gene E Borgert 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Bormann 

Mr. Aaron L Bortz 

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth P. Bosma 

Mr. Lawrence E Bolt 

Mrs. Boughton 

Miss Edna Faith Boughton 

Mrs. Pamela J. Bourgoine 

Mr. Alan Bowden 

Mr. James N. Bowen 

Mr. & Mrs. Jerry E Boyd 
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph D. Boyd 
Mr. Charles H. Boyer 
Mr. & Mrs. Darrell K. Boyer 
Miss Mary S. Boyers 
Mr. & Mrs. Delbert Boyfar 
Miss Ardis C. Brabec 
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Brackin 
Mr. John Brady 
Mrs. Virginia H. Bragan 
Mr. & Mrs. Gail D. Bragg 
Mr. Jeffrey W. Bragg 
Mrs. Pamela Branam 
Mr. George P. Brancato 
Dr. Jon Brandenberger 
Miss Nancy L. Brandenburg 
Mr. Dorsey Brause 
Miss Jeanne Brazier 
Mrs. Helen Brechbill 
Mr. Ronald E Brechner 
Mr. David Breeding 
Maj. Donald Brenneman 
Mrs. Joanne Brenneman 
Mrs. Kathleen S. Brenneman 
Mrs. Kay Marie Brennfleck 
Mrs. Maureen L. Breslin 
Mrs. Linda Breth 
Rev. Leland L Brett 
Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd J. Bretz 
Mrs. Mabel F. Breuninger 
Miss Margol L. Brewe 
Dr. & Mrs. David H. Brewer 
Miss Valerie Bricker 
Mr. Lynn Bridenstine 
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Brink 
Mr. & Mrs. Fredrick Brinson 

Mr. & Mrs. Frederick P. Brooks, Jr. 

Miss Jane R. Brooks 

Mr. Norman D. Brooks 

Miss Rosemary L Brooks 

Mr & Mrs. Roy L. Brothers 

Rev. & Mrs. Frank Brower 

Mr. Paul J. Brower 

Mr. Charles Brown 

Mrs. Cindy Brown 

Mr. David Brown 

Mr. & Mrs. David C. Brown 

Mr. David T. Brown 

Mrs. Frances V. Brown 

Mr, & Mrs. Frank E Brown 

Mr. Harold W. Brown 

Mr. Hugh Brown 

Mrs. Janet Brown 

Mr. Ken Brown 

Mr & Mrs. Kevin Brown 

Mr. & Mrs. Larry G. Brown 

Mr. & Mrs. Larry J. Brown 

Mr. & Mrs. Lynwood Brown 

Mrs. Margarel Brown 

Mrs. Marjorie W. Brown 

Mrs. Mary E Brown 

Mrs. Neva B. Brown 

Miss Oradelle D. Brown 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert E Brown 

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald R. Brown 

Mrs. Ruth Ann Brown 

Mr. & Mrs. Sherman L Brown 

Mr. Stanley Brown 

Mr. Thomas A Brown 

Mrs. Virginia Brown 

Mr. Warren D. Brown 

Mr. William C. Brown 

Miss Janech Bryant 

Miss Keturah Bryant 

Mr. Russell R. Bryant 

Mr Steve E. Bryant, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Brydon 

Mr. & Mrs. Cortland M. Bucher 

Mr. & Mrs. James Buckley 

Mr. James Bucy 

Mr, Richard H. Bueckers 

Mr. Mark D. Buehler 

Mrs. Gladys Bullock 

Dr. & Mrs. Ray E Bullock 

Mrs. Susan D. Burgerhoudt 

Mr. & Mrs. John Burgess 

Mr. R. A. Burgess 

Mr. Roger J. Burgess 

Mrs. Nancy C. Burick 

Miss Mary Burkart 

Mr. George F. Burkhart 

Mrs. Leota Burkholder 

Mr. Dean Burlew 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Burnham 

Mr. & Mrs. Cleo C. Bums 

Mrs. D. Jean Burns 

Dr. Maurice Burns 

Dr. & Mrs. Joe Burnworth 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Buroker 

Mrs. Teresa Buroker 

Mrs. Doris A Burress 

Mrs. Dorothy Burress 

Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Burry 

Dr. & Mrs. Ray 0. Burwick 

Mr. & Mrs. Randall Buscher 

Mr. Duane M. Bush 

Mrs. Joyce Bush 

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond W. Bushur 


Wengatz Residence Hall 

Mr Gaby Buss 

Miss Lila Mae Butz 

Mr & Mrs Kenneth Byerley 

Mf & Mrs John J Byler 

Mrs R J Bymers 

Mrs Jessie M Cain 

Mr Me vin I Callison 

Mr 8 Mrs Harry R Calsing 

Mrs LeRaye Cameron 

Mrs Barbara G M Campbell 

Mrs Edith M Canaan 

Miss Margaret G Canaan 

Mr Keith Canham 

Mrs Charlotte Canida 

Mr Nick J Cannell 

Mr & Mrs Marshall Cappon 

Mr & Mrs Blaine Carbiener 

Mr William Carey 

Mr 8 Mrs William F Carey 

Mrs Eunice D Cargo 

Mr & Mrs Herbert Carlburg 

Mr Charles T Carlisle 

Mr 8 Mrs Edward Carlsen 

Mr 8 Mrs Charles A Carlson 

Mr Clifford W Carlson 

Mr David Carlson 

Mr & Mrs Edward Carlson 

Mrs Elaine Carlson 

Mrs Gertrude Carlson 

Mr Kenneth Carlson 

Mr & Mrs Myron Carlson 

Mr & Mrs Terry W. Carlson 

Mr & Mrs Theodore Carlson 

Mr Todd Carlson 

Mr & Mrs Wendell J. Carlson 

Mrs. Wanda Carmany 

Mr 8 Mrs Charles W Carpenter 

Mrs Darlene J Carpenter 

Mr L Hewitt Carpenter 

Mr Leonard Carpenter 

Miss Margaret M. Carpenter 

Mrs Debbie Lynn Carr 

Mr Michael P. Carr 

Mr J Merrill Carroll 

Mr & Mrs Robert B Carroll 

Mr John J Cart 

Mr & Mrs Brian Carter 

Mr Charles A Carter 

Mr James I Carter 

Mrs Nancy L. Cascaden 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Cascaden 

Miss Beulah Case 

Miss Kimberly F. Case 

Mr Don L Casteel 

Mr Kevin Castle 

Miss Frances R. Catron 

Mr 8 Mrs. Murray Cauble 

Mrs Donna Challgren 

Mr David S Chambers 

Miss Joan Chan 

Mr Tony H Chan 

Mr & Mrs Jerry Chandler 

Mr & Mrs Terry L Chandler 

Mr Virgil Chandler 

Mr 8 Mrs Norton A. Chapin 

Mr & Mrs. Craig C Chapman 

Mr & Mrs Donald C Chapman 

Dr Mildreds Chapman 

Mr Dennis Chappel 

Mr. & Mrs Mantey Chase 

Mr & Mrs. Philip J Chase 

Mr Thomas Chauvette 

Mrs Marcella Cheesman 

Mrs Patricia M Chell 

Mr 8 Mrs Roland Cherwek 

Mrs Margaret V Chitcole 

Mr Ruel Chilton 

Mr & Mrs Cedric R. Chitwood 

Mr George K Chrismer 

Mr & Mrs. Byron K Chrislensen 

Mr & Mrs. Daniel R Christian 

Mr. T. Kevin Christner 

Mrs Beth A Chu 

Mr & Mrs James Church. Ill 

Mr Slan Church 

Mr & Mrs Lawrence M Chylack 

Mr 8 Mrs. Irving H Clapp 

Mr & Mrs Ernest R Clapper, Jr 

Mr Albert W Clark 

Mr & Mrs Barry E Clark 

Mr & Mrs Buddy Clark 

Mr Calvin Clark 

Mr & Mrs Charles L Clark 

Mr David N. Clark 

Mr Henry Clark 

Mr James Clark 

Mr & Mrs. Maurice Clark 

Mr Richard E. Clark 

Mrs Orpha Blanche Clarke 

Mrs Carol Classen 

Mr & Mrs Richard Clement 

Mr James D Clemmer 

Mr & Mrs. James Clitlord 

Mr. Brenl Clifton 

Dr Linda Clinard 

Mrs Shirley Cline 

Mr 8, Mrs. Nels Clint 

Mrs Ruth Close 

Mr, Carl A. Clouser 

Mr Roscoe P. Cobbs 

Mr Paul C. Coblenlz 

Mrs Marlene Coburn 

Mr 8, Mrs Charles E Cochran 

Mrs Nancy Cochran 

Mrs Susette Cochran 

Miss Lorrene A. Cody 

Mr & Mrs. James Coe 

Mr Coales Coleman, III 

Miss Carol A. Collins ■ 

Clavell Collins 

Mr Craig Collins 

Mr. Jeffrey D. Collins 

Mr. & Mrs Timothy A Collins 

Dr & Dr Charles D Coin 

Mr Nicolas Colon 

Mr. Gregory C Comoglio 

Mrs & Mr. Beth Compton 

Mr & Mrs Steven M Compton 

Mrs Marie P Comslock 

Mr Ralph T Conelley 

Mr & Mrs. George W Connon 

Mr, & Mrs, Lyle Connor 

Mr, Tom Connor 

Mr. & Mrs. Howard C Conrad 

Mr 8 Mrs David M Convy 

Mr Bernard W Cook 

Mr & Mrs. Everett J Cook 

Mr Jonathan Cook 

Miss Pamela R. Cook 

Mrs Marilyn J Cooper 

Mr & Mrs. Raymond Cooper 

Mr. & Mrs Stephen J. Cooper 

Mr 8, Mrs Jonathan A. Copeland 

Dr & Mrs Winlned Corduan 

Mr. & Mrs. Virgil Corll 

Dr & Mrs Mark Cosgrove 

Mr Thomas Cosmades 

Mr 8 Mrs Pasquale Coslanzo 

Mr 8 Mrs. Bill Coslas 

Mr & Mrs. James R Cote 

Mr Larry Couch 

Mr 8, Mrs Robert Couller 

Mrs Iva M. Courtnay 

Mr. Robert Coverdale 

Mr & Mrs. Lynn A. Coverstone 

Mr, & Mrs. Gerald L. Cowan 

Miss Kathleen J Cowdy 

Mrs KayT Cox 

Mrs Vicki Coy 

Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence J Crabb, Jr, 

Mr 8 Mrs. Elza Crabtree 

Mrs Rebecca Crabtree 

Mrs Merrilyn Cramblel 

Mrs Deborah Crane 

Mrs Shirley Crew 

Mr Larry E Crider 

Mr & Mrs. Carl E Cripe 

Mr & Mrs. Jacob C Cripe 

Mr & Mrs. Paul Crisl 

Miss Regina E Critzer 

Mr & Mrs Bill Crocker 

Mrs. Miriam A Cromer 

Miss Jane M Crothers 

Mr & Mrs Ronald Crounse 

Drs Gilbert & Janice Shaw Crouse 

Mr 8 Mrs Chel H Crow 

Mr 8 Mrs Elbert R. Crowder 

Mr Daniel J. Crum 

Mr James E. Crumbacher 

Mr & Mrs Thomas Crutchtield 

Mr 8. Mrs Grey B Culberson 

Mr Daniel Culberlson 

Dr Robert G Culbertson 

Mr Tom Cullen 

Mr 8 Mrs Ralph E. Culler 

Mr Alan Culley 

Mr 8 Mrs Robert Cummings 

Mr John L. Cummins 

Mr & Mrs Gerald Cuper 

Mr Brian Cureton 

Mr & Mrs Bruce A. Cureton 

Mr Charles Cureton 

Mr & Mrs Craig A Cureton 

Miss Dora R Cureton 

Mr & Mrs Keith A. Cureton 

Mr 8 Mrs Lewis Curless 

Mr Robert M Curless 

Mr 8 Mrs Stanley C Curling 

Mr & Mrs Alan Curriston 

Mr Don Curry 

Miss Pnscilla Curtis 

Mr & Mrs Craig E. Curtiss 

Mr & Mrs Leland Custer 

Mr & Mrs Thomas H Cypher 

Mr & Mrs Arthur B Cyphers 

Miss Kalherine R Cyphers 

Mr 8 Mrs Jack D'Arcy 

Miss Nellie I Daddow 

Mr Gordon M Dahl 

Mrs. Janet H Dahl 

Mr & Mrs Tommy W Dahlkamp 

Mrs Eflamay Dahlslrand 

Mrs. Jacquelyn Dahlstrom 

Mr Merle Dailey 

Mr & Mrs Desmond C Daily, Jr. 

Mr Jesse Dale 

Miss Tamara Dallery 

Mr & Mrs John Dalrymple 

Mr 8 Mrs Donald S. Dalton 

Mr 8, Mrs Jack W Daniel 

Mr 8 Mrs John F Daniels 

Mr Stephen L Danielson 

Mrs Eleanore Datema 

Mr & Mrs James Daubenmier 

Mrs. Brenda Daugherty 

Dr 8 Mrs Edward L Davenport 

Mr 8. Mrs Robert Davenport 

Mr 8, Mrs Gregg C David 

Mr & Mrs Robert L David 

Mr & Mrs Ronald L David 

Mr W. E. Davies 

Mr Alan Davis 

Miss Anne L Davis 

Mrs Bonnie Davis 

Mrs C. Nancy Davis 

Mr 8i Mrs Don R Davis, Jr 

Mrs. Florence L Davis 

Mr & Mrs Gary L Davis 

Mr 8r Mrs George Davis 

Mrs. Irene Davis 

Rev & Mrs. James R Davis 

Mrs. Judith A Davis 

Mr 8. Mrs Lewis R. Davis 

Mr 8, Mrs Randy Davis 

Mrs. Tempa Davis 

Mr Terry Davis 

Mr & Mrs Robert E Dawes 

Mrs. Susan Dawes 

Mrs. Yao-Hsin Dawes 

Miss Drue E. Dawson 

Mr & Mrs Clair A Day 

Mr Clayton Day 

Mr. 8, Mrs E. Glennard Day 

Mr Harlan R.Day 

Mr Larry DeBoer 

Mr 8 Mrs James A. DeCamp 

Mr & Mrs Paul J DeConinck 

Mr Barry DeCristoloro 

Mrs. Marcia de la Haye 

Mr 8l Mrs John David DeLine 

Mr Donald F DeLong 

Mrs. Genevieve M DeLool 

Mr 8, Mrs Leslie G. DePoisler, Jr 

Mr & Mrs Bruce DePree 

Mr PielerJ. DeSmit 

Dr Robert H. DeValve 

Mrs. Ruth DeVries 

Mr Thorn DeWaele 

Mrs. Mildred DeWeerd 

Mr & Mrs J David Deacon 

Mr Edward Deal 

Mr 8, Mrs Russell W Deal. Jr 

Mrs Hannah E, Dean 

Mr 8 Mrs James D Dean 

Miss Louise M Dean 

Mrs Janel K Deavers 

Mr & Mrs Harry F, Deboer 

Mr Robert Decker 

Mrs Deborah E Dedilz 

Mr & Mrs Raymond Delagraoge 

Mrs Louise Delich 

Mr 8i Mrs Dean P Demos 

Mr & Mrs Paul Den Harligh 

Dr J Kenneth Denlinger 

Miss Ruth M Denn 

Mrs Marguerite R Denney 

Mrs Ora Dennis 

Mrs Joanne Denton 

Mrs Waneta Denton 

Mr & Mrs James L. Depler 

Mr Richard Derby 

Mr Jerry L Derr 

Mr Edward Dersch 

Mr 8 Mrs Herbert Dershem 

Mr & Mrs Brian Dersline 

Mr Mark Desjardins 

Miss Betsy Detweiler 

Miss CindaS Detwei lei 

Miss Sherry L. Detweiler 

Mrs. Susan L Detweiler 

Mr 8 Mrs Arthur B Dew 

Mrs. Cynthia Dew 

Mrs Bonnie Dewald 

Mr Charles Dewitt 

Mrs. E. Lucine Dickason 

Mrs Barbara C Dickey 

Mrs. Moneva A Dickinson 

Mr & Mrs Wayne A Diercks 

Mr Donn A. Dietz 

Mrs Ruth Dilfin. Jr. 

Dr James G. Diller 

Mrs Ann Dillon 

Mr & Mrs Robert E Dillon 

Mr & Mrs Brad M. Dimick 

Mr Edward Eugene Dinse 

Mrs. Irene Dintaman 

Mr 8 Mrs. Richard H. Discher 

Mr Frederick J Dixon, Jr. 

Dr & Mrs Richard Dixon 

Mrs Joan Dockery 

Mr Daryl A. Dockus 

Mrs Beth Dodge 

Mrs. Barbara L. Dodson 

Mr & Mrs Richard T Doermer 

Mr 8 Mrs Allred J Doerr 

Mr & Mrs Rex Dolby 

Mr W Allred Doles 

Mrs. Claris A Domer 

Mr & Mrs James M Dominguez 

Mrs. Jeanelte Dominguez 

Miss Louise H Dominguez 

Dr 8 Mrs Richard H Dominguez 

Mr 8 Mrs Stephen Y Donald 

Mr Roy E Donica 

Mr James Donkersloot 

Mr & Mrs Michael F Donovan 

Mr & Mrs Mark D Dorholt 

Dr 8 Mrs Theodore M Dorman 

Mrs Mildred Doughlen 

Mr George Douglas 

Mrs. Barbara J. Dowell 

Mrs Gwendolynne M Downs 

Mr Clair M. Drake, Sr. 

Mr David Drake 

Mr Harvey Driver 

Mr Gerard R. Drozda 

Mr Thomas J. Dubbert 

Mr John M. Ducheney 

Mr & Mrs Wayne Duckwall 

Rev. & Mrs. Ahram R. Dueck 

Mr & Mrs Douglas R Duer 

Mrs. Shirley E. Dutlie 

Miss Alberta Dugan 

Miss Susan Jane Dugan 

Mr & Mrs T W. Dugdale 

Mr David F Duguid 

Mr & Mrs Robert E Dunbar 

Mr 8 Mrs Lars Dunberg 

Mrs. DeEtle Duncan 

Mr 8 Mrs James B Duncan 

Mr Robert Duncan 

Mr John E. Dunham 

Mrs. Dee Dunkerton 

Miss Linda Dunn 

Mr 8 Mrs Robert M Dunn 

Mrs. Barbara Dunwiddie 

Miss Connie Dusckas 


Mrs Dorothy Dvorak 

Mr & Mis Donald D Dyck 

Mr & Mrs Harold S Dykhuizen 

Mr & Mrs Stanley J Dykslfa 

Mr & Mrs Gerald Eagy 

Mr & Mrs Randall J Earley 

Mrs. Linda Earnesl 

Mrs. Jane Eash 

Mr & Mrs Roy A East 

Mr & Mrs Kenneth E. Ealon 

Miss A. Joy Ebert 

Ms Alice Eckhart 

Mrs Connie Eddy 

Mrs. Ellen S. Edslmm 

Mrs. Beverlee Edwards 

Mrs. S. Dorothy Edwards 

Ms Cathy Lynn Eekholt 

Mr & Mrs. John Eekhott. Jr. 

Mr Thomas Eggleslon 

Mr & Mrs Harold J. Egli 

Mr. & Mrs. Wilhelm Ehlen 

Mr & Mrs Shelby Ehresman 

Mr James Eisenbraun 

Mr W. B. Eisenhulh 

Mr Brian E Eisenmenger 

Mr & Mrs Wanen E. Ekstrom 

Miss Patricia A Eldrelh 

Mr 8, Mrs. Herschel R. Ell 

Mr B WilliamEllenberger.lll 

Mr & Mrs Jerry C Ellenwood 

Mr & Mrs Robert J Elliot 

Miss Bertha E. Elliott 

Mr 8, Mrs Denver Elliott 

Mr James Elliott 

Miss Kathi Marie Elliott 

Miss Vera Elliott 

Mr Gary Ellis 

Mr & Mrs. John D. Ellis 

Mrs. Luella M. Ellis 

Mrs Mary Ellis 

Mrs Mary L. Ellis 

Mr Timothy P. Ellis 

Father Wayne Ellis 

Rev. & Mrs. Cecil Ellison 

Mrs. Faye S. Elmore 

Mr Thomas J. Elston 

Mr Tom Emerson 

Mrs. Cheryl A Emery 

Mrs Leigh Ann Emmons 

Mr Dan Emrick 

Mrs Joan Emshwiller 

Mr 8, Mrs David L. Engle 

Mr. Leslie D. Engte 

Mr &Mrs Francis Engler 

Mr. & Mrs Clarence A. Engstrom 

Mr & Mrs Stuart M Ensinger, Jr 

Mr Stephen Ensmenger 

Mrs. Cynthia A. Eoll 

Mr 8, Mrs Gordon D Eoll 

Mr John G Eoll 

Mr Richard Erb 

Rev. & Mrs. Donald A. Erickson 

Mr Joel Erickson 

Dr 8, Mrs Lee E Erickson 

Mr Tom Erickson 

Mr & Mrs Clyde B. Ericson 

Mr & Mrs George Escher 

Mr & Mrs Raphael J Esselstrom 

Mr 8. Mrs Ted Essenburg 

Mr 8, Mrs Don Essig. Ill 

Mrs. Debra L. Euler 

Mr & Mrs Gregor C. Euler 

Mrs Evangeline Evanick 

Mr. & Mrs. Alvin L Evans 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles S. Evans 

Mr. & Mrs. Malcolm Evans 

Mr, Roger Evans 

Mrs. Wanda L. Evans 

Mr Robert C Eversole 

Mr Everett H. Everson 

Mr & Mrs. David G. Evjue 

Mr. Roger Ewald 

Mr & Mrs. William Ewbank 

Mr Jay D. Ewing 

Mr. & Mrs. Duane Faber 

Mr Walter Fair 

Mr. & Mrs. William Farb 

Mr & Mrs. John A. Farr 

Mr Steven M. Fanell 

Mrs. Winitred M. Farwick Parr 

Mr. Roger L. Favorite 

Mr & Mrs Alan L Feasby 

Mrs. Marianne Feldballe 

Mrs. Roberta Fennig 

Mr & Mrs Charles Fenstermaker 

Miss Evelyn F. Fenlon 

Mrs Mary Ferris 

Mr Douglas C. Fetters 

Miss Wendy Feusse 

Mr Carl E. Fidler 

Mrs. Barbara A. Fierce 

Mrs Louise Fike 

Mr & Mrs. Michael Fike 

Mr & Mrs WayneS. Fine 

Mr Richard R Finkenblne 

Mrs Judith B. Finn 

Mr R. Kevin Finn 

Mrs Deborah E. Fisher 

Dr. Henry Fisher 

Mr & Mrs. James A. Fisher 

Mrs Janice Fisher 

Mr 8, Mrs LeRoy H Fisher 

Mr. & Mrs. Merton B. Fitzgerald 

Mr. & Mrs. K. A. Fitzharns 

Mr Peter F Fix 

Mr David L Flagel 

Mr 8, Mrs Robert H. Flanary 

Miss Lois J. Flegal 

Mr & Mrs Clark L. Fleming 

Mr Doug Fleming 

Mr Edward N Fleming 

Mr 8, Mrs George B Fletcher, Jr. 

Mrs Marilyn M. Flick 

Mrs Doris Florence 

Rev & Mrs. Tyler Flynn 

Mrs Judy Foraker 

Rev & Mrs Alan T, Forbes 

Mrs, Karen Forbes 

Rev & Mrs Duane A Ford 

Mr & Mrs William H. Ford 

Mrs Joan Forman 

Mrs AndraFoss 

Mr Elmer Foss 

Mrs Elizabeth Foster 

Mr, L. Daniel Foster 

Mr 8, Mrs. Mark David Foster 

Mrs Rosalie Fought 

Miss Thelma A Fought 

Mr Danny Fouse 

Mr John A Fouse 

Miss Lois Mae Foust 

Mrs Edith C. Fouls 

Mrs Millicenl Fowler 

Mr James V Fowler, II 

Mrs Anna M. Fox 

Mr 8c Mrs Edward L. Fox 

Mr. John Fox 

Mrs Mildred L Fox 

Mr Hugh Frandsen 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald W Franklin 

Mr & Mrs. Victor Franz 

Mr. & Mrs Oswald Fraser 

Mrs. Michelle Fratus 

Mr Nicholas Frederick 

Mr & Mrs T Date Frederick 

Mr Lawrence Frees 

Mr. & Mrs. Alva H Freese 

Mrs Elizabeth Freese 

Mr. Richard E Freeze 

Mr Eugene H French 

Mr. Larry French 

Mr. Gary Frenette 

Mr & Mrs. Carl L. Fridslrom 

Mr. & Mrs. Harold E. Friesen 

Mrs Leta M Friesen 

Mrs Ruth Friesen 

Miss Tisha Lyn Fritz 

Mrs. Marcia Fritzsche 

Mr. Michael Fruth 

Mr & Mrs. Aaron W Fry 

Mrs Grace M. Fry 

Mrs Kathleen A Fry 

Dr. & Mrs. William A. Fry 

Rev. Glenn M. Frye 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Fulk 

Mr. 8t Mrs. John Fuller 

Mr. 8, Mrs. Leonard R. Fuller 

Miss Myra J. Fuller 

Mr. & Mrs. Keith C. Fullerton 

Mr. Charles Fullhart 

Miss Roberta D. Fulton 

Mr. Thomas M. Futrell 

Mr Thomas M. Gabler 

Mr. 8. Mrs. Douglas W Gabrielsen 

Dr 8i Mrs. Ted H Gabrielsen 

Mr & Mrs. Omer T Gaines 

Mr & Mrs. Berlin D. Gaither 

Mr 8, Mrs. C. Duane Gaither 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles D. Gaither 

Mr. Eldon Gaither 

Mr. Donald Gallenberger 

Miss Ruth Gallmeier 

Mr. 8, Mrs. Edward F Garboski 

Mr. 8. Mrs. Herrick Garnsey 

Mr. Rex Gar 

Mrs Bertha Garrett 

Dr. Dwight Garrett 

Mrs Mary Garringer 

Mr S Mrs Lawrence Garrison 

Mr Clarence Garst 

Mr Dave Garwood 

Mr Richard Garzon 

Mrs Brenda S Gaskins 

Mr & Mrs. William J Gassett 

Mr 81 Mrs. Earl Gales 

Mr & Mrs. Larry A. Gales 

Mr 8i Mrs. Richard Gales 

Mrs Sandra Gelwicks 

Mr. Todd Gemelli 

Mr. 8i Mrs. Marvin A Genshaw 

Mr. 8t Mrs. Sheldon George 

Mr Stewart Georgia 

Mr. Walter H. Gepler 

Mrs. Dorothy Gerber 

Mr. Eldon Gerber 

Mr. 8, Mrs. Ralph D Gerber 

Mr. Russell A. Gerber 

Mr Elmer Gerig 

Mr Alwm R. Giegler 

Mr 8i Mrs. Friedrich W Gies 

Mr Duane Giftord 

Miss Marian Giles 

Mr 8. Mrs. Jan T. Gillespie 

Mr ArnieGillesse 

Mr Mark E. Gilzean 

Mr David Gines 

Mrs. Ginger H Gines 

Mr 8i Mrs H Ronald Gines 

Miss Karen R Gines 

Mr Daniel A. Godshall 

Mrs. Janice F Goeglein 

Mr 8i Mrs. Leonard 0. Goeglein 

Mr 8i Mrs R. Larry Goeglein 

Mr & Mrs. Walter G Goehring, II 

Miss Hilda C Goerke 

Mr Carl Goertemoeller 

Miss Dorothy C Goetz 

Mr Gene E. Goll 

Mr &Mrs KostasGogis 

Mr Richard F. Goglin 

Lifesavers: Jerry Stair, Edwin Welch, Steve Olsen. 

Helping someone is the reward of service 

"A matter of life and death." Although a melodramatic 
cliche, the phrase nevertheless applies to the community 
contributions of Steve Olsen '78, telephone system manager, 
Jerry Stair, maintenance staff, and Edwin Welch, media 
specialist. They assist the Grant County Emergency Medical 
Service: Jerry and Edwin as emergency medical technicians 
(EMTs) and Steve as an ambulance driver. 

Steve, who recently received his 10-year award, has spent 
over 15,000 hours on call and has made more than 460 
ambulance runs. "When I graduated from Taylor eleven years 
ago and accepted a position here," he says, "I felt it was impor- 
tant to participate in some type of community service. Just 
about that time, a need arose for ambulance drivers and I 
responded. I still feel good about that decision." 

For all three men, the benefits are intangible. Jerry sums it 
up: "Our reward certainly isn't money because we don't get 
paid for our hours on call and we get only a nominal amount 
for actual runs — our reward is just helping someone." 

Mrs Priscilla M. Gaull 

Mr, 8i Mrs. Larry R. Gavelte 

Dr. & Mrs. Marcelo R. Gavilanez ■ 

Mrs. Becky Gearhart 

Mrs Geneva Gee 

Mr. Roy Geesa 

Mrs. Joyce Gehres 

Mr, David Geiger 

Mr. Donald M. Geiger 

Mr. 8[ Mrs. George J. Geiger, Jr. 

Miss Mary Edith Geiger 

Mr. 8i Mrs. Gordon E. Geisl 

Mr. 8i Mrs. Jess J. Gerig, Jr. 

Miss Lowena M. Gerig 

Mrs. Mildred M. Gerig 

Mr. Rod Gerig 

Mr. Bernard G. Gerke 

Mr. Randall Germann 

Ms. Edna Gertz 

Dr. Paul Getty 

Mr. Conrad Getz 

Mr. & Mrs. James E. Getz 

Mrs. Linda Getz 

Dr. 8, Mrs. Harold W. Gianopulos, Sr. 

Mr Ronald L. Gines 
Mrs. Denise Ginn 
Mr. & Mrs. Waller Gisel 
Mr David W. Glaser 
Mrs. Marcia E.GIaser 
Mr Bruce Glasgow 
Mrs. Beulah L Glass 
Mr. James Glenn 
Mr & Mrs Donald L Glover 
Mrs. Anne Goad 
Mr. William N. Godfrey 
Mrs. Arlene C. Goding 

Miss Angeline Goldasich 
Miss Martha C. Golden 
Mr David Goldmann 
Miss Susan Goldmann 
Dr. 8i Mrs. Leon G Gombis 
Mr. Ambrocio Gomez 
Mrs. Evelyn E Gonawein 
Mr Ronald Gonsky 
Rev. C. Ross Good 
Mrs. Ruth Good 
Mrs. Dinorah A Goodell 
Mr David R. Goodnight 



Under President Jay Kesler's guidance, Taylor continues a strong tradition of preparing tomorrow's leaders. 

Mrs Barbara J- Goodwin 

Mr Gary G Goodwin 

Mr & Mrs Lewis M- Goodwin 

Mr Wayne L Gordon 

Mrs. Judy Gorrell 

Mr & Mrs Robert V Gortner 

Mr Kenneth A. Goss 

Mr E B Gottschalk 

Mr & Mrs Merrill E Gottschalk 

Mrs. Marilyn S. Graber 

Mrs. Alice M Graham 

Mr & Mrs E James Graham 

Mr Gary L Graham 

Mr Herbert Graham 

Mr & Mrs John Graham 

Miss Nancy Snider Graham 

Mr R L Grainger 

Miss Linda Grandinetti 

Mr 8. Mrs Ronald M Granneman 

Mr Peter J Grant 

Miss Elizabeth Grasse 

Mrs Betty G Gray 

Miss V Ruth Gray 

Mr Robert E Grealhouse 

Mr Donald K Green 

Miss Harriett H. Green 

Mr Jay H. Green 

Mr Jeffrey Green 

Mr & Mrs John R Green 

Mr & Mrs Steve E.Green 

Mr Avery H. Greene 

Dr Kenneth D. Greener 

Mrs Mary E Greener 

Mr R B Greener 

Mrs. Audrey J Greenwood 

Rev & Mrs K. L Greenwood 

Mr 8, Mrs J Corbly Gregg 

Mr Thomas L. Greimann 

Mr Phillip W Grice 

Mr Gary W Griffin 

Rev 8, Mrs Robert R Griffin 

Mr & Mrs James L Grimes 

Mr & Mrs G Paul Groen 

Miss A. Elizabeth Grolt 

Mrs. Virginias Grott 

Mr Gary Gromer 

Mr William Grommes 

Mrs Margie Gronning 

Mrs Marie Groomes 

Mr Robert L. Groat 

Mr Jerry Gross 

Mr Marvin Groslic 

Mrs Karen R Groszczyk 

Mrs Leona C Grove 

Mr & Mrs William F Groves 

Mrs Jayne S Grumbling 

Mr Harold R Gruver 

Mrs Janice L Guillaume 

Mr Melvin Guillaume 

Mrs Molly Guillaume 

Mr Richard Gulick 

Mr & Mrs Robert H Gunlher 

Dr 8, Mrs Frank R N. Gurd 

Mrs Jeanette M Guscott 

Miss Elnora Gustatson 

Mr James Gustatson 

Miss Lois Gustalssan 

Mr 8. Mrs Gene Guthrie 

Mrs. Sarah J Guthrie 

Mr Maurice Guy 

Mrs Connie Guyer 

Mrs. Katherine Gynn 

Mrs. Linda J Haack 

Mrs. Sue Haakonsen 

Mr OleHaaland 

Mr Thor Haaning 

Mr Marlin Habecker 

Mr Roy Habecker 

Mrs. Vicki Habecker 

Mr. Douglas Habegger 

Rev, Tillman Habegger 

Dr & Mrs Steven F Habusla 

Miss Edith Haehl 

Mr Charles Hahn 

Mr Richard M Hahn 

Mrs. Arlene K Haifley 

Mr & Mrs Richard Haillich 

Mr & Mrs GeneL Hainen 

Mrs. Jean Haines 

Mr & Mrs Steven L. Haines 

Mr 8, Mrs Clifton E. Hairfield, Jr. 

Mr Dennis Hakeman 

Mr Gerald B Haley 

Mrs. Ann Hall 

Mrs. Edith Hall 

Mrs. Joan C Hall 

Mr 8, Mrs Kenneth E. Hall 

Mr Kim E Hall 

Mr & Mrs Melvin E Hall 

Mr R Wendell Hall 

Mr Ted Hall 

Mr 8r Mrs Wendell D Hall 

Miss Gladys S. Hal leen 

Miss Romeyne S. Halleen 

Mr Wayne I. Halleen 

Mr Lowell Hallenbeck 

Mr Dale R Hallerman 

Mrs Avie Halvorson 

Rev. & Mrs. John H. Hamer 

Mrs Judith P Hamilton 

Mr 8. Mrs Richard Hamilton 

Mr & Mrs Paul G Hammel 

Mrs Jeanette W Hammer 

Dr Daniel G. Hammond 

Mr & Mrs Jay Hammond 

Mr & Mrs John P Hammond 

Mr Thomas J Hampton 

Mr Thomas L. Hancock 

Rev. Lamom Hand 

Mr 8. Mrs Philip Lynn Hand 

Mr Robed A Handley 

Mr & Mrs Brian D Handy 

Mr Dennis Handy 

Mr Leon Hanley 

Mrs Phyllis Hansel 

Mrs Connie G. Hansen 

Mrs Doris Hansen 

Mr & Mrs Louis P Hansen 

Mr. Robert S Hansen 

Mr. William E. Hansen 

Mr Eugene Hany 

Mr & Mrs. Jerry Hapner 

Mr Mark Harden 

Mrs Bonnie Hardesly 

Mr. Dean Hardi 

Miss Marilyn Hardy 

Mr. 8, Mrs. Michael R Hare 

Ms. Dolly Harkness 

Mr. James Harland 

Mr. Willard S Harling 

Dr. 8, Mrs Paul M. Harms 

Mr. 8, Mrs Harold W. Harnacke 

Mr Gerald D. Harp 

Mr Kenneth Harp 

Mr & Mrs David Franklin Harper 

Mr. & Mrs. G. Thomas Harper 

Mr Noble Harper 

Rev 8, Mrs Calvin H. Harrah 

Mrs. Sherrill A Harrah 

Mr. 8, Mrs. Bill Harris 

Mr 8, Mrs. Billy M Harris 

Mr. 8i Mrs Charles E. Harris 

Mr & Mrs. Thomas L Harris 

Dr 8. Mrs. Albert D Harrison 

Mr & Mrs. Charles R Harrison 

Dr. & Mrs. George W Harrison 

Mr Kenneth M. Harrison 

Mr. & Mrs Stephen D Harrison 

Mr & Mrs. Terry Harrison 

Mr, W Terry Harrison 

Mr & Mrs. Robin Harshaw 

Mr Frank Hart 

Mrs V Jane Hart 

Mr. & Mrs. Lowell E. Harler 

Mr. 8i Mrs Milton Harthan 

Miss Dawn Hartley 

Mr. & Mrs Charles B Hartman. Ill 

Mr & Mrs Earl Hartman 

Mrs Margaret Hartman 

Mr. Steve Hartman 

Mrs Dolores Harvey 

Mrs Rose Mary Harvey 

Mr 8i Mrs. Steven W. Hasslutder 

Mr. David R Hasty 

Mrs Gloria Hatfield 

Mr 8, Mrs Eugene F Hatteberg 

Mr. Warren Hatteberg 

Mr 81 Mrs. F. G. Haughl 

Mr. 8. Mrs. Dale Haupert 

Mr, 8, Mrs. John C Hauser. Ill 

Mr Brian Havard 

Mr. Si Mrs Donald R. Hawk 

Mr Tom Hawkins 

Dr Lawrence Hawley 

Mr. 8, Mrs. Roger H, Hay 

Mr Jell Hayden 

Mrs Edna Hayes 

Mr & Mrs. James W Hayes, Jr. 

Mr Kenneth M Hayes 

Mr. John Hays 

Mrs Georgia D Hazen 

Mr 8. Mrs. Harold Hazen 

Mr. Paul Headland 

Dr. & Mrs Dale Heath 

Mrs Peggy Heath 

Mr & Mrs Ted D Healon 


Miss Mary E. Hedges 

Miss Esther Hedrick 

Mrs Vicki Heebner 

Mr. 8. Mrs. Ronald D Hege 

Dr John J. Heil 

Mr & Mrs David Hein 

Mr. & Mrs Robert Hemdricks . 

Mr Gerald F. Heindselman 

Mrs CindyJHeiniger 

Rev 8i Mrs Harland Helland 

Mrs Jane A. Hellwege 

Mrs Barbara R Helms 

Mr. Robert Helms 

Mrs Joy Helsel 

Dr. & Mrs. Larry R. Helyer 

Mrs Fern Henderson 

Mr John Henderson 

Mr & Mrs. Henry Hendricks 

Mrs Helen Hendrickson 

Mr. & Mrs. Ray P. Hendrickson 

Mr & Mrs James E Hendrix 

Mr & Mrs Alan Henrickson 

Mr. 8i Mrs. Howard C. Henry 

Mr, Robert W. Henry, Jr. 

Mr. 8i Mrs. Gene Henschen 

Mr David C Hensel 

Mr. 8, Mrs. Russell D Hepler 

Mr. Wayne L Herman 

Mr. Albert R Hermann 

Miss Donna J Hershberger 

Mr Edwin S Hershberger 

Miss Janet Hershberger 

Mr Rodney Hershey 

Mr 8. Mrs. Guenther Herzog 

Mrs Maudie Hess 

Mr. Robert Hess 

Mrs Shirley Hess 

Mr. David Heth 

Dr & Mrs William A. Heth 

Mr. 81 Mrs. Jeffrey S.Hiatt 

Mr. John C Highl 

Mr 8, Mrs. Alan Hildebrandt 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Hildewig 

Mr. Gary Hill 

Mr. & Mrs Hugh W Hill 

Ms. Mary Ann Hill 

Mr 8, Mrs Paul F Hill 

Mr Ralph B. Hill 

Mrs Robin Hill 

Mr, 8, Mrs. William K. Hill 

Mr. Todd A. Hillard 

Mr Timothy Hillier 

Mr. 8, Mrs. Don W. Hillis 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Hillyard 

Mrs Patricia Himelick 

Mr. 8 Mrs. Richard A. Hinckley 

Mr Vergil Hines 

Mrs Suzanne Hinkle 

Mr 8, Mrs. John Hinks 

Mr & Mrs Paul E Hirschy 

Mr John Hirt 

Mr 8i Mrs Myron Hitchens 

Ms Lula B. Hittle 

Mr 8. Mrs Jeryl A Hochstedler 

Mr & Mrs John A Hochstedler 

Mr Donald Hockenberry 

Mr & Mrs David W Hockenbrocht 

Mr 8r Mrs Robert D Hodge 

Dr. & Mrs Burton Hodges 

Mr & Mrs. F. R Hodges 

Mr Gerald L Hodson 

Mrs. Mary K. Hodson 

Mr & Mrs Timothy E. Hoeksema 

Mr & Mrs Leland H Hofler 

Mr & Mrs Charles E Hoflman 

Mr & Mrs Gayle Hoflman 

Miss Lynn Moody Hoffman 

Mrs. Marilyn A. Hoffman 

Mr Peter Mark Hoffman 

Miss Semina Hoffman 

Mr Willard Hoflman 

Mr Ray E Hoffmann 

Dr 8, Mrs Stephen P Hoffmann 

Mr & Mrs Thomas A. Hoffner 

Mrs. Jana Lee Hofinga 

Mr David R. Hogue 

Mr 8, Mrs Harry E.Hoil 

Mrs. Helen Hoke 

Mr Steven R. Holaday 

Mr & Mrs Russel A Holcomb 

Mr Barry Holden 

Mr Gregory Holden 

Mr & Mrs Jerome T Holderead 

Mr Craig Holgrimson 

Mr 8r Mrs James Holland 

Mr Thomas Holland 

Mr & Mrs James E. Hollinger 

Rev &Mrs. RoyM. Hollopeter 

Mr Bertil K. Holm 

Mr & Mrs Matthew A. Holman 

Mrs. Zoe Ann Holmes 

Mr & Mrs Michael Holtgren 

Mrs. Jamie Holtje 

Mr & Mrs Clarke J. Holtsberry 

Mr 8, Mrs Thomas W Holtzman, Jr 

Mrs. Audrey N. Holverson 

Mr. & Mrs Robert J. Holwerda 

Mr & Mrs Gilbert H. Holz 

Mrs Connita Holzapfel 

Mrs. Dortha M. Homer 

Mr Tom M. Homrich 

Mr & Mrs Keith Hood 

Mrs. Pope Hood 

Mrs. Evelyn Hdok 

Mr Bruce Hooper 

Mrs. Chrisline Hooper 

Mr Harold J. Hoopingarner 

Mr Ben L Hoover 

Mr Bretl L Hoover 

Mr 8i Mrs. Donald Hoover 

Mrs. Sharon K. Hopkins 

Dr. William E Hopkins 

Mr Rex Hopper 

Mrs. Constance Hoppes 

Mrs. Susan G. Horein 

Mrs. Dorothy Horine 

Mr 8, Mrs Glenlord W Horine 

Mrs. Vera D. Horn 

Mr 81 Mrs Wendell Horn 

Mr Jerry E Home 

Mr 8. Mrs. John Home 

Mr Keith Horneffer 

Mr Franklin R. Horner 

Mrs. Sharon K. Homey 

Mrs. Mary Horning 

Mr Robert Horton 

Mr Harold E. Hosch 

Mrs. Ginevra A. Hoskins 

Mrs. Nanette G. Hostetler 

Mr & Mrs Jerry Hotmire 

Miss Rachel M. Hotmire 

Mr & Mrs Lowell T House 

Miss Marilyn E House 

Miss Carolyn R Houser 

Mr & Mrs Paul G Hoverman 

Mr Charles A Howard 

Mr. & Mrs Charles P Howard 

Mr & Mrs Herbert Howard 

Mr Kenneth Howard 

Mr Paul Howard 

Miss Virginia E Howard 

Mr William C Howard 

Mr Kevin B. Hnwell 

Mrs. Phyllis Howell 

Mrs. Rosemary Howell 

Col Thad Hoyer 

Dr Norman Hoyt 

Mrs. Nan Hubbard 

Dr 8. Mrs Oliver Hubbard 

Miss Sherry L. Hubbard 

Mr & Mrs Harris E. Hubers 

Mr 8, Mrs Wayne K Hubers 

Mr Clarence Hudson 

Mrs. Bertha M. Huffman 

Mrs. Ella Mae Huflman 

Mrs. Sarah Lynn Huflman 

Mr Gordon Huge 

Mr Charles E Hughes 

Mr David A. Hughes 

Mr 8. Mrs James R Hughes 

Mr Johnny H. Hughes, II 

Mr 8. Mrs Richard E Hughes 

Mr. & Mrs Richard C. Hull 

Mr Vernon H Hultgren 

Mr 8, Mrs William A. Humble 

Mrs. Diane Humbles 

Mr 8i Mrs Clinton E Hummel 

Mrs. Leta E. Hummel 

Mrs. Darwina L Hungett 

Mr 8i Mrs Howard A Hunt 

Mr Max L. Hunt 

Mr & Mrs Todd J Huntley 

Mr 8r Mrs Donald E Hurdle 

Mrs. Calhryn Hurley 

Mr Edward P. Hurst 

Mrs. Bonnie D. Hurtekant 

Mrs. Joan E. Husak 

Mr James R. Huse 

Mr 8. Mrs. Daniel A Hussar 

Mr 8. Mrs David L. Hussung 

Mr & Mrs David L. Husted 

Dr Stewart Husted 

Mr &Mrs Larry W.Huston 

Dr. & Mrs M Robert Huston 

Mrs. Vickie Huston 

Mr Robert W. Hutchinson 

Mr Dale Hutson 

Mrs. Patricia A. Her 

Mr Louis Imperial 

Mr Earl Imswiler 

Mr & Mrs Kenneth A. Ingold 

Mr C, G. Ingram 

Mrs Warren E. Inskeep 

Mr 8i Mrs. Gerald B. Ireland 

Mrs. Florence A. Irey 

Miss Nancy C. Irvin 

Mr Ken Isaacson 

Mrs. Bernice H. Ische 

Mr, Ben Y Ito 

Mr 8, Mrs. Nicholas Ittzes 

Mr 8. Mrs John M. Jacka 

Dr Alice Jackson 

Mrs. Amy Jackson 

Dr 8. Mrs. Dale M. Jackson 

Mr 8. Mrs Ethan Jackson 

Miss Fern Jackson 

Mr & Mrs J Richard Jackson 

Mr & Mrs Thomas Jackson 

Mr & Mrs. G Kenan Jacobi 

Mr & Mrs. Donald M. Jacobs 

Mr Matthew S. Jacobs 


Mr & Mrs John M Jacobsen 

Miss Doris M. Jacobson 

Miss Julie A. Jacobson 

Mrs Vema Jaggers 

Mr & Mrs. Theodore M. Jatin 

Mrs Maryjalovick 

Dr. Ernest James 

Mr Burton Janes 

Mr. Matthew J Jardine 

Dr & Mrs. Paul E. Jarrelt. Jr. 

Mr Ron Jarvi 

Mrs Hazel 0. Jarvis 

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Jarvis 

Mr. & Mrs. Louis Jenkinson 

Miss Mary Jane Jennings 

Mr & Mrs. J Byron Jensen 

Mrs Nancy Jo Jensen 

Miss Roselyn K. Jensen 

Dr. & Mrs. Daniel Jeran 

Mrs Linda S. Jerele 

Miss Ruth Bennett Jewell 

Mrs Eleanor Job 

Mr. & Mrs. D. Delbert Johannes 

Mrs Mildred M. Johannides 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Frederick Johansson 

Mrs Betty W.Johnson 

Mrs Carol C. Johnson 

Mrs Christine L. Johnson 

Mr. Daniel B Johnson 

Mr. & Mrs. David E. Johnson. 

Mr. & Mrs. Derric Johnson 

Mr. Donnie Johnson 

Mrs Edith Johnson 

Mr & Mrs. George Johnson 

Mr. & Mrs George A. Johnson 

Mrs Gloria Johnson 

Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Johnson 

Mrs Grace L. Johnson 

Mr J. Ricard Johnson 

Mrs Jane Johnson 

Mr. & Mrs. John D Johnson 

Miss Kimberly K, Johnson 

Mr. Kirk L. Johnson 

Mr & Mrs. Larry G. Johnson 

Miss Linda Johnson 

Mr. M L Johnson 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul H. Johnson 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard G Johnson 

Mr. Richard L Johnson 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard W Johnson 

Mr, Ronald C. Johnson 

Mr & Mrs. Terry W. Johnson 

Mr, Tim Johnson 

Mrs Virginia C. Johnson 

Mr. & Mrs. Wayne A. Johnson 

Mr. William Johnson 

Mr Willis D Johnson 

Mr, David E Johnston 

Mr. Isaac Johnston 

Miss Mini Jane Johnston 

Mr. & Mrs. Leo J. Joint 

Mrs Barbara Jones 

Mrs Belh Jones 

Mr. Daniel F. Jones 

Miss Dorothy H. Jones 

Miss GeraldineC Jones 

Mr. Harold A. Jones 

Miss Irma U Jones 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph W Jones. Jr 

Miss Josephine Jones 

Miss Marlene Jones 

Mr. & Mrs. Miltord M. Jones 

Mr. R. F. Jones 

Mr. Richard L. Jones 

Mr. Richard P Jones 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Jones 

Mrs. Ruth Ann Jones 

Mr. Trent A. Jones 

Mr. William F. Jones 

Miss Winnie Jones 

Mr. 8. Mrs. David D. Jordan 

Mr, & Mrs. James L. Jordan 

Mr. James Jost 

Mr. & Mrs. Floyd Jousma. Jr. 

Mrs Belsy Ann Joyce 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Judd 

Mrs. Mary E. Judson 

Mr. & Mrs. John H. Jurgensen 

Mr. Gregory Jurgenson 

Mrs LilaJustinger 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald B. Kach 

Mr. Paul T. Kachuk 

Mr. Richard Kahn 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Kahn 

Mr. Selh Kaiser 

Mrs. Vicki L. Kalil 

Mr. William P. Kaminski 

Dr. & Mrs. Eugene Kandel 

Mr Samuel N Kantayya 
Mr A E Kane- 
Mr Willis Karges 
Mrs. Jane Karl 
Mr 8, Mrs Harold M Karls 
Mrs. Sandy Karls 
Mrs. Irene P. Kasambira 
Miss LaDonna Kasen 
Mrs. Peggy Kastelein 
Mr Niranjan N. Kaul 
Mrs. Dianne Kay 
Mr Duane Keck 
Mr. & Mrs Glen R Keddie 
Mrs. Lynn Keenan 
Mr Timothy Keenen 
Mrs. Barbara Keener 
Mr & Mrs Kent V Keener 
Mr & Mrs Elden R. Keeslar 
Mr Sleven W Keesling 
Mr & Mrs Rick Kehl 
Mr James H Keiler 
Mrs. Thyra R Keiser 
Mr Clifford Keizer 
Mr & Mrs Charles L Keller 
Mrs. Grace Keller 
Rev. & Mrs. Joseph D Keller 
Mr Karl W Keller 
Mr Joseph Kellner 
Miss Mary E. Kelly 
Mrs. Ann E. Kelver 
Mr Jon Kemp 
Mrs. S Marian Kendall 
Mr & Mrs Eugene D Kennedy 
Mr & Mrs John Kennedy 
Mr Kenneth Kennedy 
Mr Timothy Jay Kennedy 
Mr Waller Kennedy 
Miss Helen Ruth Kenniv 
Mrs Carol Kent 
Mrs. Kristin Keplar 
MissMaryE Kerlin 
Mrs. Dorothea J Kermicle 
Mr 8. Mrs Charles K. Kern 
Mr Don L Kernell 
Mrs Celeste Kesler 
Mrs. Elsie M. Kesler 
Mrs. Gladys Kelcham 
Mr Terry Key 
Mrs. Valerie A. Keys 
Dr & Mrs Herbert C Khaloul 
Mr KirkKhwiltes 
Mrs Clara A. Kiel 
Mrs M L Kiermaier 
Dr Benjamin Kielzman 
Mrs Jeanne Kilbourne 
Mr & Mrs Young K Kim 
Mr Jack E Kimball 
Mrs. Joan K. Kincaid 
Mr & Mrs E Furman King 
Mr & Mrs James P. King 
Mrs. Jane F. King 
Mrs. Lola M. King 
Mr Rick E King 
Mr & Mrs. Robert King 
Mr & Mrs Robert H King 
Mr Sherman King 
Mr R D Kinney 
Mr & Mrs Kennelh R Kirby 
Mr Anlhony Kirgis 
Mrs. Carol Kirk 
Mr Thomas M. Kirkpatnck 
Mr John D. Kirsch 
Mrs. Marilyn Kirwin 
Dr & Mrs Charles H Kitchens 
Mr & Mrs R. Dale Kitley 
Mrs. Helen Kitson 
Miss Ruth D. Kittell 
Mr Larry Kleindienst 
Mrs. G. H. Kleinknecht 
Mr. & Mrs. Neal Kleiss 
Mr & Mrs Richard L. Kleiss 
Mr Arthur J. Kleppinger 
Mr & Mrs. Charles Duane Kline 
Mr. Douglas R. Kline 
Mr James Kline 
Mr & Mrs Fred E Kliner 
Mrs. Joyce A Klingel 
Mr & Mrs Calvin G Kloplenslein 
Mrs. Cheryl Klopfenstein 
Mr. James W. Klopfenstein 
Mrs. Mary Klopfenstein 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard E Ktoplenstein 
Mrs. Susan Kloplenslein 
Mr, James Klosterman 
Mr Ted Kluck 
Mr. & Mrs. James A. Klyne 
Mr. & Mrs. David Knapp 
Mr & Mrs Herbert A Knapp 

Mrs Deborah Knauss 

Mr. Robert Knell 

Mr George D Knepper 

Mr J P Knepper 

Mr Leslie F Knepper 

Knijnenberg Family 

Miss Marlies Knijnenberg 

Mr & Mrs Louis E. Knoble 

Mr James Knoblock 

Mr & Mrs Thomas P. Knox 

Mrs. Judith Knudsen 

Mr Millon Kotostiirodo 

Rev. & Mrs. Donald J Kouwe 

Mr Philip Kouwe 

Mrs. Melva C Kraekel 

Mr Thomas Kraft 

Mr Jack Kraklan 

Mrs. Ruth Ann Kramer 

Mr Thomas Kratzer 

Mr & Mrs Edward T Kraus 

Mr & Mrs Henry E Kraus 

Mrs. Ruth E. Krause 

Mrs Carol Kuhn 

Mr & Mrs. Donald Kuhn 

Mr & Mrs. Paul M Kulik, Jr. 

Mr & Mrs. James L Kulpinski 

Mr Steve Kumfer 

Mr Robert A. Kunau 

Mr Rodney B La Grange 

Mrs Florence LaDuke 

Mr. John P LaMere 

Mr. James Ladd 

Miss Vicki A Ladd 

Mr Martin Larsen 

Mr. & Mrs. Gordon K. Larsh 

Mrs Carol N. Larson 

Miss Deloris Larson 

Mr, Eric J Larson 

Mr Jonathan Larson 

Miss Patricia A Larson 

Mr Stanley T. Larson 

Mr & Mrs Earl K. Latimer 

Dr. Wendy May Lauer 

Mr & Mrs. Dennis G Laulfer 

Chuck Stevens (left) and Joe Lund help 
children develop winning attitudes. 

Volunteer service scores big with kids 

Each summer, a number of Taylor faculty and staff members 
venture into the role of youth baseball or softball coach. This 
year, 13 Taylor faculty and staff members spent hot, humid 
evenings with unreasonable parents during the midst of a 
busy summer. One wonders why they do it. 

"I got involved initially because my daughters joined the 
team," says Joe Lund, professor of psychology . "Now, I con- 
sider it an opportunity to bridge the gap between Taylor and 
the community. I also consider it an opportunity to provide a 
male role model — many of the youngsters come from broken 
homes without such an influence." 

Chuck Stevens, director of alumni programs, adds, "One of 
the biggest rewards is to see young persons develop a skill in 
an area not previously marked by success and see the sense of 
accomplishment on their faces." 

Mr Kenneth V. Knuth 

Judge & Mrs. James T Knutson 

Mr & Mrs Robert M Knutson 

Mr. & Mrs Donald R Kochanek 

Mrs. Kathleen Koenig 

Mr Donald Koepf 

Mr Keith Kohout 

Mr David Koivisto 

Mr. & Mrs. Virgil Koller 

Mrs. Lillian I. Koppin 

Mr. & Mrs. Verne Koppin 

Mr Bruce Korenslra 

Dr. Edmund Kornfeld 

Mr. Ali Korpi 

Mr. Millon Korpi 

Mr. William Korsl.Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs Chris Korzeniewski 

Mrs. JoAnn Korzeniewski 

Mr & Mrs. Sidney J Korzeniewski 

Mr Timothy Kostaroff 

Mr. & Mrs. Jerald Ross Krebs 
Mrs. Suzanne Kregel 
Mrs. Patricia Kregler 
Mr John Kreis 

Mr & Mrs Charles H. Kremer 
Mr Lawrence Kreps 
Miss Helen S. Kreydich 
Mrs. Harold J Kroeker 
Dr. & Mrs. Philip K. Kroeker 
Mr A, Kroemer 
Mr. Ludwig Kroger 
Dr. & Mrs LeRoy Kroll 
Mr. & Mrs. Greg Kromminga 
Mr. & Mrs. Gordon M Krueger 
Mr Grant W. Krueger 
Mrs. Virginia Kruschwilz 
Mr. Robert N. Kruse 
Mr. 8. Mrs. Harold Kuehler 
Mr Lee J. Kueppers 
Miss Lynn Kueppers 

Mr. 8, Mrs. William T. Ladd 
Mrs Vivian Laffin 
Mrs Kay A. Lambert 
Mr. Richard D Lambright 
Miss Penni R. Lammon 
Mr. & Mrs. Harold S. Lampen 
Mr. Carey D. Landis 
Mr. Marion M. Landis 
Mr. Marvin K. Landis 
Mrs Kelly Landon 
Miss Romona Joan Landrelh 
Mr. Clarence Langdon 
Mrs. Georgia B. Langdon 
Mr. Roy E. Langdon 
Mr. Gary Langenwalter 
Miss Lisa Lee Langguth 
Mr. 8. Mrs. Wm. C. Lapp 
Mr. 81 Mrs. Fred M. Laprad 
Mr. Patrick Lamed 
Mrs Dawn Larsen 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Laukhuf 

Mr. 8c Mrs. Donald R. Lautzenheiser 

Mr. & Mrs. Edgar Laverty 

Mr & Mrs. David C. Lavin 

Mr. Daniel T. Law 

Mr. & Mrs. James B. Law 

Dr. & Mrs. Yu Hong Law 

Mr. 8. Mrs. Waller Laylon 

Mr. 81 Mrs. P. David LeMasters 

Mr, Bradley L. Leach 

Mrs. Elaine Leach 

Mr 8. Mrs. Donald E. Learned 

Mr. 8, Mrs. Cecil Ledbetter 

Mr. 8. Mrs. Herbert Lee 

Mrs Mildred K. Lee 

Mr. Robert E. Lee 

Mr, & Mrs. Carl 0. Leedy 

Miss Martha 0. Leflel 

Mr. & Mrs. John R. Leffingwell 

Mrs Gynie Lehman 



Taylor University Giving Totals for 1988-89 


Taylor Fund 

& Other 





Total Gifts 






















Private Foundations 38,350 














William Taylor 





Mrs. Pauline M. Lehman 

Mr & Mrs Denny Lehner 

Mr & Mrs Russell E. Leichty 

Mr & Mrs. James E. Leightner 

Mr & Mrs Wynn Lembright 

Mr Lloyd Lemke 

Mr. Richard N. Lengacher 

Mr & Mrs Earl R Lenhart 

Mr. Russell E. Lenhart 

Mr Donald Leonard 

Miss Lori L. Leonhart 

Mr & Mrs. Peter Leonovich 

Mr Thomas Lesh 

Mrs. Naomi Lesher 

Mrs. Linda Lester 

Mr & Mrs Tommy Y Leung 

LI. Col. Gene Leupp 

Mr William Lewelling 

Mr Gordon Lewin 

Mrs Barbara D. Lewis 

Mr & Mrs Charles W. Lewis 

Mr & Mrs Dale A. Lewis 

Mr & Mrs David W. Lewis 

Mr & Mrs Lowell D Lewis 

Miss Maud L Lewis 

Mr Stanley R Lewis 

Miss Roberta A.B. Leyrer 

Mr Bar! Lia 

Mr Carl L. Lichtenberger 

Mrs. Helen I. Liebert 

Mrs. Carolyn R. Liechty 

Mr & Mrs Ezra H Liechty 

Mr Floyd Liechty 

Mr James E. Liechty 

Mrs. Joy Liechty 

Mrs MartaJ Liechty 

Mr Morris Liechty 

Mrs. Verna E Liechty (D) 

Mr Wilbert Lightle 

Mr Gary Lindau 

Mr & Mrs. Arthur Lindell 

Mrs. Carita S Lindemann 

Mr John Lindgren 

Mr & Mrs Carroll D Lindman 

Miss Kerstin E. Lindquist 

Mr Ken Linsner 

Mr & Mrs Kenneth Lee Lippard 

Mr & Mrs. James W Lipscomb 

Mr & Mrs Huyler Lisk 

Mr Paul D Lister 

Mrs Dagny Lithgow 

Mrs Carol E. Little 

Mr Robert Litwiller 

Mrs. Linda Livingston 

Miss Sheryl L Livingston 

Mr Don Lixey 

Mrs. Kathleen Lloyd 

Mr Harold Loar 

Mrs. Catherine Loewen 

Mr B L Lohrenz 

Mr & Mrs Edward Lohse 

Rev. & Mrs. Steven C Lombardo 

Mr & Mrs Bruce K. Long 

Mr. Charles Long 

Mr & Mrs. J David Long 

Mrs. Nancy J Long 

Mr. & Mrs. Stanley D. Long 

Mrs. Zoe M. Long 

Mr Alan Loomis 

Mr John M. Lord 

Mrs. Donna Lorenc 

Mr Christian J. Losch 

Mrs. MaryG. Lovell 

Mr & Mrs Mark Loving 

Mrs. Frances Lowry 

Mr & Mrs Thomas Lowry 

Mrs. Janel C Loy 

Mr, & Mrs Harry Lubansky 

Mrs Marcta A. Lubansky 

Mrs. Betty Jo Lucas 

Miss Charlotte E. Lucas 

Mrs. Hope Peterson Lucas 

Mrs. Donna A. Luce 

Mrs. NadaS. Lucibello 

Mr & Mrs Gary Luckey 

Mr & Mrs. Forresl Ludwick 

Mr M F Ludwig 

Mr. Raymond Ludwig 

Mr & Mrs William R. Ludwig 

Df & Mrs Kenneth Luedtke 

Senalor Richard G Lugar 

Mr & Mrs Charles Lugbill 

Mrs. Ruth Luginbill 

Mrs. Vada Luke 

Dr &Mrs Joe W.Lund 

Rev. Gustav E Lundberg 

Mr Mark Lundquist 

Mr & Mrs Carl E Lundstrom 

Mrs. Sue Lutz 

Mr ErwinW Lutzer 

Mr & Mrs. Robert F Lydick 

Mr & Mrs Charles E. Lynn 

Mr Larry H.Lytle 

Mr & Mrs Bruce V, MacFadyen, Jr. 

Mr Jon MacKinney 

Mrs. Shirley S. MacKinney 

Mrs. Val Marie MacLeish 

Mr & Mrs Donald MacVean 

Mrs. Lucy Macaleer 

Mr & Mrs John D. Mack 

Mr. Harold B. Mackenzie 

Mrs Evalme M. Macy 

Mr & Mrs. John R. Maddox 

Mr. William Maddox 

Miss Alberta M. Mader 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Madsen 

Mr. & Mrs. Tim Mahaftey 

Mr, & Mrs. Gregory A Maharg 

Mr. Michael N. Mahoney 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Mahoney 

Mr. & Mrs. Jack Makohus 

Mrs. Eleanor Malas 

Mr. David Maldaner 

Mrs. Margaret C. Mallette 

Mr. Jarl Larsen Malwin 

Miss Sherri Mancin-Jones 

Mr. Michael G. Manganello 

Mr. & Mrs. John S. Manley 

Mrs Donna Mann 

Mr. Jerald E. Mann 

Mr. Benjamin Mannix 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Manor 

Mr. & Mrs. William Manlha 

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond G. Manville 

Dr & Mrs. William E. Marcrum 

Mr. James Marcuccilli 

Mr. Barry S. Marcus 

Mr. William Marino 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Marker 

Mrs Louise Marling 

Mr. Donald Marquard 

Mr. F. E. Marquard 

Mr. Gustav Marquardt 

Mr. & Mrs. Al Marquez 

Mr. W. T Marsh 

Mr. & Mrs. Gary R. Martens 

Mr. & Mrs. W.C. Martens 

Mr, & Mrs, Bobby R, Martin 

Mr. & Mrs, Brett Martin 

Mr & Mrs. David L. Martin 

Mr. John W Martin 

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Martin 

Mr & Mrs Roscoe R. Martin 

Mrs Sherry S Martin 

Mr. Steven R. Martin 

Mr. Thomas Martin 

Mr. & Mrs. TimothyA. Martin 

Mrs. Vurla Martin 

Mr. James Marvin 

Mrs Celia Marxer 

Mr Roger Mason 

Mr. Sherman Massie 

Miss Cheryl K. Mast 

Mr. & Mrs. Eldon R. Masl 

Mr. Floran Mast 

Mr Gary D. Mast 

Mrs Nancy M. Masl 

Mr. & Mrs. Ohlen Mast * 

Dr. & Mrs. Michael J. Maslers 

Mrs Diane Maslin 

Mrs. Elizabeth Mathews 

Mrs Labutuis S. Malhews 

Mr. & Mrs. Norman K Mathews 

Mrs. Charlene R. Mathias 

Mr. David L. Mathias 

Mr. & Mrs. Louis B. Mathis, Jr. 

Dr. Si Malhison 

Miss Alberta J Matlock 

Mr. A. E. Matthews, Jr. 

Mr. Dale Matthews 

Mr Steven D. Matthews 

Mrs. Ella R. Matthias 

Mr. Stanley Maughlin 

Mr. James Maurer 

Dr. M. C. Mauzy 

Mr. & Mrs. Ken Maveus 

Mr. & Mrs. 0. W. Maxlield 

Mr. RoyV. Maxson 

Mrs. Deborah Maxwell 

Dr. Donald May 

Mrs. Margaret L. May 

Mrs Shari May 

Mr. & Mrs. William H May 

Mrs. McBride 

Mr & Mrs Michael McBride 

Mrs Thanamae McCammon 

Mr. Jack McCarrell 

Mrs Mary Jo McClelland 

Mr. & Mrs. John McClure 

Mr & Mrs. John B. McClure 

Mr. & Mrs. Terry McClure 

Mr. Kennelh L McConaghy 

Mrs. Helen E. McConnell 

Rev. Harry McCorkel 

Mr. William B.McCormick 

Miss Gladys P McCoy 

Mr. & Mrs. Gene S. McCreery 

Mr. Charles C McCullough 

Mr. Lee E McCullough 

Mrs. Mary N. McCune 

Mrs Carol L, McDaniel 

Mr. Harold McDaniel 

Mr. & Mrs. John McDougall 

Mr. & Mrs. Ron McEntire 

Mrs Donna Sue McFadden 

Mrs Dorothy McFarland 

Miss Eva K McFarland 

Mrs. Joanne McFarland 

Mr. Michael W McFarland 

Mr & Mrs. Raymond McFarland 

& Mrs Joseph McGee 
& Mrs L. Michael McGinnis 
. Patty L McGinnis 
Jack McGlasson 
Vincent McGrady 
W A. McGready 
James McGuire 
ss Nancy J. McHugh 

Mrs. Jack L Mclntire, Jr 
ss Irene McKean 
& Mrs William F McKean 
& Mrs. Bruce P. McKechnie 
. Robert McKee 
s. Sandra J. McKenzie 
s. Ruth H. McKeown 
&Mrs. LeroyC. McKinley 
Loran McKinley 
s. Madelaine McKinney 
Max McKilrick 
s. Ulla McKneight 
s. Bonnie J. McLaren 
Arthur McMahon 
&Mrs Everett E. McMillan 
&Mrs Robert J. McMillen 
William R. McMillin 
s. Peggy McMinn 
Phitip McMurtry 
:ss Kathy McNally 
'S. Marcia McNamara 
RonaldS McNeill 
& Mrs. Hansel McQuinn 
s. Sandy McQuinn 
& Mrs Donald R McRaven 
Steve McWalters 
s. Cynthia Meade 
& Mrs Charles D. Mealy 
s. Jamie R Means 
& Mrs. Paul Means 
& Mrs. Richard Means 
. Shirley Means 
s. Sallie Meier 
ss Joy Meisenheimer 
. Margaret Meissner 
Robert Mellbye 
s. Emma Rhoda Mellinger 
& Mrs. John H. Menard 
&Mrs Paul G. Mendenhall 
Betta Mengistu 
& Mrs. Larry D. Menkedick 
&Mrs. Miles S. Mercer 
s. Ruth Ann Mercer 
s. Jane Meredith 
Phillip Meredith 
& Mrs. William Meredith 
Wade Mergenthal 
Philip Mertens 
s. Sue Merz 
Edwin Messerschmidt 
Rev. & Mrs. Ken Mettler 
i. Delores A. Metzger 
Marvin Metzler 
& Mrs Allen D. Meyer 
& Mrs. Harold R. Meyer 
James Meyerhottz 
Bruce D. Michaels 
Daniel E Michaels 
> Betty Michel 
& Mrs. Don Mickelson 
& Mrs Everett Mickelson 
s. Rose Mickelson 
ss Ruby Mickelson 
ss Ruth Mickelson 
s.Carol J. Mieir 
& Mrs Bernard M. Mihara 
& Mrs. Dwight L. Mikkelson 
&Mrs Walter J. Mikolajczyk 
& Mrs. Allen W. Milburn 
& Mrs J. E. Miles 
& Mrs Joe H. Miley 
. Sherryn Miley 
s.Alice Miller 
s. Barbara R. Miller 
ss Betty E Miller 
Calvin H. Miller 
Carl G. Miller 
& Mrs. Chester H. Miller 
s. Deborah Miller 
s Doreen Miller 
& Mrs. Eli Miller 
Ernesl Miller 
s. Esther M. Miller 
Eugene C. Miller, Jr. 
Gerald L. Miller 
& Mrs. Gerald R. Miller 
Glenn Miller 
H. Richard Miller 
ss Helen F, Miller 
& Mrs. Herbert L. Miller 

Mr &Mrs Homer Jay Miller 

Mr James D. Miller 

Mr SMrs John C.Miller 

Mrs. Josephine E.Miller 

Mrs. Karen Miller 

Miss Marilyn Miller 

Mrs. Mary Beth Miller 

Mrs. MaryE, Miller 

Mr & Mrs Olen Miller 

Mr & Mrs. Phil Miller 

Mr SMrs Phillip Miller 

Mr SMrs. Ralph J. Miller 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Miller 

Dr Sarah E. Miller 

Mr & Mrs Theodore E. Miller 

Mr. Tim Miller 

MissTrevaK. Miller 

Mr & Mrs WillardG. Miller 

Mrs Karen Millikan 

Mr. Sam Milliner 

Mr David D. Millington 

Mr &Mrs Earl E.Mills 

Miss Ruth LaRue Mills 

Mr. Tim Mills 

Mrs. Betty F. Mininger 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles N Mininger 

Mr. Maurice J. Mishler 

Mr. & Mrs. Clay Mitchell 

Mr &Mrs George B. Mitchell 

Mrs. Val Mitchell 

Mr Harold Moe 

Mr SMrs CarlW Moellering 

Mr SMrs Ernest W. Moir 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Molello 

Dr & Mrs. G. W Molenaar 

Mr Robert Molenhouse 

Mrs. Beth Molzahn 

Mr & Mrs Don Moore 

Mr Edward H. Moore 

Mrs. Jane E. Moore 

Mr SMrs. Jeffrey A. Moore 

Mr & Mrs Larry 0. Moore 

Mrs. NoreneM Moore 

Mr Tom B. Moore 

Dr Michael Moorehead 

Mr & Mrs Arthur Moorman 

Mr Fred Moorman 

Mr. & Mrs Pat F. Moran 

Mr & Mrs Allen M. Morgan 

Mr & Mrs D Eugene Morgan 

Miss Sally Morgan 

Mr & Mrs Donald Morgenweck 

Mr & Mrs Harold F. Morr 

Mr Eugene R. Morris 

Mr Kevin Morris 

Mrs. Lisa G.Morris 

Mr. & Mrs David Mortensen 

Mr & Mrs Philip Mortensen 

Mrs, Luanne Morton 

Mr Gerald H. Moser 

Mr & Mrs Novitas Moser 

Mr & Mrs. Torrey Mosvold 

Mrs. Sandra Motz 

Mr. Robert Mourey 

Miss Maymie Moy 

Mrs. Audrey H Moyer 

Mr & Mrs. Dennis Moyer 

MissJuanitaS Moyer 

Mr M. Dale Moyer 

Mr & Mrs. Preston F. Moyer 

Mr & Mrs. Preston L. Moyer 

Miss Louise R. Mueller 

Mr &Mrs William E. Mueller 

Miss Marie E. Muench 

Mr. Timothy Muenzer 

Mr &Mrs, Elmer F.Muller 

Dr. David R. Mumme 

Miss Rhoda M. Munch 

MissViolelB Munro 

Mr. Greg Munson 

Mr. & Mrs. Wayne S. Munson 

Miss Susan A. Murk 

Mrs. Carey Murphy 

Mr. Michael Murphy 

Mr & Mrs. Robert E. Murphy 

Mrs. Dorothy C. Murray 

Mr. George M. Murray 

Mr Raymond D. Murray 

Mrs. Cheryl L, Musch 

Mr Tony Muschara 

Mrs. Gloria Muselman 

Mrs. Marilyn Muselman 

Mr . & Mrs Ken W. Musselman 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Musser 

Mr. H. William Mutz 

Mr. Alice C. Myers 

Mr. & Mrs. Burton H. Myers 

Mr, & Mrs. Floyd Myers 


Miss Joyann Myers 

Mis. Sandra Myers 

Mr S Mrs Louis Myre 

Miss Mildred Myren 

Mr. & Mrs Timothy A. Nace 

Rev. 8. Mrs Fred J Nader 

Miss Margery E Naffziger 

Mrs. Virginia R. Nagy 

Mr & Mrs Larry R. Narup 

Mrs. Jayne Narvesen 

Mrs. Rebekah Narvesen 

Mrs. Dolores Nason 

Mr & Mrs Paul Nalhe 

Mr Joseph Nay 

Mr Jerry J. Naylor 

Mr 8 Mrs Waller E. Neale 

Mrs. Esther E. Neely 

Mr Michael Neely 

Mr & Mrs Ronald D Nefl 

Mr & Mrs. Robert R. Neideck 

Mr & Mrs John A. Neidhamer 

Mrs Carol J. Nelson 

Mrs. Donna M. Nelson 

Mr Gerald P Nelson 

Mr Harlon Nelson 

Mr. & Mrs Kenneth G. Nelson 

Mr & Mrs Merle T. Nelson 

Mr Paul Nelson 

Mr & Mrs Roger E. Nelson 

Mr. Samuel Nelson 

Mrs. Susan F Nelson 

Mr David Nemcre 

Mr & Mrs. Bob Nelerer 

Mr & Mrs Donald R Neu 

Mr Jeffrey Neuenschwander 

Mr & Mrs Ted P. Neuenschwander 

Miss Bonnie I. Neuhouser 

Dr & Mrs David L Neuhouser 

Miss K. Lorraine Neuhouser 

Mr & Mrs Jon Neuman 

Mr Gary W Newell 

Mr Russell Newell 

Mrs. Susan Newhouse 

Mr & Mrs Don A. Newkirk 

Mrs Eva J Newlin 

Mr & Mrs Charles Newman 

Mr G Ralph Newton 

Dr. & Mrs. Gary Newton 

Mr Robert D Newton 

Mrs. Joanne M Nice 

Mrs. Obera Nichols 

Mr William Nichols 

Mr & Mrs. Wade R. Nicodemus 

Mr Charles Nicolas 

Mr & Mrs Buckley Nielsen 

Mrs M Joyce Nielsen 

Dr 8, Mrs. Charles M. Nies 

Mr & Mrs C John Nlll 

Mrs. Rulh Ellen Nilsen 

Mrs. Rita H. Nine 

Mr & Mrs Dale R. Nitzsche 

Mrs Margaret Niver 

Mr. & Mrs. Louis Noble 

Miss Gertrude M. Norby 

Miss Elsie C Nordengren 

Mr & Mrs. John F. Nordengren 

Mr & Mrs. Roy H. Nordin 

Mr Stanley Noreen 

Mr. R. S. Norman 

Mr Wayne Norman 

Mrs. Charlene Norris 

Mrs. LaVonne R. Norris 

Mr. & Mrs. Steve K. Norris 

Mrs. Teri Norris 

Mr. Dale Norton 

Mr. John F. Novak 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Nugent 

Mr & Mrs. Ronald H. Nulick 

Mr. & Mrs. Kenyon C. Nussbaum 

Mrs. Sandi Nussbaum 

Rev. & Mrs. T. L Nussbaum 

Mrs. Violet Nussbaum 

Mr & Mrs. Paul R.C. Nyberg 

Mr, H. Ronald Nyce 

Mr. & Mrs. Harvey N. Nyce 

Mrs. Louise Nygren 

Mr. & Mrs. David O'Brien 

Mr. John O'Brien 

Miss Pal O'Brien 

Mr. R. A. O'Donnell 

Mr. Edwin E. O'Guin 

Mr & Mrs. Donald O'Hare 

Mr. Dean G. Oakes 

Mr. Howard E. Oakes 

Mr. & Mrs. William R. M. Oakley 

Mr. Terrance Oban 

Mrs. Leah M. Oberholtzer 

Mr. & Mrs. Hal C. Oberholzer 

Mr. George T Oborn 

Mr. Charles F_ Ochs 

Mr. & Mrs. Dorrell Ochs 

Mr & Mrs. Jimmie D Ochs 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Ochs 

Mr 8, Mrs. Robert E. Ochs 

Dr. 8, Mrs Stewart I Odell 

Mr & Mrs. Orville Odle 

Mr & Mrs Ben J Ogborn 

Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth W Ogden 

Mr. & Mrs. Glenn E Ogren 

Rev & Mrs Charles A Ohman 

Mr & Mrs. Richard W Ohman 

Mr Tameichi Okimoto 

Mr & Mrs. Harry Oldenbusch 

Miss Bonnie H. Oliver 

Mr. Kurt Oliver 

Mrs Sandra Oliver 

Mr. Victor L. Oliver 

Mr. S Mrs. Arthur J. Olsen 

Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Olsen 

Mr Mark L Olson 

Mr 4 Mrs. Olal A Olson 

Mrs Pamela Olson 

Mr Timothy Olson 

Mr 8i Mrs. John W Onulrock 

Mr & Mrs. Harold J Oppenhuis 

Mr. & Mrs. Gary Orrison 

Dr GaryW.Orten 

Mr Jerry L Osborn 

Mr Gary Osborne 

Miss Linda S Osburn 

Mrs Karen K. Oswalf 

Mrs Martha Ott 

Mrs Evelyn Ottinger 

Mr Lawrence Otto 

Mr John H Oven, Jr. 

Miss Lucile W Overboil 

Mr & Mrs. Paul B. Overland 

Mr. & Mrs. Everett P. Overturf 

Mrs Mildred D Owen 

Mr & Mrs. Terry Owen 

Mr. Clarence Owsley 

Mr & Mrs. Clyde Oyer 

Mr Robert Oyer 

Mr. Keith S Paar 

Mr 8i Mrs. Brett R Packard 

Mr 8i Mrs. Robert Paddack 

Mr. Kenneth Pahmeier 

Mrs. Ruby Paillhorp 

Miss Dayananda Y Pakkala 

Mr James R Palmer 

Mr & Mrs. Ray P Pannabecker 

Mr. 8. Mrs. Jerry C. Panter 

Mr & Mrs. Max G. Papazian 

Miss Karen S Pappas 

Miss Carol Papworth 

Mr & Mrs. Wayne L. Parcel! 

Dr. 8, Mrs. Richard Parker 

Mr. & Mrs. John Parr 

Dr. John C. Parrish 

Miss Ruth L. Parrott 

Mrs Ruth T. Parry 

Mr James M. Parsons 

Mr. 8t Mrs. Reggie Parsons 

Mr 8i Mrs. John A Partridge 

Mrs. 8c Mr. Louise A Partridge 

Mr & Mrs. Eugene W Pashley 

Mr. Philip G. Passon 

Mr. Robert M. Patalano 

Mrs. M. Jean Paterson 

Mr. L Dale Patten 

Mrs Ethel V. Patterson 

Miss Grace J. Patterson 

Mrs. Mildred L Patterson 

Mr. 81 Mrs. Paul W. Patterson 

Miss Susan E. Patterson 

Mrs. Janet M. Paltison 

Dr. & Mrs. John D Pattison 

Mrs. Nancy Patton 

Mrs. Barbara L. Paul 

Miss Ellen G. Paul 

Mr. Emil Pavlica 

Mrs. Cathern Paxton 

Mr, James Paxton 

Mrs. Agnes Payne 

Mr. Kenneth A. Pearson 

Mrs. Relda Pearson 

Miss Cornelia C. Peck 

Miss Nancy A Peck 

Mrs Betty A. Peckman 

Mr Dean Pedersen 

Mr. David Pedley 

Mr. William H. Peerman 

Miss Helen S. Peetz 

Miss Ruth Ann Peetz 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Peggs 

Rev. & Mrs. James F. Pellon 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward C. Pelz 
Mr. & Mrs. Harold G. Penne 
Mr. & Mrs. Ervin P Penner 
Mrs Elizabeth Persons 
Mrs Madonna Persons 
Mr C. Martin Peters 
Mr & Mrs. Earle Pelers 
Mrs Lois M Peters 
Mr & Mrs. Lowell A Pelers 
Miss Marjorie Pelers 

Mr 81 Mrs. John H. Phillips 
Mr 8. Mrs. Norman A. Phillips 
Mrs Patricia Phillips 
Mr. 8. Mrs. Roger W.Phillips 
Mrs Marie Phinney 
Mr Daniel A Pichea 
Mrs Elizabeth Piechocki 
Mrs Maria Pietrini 
Mr. Brooks Pifer 
Mr. L M Pina 

Mr Al C. Pomarici 
Mrs. Sandra Pomeroy 
Mr 8i Mrs. Ralph A Pool 
Mr 8i Mrs. John Popp 
Mrs. Betty Porter 
Mrs. Mary J. Porter 
Mr 8, Mrs. John W Post 
Dr. Millard M Posthuma 
Mrs. Merle Posllewaite 
Mrs. Connie Potter 

Mr 8, Mrs. Timothy J Purga 

Mr James Pursley 

Mrs. Sally I. Pyburn 

Mr 8, Mrs. Kenneth R. Pycraft 

Mr. & Mrs. Hugh K. Pyle 

Mrs. Margaret Pyle 

Mr. & Mrs. Ernesl P. Quigel, Jr 

Mr Larry J. Raber 

Miss Lynn M. Raber 

Mr 8i Mrs E D. Radenbaugh 

Red Cross, 4-H and 
a busy schedule 

Laura Hutson, director of 
office services, maintains 
her pleasant composure 
even while confronting a 
daunting array of duties 
including hiring all hourly 
and some administrative 
personnel, handling person- 
nel transfers, administering 
employee benefits, process- 
ing purchases, and oversee- 
ing property and casualty 

Laura plays down her af- 
filiation with the local Red 

Laura Hutson makes time for others 

Cross chapter, barely mentioning how health fairs and blood 
drives draw on her time. 

Her voice takes on a different quality, however, when asked 
how she spends her one- week summer vacation. The answer 
has been the same for ten years, but the subject remains a fa- 
vorite: the Blackford County 4-H Fair. 

Laura started as a 4-H club leader when her older son 
joined 4-H. That was 14 years ago. Before long, she was 
judging at the fair. For the last three years, she has served as 
Junior Leader Advisor. 

"I started for family reasons, but it's such a good program 
that I just enjoy it," she beams. 

Mr. & Mrs. Scott M. Peters 
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth A Petersen 
Mr. 81 Mrs. Albert E. Peterson, Jr. 
Miss Amanda C. Peterson 
Mr. Andrew T. Peterson 
Mrs. Brenda Peterson 
Mr. & Mrs. Donald H. Peterson 
Mr. & Mrs. Everett T. Peterson 
Mr. Glenn F Peterson 
Mrs. Isabelle B. Peterson 
Mr. James Peterson 
Dr. 8. Mrs. Larry Peterson 
Mr. Len Peterson 
Mrs. Loma Peterson 
Mrs. Margo Peterson 
Mr. Richard R. Peterson 
Mr. 81 Mrs. Robert G. Peterson 
Mr. & Mrs. Roy Peterson 
Mr. Thomas L. Peterson 
Mr. 8, Mrs. Wm. S. Pelroff 
Mr. Richard Pettibone 
Mrs. Betty Pettifor 
Mrs. Alice C. Plnister 
Miss Lucille S. Phelan 
Mr. & Mrs. David Phillips 
Mr. 8; Mrs. DeVon A Phillips 
Mr. Edward B. Phillips 
Mr. & Mrs. Hoyt J. Phillips 

Mr. Curtis Pinder 

Mr. & Mrs. F. Roosevelf Pinder 

Mr. George Pinder 

Miss Peggy J. Pinder 

Mr. 8l Mrs. Edward Pippenger 

Mr. Louis C Pippin 

Mrs. Helen Pisek 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert D. Pitts 

Mrs Diana Place 

Mr. 8i Mrs. Gordon Plaggemars 

Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Plaggemars 

Mr. 8i Mrs. William Planck 

Mrs. Joyce Plants 

Mr. Stephen B. Plaster 

Mr. A E. Platte 

Mr. 8, Mrs. William D. Pletcher 

Mr, Robert W.PIeva 

Mr. 8. Mrs. Edwin Ploegman 

Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Plueddemann 

Miss Elisabeth Poe 

Mr. & Mrs. Re F. Poehler, Jr. 

Mr. Daniel Polasky 

Mr. Philip J. Poletti 

Mrs. Sandra Polk 

Mrs. Ellen K. Polsgrove 

Mr. 8. Mrs. Craig M. Poison 

Miss Delores Poison 

Mr. 8i Mrs. Acton V. Pomante 

Mrs. Jan S. Potter 
Mr 8i Mrs. William E. Porter 
Mr 8, Mrs. Kenneth K. Potts 
Mr. 8. Mrs. Arthur E. Poucher 
Mr 8c Mrs. Eugene Pownall 
Mrs. Samuel E. Preissler 
Mrs. Sandra Presson 
Mr, 8, Mrs. Howard H. Price 
Mr. & Mrs. James L Price 
Mr. John R. Price 
Mr. 8, Mrs. Mark A. Price 
Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Price 
Mr. W. R. Price 
Mr. Jay Prichard 
Mr. Max D. Prichard 
Dr. Marvin Priddy 
Mrs. Diane Prillwitz 
Mr 8. Mrs. William Prilchett 
Mr. & Mrs. Sherman Propes 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Puckelt 
Mr. & Mrs. Elmer Pulscher 
Mr. & Mrs. John Pulscher 
Mr. 8i Mrs. William R. Punkay 
Mr, Harold Punlenney 
Mrs. Martha Punlenney 
Mr. & Mrs. David S. Purdy 
Col. Patricia A Purdy 
Mr. Robert A. Purdy 

Mrs. Lou Ann Rager 

Mrs. Patricia L Rahn 

Miss Patricia L. Rambo 

Mrs. Sherry Ramsay 

Mr 8i Mrs. Glen C Ramsborg 

Mr Lowell Ramsey 

Mr & Mrs. Clarence S. Ramsland 

Miss Debra A. Randall 

Mrs. Ruzene M Rankin 

Mr & Mrs. Eilert Ranneklev 

Mrs. Mary Kay Ransbotfom 

Mrs. Carole A Rassi 

Mrs. Katherine A. Rathjen 

Mr. Mark Ratliff 

Mr, 8, Mrs, Roger L. RaBlafl 

Mr 8, Mrs. Clyde E. Rauch, Sr. 

Mr Thomas Rauckhorst 

Mr Roy Rautiola 

Mr John Rayls 

Mrs. Ruth Raymond 

Mrs. Helen M. Rea 

Mr. 8i Mrs. David H. Reany 

Drs. Richard and Rebecca Haak 

Mr, 8, Mrs, William H. Rector 

Mr 8, Mrs. Alvin Leroy Rediger 

Mrs. Delia M. Rediger 

Mr 8, Mrs. Don R. Rediger 

Miss Frieda Rediger 



Mr. C Gail Reece 

Mrs. Marilyn Reece 

Mr & Mrs Harry R Reed 

Mr John W. Reed 

Mrs. Sophie M. Reed 

Miss Jill E Reeve 

Mrs. Gertrude Regier 

Mr GaryRehm 

Mr Terry Reichard 

Dr & Mrs James D. Reid 

Mr Michael J Reidy 

Mr. Brian Reilsmder 

Mrs. Donna L Reighler 

Mr David K. Reinbold 

Mr & Mrs James Reiskytl 

Mrs. Judith D. Reitmeyer 

Mr Henry K. Rempe 

Mrs. Jane Renaker 

Mr & Mrs Ernes! W Renas 

Mr Marvin D Renbarger 

Mr Wilbur L Renken 

Miss Jennifer D Renner 

Mr & Mrs Robert W Renner 

MissThelmaG Repko 

Mr &Mrs Stephen J Resch 

Mr & Mrs Raymond Retallack 

Mr C R Reusser 

Mrs. Leonard Reuter 

Mr. & Mrs Howard R. Reynertson 

Mr & Mrs Charles Reynolds 

Mr & Mrs Dale R Reynolds 

Mr & Mrs J N Reynolds 

Mr & Mrs Jack Reynolds 

Mr & Mrs. Thomas E Reynolds, Jr 

Mr &Mrs Clyde H. Rhodes 

Mr & Mrs Ervin E Rhodes 

Mr. Kenneth W Rhodes 

Mr MarkE Rhodes 

Miss Roseann Rice 

Mrs. Janice Rich 

Mr & Mrs. Leroy E.Rich 

Dr. Marge Rich 

Mrs. Vickie Rich 

Mrs. Bonnie Richards 

Mr & Mrs Bret Richards 

Mrs Jane Richards 

Mr & Mrs. Kenneth D. Richards 

Miss Betty J. Richardson 

Miss Karen E Richardson 

Mr Kenneth S. Richardson 

Mrs. Margaret I Richardson 

Mr David Rickard 

Mrs. Gloria J Ricker 

Mr & Mrs GaleRickner, Jr. 

Rev. & Mrs. Carl A Ricks 

Mr Byron R. Ridenour 

Mr Eugene K. Ridenour 

Mr Robert G Ries 

Mrs Tamara S Rieldorf 

Mr & Mrs David C Rietveld 

Mr David Riewald 

Mr & Mrs Ed Rigel 

Mr & Mrs Harold Rigel 

Mrs. Waneta J Riggenbach 

Mr Richard K. Riley 

Mr & Mrs James E Rimstidt 

Mr & Mrs Donald G Ring 

Mrs. Emily Rmgenberg 

Mr Morris J Rmgenberg 

Mrs Rebecca Rmgenberg 

Miss Kathleen Risher 

Mr & Mrs Ralph L Risher 

Mr & Mrs. Robert A Risher 

Mr & Mrs Ronald D Risher 

Mr & Mrs Mark E. Risser 

Mrs Elizabeth S. Ritchie 

Mr David L Ritter 

Mr Philip Roach 

Mr &Mrs Lloyd Robbins 

Mr Gregory Roberts 

Mr & Mrs. Leslie W Roberts 

Miss Linda Roberts 

Mr & Mrs Loren L Roberts 

Mrs Mizpah Roberts 

Mr. & Mrs Hubert Robertson 

Mr & Mrs Audley E Robinson 

Mr Kelly Robinson 

Dr &Mrs Leo A Robinson 

Mrs. Lori Robinson 

Mr William B Robinson 

Mr & Mrs Clarence Robison 

Mr & Mrs Gerald E. Rocke 

Mr LouisV. Rodabaugh, III 

Mr Weyman Rodeheaver 

Mr & Mrs James S. Roden 

Mr Jim Roelse 

Mr & Mrs Darryl D Rogers 

Mr & Mrs. Gardiner Rogers 

Mr John R. Rogers 

Mr Ned Rogers 

Mr Robert Rogers 

Mr Paul Roharl 

Miss Elizabeth Rohr 

Mr & Mrs J R Rohrer 

Mr Selh A Rohrer 

Mr & Mrs Douglas H Rohrman 

Mr. & Mrs. Marion Rolsten 

Mr. Nelson W. Rood 

Mr & Mrs Harold R Root 

Mr &Mrs William G. Roost 

Mr Wilbur B Root 

Mr Arthur W Rorabaugh 

Mr William Rosecrants 

Mr Robert Rosentreter 

Miss Dorothea K. Roshong 

Mrs. Barbara Ross 

Mr &Mrs Bruce C.Ross 

Mr Eugene Ross 

Mr. & Mrs. Guy Ross 

Mr. & Mrs. Irvine E Ross 

Mr & Mrs. Harold Rosser 

Mr Peter S Rosller 

Mr PaulG Rostvil 

Miss Beatrice Roth 

Mr & Mrs. Byron L Roth 

Mr. David Roth 

Mr & Mrs. Donald W Roth 

Mr & Mrs. Larry D Roth 

Mrs Lois M. Roth 

Mrs LouonaJ Roth 

Mr Marcel Roth 

Dr. & Mrs. Paul E. Rothrock 

Mrs Gloria J. Rotramel 

Mrs J Edward Roush 

Dr. Jessica L. Rousselow 

Mr & Mrs Paul A Rowan 

Mr. Charles Rowe 

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Rowe 

Mr. & Mrs. Howard A. Rowell 

Mrs Lurelte Rowell 

Mrs Alice G. Rowley 

Dr R Edward Roybal 

Dr & Mrs Frank H Roye 

Mr & Mrs. Glenn B Ruby 

Mrs Eleanor Z. Ruch 

Mr. Dale F. Ruck 

Mr. John A. Rucker 

Miss Karen M Rucker 

Mr & Mrs. Donald Ruegsegger 

Mr. & Mrs. Henry W. Ruenpohl 

Mrs Bethel P. Rumberger 

Mrs Charlene Rupp 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles L. Rupp 

Mrs Evelyn Rupp 

Miss Ruin L. Rupp 

Miss Vickie B.Rush 

Mr. Chris T Rusnak 

Mr James Russell 

Mr. & Mrs James H.Russell 

Mr. L. Russell 

Miss Mildred L. Russell 

Mrs Nancy Russell 

Mrs Pauline Russell 

Mr. Terry L Russell 

Mr A. D. Ruth 

Mr. & Mrs. Vernon Ruth 

Mr. & Mrs. David W. Ruths 

Mr, Glenn Ryberg 

Mrs Max Ryerson 

Mr. & Mrs. James Ryg 

Mrs Anna M Safstrom 

Mr. &Mrs. Dennis D. Sailor 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael R Sailsbery 

Mr Alexander Saldan 

Mr Edward Salgado 

Mrs. Connie S Salsbery 

Mr. John Salz, III 

Mr Jerry Sampson 

Dr. & Mrs. Glenn W Samuelson 

Mr & Mrs. Kenneth R Samuelson 

Mr & Mrs MarkT. Sandeno 

Mr. Murray Sanders 

Mr Stephen Sanders 

Mr. & Mrs. Howard L. Sandlund 

Mr & Mrs. Jonathan 0. Sands 

Mr Reginald Sands 

Mr Douglas Sanlord 

Mr Daniel Sarros 

Mrs Lynn J. Sassmannshausen 

Mrs InezM Sauby 

Mrs. Jeanne H. Saunders 

MissSuellahJ. Savidge 

Miss Agatha Sawyer 

Mr Wane Sawyer 

Mr. & Mrs. Terry L. Saxsma 

Mr & Mrs. Michael Sayre 

Mrs Bobbie Scea 

Mr. & Mrs. Terry Schaberg 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard D Schaffer 

Miss Rosemary Schallhorn 

Mr Fred Scharringhausen 

Mrs Beth SchaumleHel 

Mr Robert S. Scheidemantel, Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert B Scheidl 

Mrs Marci Schenck 

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy J Scherer 

Mr. & Mrs, Donald Scherrer 

Miss Noreen Schettig 

Mrs Joyce E. Scheumann 

Mr Robert Schick 

Mrs Marguerite M. Schie 

Dr. Robert S. Schindler 

Mr, Kurt Schippers 

Mr & Mrs. Maurice Schippers 

Mr Tony Schlechly 

Mr. Gerald Schleinilz 

Mr. & Mrs. Jerome M Schlenker 

Mr. Bob Schloemer 

Mr. Mark Schlupp 

Mr. Dan Schmeichel 

Mr Jack Schmidt 

Mr. Loyal Schmidt 

Mr & Mrs. Marvin L. Schmidt 

Mr. Raymond Schmidt 

Mr Wilbur G.Schmidt 

Mrs Florence Schmidtman 

Mrs Martha D. Schmitz 

Mr. Steven E. Schmok 

Mr & Mrs. William L Schnupp 

Mr. Richard Schoen 

Mrs. Geraldine M Schoenherr 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Schrader 

Mrs Barbara Schramm 

Mr & Mrs. Donald A. Schramm 

Mr. Brian Schrauger 

Miss Darlene Schrock 

The Taylor University orchestra performs at the annual Christmas chapel. 

Mr David J. Schroeder 

Mr Edwin Schroeder 

Mr & Mrs John M. Schroeder 

Ms Malinda Schroeder 

Mr Alan Schroepfer 

Mrs LaVaughn Schuckers 

Dr & Mrs Arthur Schulert 

Mr Steven G. Schultz 

Mr Thomas Schultz 

Mr & Mrs. William Schultz 

Mr & Mrs Paul Schulz, Jr. 

Mr & Mrs. Ernest Schuttenberg 

Mrs. KathyA. Schutter 

Miss Helen L Schwartz 

Mr & Mrs James L. Schwarzkopf 

Mrs. Bridget Schweikhardt 

Mr & Mrs Fred Schweikhardt 

Mr & Mrs. Norman Schweikhardt 

Miss Dorothy R Schwemle 

Mrs. Gladys L. Schwenk 

Mr Carl J. Schwerman 

Mrs. Cleo M. Scott 

Mr Darrel J. Scott 

Mrs. Elizabeth P. Scott 

Mr John S. Scott 

Mr Ronald Scott 

Mrs. Ruth Ann Scott 

Mr & Mrs Bruce A. Scottberg 

Mr John Scripps 

Mr &Mrs LeeW Scroggins 

Mrs. Barbara Scudder 

Mrs. Nedra B Seagly 

Mr Doyle Sealscotl 

Mrs. Jean A. Seaman 

Mrs Joanne Seaman 

Mr Edward Sears 

Mr Walty Seegren 

Mr Roger B. Seekell 

Mr Carlton P Seeland 

Mrs Carol Ann Seeland 

Mrs KathyS. Sefton 

Mr. Phillip Seibert 

Mr. Ted D Seibert 

Mrs. Jean W Seibold 

Mr Barry Seifert 

Mrs. Barbara C.Selby 

Mr & Mrs Charles Sellers 

Mrs. E. Mattie Sellers 

Mr Randy Sellers 

Mr Russell Sells 

Mr Robert E. Server 

Mr & Mrs Lon Setser 

Mr & Mrs Arlen R Severson 

Miss Betty Sevinson 

Mr. & Mrs. Gary Shade 

Mr & Mrs James Shaler 

Mr & Mrs Orris Shaler 

Mr & Mrs Edward L Shaffer 

Mr & Mrs Loren W Shaffer 

s. Sandy Shaffer 

& Mrs Larry D. Shamp 
s Patricia Shank 
ss Susan J Shank 
s Treva Shank 

Jack Shannon 

& Mrs Jay D. Shapley 

Allen Sharp 
iss Lucy Shaw 
s. Shelba Shaw 

. Sue Shaw 

Donald Sheffler 

Ronnie L Shell 

. Barbara Shepler 

Jon A. Sherberg 
s Ruby Bernice Sherfick 

& Mrs Harold E. Shergold 
ss Jeanette B. Sheridan 

&Mrs William Shewan 

& Mrs Theodore D. Sheyda 

& Mrs. Charles E. Shideter 

& Mrs Mo Shields 

3 & Mrs. Daniel L Shilling 

Gilbert L Shilling 

& Mrs Blair W Shinn 

& Mrs Kenneth R. Shinn 

& Mrs. William M. Shinn 
. Alice M Shippy 

& Mrs. Robert E Shockey 

& Mrs Kenneth D. Shoemaker 

&Mrs Howard L Shong.Sr 
i Mary Jane Shore 
s. Lois Showalter 

& Mrs William Shroyer 

& Mrs. Thomas Shuga 

Mark Shugart 

Maurice A. Shugart 
ss Beulah Shultz 

& Mrs Frederick B. Shulze 

John E Shupe 

& Mrs Richard G. Shuster 
s. Karol Siefer 
s.Gloria J. Siefka 
s. Rosemary Siewert 

& Mrs Darrell W. Sigworlh 

ToddJ Sikora 

& Mrs Paul B. Sillee 

& Mrs Michael Silich 

Donald Silvis 
Arthur Siml. Jr. 

& Mrs Brian Simmons 

E L Simmons 

&Mrs Johnnie G. Simon. Jr. 
s. Gerri Siner 

& Mrs. Darrell Singer 

& Mrs Fredrick E. Sipe 

& Mrs. Gordon Sissing 

& Mrs. Danny D. Skeen 

Elwin R Skinkle 
s. Muriel E. Skinkle 

& Mrs. Ronald E Skinner 
s. Lorraine C Skoda 

& Mrs. Keith A, Slaughter 

&Mrs Eugene N. Sligh 

& Mrs Ronald M. Sloan 

& Mrs Dale L Sloat 

& Mrs Robert C Slover 
ss Patty Slusher 

& Mrs Robert M Slusser 
Rev. & Mrs. E. W. Smillie 

& Mrs. Albert C. Smith 

& Mrs Allan J Smith 

& Mrs Charles F Smith 

Charles T. Smith 

& Mrs Dale F Smith 

David Smith 
ss Dorothy J. Smith 

Duane E. Smith 

s Ellen K Smith 

& Mrs Forrest W. Smith 

Harland R. Smith 

James A. Smith 

&Mrs James B.Smith 

John L. Smith 

& Mrs. Joseph M. Smith 

Keith G. Smith 

& Mrs Kyle Smith 

& Mrs Larry Smith 

Laura Mae Smith 

. & Mrs Lowell Smith 

& Mrs. Mark E.Smith 

Marlon Smilh 
s. Myrtle Smith 

&Mrs Richard J. Smith 

Richard M. Smith 

& Mrs Robert E Smith 

Robert G Smith 

Robert R. Smith 


Mr & Mrs Ronald H Smith 

Mrs Rosemary Smith 

Mr & Mrs Stephen E. Smith 

Mr Steven Smith 

Mr William Joseph Smith 

Mr William R.Smith 

Mr & Mrs William W Smith 

Mrs. Marion E. Snell 

Mr Dana D. Snider 

Mr Ttiomas R. Snider 

Miss Nancy E Snobarger 

Mrs Sally S. Snow 

Dr Arthur B. Snowhite 

Mr. & Mrs Allen D. Snyder 

Mrs. Alma Jean Snyder 

Dr. & Mrs Harold Snyder 

Mr S Mrs David C. Sobolewski 

Mr & Mrs Donald Soderquist 

Mr & Mrs. Robert V Sohn 

Mr &Mrs Clyde C Solander 

Mr Weldon Soldner 

Mr Michael H. Sommers 

Mr Eric Sonerholm 

Mr & Mrs Norm Sonju 

Mr & Mrs John Sonneveldl 

Mr & Mrs Norman E. Soper 

Mr S Mrs Kenneth Sorensen 

Mr Eric H Souder 

Mrs Marsha C. Souder 

Mr & Mrs Timothy Soule 

Mrs. Lori Lynn Southern 

Mr & Mrs Perry H. Souzis 

Mr Fred W Spanton 

Mr William Sparks 

Mr Andrew Spaulding 

Mr & Mrs Stephen J. Speers 

Mrs. Beverly J. Speicher 

Mr & Mrs. John Speicher 

Mrs Lucille Spellerberg 

Miss Florence M. Spence 

Mr William Spence 

Mrs. Elizabeth A Spencer 

Mr. & Mrs. Kenn Spencer 

Mr Paul Spicuzza 

Mrs Patricia Spiess 

Dr. AngeloJ Spinazzola 

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph G Spratl 

Mr. Milton Spring 

Mr. Gregory Springer 

Mr. Myron J. Springer 

Mr. & Mrs. William J Springer 

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald W. Springle 

Ms. Virginia M Springman 

Mr. Howard J Sprowl 

Mr. Clifton L Sprunger 

Mr. Doug Sprunger 

Mr Leroy Sprunger 

Mrs. Pam Sprunger 

Mr Toby Sprunger 

Mr Larry Spurling 

Mrs CyndeSpyker 

Mr & Mrs Ara St. John 

Mrs. Betty A. Stacey 

Mr & Mrs Gerald G. Slahl 

Mr. Robert Slahlke 

Mrs. Anna L. Stahlman 

Mrs Norma A. Stair 

Dr Bryce C. Slaker 

Mr Robert K Slallwood 

Mr Kenneth E. Stamm 

Rev. & Mrs. Fred L. Standridge 

Mr. 8. Mrs Benjamin Slanislaw 

Dr & Mrs. Richard J. Slanislaw 

Mrs. Margaret Stannah 

Mr. Ray P. Stansbury 

Miss Goldie Mae Stansiter 

Mrs. Nancy Starke 

Mrs. Marti Starkey 

Mr. & Mrs. Kermit Starns 

Rev. Ruth Starr 

Mr. & Mrs. Roy Slaub 

Mr 8, Mrs. Robert N. Staulfer 

Mr & Mrs. Max R. Stebbins 

Mr. Lindsay S. Stedman 

Mrs. Joan Steele 

Mr. Howard Stein 

Mr. James Steinbeck 

Mr & Mrs Milton J. Sleinbraker 

Mrs. Ann Sleiner 

Mrs. Carol Ann Sleiner 

Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Sleiner 

Mr. Kerry Sleiner 

Mrs. Marilyn Steiner 

Mrs. Polly Steiner 

Mrs. Rhonda Steiner 

Mr. & Mrs. Barry L. Steinman 

Mr. George B Stephens 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Sterling 

Mrs Lorraine M. Stern 

Mr & Mrs. J. Stanley Sleuri 

Mr Clinton Sleury 

Mrs Cynthia Steury 

Mrs Nedra Sleury 

Rev & Mrs Joseph Stevans 

Mr Heber Stevens 

Mrs Barbara Stewart 

Mr Douglas K Stewart 

Mr & Mrs. Laverne Stewart 

Mr. 8, Mrs. Leo C. Stewart 

Mr & Mrs. Donald L Stier 

Mr James Sligleman 

Mr 8. Mrs. Arthur H Slillwell 

Mr & Mrs. Peter Slipanuk, Jr 

Mr & Mrs. John Stirneman 

Miss Lorraine Stirneman 

Mr 8, Mrs. Robert A. Stock 

Mrs Muriel Stockey 

Mrs Jane Lynne Slockinger 

Mrs Peggy Slockinger 

Mr. Victor E Stockman 

Mr Donald Stocksdale 

Mr George Stoltz 

Mr 81 Mrs. Karl D Slollztus 

Mr Sleven Stoltztus 

Mr & Mrs. James T Slone 

Mr Keilh Stoner 

Mr S Mrs Larry L. Stoner 

Mrs Betty Sloops 

Dr. J T Stoops 

Mr & Mrs. Roger Slorer 

Mr 8, Mrs. Gary Slorm 

Mr & Mrs Harvey T. Storm 

Mr 8i Mrs Charles H Slotts 

Mr & Mrs. John R Sloughlon 

Mr 8i Mrs. Allen L. Stout 

Mr 8. Mrs Chester Stout 

Miss Eva A. Stover 

Mr David Slowers 

Mr Kenneth D Stowers 

Mrs Florence Straley 

Mr David Michael Slrapp 

Miss Ruth A Strawbridge 

Mrs Rachel J. Slreblow 

Mr Everald H. Strom 

Mrs JoAnne K Strope 

Mr. William R Slroup 

Mr Warner J. Strube 

Mr Leon Strunk 

Mr 81 Mrs William A. Strutz 

Mr & Mrs. Charles S Sluckey 

Mr Glen Stucky 

Mrs Jean Stucky 

Mr. William P Stultz 

Mr. Vernon Slutzman 

Mr 8, Mrs. Robert F Slyer 

Mr. & Mrs. Keilh Sullivan 

Mr Donald Summers 

Mr. 8i Mrs. Larry D Summers 

Mrs Carol Sumney 

Mr 8, Mrs. Ervin S Sutherland 

Mr Lael M. Sutherland 

Mr. & Mrs. Jack E. Sutton 

Miss Lelha Sutton 

Mr Ronald E. Sutton 

Mr. 81 Mrs. W Ted Sutton 

Mr William Sutton 

Mr. & Mrs. David M Swacina 

Mr. 8. Mrs. Kenneth Swain 

Mrs Elizabeth Swale 

Mrs Jodi L. Swan 

Dr. 8. Mrs. Kennelh D Swan 

Miss Vivian P Swango 

Mrs Bernice L Swanson 

Mr. David Swanson 

Mrs Deloris G. Swanson 

Mr, Emil Swanson 

Mr Leroy R Swanson 

Mr. Roger A. Swanson 

Mrs. Barbara H. Sward 

Mrs. Joyce A. Swartz 

Mr. 8, Mrs. James M. Sweet 

Mrs. Leona Sweet 

Mr. & Mrs. Greg Sweeting 

Mr. Winifred Sweeting 

Mrs Mary Sweitzer 

Mr. & Mrs. LeRoy Swelman 

Mr. Gary L. Swimley 

Mrs. Tracy Swiontek 

Mr Joseph Swisher 

Mr. Galen C Swope 

Mr Robert Symanzik 

Mr. & Mrs. Carl E. Symonette 

Mr. & Mrs. James W. Syrell 

Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Szucs 

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas G. Taaljes 

Mr. Brad Taber 

Mr Michael Tabor 
Mrs Claudia Tadevich 
Mr & Mrs. Alex Taggart 
Mr. & Mrs. Jerald W. Taggart 
Mr. & Mrs. Lyle E Talbol 
Mrs Eleanor Talley 
Mr Frederick K. Tanaka 
Dr. Robert A. Tanquist 
Mr & Mrs. Dwight L Tapley 
Mrs Mary Jane Tappen 
Mr. & Mrs. John Tatem 

Mrs Marie L. Thiessen 

Mrs Gail J. Thorn 

Mrs Adele Thomas 

Mr. 8i Mrs. Adrian Thomas 

Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin G. Thomas 

Mr. Dale R. Thomas 

Mrs. Edna Thomas 

Mr Elliot Thomas 

Mr 8. Mrs Raymond J. Thomas 

Mr Richard Thomas 

Mr & Mrs. Adolph Thompson 

Miss Ruth A. Tolson 
Mr 8i Mrs. Robert L Tom 
Mr. Glenn Tomaszewski 
Mr Neal Tomblin 
Miss Catherine J. Tonn 
Miss Virginia D Topper! 
Mrs. Katbee Torgersen 
Mrs. Sylvia Torgersen 
Mr &Mrs. GildoM Tori 
Mr. & Mrs Howard L. Torkelson 
Mr Lawrence Tornquist 

Mr 8, Mrs W. C. Tuile 
Mrs. Kim Turkington 
Mrs Agnes M. Turner 
Mrs. Deniece R. Turner 
Mrs Jean F. Turner 
Miss Gloria Twietmeyer 
Mrs. Marilyn Twining 
Mr & Mrs Carl Tyggum 
Mr Slan G. Tyner 
Mrs. Margaret D Tyson 
Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Ukstins 

Tim Nace finds satisfaction in reaching out to those in need. 

Charting a course for students & community 

As implied by his rather imposing title of Associate Dean of 
Students/Director of Career Development, Tim Nace faces 
rather imposing responsibilities at Taylor University. He 
and his staff do nothing less than enable students to chart 
the educational and vocational paths of their lives. 

If a student requests assistance in selecting career 
objectives and the appropriate major, his group provides 
it. During their undergraduate years, Tim prepares Taylor 
students for the job market and then helps them (and recent 
graduates) enter it. 

His service to others also includes the less fortunate, 
those struggling to contend with the needs of day-to-day life in 
the world. Tim's service as a United Way board member is 
primarily focused on his work with the Allocations Committee 
for the Salvation Army. 

"My reward or satisfaction comes from giving back to the 
community in a way I otherwise couldn't," says Tim. 

Miss Naomi Tavernier 
Mr. Burton Taylor 
Mr. & Mrs. Dwain Taylor 
Mr. 8i Mrs. Ernest Taylor 
Mr. Gilbert L Taylor 
Mrs. Hazel H. Taylor 
Mr & Mrs. James W. Taylor 
Mrs. Joanne 0. Taylor 
Mr, Loren A. Taylor 
Mrs. Margaret W Taylor 
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy R. Taylor 
Mr. Edward Tector 
Mr. & Mrs. Gene Telego 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Tempest 
Mrs Jane Ellen Tennant 
Mr. Verner Tepe 
Mr. Robert Telrick 
Mr. William Theaker 
Mrs. Lois E. Theiss 
Miss Carol R. Thiessen 
Miss Lois S. Thiessen 

Mr. David Thompson 

Mrs. Georgia M. Thompson 

Miss Lillian A. Thompson 

Miss Nancy L. Thompson 

Mr & Mrs. Norman Thompson 

Mr. & Mrs. Parker A. Thompson, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Thompson 

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond J. Thompson 

Miss Tasiel Thompson 

Rev. Theodore Thompson 

Mr. Clyde W.Thornell 

Mr 8, Mrs. W Donald Thorpe 

Mr. 8i Mrs. Charles A. Throckmorton 

Mr. Donald Tidlund 

Mr. 8i Mrs. Charles Tiede 

Mrs Mary V. Tilton 

Mr. Bradley J. B. Toben 

Mrs Eileen Tobias 

Mr. Peler W.Todd 

Mr. Florenl D. Toirac 

Mr. S Thomas Toirac 

Mrs. Debra L. Toth 
Miss Dorothy J Townsend 
Mr 8. Mrs. Stockton Townsend 
Mr, 8. Mrs, James I. Toy, III 
Mrs, & Mr LuEllaTraut 
Mr 8. Mrs, Robert Traul 
Dr 8i Mrs Arden L. Travis 
Mr Lilborn Traw 
Mr & Mrs. Thomas J Treco 
Mr. & Mrs. R.Gary Tregaskis 
Mrs. Gladys Tressler 
Dr 8i Mrs Jack L. Tromp 
Mrs. Beverly Trout 
Mrs. Vera Troxel 
Mr & Mrs. Gerald R Truax 
Dr. Roger L. Trueblood 
Mrs. Willie M. Trumbauer 
Mrs, Ardella Tschetter 
Mr & Mrs. Gordon R. Tucker 
Mr & Mrs. James A. Tucker 
Mrs. Janet Tucker 

Mr David L. Ulmer 

Mr Wesley D. Ulrich 

Mr Gary C. Umphreyville 

Mr & Mrs. R. Richard Unangst 

Mr JefleryA Underwood 

Mrs. Donna Rae Linger 

Mr 8, Mrs. David H. Unruh 

Mrs. Roberta C. Unruh 

Mr. Wesley L. Uplinger 

Mr Nathan Upton 

Miss Juliana J. Uram 

Mr 8, Mrs Gary Urban 

Mr. 8. Mrs. James H. Uselding 

Mr Neil Van Der Kolk 

Dr. Marvin D Van Etten 

Mr 8. Mrs. Willis B. Van Farowe 

Mr. Robert Van Horn 

Mr 8. Mrs. Bryan Van Skike 

Mrs. Janet Van Treuren 

Mrs. Elizabeth J VanCampen 

Dr 8, Mrs. Neil VanDerKolk 



Self-discipline and the value of hard work are 
Laurel '90 Kinzer learn through participation 

among the many lessons Taylor students Lynne '92 and 
in athletic programs. 

Mr & Mrs Robert L VanHousen 

Mrs Dianne Kay VanRavenswaay 

Mr Charles Vance 

Mr 8, Mrs Donald Vanden8rink 

Mr Al Vander Plaals 

Mf & Mrs Guslave Vandermeulen 

Miss Peggy Vanek-Tilus 

Mr Joseph Vasicek 

Mr & Mrs Richard L Vaughn 

Miss Margaiel Veale 

Mr & Mrs John Vergoz 

Ms Thelma Verhoel 

Mr 8. Mrs Clair Vernier 

Mr & Mrs Don Vernier 

Mr & Mrs Lewis Vernier 

Mr & Mrs Robed Versaw 

Mrs Donna Velh 

Mr &Mrs Wesley J Vettel 

Miss Martha Vick 

Mr Lee Vida 

Mr & Mrs Raymond H Vigneault 

Mr Leland Vining 

Mr & Mrs Kenneth L Vint 
Dr 8 Mrs Jerry D Vinyarrl 
Mr James F Vivian 
Mrs LisaVogler 
Mr W Read Voigl 
LLCol Albert C Vollmer 
Mrs Carol Volpe 
Rev Rick Volpe 
Miss Marlene Vondergeest 
Mrs Emily Voorhies 
Mr Robert G Wackerle 

Mr & Mrs Lawrence E Wade 

Mr & Mrs Robert L Wadsworth 

Mr Scott Wagoner 

Mr. & Mrs Lawrence Walcott 

Mrs Patty Walden 

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis M. Walker 

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas R Walker 

Dr Harold R Walker 

Mr 8, Mrs. J. Robert Walker 

Mrs Marilyn A Walker 

Mr 8, Mrs Zane M Walker 

Mr 8, Mrs John W. Wallace 
Mr & Mrs Russell W. Wallace 
Mr & Mrs William R Wallbaum 
Mrs Ruth C. Waller 
Dr & Mrs Ralph Walls 
Mr & Mrs. Jerry D Waller 
Mr & Mrs Leonard B. Waller 
Mr & Mrs David H. Wallers 
Dr 8, Mrs Dale D Walther 
Mr a Mrs Bradley J Walton 
Mr & Mrs Daniel R. Walton 

Mr & Mrs Henry T. Walton 

Mr &Mrs Leslie Walton 

Mr Verl K Walton 

Dr & Mrs Willard E Walton 

Mrs. Ellen Ward 

Mr & Mrs David Wardle 

Miss Rose Marie Warkentin 

Mrs. Charlotte A. Warner 

Mrs lola M Warner 

Mrs Marian D Warner 

Mr Thomas L Warner 

Mr & Mrs James R Warren 

Mrs Mary Jo Warstler 

Mrs Cornelia M. Washburn 

Mr Leonard P. Walerman 

Mrs. Marjorie J Waters 

Miss Janet L Watkins 

Mrs Barbara V.Watson 

Mi & Mrs G Richard Walterson 

Mr & Mrs Robert K. Wayne 

Mr & Mrs Steve Weaver 

Chap Jerry Webb 

Dr 8, Mrs Robert H. Webb, Jr. 

Ms Shawncey J Webb 

Rev & Mrs K. Wayne Webber 

Mrs Arlene Weber 

Mrs Helen E Weber 

Mr & Mrs Lawrence M Weber 

Mr & Mrs Ned Weber 

Mr & Mrs C H Websler 

Mr Erwin R. Wedel 

Mr 8, Mrs Ted C Wedepohl 

Miss Rulh E Weekley 

Mrs Susan Wegner 

Dr Benjamin Wehling 

Mr & Mrs Ted W Weigel 

Miss Ethel M Weikart 

Mr Herman Weiland 

Mr Tim Weiland 

Mrs. Harwood Wetmer 

Mr Donald Weirick 

Mr 8. Mrs Matthew E. Weiss 

Mr & Mrs Russell Weiss 

Mr P Craig Welch. Jr. 

Mr 81 Mrs Rick R Welch 

Mrs W S Welch, Jr 

Mrs MelindaM Wellen 

Mrs. Beth Wells 

Mrs. Connie L. Welty 

Mr Willis E. Welty 

Mrs Margaret Wendel 

Mr John A. Wendell 

Mrs Carol Wendt 

Mrs. Helen B Wengatz 

Mr & Mrs Dale E Wenger 

Mr & Mrs Robert J Went; 

Mr Richard Wepter 

Mrs Julie Wesolek 

Mrs Dorothy M West 

Mrs Irene West 

Mr RexWesI 

Chap (Mai) & Mrs Donald E. 

Mr Neil H Weslby 
Rev Bert Weslenberg 
Mr & Mrs William Westering, III 
Mr 8, Mrs Howard H. Western 
Mr Douglas B Weslin 
Miss Rita Whartnaby 
Rev 81 Mrs. W. Blythe Whealy 
Mr Charles J Wheeler 
Dr Jane E Wheeler 
Mrs. Jo Anne C Wheeler 
Mrs Virginia Wheeler 
Dr t, Mrs Andrew P Whipple 
Mrs Geraldine G. Whisler 
Mr 8, Mrs Richard G. Whilcomb 
Mrs Alice H. White 
Mr &Mrs Arthur J, White 
Mr Charles W. White 
Mrs. Doris White 
Mr 8. Mrs George While 
Miss Janis M White 
Mr 8, Mrs Joseph H. White 
Mr Si Mrs Kenneth L. While 
Miss Pamela S. While 
Mr 81 Mrs Paul B While 
Mr R W. Whilelord 
Mr Deverl Whitehead 
Mr & Mrs. Herbert E Whitney 
Mrs. Barbara R. Whittlesey 
Mr. Si Mrs. Paul Wicks 
Mr & Mrs Thomas G Widdoes 
Mr Jacob Wiebers 
Miss Elizabeth J Wiechers 
Mrs. Sheila Wierenga 
Mr & Mrs Don R Wiesiahn 
Mr & Mrs Gary S Wiggins 


Rev. & Mrs. Conrad H. Wilcox 

Mr. & Mrs. David Wilcox 

Mr. Gary D. Wilcox 

Mr. & Mrs. Harry E. Wild 

Miss Grace Wildeboer 

Mr. & Mrs. John Wildeboer 

Dr. William C. Wilder 

Mi Mark Wildermuih 

Mrs. Sabrina R. Wilds 

Mr. Harold Wiley 


Mr Paul Wilkey 

Mr & Mrs. Joe A. Wilkirs 

Mr. & Mrs. Gregg R. Wilkinson 

Mr. Richard Wilkinson 

Mr. Merlin W.Willard 

Mr. Brian L Williams 

Mr. C. Molton Williams 

Mr. J. Ronald Williams 

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Mrs. James D. Williams 

Mrs. Lois Williams 

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew J. Williamson 

Mr. & Mrs. James Williamson 

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Williamson 

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Mr. & Mrs. Gordon E. Wind 

Mr. Ronald E. Winder 

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Dr. Alan H. Winquisl 

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Shirley Crew 

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John & Janice Graham 
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Norman L. & Molly Guillaume 
Stanley & Ruth Guillaume 
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Richard W. & Bonni Gygi 
Jerry & Carolyn S. Hapner 
Kenneth M. & Barbara Harrison 

Richard D. & Ruth Lambright 
Waller & Sherra D. Layton 
P. David & Carolyn Sue LeMasters 
CarlO. & Sandra J. Leedy 
Russell E. & Hazel Leichty 
Charles W. & M. Susan Lewis 
David W. & Erika Lewis 
Carroll D. & DonnaMae E. Lindman 
J. David & Lorraine D. Long 
Mark & Aljean Loving 
Thomas & Barbara Ann Lowry 

Serving is a privilege 

After twenty years on the 
Taylor staff, Tom Beers '55 
retains a servant attitude and a 
willingness to shoulder 
diverse administrative responsi- 
bilities which today include 
associate vice president for 

As part of his community 
service, Tom has served as presi- 
ident of the board and chairman 
of the fund raising campaign for 
the Grant County United Way 
and as a board member of the 
Grant County Mental Health 
Center. Currently, he serves as 
state director of the Indiana 
Elderhostel program, second 
vice president of the Marion 
YMCA board, and first vice 
chairman of Grant County 
United Way's Allocations Committee. 

When asked which task he enjoys the most, Tom 
characteristically replies, "That's hard. It's honestly a privilege 
to serve at Taylor." 

Tom Beers brings a servant's 
attitude to his work. 


Bruce & Mary Alexander 
William & Rosemarie Amot 
Wayne & Mary Augustine 
Richard A. & Elsbeth Baarendse 
Robert W.& Sandra L.Barkey 
Eileen Barnes 
Graham & JoAnn Barnett 
Robert & Beverly S. Bass 
Clayton R. & Gerallyn M. Baumann 
Paul & Esther Baxendale 
Roger E & Marilyn Beaverson 
John & Donna Bechtel 
Thomas G. & Helen Beers 
William R. & Betty Lou Benson 
Stephen & Ruth Ann Berger 
Roland M. & Shirley Bertka 
John C. & Carole Bird 

James A & Jocelyn A Blum 
Jerry E. & Penny K. Boyd 
R. David & Joan Boyer 
David H. & Marilyn R. Brewer 
H. Ely & Carla B. Britton, Jr. 
Larry G. & Nancy Brown 
Robert E. & Nancy Brown 
Sherman L & Ruth M. Brown 
Richard L. & Elizabeth Brubaker 
Cortland M. & Donna Bucher 
Stanley & Betty Burden 
John & Suzanne Burgess 
Timothy & Carolyn Burkholder 
Eugene & Catherine Buny 
Ray 0. & Ann Burwick 
John J. & Martha M.Byler 
Waiter E. & Mary Campbell 
Wendell J. & Mary E. Carlson 
Robert B. & Ann M. Carroll 
Terry L & Becky S. Chandler 

Thomas & Bonnie CrulchTield 
Grey B. & JoAnn S. Culberson 
Gerald & Diane Cuper 
Charles Cureton 
Lewis & Joy E. Curless 
Jack & Sharon D'Arcy 
Daniel R. & Sara Darby 
James & Linda R. Daubenmier 
James R. & Nadine C. Davis 
Robert E. &Theda Dawes 
Paul & Sandra Den Hartigh 
Daniel & Cynthia Dew 
Timothy & Lucille Oilier 
Richard H. & Judith W. Dominguez 
Robert E. & Patricia M. Dunbar 
Lars & Doreen Dunberg 
Donald D. & Anita M. Dyck 
Stuart M. & Marjorie P. Ensinger, Jr. 
Gary E. & Wanda L. Evans 
Judith B. Finn 
Tyler & Letha Flynn 
Duane A & Myra Ford 
William H.&Buena Vista Ford 
Gary W. & Andra Foss 
Victor & Lorelei Franz 
Oswald & Carmen Fraser 
John & Mary Ann Fuller 
Herrick & Diane Garnsey 
Larry A & Janice E. Gates 
Marcelo R. & Joan P. Gavilanez 
Ralph D. & Melba R. Gerber 
Robert C. & Joan Gilkison 
H. RonaldS Wanda Gines 
Koslas & Helen Gogis 

Terry & Andrea Harrison 
Steven W. & Leslie J. Hassfurder 
Roger H. & Patricia J. Hay 
Doyle L. Hayes 
David & Carolyn Hein 
Larry R. & Joyce Helyer 
Henry & Ruth Hendricks 
Gene & Carol Henschen 
Martin & Carol Hess 
Hugh W.& Beverly A. Hill 
John & Annelie E. Hinks 

Timothy E. & Janis L. Hoeksema 
Michael & Judy Holtgren 
John & Joan Home 
Harris E. & Jean C. Hubers 
Richard C. & Laurel A. Hull 
David L. & Elizabeth S. Hussung 
Larry W. & Katherine Huston 
Nicholas & Judith Ann ntzes 
Thomas & Barbara Jackson 
Mark & Rita Jarvis 
Roger & Janet Jenkinson 
Gordon & Janice Johnson 
Floyd & Sandy Jousma, Jr. 
Tal & Lynn Keenan 
Nancy Kennedy 
Robert & Lynda King 
Leroy D. & Dawn Kinzer 
James Kline 

Herbert A & Margaret S. Knapp 
Virgil & Helen Koller 
Bruce & Carolyn Konya 
Edward T. & Christine J. Kraus 

Philip & Janet C. Loy 
Nada S. Lucibello 
Carl E. & Kay Lundstrom 
E. Lewis & Dorothy Luttrell 
Charles E. & Dottie Lynn 
Bruce V. & Rosemary MacFadyen, Jr. 
Daniel & Joyce MacLeish 
James & Val Marie MacLeish 
Richard & Carole Madsen 
Eleanor Malas 

Stephen & Delphine Louise Manley 
Michael & Carol Marker 
Rodger & Bonnie Martin 
Roger & Marjorie Mason 
Gene & Charleen Matsudo 
Michael & Beverly McBride 
John & Sharon McClure 
Joseph & Beverly McGee 
Everett E.& Colleen McMillan 
Paul & Beverly Means 
Miles S.&Virgilia W.Mercer 
James E. & Jane Metcalfe 
Don & Lorraine Mickelson 
Robert & Coleen J. Midwood 
Bernard M. & Doris K. Mihara 
H. Richard & Helen Miller 
Homer Jay & Mary A Miller 
John C. & Janet M. Miller 
Lynn E. & Irmgard Miller 
Phillip & Luanne Miller 
Theodore E. & Carol J. Miller 
Maurice J. Mishler 
Melvin & Sandra Moeschberger 
Don & Phyllis Moore 


Jane E. Moore 

D. Eugene & Carol S. Morgan 
Philip & Fran Mortensen 
Preston L & Ruth M. Moyer 
Wayne S. & Patsy A. Munson 
Mary Kay Neidhamer 
Merle T. & Pauline E. Nelson 
Donald R & Sandy Neu 
Buckley& Betty Nielsen 
Jotm F. & Louise L Nordengren 
David & Judith O'Brien 
Stewart I. & Vivian E. Odell 
James H. & Arloeen Oliver 
Paul W Patterson 
Earle & Helen Peters 
James & Dara Peters 
Everett T. & Maralyn D Peterson 
Robert G. & Joyce Peterson 
Roy & Corrine Peterson 
Betty Pettilor 
David & Liane Phillips 
John H. & Janet M. Phillips 
F. Roosevelt & Denise Pinder 
Edward & Marietta Pippenger 
Gordon & Rulh Plaggemars 
Edwin & Barbara A. Ploegman 
Gordon & Judy Polsgrove 
John & Rolene W. Popp 
Kenneth K. & Jill A. Potts 
Richard & Margaret Pyle 
Eilert & Jenny Ranneklev 
David H- & Nancy L. Reany 
Harry R & Kay E. Reed 
James & Lys Reiskytl 
Charles & Joyce C. Reynolds 
Nerval & Margie Rich 
William & Rebecca Ringenberg 
Leslie W. & Virginia Roberts 
Loren L. & Judy A. Roberts 
Hubert & Mary Robertson 
Clarence & Diana Robison 
Gardiner & Virginia Rogers 
William G & Sally R. Roost 
R. Waldo &MarleneRolh 
Roger & Louona J Roth 
John A Rucker 
Christian L. & Evelyn Rupp 
James & Mickey Ryg 
Jerry & Judy Sampson 
Terry & Betty Schaberg 
Donald & Lenore Schener 
Jerome M. & Jeanette J. Schlenker 
Marvin L & Mario Schmidt 
William L & Dena Z. Schnupp 
John M- & Jane Schroeder 
Lee W. & Mae Scroggins 
Jean A Seaman 
Charles & Bonnie Sellers 
Russell Sells 

Arlen R & Julianne Y, Severson 
Gary & Mary Alice Shade 
Jay D. & Judy Shapley 
William & Ellen Shroyer 
Gordon & Jane Sissing 
Dale L & Bonnie Sloat 
Richard J. & Nancy J Smith 
Robert E.& Lee Smith 
William W & Jerry Ann Smith 
John & Carol Sonneveldt 
Lucille Spellerberg 
Ara & Claudia Jean St. John 
Richard J. & Rebecca W Stanislaw 
Barry L & Judy A Sleinman 
John & Dawn Slirneman 
Fred & Jane Lynne Stockinger 
Roger & Carol Storer 
Harvey T. & Jane Storm 
Allen L & Kathryn Stout 
Chester & Norma L Stout 
William A & Marilyn Slrulz 
Ned & Jean Stucky 
Robert F & Charlotte Y. Slyer 
Larry D. & Judith Summers 
Greg & Rita Sweeting 
Mary Sweitzer 

Carl E. & Dorothy Symonette 
Lyle E & Margaret C Talbot 
Ernest & Carol S. Taylor 
Verner Tepe 

Norman & Marilyn Thompson 
Raymond & Linda J. Thompson 
Marilyn Twining 
David H. & Marion K Unruh 
Gary & Jean Urban 
James H & Sally E. Uselding 
Neil &BonilaL Van DerKolk 
Donald & Joyce VandenBr ink 
John & Gail P. Vergoz 

Willard E. & Eunice Walton 
Waller & Donna Wanvig 
G. Richard & Leota K. Walterson 
Arlene Weber 

William & Karen J Westering, III 
JohnC. & Jo Anne C Wheeler 
Kenneth L.& Judy A. White 
Paul B. & Karen While 
Paul & Suzanne E Wicks 
Thomas Tj & Barbara Widdoes 
Gary S & Ethel W. Wiggins 

John & Antoinette Wildeboer 
Andrew J. & Judith H. Williamson 
Wesley R. & Elaine S. Willis 
Larry & Lynne Winterholter 
Jon M. & Faith B Winters 
Robert C & Rosanne Wolfe 
Ronald D.& Phyllis Wood 
Ronald & Nancy Woodward 
Raymond & Janis Yoder 
Steven R & Anita Yoder 
Karl F & Linda J Zurburg 



H. Leon & LaGatha Adkison 
Beulah P. Baker 
Denise Bakerink 
James R. & Norma Barker 
L. William & Jeanette K. Bauer, Jr. 
Thomas G & Helen Beers 
Ronald M & C Joyce Benbow 
Robert P. & Marcia Benjamin 
Dan R. Boyd 

David H. & Marilyn R Brewer 
Ray E & Jeanne L. Bullock 
Stanley & Betty Burden 
Timothy & Carolyn Burkholder 
Joe & Jane Bumworth 
Robert D. & Teil M Buroker 
Melvin L Callison 
Walter E. & Mary Campbell 
Kimberly F. Case 
Mildred S. Chapman 
James & Linda J. Coe 
Winfried & June Corduan 
Mark & JoAnne Cosgrove 
Gilbert L. & Janice Shaw Crouse 
Robert & Barbara Davenport 
Randy & Jama Davis 
Janet K. Deavers 
David & Barbara C. Dickey 
Timothy & Lucille Oilier 
Edward Eugene & Gloria Dinse 
Richard & Ruth A Dixon 
Theodore M. & Lillian Dorman 
Lee E. & Patricia Erickson 
Tom P. & Julie Essenburg 
William & Frances Ewbank 
John & Joyce A Fox 
Robert J & Elizabeth Freese 
WilliamA&LuraJ. Fry 
Richard & Karel Gates 
Jan T. & Nancy Jane Gillespie 
George A & Jan Glass 
Robert V. & Jane E. Gortner 
Robert R. & Connie Griffin 
Daniel G. & Margaret B Hammond 
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Albert D & Pam Harrison 
George W. & Anna T. Harrison 
Larry R. & Joyce Helyer 
Timothy & Kathryn A Herrmann 
William and Susan Hetti 
Mary Ann Hill 
Robert & Susan Hodge 
Gerald L. & Jane Hodson 
Sharon K. Hopkins 
Herbert & Nancy A Howard 
Oliver & Jackie Hubbard 
Dale & Laura L Hutson 

Alice Jackson 

Dale M & Margaret Jackson 
Charles & Vema Jaggers, III 
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Kimberly K. Johnson 
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Thomas G. & Carolyn M Jones 
S. Marian Kendall 
Jay & Jane Kesler 
Jack W & Janet King 
Paul F King 
Larry Kleindienst 
Kelly R. & Wendy Koons 
Ronald A. & Julie A. Kortmacher 
Philip K. & Velma E. Kroeker 
LeRoy & Roberta Kroll 
James B. & Sybil Law 
Wynn & Bonnie Lembright 
Paul & Connie Lightloot 
Philip & Janet C. Loy 
Joe W. & Dianne M. Lund 
Robert M. & Billie J Manor 
William & BrendaJ. Mantha 
Barbara Sue Metzger 

Allen D. & Diane A Meyer 

Dwight L & Jane Mikkelson 

Jeflery G.Miller 

Phil & Alberta Miller 

Craig W. & Cynthia Moore 

Karen E. Muselman 

Timothy A & Susan Nace 

Ronald & Myrna Net! 

Robert R & Margaret C. Neideck 

Kenl R & Darla S. Nelson 

David L. & Ruth E. Neuhouser 

Charles & Irma R Newman 

Gary & Joy Newton 

E. Herbert & Louise Nygren 

Stephen A Olsen 

Richard & Sharon Parker 

Paul W. & Phyllis Patterson 

Roger W & Rose A. Phillips 

Robert D & Marsha Pitts 

William & Martha Planck 

Michael T. Prell 

Nelson E. & Beth Rediger 

Bret & Karen Richards 

William & Rebecca Ringenberg 

Douglas H. & Clarice Gregg Rohrman 

Joe & Carol Romine 

R. Waldo & Marlene Roth 

Roger & Louona J. Roth 

Paul E & Mary Ellen Rothrock 

Jessica L Rousselow 

Paul A. & Connie Rowan 

Lawrence & Wilma Rowe 

Gene L & Nancy A. Rupp 

Suellah J Savidge 

Richard A. & Joanne Seaman 

Alice M. Shippy 

Robert E. & Lavonna Shockey 

Frederick B & Darlene Shulze 

Darrell & Susan Sigworth 

Robert M & Carol B. Sisson 

Ronald M. & Chikako Sloan 

DaleL & Bonnu Sloat 

Allan J. 8, Ardis Smith 

Ara & Claudia Jean St. John 

Richard J. & Rebecca W. Stanislaw 

Charles C. & Barbara Stevens 

Kenneth D. & Sarah Swan 

Jere Truex 

Marilyn A. Walker 

John W.& Doris W.Wallace 

ShawnceyJ. Webb 

Lois A. Weed 

Dale E & Martha S Wenger 

Andrew P. & You-Ying W. Whipple 

Arthur J. & DonicaJ White 

Sabrina R. Wilds 

Alan H. Winguist 

Larry & Lynne Winterholter 

Sharon B. Wit 

Robert C. & Rosanne Wolfe 

Daryl R, & Joenita Yost 

Daniel & Martha YuBy 


Foundation, The 
Community Foundation. The 
English, Bonter, Mitchell Foundation 
Grace Pepper Smith Foundation 
Les Geng Charitable Foundation 
Lytord Cay Foundation, Inc. 
Mennonite Foundation, Inc., The 
Remington Foundation, William G. 
Rice Charitable Lead Trust 
Sears Roebuck Foundation. The 

Sonneveldt Foundation, The 
Stratford Foundation 

Von Tobel Foundation, Inc. 

& Industry 

Aclion Graphics, Inc. 

Air Marion, Inc. 

Associaled Colleges ot Indiana 

Avis Industrial Corporation 

Bank of Highland 

Barber Realty, Inc. 

Battery Specialists Company 

Berco, Inc. 

Blossom Hill Nursing Home, Inc. 

Bova Fruit 

Brotherhood Mutual Insurance 


C & L Well Drilling 

Citizens National Bank ot Grant 

Citizens Slate Bank 
City Savings Bank 
Classy Curls & Cuts 
Coca Cola Bottling Company 
Computer Assisted Research Service 
Confectionery, The 
Creekside Estates 
Cubberle/s, Inc. 
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Deaton Funeral Home 
Deene Corporation 
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Family Fireworks 
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Fincannon Ford Mercury, inc. 
Gordon Food Service 
Graber's Carpel Studio 
Giabill Bank 

Greyhound Food Management 
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Indiana Basketball Camp 
Indiana Federation of Clubs 
Indiana National Bank 
Ivanhoes Drive- In 
James Animal Clinic 
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Kappa, Kappa, Kappa. Inc. 
Keebler Company Foundation 
LeMaster Steel Erectors, Inc. 

Listenberger Design Associates 

M. J. Roth Reflections 

Management & Consulting Service 

Marion Health Care Clinic 

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McJohnson, Inc. 

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Munsee Meats, Inc. 

Musselman Lumber Specialties. Inc. 

National City Bank 

Nelson Yoder Construclion 

Company, Inc. 
Overholl Construction Company 
P&RHomelV Service. Inc. 
P. Ploegman & Sons, Inc. 
Pacesetter Bank 
Palmer Minnows 
Project Foster Care 
Pure Bliss 

R. J. Marshall Company 
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Tamco Industries, Inc. 
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The Pierce Governor Company 
Total Loveliness, Inc. 
Valco Cincinnati. Inc. 
Von Tobel Foundation, Inc. 
Wallpaper World 
Walnut Creek Golf, Inc. 
Warsaw Black Oxide, Inc. 
Woodard Sales & Service 




AMR/American Airlines 
ARCO Atlantic Richfield Foundation 
AT&T Foundation 
Abbott Laboratories Fund 
Aetna Lile and Casually 
Allied-Signal Foundation, Inc. 

Allstate Foundation, The 

Amcast Industrial Foundation 

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American States Insurance Company 


American United Lile Insurance 

American-Standard Foundation 

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Amoco Foundation, Inc. 

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Arthur Young Foundation 

Ashland Oil Foundation. Inc. 

Avon Products Foundation, Inc. 

BP America, Inc. 

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Baxter American Foundation, Trie 

Becton Dickinson Foundation 

Bell Communications Research, Inc. 

Best Lock Corporation 

Boeing Company, The 

CIBA-GEIGY Corporation 

CNA Insurance Companies 

CSX Corporation 

Caterpillar Tractor Company 

Chevron Matching Grants Program 

Cincinnati Bell, Inc. 

Clarcor Foundation 

Colgate-Palmolive Company 

Consolidated Natural Gas Education 


Consumers Power Company 

Continental Illinois Foundation 

Cooper Tire & Rubber Foundation 

Crowe Chizek & Company 

Cummins Engine Foundation 

Dana Corporation Foundation 

Delta Airline Foundation, The 

Digital Equipment Corporation 

Dow Chemical USA 

Dow Corning Corporation 

Dun & Bradstreet Corporation 


Eli Lilly & Company Foundation 

Emerson Electric Company 

Ernst & Whinney Foundation 

Essex Group, Inc. 

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Exxon Education Foundation 

Ferro Corporation 

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First National Bank ol Chicago 

Ford Motor Company Fund 

GTE Corporation 

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Gould Foundation 

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America, The 

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McDonnell Douglas Foundation 

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Rockwell International 

Rosewood Corporation 

Safeco Insurance Companies 

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Schering-Plough Foundation I 

Sherex Chemical Company, Inc. 

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United Telephone Company of Ohio 

Upjohn Company 

WA Whitney Corporation 

Washington National Insurance 


Westinghouse Education Foundation 

Whirlpool Foundation 

Xerox Foundation, The 

gift program 

Dillman United Brethren in Christ, 

Warren, IN 
Dublin Friends Meeting, IN 
Eastern Shore Covenant, Seaford, DE 
Emmanuel Baptist Johnstown, PA 
Evangelical Free, Hershey, PA 
Evangelical Mennonite. Archbold, OH 
Evangelical Mennonite, Berne, IN 
Evangelical Mennonite, Fort Wayne, IN 
Evangelical Mennonite, Wauseon, OH 

Grosse lie Baptist, Ml 
Grosse Pointe Baptist. Ml 
Harvest Evangelical Free. 

Kalamazoo, Ml 
Harvester Avenue Missionary, Fort 

Wayne, IN 
Herbsl United Methodist, Marion, IN 
Hillsboro United Methodist, IN 
Immanuel Baptist, Holland. Ml 
Immanuel Baptist, Saginaw. Ml 

Ridgeville Community, 

Springboro, OH 
Ridgeway Church of God, 

Mansfield. OH 
Ripley Boulevard Baptist, Alpena, Ml 
Scofield Memorial, Dallas. TX 
Siloam Fellowship, Frewsburg, NY 
South Mountain Bible, Fayetteville, PA 
Spring Arbor Church of the 

Nazarene, Ml 

Preserving the past 

With his unfailing kindness and 
sense of humor, Dwight 
Mikkelson, professor of history 
and archivist, chortles tolerantly 
at comments about him living in 
the past. Like any other outstand- 
ing teacher, he brings his subject 
matter to life — to the delight and 
benefit of his students. 

A faculty member since 1968, 
Dwight believes "good historians 
become involved in the historical 
society of thecommunity where 
they live." 

Putting his words into action, he 
serves as President of the 
Blackford County Historical 
Society, a position he's often held 
during the last fifteen years. Dwight downplays that service, 
as well as his contributions to Hartford City's museum and li- 
brary and his role in publishing a history of the county. 

"I have the satisfaction of working with a few persons who 
are very dedicated to preserving and exhibiting local lore," 
he says. 

Albany United Church of Christ, IN 
Alpha Mennonite . Alpha, NJ 
American Baptist Women of Indiana, 

Jasonville, IN 
American Reformed, DeMotle, IN 
Antioch Christian, Losantville, IN 
Auburn Presbyterian, IN 
Avondale United Methodist, Evart, Ml 
Bethany Chapel. Wheaton, IL 
Bethel Baptist. Jackson, Ml 
Bible Baplist, Wakarusa, IN 
Bible Chapel, St Louis, MO 
Blue River Church of the Brethren, 

Columbia City, IN 
Butterfield Free Will Baptist, Aurora, IL 
Calvary Baptist, Albert Lea, MN 
Calvary Baptist, Nassau, Bahamas 
Calvary Chapel of Appleton, Wl 
Calvary Community, Alexandria, IN 
Central Assembly of God, Houston, PA 

Central College United Presbyterian. 

Westerville. OH 
Chapin United Methodist, 

Henderson, Ml 
Chillicothe Bible, IL 
Christ Presbyterian, Richmond. IN 
Christian & Missionary Alliance, 

Indiana, PA 
Church of God, The, Angola, IN 
Church of The Nazarene, Dunkirk, IN 
Church of the Open Door, Elyria, OH 
Community Bible, Marietta, GA 
Community Bible, High Point, NC 
Cornerstone Baptist, Eldridge, IA 
Covenant Baplist Columbus, OH 
Davis Wesleyan, Hamlet, IN 
Dayspring Church of God Missions. 

Cincinnati, OH 
Decatur Missionary, IN 
Detroit Gospel Tabernacle, Ml 

Evangelical Presbyterian, Detroit Ml 
Faith Baptist Greenville, Ml 
Faith Bible, Metamora, It 
Faith Bible Church ol Peoria. It 
Faith Community, Indianapolis, IN 
Fellowship Baptist Chapel, Sterling 

Heights, Ml 
First Assembly Church Schools, 

Niles. Ml 
First Assembly of God, Wanen PA 
First Baplist, Elgin, It 
First Baptist Church ol Village Green, 

Miama, Ft 
First Christian, Columbus, IN 
First Church of God. Germantown, OH 
First Church of the Nazarene, 

Elkhart, IN 
First Covenant, Salina, KS 
First Evangelical Free. Wichita, KS 
First Missionary, Lansing, Ml 
First Presbyterian, Columbiana, OH 
First United Methodist, togansport, IN 
First United Methodist Plymouth, Ml 
First United Brethren, Blissfield, Ml 
First United Methodist Oceanside, NY 
Flagstaff Christian Fellowship, AZ 
Fourth Presbyterian, Bethesda. MD 
Ginghamsburg United Methodist, Tipp 

City. OH 
Goodwin Nazarene, Anderson, IN 
Grace Baptist, Middletown, OH 
Grace Brethren, North Canton, OH 
Grace Community, Panarama City, CA 
Grace United Methodist, Hartford 

City, IN 
Granger Missionary, IN 

In His Presence Ministries, Bay 

City, Ml 
Indian Hilts Community Church, 

Lincoln, Ml 
Lakeview Church, Zion, IL 
Lakeview Life Center, Marion, IN 
Lawndale Community, Chicago, IL 
Little Union Baplist, Bloomington, IN 
Livingston United Methodist, 

Columbus, OH 
Lowell Missionary, Ml 
Main Sheet Wesleyan, Jonesboro, IN 
Manhattan Baptist, Greencastle, IN 
Maranatha Ministries, Inc., 

Grandville, Ml 
Mentone United Methodist, IN 
Merriam Christian Chapel, Albion, IA 
Messiah tutheran (Raintree), 

Matthews, NC 
Middletown United Methodist, KY 
Miracle Faith Temple, Anderson, IN 
New Covenant Bible, Cedar Rapids. IA 
Northridge Christian Fellowship, 

Springfield. OH 
Okeana United Methodist OH 
Osolo Missionary, Elkhart, IN 
Ossineke United Methodist 

Women, Ml 
Penn Valley Grace Brethren, 

Telford, PA 
Pleasant Hill Baptist Smithville, OH 
Pleasantdale United Methodist, 

Montpelier, IN 
Praise Fellowship. Glen Dale, WV 
Princeton Bible, IL 
Red Mills Baptist, Manopac Falls, NY 

St. Mark Missionary, Mishawaka, IN 
SI. Peter's Evangelical Lutheran, 

Mansfield, OH 
Sunnycresl United Methodist, 

Marion, IN 
Sutter Presbyterian, St. touis, MO 
Sylvania Alliance, OH 
The Chapel, Buffalo, NY 
Trinity Evangelical Free, Tampa, Ft 
Trinity United Methodist, 

Savannah, GA 
Trinity United Methodist, Van Wert, OH 
Trinity Wesleyan, tima, OH 
United Baptist, Madison, ME 
United Methodist Women, 

Beaverton, Ml 
United Methodist, Shrub Oak, NY 
Vriesland Reformed, Zeeland, Ml 
West Walnut Street Church of Christ. 

Portland, IN 
Wakarusa Missionary, IN 
Westover Presbyterian, 

Greensboro, NC 
Wethersfield Community, CT 
White Harvest Christ Fellowship, 
Indianapolis, IN 
Willerup United Methodist. 

Cambridge, Ml 
Winding Waters Brethren, Elkhart, IN 
Woodburn Missionary, IN 
Word of tife Center, Yakima, WA 
Wycliffe Bible Translators, Inc. 
Yorktown Methodist Church, 

Yorktown Heights, NY 
Youth for Christ International, 

Englewood, CO 




The flame 
burns brightly 

By their gifts, whether 
an honorary gift, memo- 
rial tribute, annuity, estate 
or scholarship, these indi- 
viduals are perpetuating 
ideas and values shared 
with Taylor University. 

Honorary & 
memorial gifts 

In appreciation of: 

Given by: 

Riley L. Case 

Mr. & Mrs. Loren Lindholm 
Elmer Nussbaum 

Dr. M. Arthur Grant 

In memorlam: 

Given by: 

Reba Talbott Aldrlch ('15) 

R. Ruth Welch 
Wendell W. Ayres 

M. Arthur Grant 
Ted Braasch 

Louise Marling 
Arland V. Brlggs ('39) 

Cynthia M. Briggs 
Nels & Elizabeth Clint 
Emma Copeland 
J. Arthur & Effamay Dahlstrand 
Ruth H. McKeown 
Keith & Deborah Mostad 
Tameichi & Taeko Okimoto 
Walter & Gwen Randall 
Nelson & Beth Rediger 
John & Betty Rogers 
Paul Sobel 
Elton B. Stetson 
Alice Uphold 

Christine Parkhurst Camith 

William & Judith Abbott 

John B. Coney ('90) 

Charles & Ruth Baldwin 
R. Kent & Barbara Birckhead, Sr. 
George & Carileen Bollinger 
Robert & Nancy Brown 
Dr. & Mrs. M. Ray Burwick 
Calvary Fellowship Church 
Joseph & Karen Coffey 
Roland & Joan Coffey 

Tamara Dallery 
Ronald & Pamela David 
Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Delaney 
First Baptist Church, 

Montpelier, IN 
Kenneth Lee & Brenda Lippard 
Norene M. Moore 
Linda S. Osburn 
Herbert & Elizabeth Raymann 
Raymond & Elinor Retallack 
James & Martha Russell 
Theodore & May Sheyda 
Rev. & Mrs. E. W. Smillie 
Allan & Ardis Smith 
Peggy Vanek-Titus 
Richard & Betty Vaughn 
W. Read Voigt 
Daniel & Susan Walton 
C. Molton Williams 
David & Jacqueline Wimberly 

Miriam H. Crowvell 

Cameron D. L. Mosser 

J. Harlowe Evans 

M. Arthur Grant 

John P. Ische ('50) 

Bernice H. Ische 

George C. Langdon 

Georgia B. Langdon 

Veryl Macy ('48) 

Marshall & Vonda Cappon 
Lorrene A. Cody 
Iva M. Courtnay 
Gregg & Michele David 
Robert & Joyce David 
Helen Hoke 
John & Sybil Johnson 
Jerald Ross & Dorothy Krebs 
Edgar & Jacklyn Laverty 
Vernon & Evaline Macy 
Michael & Teresa Sayre 
Jack & Helen Tromp 
Bryan & Patricia Van Skike 

Margaret Mahoney 

Evelyn Ottinger 

Clyde W. Meredith 

Clyde & Jane Meredith, Jr. 
Phillip & Patricia Meredith 

J. D. Miller 

Nelson & Beth Rediger 

William L. Moyer 

Audrey H. Moyer 

Ruth Ellen Nussbaum ('48) 
Alyce Cleveland 
John & Dortha Mack 
Elmer Nussbaum 
T. L. & Janet Nussbaum 
Ronald & Frances Ringenberg 
Mark Shugart Family 
Dalton & Miriam VanValkenburg 

John P. Owen 

Nelson & Beth Rediger 

Dorothy Plumb ('56) 

Loren & Rita Lindholm 
William Plumb 

Willis and Doris Pott 

Stuart & Marjorie Ensinger, Jr. 

Betty Qutan 

M. H. & Kathryn Bordewick 
Cleo & Naomi Burns 
Barbara B. M. Campbell 
Stephen & Mary Donald 
James & Kathryn Fisher 
Harriett H. Green 
James & Helen Hayes, Jr. 
Irma U. Jones 
Joseph & Martha Jones, Jr. 

Louis & Mary Knoble 
Mary G. Lovell 
Louise Marling 
Robert & Ana Slover 
Florence M. Spence 
John & M. E. Swan 
C. H. & Louise Webster 
Paul & Karen White 
Elizabeth J. Wiechers 
Gordon & Judith Wind 
Fern M. Wolfe 
Mllo A. Rediger ('39) 

Donald & Hope Barnes 
Maurice Beery 
Margaret Behnken 
Jean Bergwall 

G. Dewayne & Judy Bontrager 
Leland & LaRita Boren 
Frank & Betty Lou Brackin 
Larry & Christine Brown 
Lynwood & Frances Brown 
Robert & Nancy Brown 
Beulah Case 
Dorotha Chapman 
Russell & Trudy Clark 
Robert & Sharon Connor 
Peggy Coppler 
Paul & Delores Crist 
Clair & Olive Day 
George & Miriam Escher 
Everett & Jane Everson 
William & Frances Ewbank 
Herbert M. Frazer 
Lester & Mildred Gerig 
George & Madelyn Guindon 
Richard & Clarice Halfast 
Gary & Cynthia Harmon 
Earle E. Hart 
William & Mary Hoke 
Alice K. Holcombe 
Francis & Mildred Johannides 
Stanley & Catherine Jones 
Thelma Aileen Karg 
Charles Duane & Rachel Kline 
Milton & Edith Korpi 
William & Joan Ladd 
Merrill & Carman Livezey 
Phyllis McCoy 
Max & Nellie McKitrick 
Harold & Muriel Miller 
Ann Montgomery 
Arthur & Sue Ellen Moorman 
Milo & Violet Nussbaum 
Clyde & Maggie Oyer 
James & Amanda Price 
Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Price 
Delia M. Rediger 
Frieda Rediger 
Howard & Lucille Rowell 
James R. Schmitz 
Nedra B. Seagly 
E. Mattie Sellers 
Orris & Sherrie Shafer 
Charles & Miriam Shilling 
Reuben & Kathryn Short 
Lowell & Nancy Smith 
Randell & Marjorie Smith 
Richard & Rebecca Stanislaw 
Paul & Ruth Steiner 
Richard & Marilyn Steiner 
Robert & Lynette Tom 
Gladys Tressler 
Alice Uphold 

Russell & Dorothy Van Vleet 
Clair & Bernice Vernier 
Don & lolah Vernier 

Lewis & Martha Vernier 
Joseph & Carolyn Wagner 
Erwin & Ruth Wedel 
Lois A. Weed 

L. Marshall & Rhoda Welch 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Wilkinson 
Paul Wright 
Harold & Dorothy Zart 
Rolland & Betty Zehr 
Evangelical Mennonite Church 
Marion Paving Company, Inc. 
John R. Rogers Company 
The Community Foundation of 
Grant County, Indiana, Inc. 

James A. Rennaker 

Nelson & Beth Rediger 

Glenn Rocke ('41) 

Nelson & Beth Rediger 
Gene & Nancy Rupp 
Nathan & Carol Tropf 

Mine Smith 

Louise Marling 

Von VanZant 

Lois A. Weed 

Mark Wlebe 

Louise Marling 

Priscilla Wurtz ('39) 

Nelson & Beth Rediger 
Gene & Nancy Rupp 

John Zoller ('41) 

Charles & Irma Newman 
Nelson & Beth Rediger 
Gene & Nancy Rupp 
W. Erwin Vincent 


Ethel L. Boyer ('27) 
Bertha P. Gllson ('29) 

Richard W. Halfast ('38) 
Devon & Velma Phillips 


Laverne Atha 
Esther M. Brinkely 
Ferdinand Freimuth 
Jeanette Graff ('30) 
Gladys D. Hendricks 
C.E. & Verna E. Liechty 
Madonna V McCarthy 
Eva M. Nysewander 


John Baxter Coffey Memorial Fund 
Dillon-Long Memorial Endowed Scholarship 
John M. Ellis Endowed Scholarship 
Jeanette Graff Music Scholarship 
Mathematics Alumni Scholarship 
Reade Center Faculty & Staff Auxiliary 

Taylor University Milo A. Rediger 

Scholarship Fund 
Rediger-Vernier Alumni Dependent 

Seagly Scholarship 
Summers Memorial Scholarship 
Taylor/Alabama Scholarship 


Accuracy . . . 

In a report such as this, although every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, it 
is inevitable that some omissions and errors will occur. If your name does not appear, 
or should it be misspelled, please notify the advancement office so that we can correct 
our error and apologize. 

For your clarification, all donors listed in this report gave during the fiscal year 
which began July 1, 1988 and ended June 30, 1989. Gifts which were postmarked 
after June 30 will be included in the report for the 1989-90 fiscal year. For tax 
purposes, the IRS requires that all gifts be applied to the calendar year which appears 
on the envelope's postmark; as an example, if a check is dated December 1989, but 
carries a January 1990 postmark, the receipt will be applied to the 1990 tax year. 

Volunteers light the way 


National Alumni Council 

The National Alumni 
Council is comprised of 19 
volunteers who serve in an 
advisory capacity in the 
planning and execution of 
alumni activities and 
programs and as liaison to 
the larger community in the 
interests of the university. 
For the second consecu- 
tive year, council members 
participated in a phone- 
athon, inviting fellow 
alumni to join them in 
pledging to the Taylor Fund. 

Brenda Brenneman '69 
Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania 

Cynthia M. Briggs 73 
Boca Raton, Florida 

Robert F. Brummeler '81 
Grand Rapids, Michigan 

Kimberly (KC) Carlsen '86 
Wheaton, Illinois 

Paul R. Cox 73 
Greenwood, Indiana 

Ruth Wolgemuth 

Guillaume '63 
Arlington Heights, Illinois 

Parents' Association Cabinet 

The Parent's Cabinet is a 
core of elected members, all 
parents of current Taylor 
students, who serve the 
university in planning and 
executing activities and as a 
resource board. 

As an advisory panel, 
rather than a policy-making 
body, it acts as a liason be- 
tween parents and Taylor 

Cabinet members serve 
both the student body and 
the Parent's Association, 
which they represent. 

The Parent's association is 
an organization including all 
parents of current students. 

The Parent's Asso- 
ciation holds three 
goals: 1) to foster and 
cultivate the spirit of 
Christian community 
among parents 2) to 
unite that community 
into a vital force of 
influence, support and 
action at Taylor Uni- 
versity through effec- 
tive communication 
among its members and 
the institution 3) to 
have a strong voice in 
support of the contin- 
ued spiritual welfare of 
Taylor University. 

David K. Gustafson '59 
Eagan, Minnesota 

Richard W. Gygi '67 
Brentwood, Tennessee 

Janet Mendenhall Horner '62 
Denver, Colorado 

Michael May 75 
San Marino, California 

Donald McLaughlin 75 
Granger, Indiana 

Nancy Verdell Moller '65 
Decatur, Indiana 

J. Aaron Neuman '89 
Lima, Ohio 

Merle & Avis Amundson 
Greenfield, Indiana 

William & Sue Ann Brown 
Indianapolis, Indiana 

William & Diane Costas 
Valparaiso, Indiana 

Lawrence & Rachael Crabb 
Warsaw, Indiana 

James & Linda Daubenmier 
Orange, California 

Paul & Joan DeMerchant 
Port Huron, Michigan 

Larry & Jan Gates 
Granger, Indiana 

Harold & Mary Gianopulos 
Barrington, Illinois 

Jackson & Jayne Gin 
Mt. Prospect, Illinois 

John F. Norris 74 
Winchester Bay, Oregon 

JoAnne Metcalf Powell 72 
Worthington, Ohio 

Douglas L. Rupp 74 
Archbold, Ohio 

James (Jamey) R. 

Schmitz '88 
Carol Stream, Illinois 

Rosalie Closson Valutis '60 
East Lansing, Michigan 

W. Quinn White '87 
Van Wert, Ohio 

Richard & Bonni Gygi 
Brentwood, Tennessee 

Terry & Andrea Harrison 
Atlanta, Georgia 

Roland & Marilyn King 
South Whitley, Indiana 

Richard & Ruth Lambright 
La Grange, Indiana 

Lewis & Dottye Luttrell 
Naperville, Illinois 

James & Joan Mathis 
Gaylord, Michigan 

Thomas & Barbara Widdoes 
Hudson, Ohio 

Wesley & Elaine Willis 
Wheaton, Illinois 


Mr. James H. Barnes, Jr. 


CRS Industries, Inc. 

Tampa, Florida 

Dr. Carl W. Hassel , Chairman of the Board 

Superintendent, Southfield Public Schools 

Southfield, Michigan 

Mr. John R. Home 

Vice President and General Manager 

Navistar International Corporation 

St. Charles, Illinois 

Mrs. LaRita R. Boren 
Vice President of Public Relations 
Avis Industrial Corporation 
Upland, Indiana 

Mr. R. David Boyer 


Helmke, Beams, Boyer & Wagner 

Fort Wayne, Indiana 

Dr. Joseph D. Brain 

Drinker Professor of Environmental 

Director, Respiratory Biology Program 
Harvard University 
Boston, Massachusetts 

Dr. Beverly E. Brightly 

Executive Director 

Jacobus Foundation for Children, Inc. 

Assistant Professor 

Palm Beach Atlantic College 

West Palm Beach, Florida 

Mr. Theodore F. Brolund 


W.A. Whitney Corporation 

Rockford, Illinois 

Mr. J. Thomas Crutchfield 
Corporate Officer 
H. Crutchfield, Inc. 
Sebring, Florida 

Mr. Thomas A. Dillon 
Lane. Alton & Horst 
Columbus, Ohio 

Greetings from the Taylor Board. . . 

The Taylor University Board of Trustees serves as 
the governing policy board of the university, with the 
ownership of the university actually vested in the 
corporate board! 

When one really considers the implications of such 
a mandate, the sense of responsibility for the guidance 
of an institution such as Taylor is indeed profound. 

The Taylor Board, I am pleased to report, takes its 
responsibilities most seriously, and with deep com- 
mitment. The twenty-six men and women of the 
board serve six-year terms at the pleasure of the 
board. We are constantly on the lookout for prospec- 
tive board members. . . people who are first of all 
committed Christians; people who will work, plan, 
pray, think, and insofar as resources permit, support 
the university financially. 

The board's primary responsibilities include policy 
development, responding to the recommendations 
from the administration of the university, and support- 
ing the president, his staff, the faculty, and all em- 
ployees, in carrying out the mission of Taylor. 

The 1989-90 school year will be a challenging one, 
with the highest student enrollment in the history of 
Taylor; with a new dormitory; with exciting new 
educational opportunities for our students; and, most 
importantly, with deepened spiritual growth on the 
part of the board, staff and students. 

With your continued support. . .in service, in prayer, 
in giving. . .and under the Lordship of Christ, Taylor 
University will continue to be "effectively Christian" 
in its ministry to our wonderful young people, and 
finally through them, to the world. 

Most sincerely, 

Mr. V. Donald Jacobsen 

Director, Quality Engineering and Training 


Winston- Salem, North Carolina 

Mrs. G. Roselyn Kerlin 
Danville, Indiana 

Mr. John McDougall 

Retired Executive Vice President and 


International Consultant 

Ford Motor Company 

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan 

Mr. Carl W. Moellering 


Moellering Construction Company, Inc. 

Fort Wayne, Indiana 

Mr. Arthur K. Muselman 

Vice President, Sales 

Economy Printing 

Mr. Richard Russell 


Russell Homes, Inc. 

Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan 

Dr. Fred S. Stockinger 
Cardiovascular Surgeon 
Grand Rapids, Michigan 

Mr. Kenneth Flanigan 
Vice President 

The Northern Trust Company 
Chicago, Illinois 

Dr. L. Marshall Welch 


L.M. Welch & Associates, Inc. 

Sedona, Arizona 

Ms. Marta Gabre-Tsadick 

Executive Director 

Project Mercy 

Vice President 

Hel Mar 

Fort Wayne, Indiana 

Dr. J. Paul Gentile 
Medical Doctor 
Fort Wayne, Indiana 

Dr. Lester C. Gerig 
Retired Chairman of the Board 
Mutual Security Lite Insurance 

Mr. Robert C. Gilkison 


Kahn Brothers Investment 

Management Corporation 



Dr. John 0. Hershey 

Retired Chairman of the Board and 


Milton Hershey School 

Hummelstown, Pennsylvania 

Trustees Emeriti 

Dr. Ted W. Engslrom 
President Emeritus 
World Vision 
Pasadena, California 

Dr. Richard W.Halfast 
Retired Surgeon 
Rochester, Indiana 

Dr. Walter Randall 

Dr. Charles W. Shilling 
Distinguished Scientist 
Department olForensicSciences 

Armed Forces Institute of 

Mr. Paul W.Wills 


Toledo World Terminals 

Richfield, Ohio 

Rev. Herbert M. Frazer 
United Methodist Minister 
Cincinnati, Ohio 

Retired Professor of Physiology 
Stritch School of Medicine 
Loyola University 
Upland, Indiana 

Washington, DC 

Mr. Linton A. Wood 
Retired Businessman 
Hendersonville, North 

Dr. Samuel F. Wolgemuth 

President Emeritus 

Youth for Christ International 

Wheaton, Illinois 

Dr. James H. Woods 

General and Vascular 


Milwaukee General and 

Vascular Surgery, S.C. 

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 

Mr. Paul Zurcher* 

Zurcher's Tire, Inc. 

Monroe, Indiana 

'newly elected 

Former baseball coach's son got his start at Taylor 

The road to the big leagues 

Jeff King, infielder for the 
Pittsburg Pirates baseball team, 
started his road to the majors at 
Taylor when his father, Associ- 
ate Director of Development 
Jack King '59, was the Trojan's 
baseball coach. Jeff and his 
brothers spent a lot of time 
catching fly balls during batting 
practice and foul pop-ups during 
Taylor baseball games. Here, 
Jack looks on as Jeff autographs 
balls after a win over the Cincin- 
nati Reds. 

Jeff, (far right), relaxes 
before the game with team 
members Bobby Bonilla 
and Barry Bonds. Life in 
the big leagues is not all 
glamour and roaring fans, 
Jeff asserts. "The only 
difference between the 
major leagues and the 
minors is you get to travel 
first class," he says. 

Warming up before the game, Jeff keeps life in the 
big leagues in perspective. "Sure, 20,000 to 30,000 
people are constantly critiquing your performance . 
But that comes with the territory. I've played with 
enough distinction to deserve the chance to be here." 
Jack King, qualified to pass judgement both as a 
former baseball coach and proud father, nods his 
head in agreement. — JG 



Maynard Ketcham is a volunteer in the 
prison ministries department of the As- 
semblies of God. He has written 15,000 
letters to prisoners and preached in 
prisons across the U.S. He served as a 
missionary of his church for 44 years, 
the last 1 9 as field director over 500 
missionaries in the Asia-Pacific area. 
Following that, he taught missions for 8 
years at Central Bible College and 
Evangel College. He lives at 3032 
Maranatha Lane, Springfield, MO 


Mable (Thomas) Norris has moved 
from North Carolina to HC 83, Box 250, 
Coquille, OR 97423, c/o her son and 
daughter-in-law, Dick & Mary (Win- 
ters) Norris, both '51. Another son, 
James '51, also graduated from Taylor, 
and thirteen grandchildren and their 
spouses are alumni: Rick '72, John 
'74, Pam (Ware '75) Printup, Jim & 
Judy (Vasselin), both '76, Dana x77 & 
Bob Pew, Vicki '77 & Bud '78 Young, 
Becky '79, Dan '82 & Sandra (Fidler 
'83), and Scott '82. Wife of a United 
Methodist minister, Mable served as 
minister of music in churches her hus- 
band pastored for 46 years. Although 
now legally blind, she continues to 
enjoy travel and opportunities to share 
her faith. 


Esther Blank died June 14. She is sur- 
vived by her sister, Lois Herbst, 1654 
Thornapple Avenue, Akron, OH 44301. 


Arlene (Summers) Dillison died July 
1 1 at her home after a long illness. Her 
husband, Charles, lives at 91 1 North 
Verlinden, Lansing, MI 48915. Her 
sister, Virginia Summers '28, lives at 
201 South Mall Drive, Apt. 48, Lansing, 
MI 48917. 


Since Dr. Clayton Steele "retired" in 
1978, he has founded the Hernando/ 
Pasco Hospice, gathered two new con- 
gregations, helped build a hospital, and 
is now in his eighth year as director of 
pastoral services at the HCA Bayonet 
Point/Hudson Medical Center in 
Hudson, Florida. All these opportunities 

have significantly blessed his life. His 
address is P.O. Box 55084, Spring Hill, 
FL 34606. 


Rev. Edward "Alumni Ed" Bruerd x 

died August 26 of a massive coronary. 
Ed and his first wife, Dot (Bird x41), 
lived at Taylor from 1960 to 1968 while 
Ed served as Alumni Executive 
Secretary. During this period he 
initiated a great increase in alumni 
interest and activity across the country. 
Ed served the Lord throughout his life as 
pastor, evangelist and missionary, as 
well as in the public relations area of 
several Christian organizations. Son, 
Charles x69, is a medical missionary in 
New Guinea; daughters, Mary Jo 
Moudy '63 and Maravene x71, both 
have degrees in teacher education. Ed's 
widow, Irene, lives at 10852 Rangeline 
Road, Berrien Springs, MI 49103. 
• Doris McKee died May 27 in a Fort 
Wayne, Indiana hospital. She had been 
a resident of United Methodist Memo- 
rial Home in Warren, Indiana. 


Rev. Fred & Elaine (Millhisler) Luthy 

celebrated their 40th wedding anniver- 
sary at a reception on June 1 8 given by 
their children, Craig x76 & Paula Lu- 
thy and Steve '73 & Darla (Luthy) 
McPhail. Fred is a retired professor 
from Taylor's religion department, and 
Elaine is a retired public school music 
teacher. They live at 3 1 2 Wright Street, 
Upland, IN 46989. 


Roberta Kessler retired in June after 29 
years of teaching in Columbus, OH, ele- 
mentary school. Prior to that, she taught 
and served as a dormitory head resident 
at Taylor. Currently, she is working 
part-time in an office and enjoying 
freedom from lesson plans and grading 
papers. Her address is 2225 Noe Bixby 
Road, Columbus, OH 43232. 


Forrest "Jack" Jackson, who held the 
basketball scoring record at Taylor until 
1989, is still using a basketball to help 
him minister to youth in the Dayton, 
Ohio, area. As pastor of First Grace 
Brethren Church for the past 26 years, 
Jack has made athletics a bridge to the 

presentation of life's real values. A new 
550-seat worship center was completed 
in 1987 at 2624 Stonequarry Road, 
Dayton, OH 45414. 


Mike & Lorena (Smith x56) Murphy 

were sent to Spain in May to produce a 
video of the OMS work there for 
showing in the U.S. Each year they will 
provide similar service in some OMS 
mission field, but their primary ministry 
continues to be in Brazil. Their address 
is Caixa Postal 58, 86.000 Londrina, 
Parana, Brazil. 


After 25 years of ministry in the United 
Methodist Church, the last five in Mid- 
dlebury, Vermont, George Klohck has 
been appointed to serve the First United 
Methodist Church in Voorheesville, 
New York, a suburb of Albany. His 
address is R.D. 4 — 66 Maple Avenue, 
Voorheesville, NY 12186. 


Fred & Sandra Pomeroy have returned 
to New Mexico from Soldotna, Alaska, 
where Fred has been superintendent of 
Kenai Peninsula Borough School 
District for the past ten years. In his 
final year there, he was named Alaska 
Superintendent of the Year. Now he and 
Sandra are adjusting to warmer climates 
as Fred serves as superintendent of 
Tucumcari Public Schools. Their 
address is P.O. Box 1046, Tucumcari, 
NM 88401. 


Larry Lyman has been appointed 
pastor of Freeport United Methodist 
Church in Freeport, Pennsylvania, 
following four years as pastor of 
Westmont UMC in Johnstown. In 1988, 
he completed a master's degree in 
pastoral psychology and counseling 
from Ashland Theological Seminary, 
doing the course work at EMERGE 
Ministries, Inc., in Akron, Ohio. The 
Lyman family lives at 213 Fourth Street, 
Freeport, PA 16229. • When Suthy & 
Rodina (Priestley x62) Maclean 
concluded their furlough in August, they 
did not return to France. Instead, they 
went to Kandern, West Germany, where 
their sons are attending Black Forest 
Academy. They are working for the 


Betty Freese, 
Alumni notes editor 

evangelization of students at the 
University of Strasbourg, France, which 
is near their German home. 


Lamar Imes, a United Methodist 
minister, has been appointed district 
superintendent of the Elkhart, IN, 
district, with responsibility for 63 
churches. His address is 56816 
Meadowood Drive, Elkhart, IN 46516. 

• Philip Place has been appointed 
director of Harford County, MD, 
libraries, a system of six branches and 
600,000 volumes. He had formerly 
served as director of the Manatee 
County library system in Bradenton, FL, 
since 1974. Philip's wife, Diana, is a 
certified marriage and family counselor. 
Their children are Michael (17) and 
Allen (15). They live at 9 Edgehill 
Court, Bel Air, MD 21014. 


Barbara (Brown) Bender and her 

husband, Charlie, have moved to the 
Pearson United Methodist Church in 
Trenton, New lersey, after a happy 15- 
year stay in Woodstown. Barbara is 
looking for a new position in social 
work. Their children, Pam (21) and 
Jonathan (20), are students at Franklin & 
Marshall College. The Benders live at 
71 Pearson Drive, Trenton, NJ 08610. 

• Marsha (Elkund) Geddes reflects on 
her 25th class reunion: see story, page 6. 


Bob Duchardt has accepted the position 
of head athletic trainer at Cedarville 
College in Ohio. He and wife Sharon 
and daughters, Melanie (15) and 
Michelle (10) reside at 800 North King's 
Street, Xenia, OH 45385. Sons, Jeffrey 
and Scott, are both away at college. 
• In the summer of 1988, Loran 
Skinner was the recipient of the Keizai 
Koho Center Fellowship sponsored by 
the Japan Institute for Social & 
Economic Affairs. This 18-day tour of 
Japan is offered to help educators learn 
about contemporary Japanese society 
and give their teaching a global 
perspective. Since his return, he has 
addressed the NASSP, the North Central 
Association, Indiana Principals' 
Academy, and a Wisconsin teachers 
workshop on his perceptions of Japanese 
education. Loran has served as principal 
of Pendleton Heights High School for 

the past ten years. He and wife, Becky, 
live at 5778 Douglas Way, Anderson, 
IN 46013, with their daughters, Jolie 
(20), a college junior, and Lorinda (17). 


Dee Friesen retired from the Air Force 
in October 1 988 and is now a pilot for 
American Airlines. Although he flies 
out of Dallas, his home address is still 
2109 Bluecorn Maiden Court N.E., 
Albuquerque, NM 871 12. 


Wes Rediger has been named executive 
director for development at Huntington 
College, Huntington, Indiana. Wes and 
JoAnn (Kinghorn '71) and children, 
Andrea and James, live at 2 1 27 Maple- 
wood Drive, Marion, IN 46952. 
• Governor Evan Bayh named Jere 
Truex Hoosier of the Year on Septem- 
ber 30. (See story on page 3). 


Tom & Julie (Ringenberg x70) 
Essenburg and their children, Ben (10) 
and Ann (6), moved to Upland in 1988 
when Tom accepted the position of 
Associate Director of Development at 
Taylor. Prior to this, Tom had served 
for 1 8 years with Youth for Christ in 
Wisconsin and Illinois. Julie, a dental 
hygienist, works part-time and enjoys 
serving as a volunteer in campus 
activities. The Essenburg family resides 
at 817 Valhalla Drive, Upland, IN 
46989. • Lyle & Susan (Bauer) Hover 
announce the arrival of Michael Stephen 
on October 29, 1988. He joined sister, 
Tamara Suzanne (17), and brothers, 
Jeremy Scott (16), Nathan Lyle (12) and 
Adam Charles (8). Lyle works as a 
mason for Key Waterproofing, and 
Susan does baby sitting in her home. 
They celebrated their 20th wedding 
anniversary in August. Their address is 
1 164 Baker Avenue, Schenectady, NY 
12309. • Lauren Elissa was born May 
28 to Bob & Sandy Shaffer, joining 
sisters, Kristen and Jenny. The Shaffers 
serve with Slavic Gospel Association in 
Austria. Their address is J-Schoeffelg 
61, A-3400 Klostemeuburg, Austria. 


Dick Trapp has been appointed 
principal of Union Junior-Senior High 
School in Modoc, IN. He and Lynn 

(Juraschek '70) live at 9013 West Tulip 
Tree Drive, Muncie, IN 47304, with 
daughters, Mallory and Megan. 


Bob & Candace (Barker '71) Jones 
and family live at 210 Avenue C, Apt. 
B, Kodiak, AK 99615. Bob is a 
Commander in the U.S. Coast Guard, 
and Candace teaches third grade at 
Kodiak Christian School. Daughter, 
Melanie is a high school junior, and son, 
Nathanael is in 4th grade. • John 
Moore received the EdD degree in 
biology at Ball State University in 
March. He teaches biology at Marion 
High School and is an adjunct professor 
at Taylor. Cathy (Hinkley '75) is home 
schooling Michael (8), Bethanie (7) and 
Daniel (3). The Moores live at 413 
West Payne Avenue, Upland, IN 46989. 


F. Guthrie Castle became a partner in 
the Memphis law firm of Borod & 
Kramer in March. His home address is 
1648 Vinton Avenue, Memphis, TN 
38104. • Montie Gardner married 
Sara Sanders on April 22 in Irvine, CA. 
Montie is an account vice president with 
PacTel Business Systems, and Sara is 
supervisor of the word processing 
department at ASL Consulting Engi- 
neers. They fellowship at Mariners 
Church in Newport Beach. Home 
address is 18715 Paseo Picasso, Irvine, 
CA 92715. • Katherine (Hays) Hess 
has a private practice in internal 
medicine in Ashland, OH. She 
graduated from the Medical College of 
Ohio at Toledo in 1977 and married 
Steve Hess the same year. They have 
three sons: Kevin (10), Jason (8) and 
Nathan (6). Their address is 639 C.R. 
1775, Ashland, OH 44805. 


Lowell & Sherry (Korfmacher '76) 
Haines announce the adoption of 
Hannah Elizabeth, who was born 
October 6, 1988. Lowell is in his third 
year of law school at Indiana University. 
In August 1988, he was selected to the 
associate class of the Indiana Law 
Journal, and last May, was elected 
editor-in-chief. For this academic year 
he received one of only eight scholar- 
ships awarded by the Indiana Bar 
Foundation. The Haines' address is 
2201 East 7th Street, Bloomington, IN 


Raymond Squire '23 and Ernest 
Lindell '26, pose atop the Taylor 
sign in 1923. 

47401, where Sherry is at home with 
Hannah. • David Harlan has been 
appointed director of the Aroostook 
Mental Health Center's substance abuse 
services in Aroostook, Maine. David 
and wife Linda have two children: 
Daniel (6) and Kathryn Jane (3). They 
live at R.D. 1, Box 81, Caribou, ME 
04736. • Dr. Paul Kasambira received 
the 1 989 Center for Research and 
Service Annual Faculty Award for 
Research from Bradley University 
where he is associate professor of 
education and director of minority 
student services. Paul and Irene and 
their family live at 801 West Shermoor 
Street, Peoria, IL 61614. • Larry & 
Alice (Himebaugh) Polston have 
moved to Aberdeen, Ohio, where Larry 
is pastor of Aberdeen Baptist Church. 
The Polstons have a daughter, Leigh (3). 
Their address is 1850 Stivers Road, 
Aberdeen, OH 45101. 


Gloria Grenwald-Mayes has joined the 
faculty of Webster University as visiting 
assistant professor of behavioral and 
social sciences. A licensed psycholo- 
gist, she earned her doctorate degree in 
marriage and family studies at St. Louis 
University. Her address is 7230 Balson, 
University City, MO 63130. 


Mark & Linda (Stewart) Caldwell 

announce the birth of DeAnna Mae on 
November 17, 1988. She was wel- 
comed by Megan (8) and Stephen (4). 
The Caldwells are partners in Lollipop 
U. Day Care Center Inc., created by 
Linda seven years ago. They have now 
designed and constructed a 6,000- 
square-foot building in the form of a 
castle to house the 97 children and 23 
employees of the center. The Caldwells 
reside at 7377 Main Street, Fairview, 
PA 16415. • Robert & Becky 
(McDonald) Halcombe were doubly 
blessed with the birth of twins, Rachel 
Lois and Elizabeth Anna, on August 8, 
1988. Their address is Route 10, Box 
381, Fredericksburg, V A 2240 1 . • 
Roger & Jill (Drake) Judd became 
very proud parents on July 28, 1988, 
with the birth of Emily Laura. Roger is 
employed as graphic artist for Taylor 
and is also a free-lance artist/cartoonist. 
Jill is enjoying her job as full-time 
mother and homemaker. They reside in 

Upland. • Cynthia (Metzenbacher) 
Smith and her family have moved to 
Massachusetts, where husband, Steve is 
a systems analyst for the BGS Software 
Company in Waltham. Cynthia has 
discontinued teaching to stay at home 
with sons, Jordan (5) and Jeffry (1). 
Home address is 16 Diana Circle, 
Leominster, MA 01453. 


Jay & Cathy (Wilhelmi) Haney 

announce the arrival of Laura Anne, 
born December 1, 1988, seven weeks 
ahead of schedule. Cathy is enjoying 
her new career as a mother. The Haney 
family lives at 126 Indian Hills Drive, 
Novato, CA 94949. • Abby Beth was 
the special Thanksgiving Day gift of 
Xurt & Kathy (Coats '79) Jaderholm. 
Born November 24, 1988, she was 
welcomed home by sister, Megan (3). 
Kurt is a manager at Geldermann Inc., a 
Chicago-based commodities firm. 
Kathy is co-owner of a new business, 
Peanut Butter & Jam, specializing in 
unique children's clothing and accesso- 
ries. The Jaderholms live at 171 Main 
Street, Glen Ellyn, IL 60137. • Debbie 
(Sheffer) Jevert and her family have 
moved to Wheaton, Illinois, where 
husband Mark is the new director of 
national church ministries for Youth for 
Christ/USA. They live at 528 East 
Prairie, Wheaton, IL 60187, with 
daughters, Sarah and Susan. • Randy & 
Nancy (Zeller x78) Smith and 
daughter, Sarah (2), welcomed Rebecca 
Emily, born June 10, into the family. 
The Smiths reside at 4334 North Bell 
Avenue, Chicago, IL 60618. 


Phil & Kendra (Dunkelberger) 
Duncan announce the birth of Katie Lee 
on May 25. Katie joins Kirk (5), Kelly 
(4) and Kyle (2) at their home, 29 
Brearly Crescent, Flanders, NJ 07836. 

• Carl & Becky (Ferguson) Goertemo- 
eller are pleased to announce the birth 
of Stephen Carl on November 8, 1988. 
Stephen was welcomed home by sister, 
Lauren (3). Carl is redevelopment 
director for Melvin Simon & Associates. 
Becky retired from Digital Equipment 
Corporation after Stephen's birth. The 
Goertemoeller family lives at 12723 
Wembly Road, Carmel, IN 46032. 

• Sylvia Goodman has completed her 
doctoral studies at Boston University. 

Her dissertation research on spectator's 
behavior at professional hockey games 
has been presented at the AAHPERD 
convention in Boston and the AIESEP 
conference in Finland. She was a 
clinical athletic trainer at the U.S. 
Olympic Training Center in Colorado 
Springs this summer. Sylvia is a faculty 
member at Eastern Nazarene College, 23 
East Elm Avenue, Quincy, MA 02170. 
• Deb (Gates) & Roger Varland and 
son, Luke (3), announce the birth of 
Grace Marie on July 20. Roger and Deb 
are on the faculty of Spring Arbor 
College. They live at 139 Harmony, 
Spring Arbor, MI 49283. 


Page & Sarah (Hillis) Clark announce 
the birth of Jonathan Edward on April 
23. Page is a systems analyst and Sarah 
has retired from teaching to be with 
Jonathan. They live at 634 North 
Hancock Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO 
80903. • Greg & Mary Ellis had a son, 
Jeffrey Thomas, born April 3. The Ellis 
family has moved from Virginia to 
Indiana, where Greg and Mary work for 
Fort Benjamin Harrison. Their address 
is 1111 Sandra Drive, Anderson, IN 
46013. • John Jaderholm and Carol 
Olson were married May 6 in Park 
Ridge, Illinois. Taylor participants were 
Brian Burnett, Donald Emery x, Kurt 
Jaderholm '78, Ron Jaderholm x83, 
and Bruce Grabenkort '79. Carol 
attended the University of Iowa and 
graduated from National College of 
Education in 1983. She teaches 6th 
grade in Carol Stream. John is a 
salesman for Motorola Communications 
and Electronics, Inc., Government 
Markets Division, in Wood Dale. The 
Jaderholms live at 378 Juniper Tree 
Court, Hoffman Estates, IL 60194. 


David & Wendy (Lockhart) Axt 

announce the birth of their first child, 
Heather Michelle, on March 14. David 
works for Deluxe Check Printers, Inc., 
and Wendy is at home with Heather 
after teaching for 8 years. The family 
lives at 316 Ridgedale Way, Lawrencev- 
ille, GA 30244. • Steve x83 & Joyce 
(Canfield) Courtney have formed a 
new recording label called C.A.F.E. 
MUSIC (Christian Artists For Entertain- 
ment). Currently, they have made a 
cassette album and three music videos. 


Dr. and Mrs. Dale Heath have moved to Florida 
where Dr. Heath has again left the "retired" status to 
teach at Lake City Community College, part of the 
University of Florida system. 

Dale and Evelyn have built a home in Eastside 
Village, Route 12, Box D-188, Lake City, FL 32055. 

Their home address is 248 South Spruce 
Street, Lititz, PA 17543. They would 
like to hear from their old friends. 
• Stephen Joseph was born to Paul & 
Teri (Rakestraw) Dick on May 19. He 
joins brothers, Ryan Bradford (5) and 
Kevin Michael (3). Paul is director of 
card services for ServiceCorp in 
Indianapolis, and Ten works part-time, 
at home, administering employee benefit 
plans. The family resides at 50 
Fairwood Drive, McCordsville, IN 
46055. • Marcy Girton, women's 
tennis and basketball coach at Taylor for 
the past three years, has accepted the 
position of women's basketball coach 
for the University of Southern Colorado 
at Pueblo. USC, an NAIA school of 
approximately 4000 students, will 
upgrade its program to NCAA Division 
II status next year. • Phil & Janet 
Jamieson have moved from Boston, 
Massachusetts, to Pepper Pike, Ohio, 
where Phil serves as an associate 
minister at Garfield Memorial UMC 
while completing his doctoral disserta- 
tion. During the past four years, Phil 
has been working on a PhD degree in 
historical theology and teaching at 
Boston College. Their new address is 
210 Meadowhill, Chagrin Falls, OH 
44022. • Dave & Susanna (Hartman) 
Poucher announce the birth of Andrew 
David on July 2. The Pouchers live at 
7700 Foxwood Drive, Raleigh, NC 
27615. • Brian & Joy (Hostetler) 
Ruegsegger are pleased to announce the 
birth of Grace Irene on March 22. She 
was welcomed home by Tyler (4) and 
Hannah (2). Brian is general manager of 
R. P. Wakefield Co., a wood products 
manufacturer, and Joy manages things at 
home. The family's new address is 
4205 County Road 35, Auburn, IN 


Glenn Brower and Laura Neubauer 
were married June 3 in Boca Raton, 
Florida. Taylor participants were 
Janice (Brower x84) Taddonio and 
Randy Youst x84. Glenn is an account 
executive with Systems Automation, 
Inc. They live at 5403 Harborside 
Drive, Tampa, FL 33615. • Beth 
(Thomas x) Hartz died April 29 at 
Johns Hopkins University Hospital. She 
was awaiting a liver transplant, but an 
infection set in before one became 
available. Her husband, Warren, lives in 
South Carolina. • Jessica Nirel was 

born June 30 to Chris & Karen (Wittig) 
Kemp. Chris is in his second year at 
LeTourneau University majoring in 
mechanical engineering. Karen is 
seeking work she can do at home. Their 
address is LeTourneau University CPO 
95, P.O. Box 7001, Longview, TX 
75607. • Susan Lapham was married 
July 1 5 in Davenport, Iowa, to Aaron 
Hoon. Taylor participants were Debbie 
(Lapham '80) Gillesee and Debra 
(Richardson '84) Mason. Aaron is a 
Christian education major at Moody 
Bible Institute and also works as a 
carpenter with a custom casework 
company. Prior to her marriage, Susan 
taught for seven years. The couple lives 
at 422 South Euclid Avenue, Oak Park, 
IL 60302. • Dan & Lisa (Henningsen 
'81) Miller joyfully announce the birth 
and 2nd birthday of Erik Daniel. The 
day after his birth on September 3, 1987, 
Erik experienced breathing and eating 
difficulties and was confined to a 
neonatal intensive care unit and 
children's hospital until January 22, 
1988. Despite his difficulties and the 
many handicaps that remain, Erik is a 
happy boy. Through answered prayer, 
therapies, and lots of love and support, 
he has made many gains and no longer 
experiences life-threatening respiratory 
problems. Dan and Lisa continue to 
pray for his complete healing, but hold 
to God's promise in Romans 8:28. The 
Miller family lives at 3 Sunny View 
Drive, Succasunna, NJ 07876. • Wes & 
Lisa (Stentz) Mills made their home in 
Kennebunk, Maine, after Wes received 
this DDS from Indiana University 
School of Dentistry in 1986. In addition 
to caring for Wesley William (2), Lisa 
operates her own business, CONSIDER- 
ATE DONE, a personal/corporate 
shopping and gift service. The Mills' 
address is 78 Cat Mousam, Kennebunk, 
ME 04043. • Chet Clifford was born 
August 19 to John & Ruth (Warner 
'79) Ozmun, 6812 Georgetown Road, 
Indianapolis, IN 46268. • Jeff&Dori 
(DeSmit '83) Perrine and son, Pieter, 
announce the birth of Kristin Joy on July 
28. The family lives at 607 Glendale 
Road, Glen Ellyn, IL 60137. 


Arlan & Linda (Treen '84) Friesen are 
pleased to announce the birth of Jordan 
Peter on July 15, joining Whitney (2). 
Arlan is employed with Lincoln 
National Life Insurance, and Linda is at 

home with the children. Their address is 
7107 Chivington Drive, Fort Wayne, IN 
46815. • Lyle & Betsy (Burns) 
Johnson happily announce the birth of 
Keturah Elizabeth on November 11, 
1988. Lyle is minister of single adults at 
the Metropolitan Bible Church in 
Ottawa, Canada's national capital. 
Betsy is at home with Keturah. The 
Johnson family lives at 196-F Craig 
Henry, Nepean, Ontario K2G 4M7, 
Canada. • Mark Lantz has joined 
Chore-Time Equipment, Milford, 
Indiana, as plant superintendent, super- 
vising various aspects of the company's 
manufacturing operation. Mark and 
Cindi (Dawes x85) and sons, Kory and 
Kyle, reside at 661 18 Grasslands Lane, 
Goshen, IN 46526. • Brian Long 
received the master of divinity degree 
with emphasis in counseling from 
Denver Theological Seminary. He and 
Cindy (Price '81) and daughter, Britton, 
now live in Paradise, California, where 
Brian is a youth pastor. Their address is 
492 Bille Road, Paradise, CA 95969. 

Shirley (Pritchett '79) Hill has been pro- 
moted to vice president/western director, af- 
filiate relations, for The 
Family Channel, the nation's 
fifth largest cable network. 
She is responsible for over- 
seeing the midwest, south- 
west, Rocky Mountain and 
western affiliate relations 
offices. Shirley joined The 
Family Channel as midwest 
affiliate representative and 
was soon promoted to manager. From there, 
she was appointed western director, the 
position she held until her promotion to vice 
president. She and husband, Gary, have one 
daughter, Jessica, and reside at 4411 Richard 
Avenue, Oak Forest, IL 60452. 

• Rob & Beth Molzahn and big sister, 
Tenley, announce the birth of Karley 
Lanae on June 27. Rob is associate 
director of financial aid at George Fox 
College. The family lives at 305 South 
Center, Newberg, OR 97132. • Kent & 
Jody (Luxford '84) Oxley joyfully 
welcomed Sarah Lauren, born July 30. 
The Oxley family lives at 240 Anthony, 
Glen Ellyn, JJL 60137. 


Jane Long Mikkelson, 60, wife of Dr. Dwight Mikkel- 
son, history professor at Taylor, died Sunday, Oct. 8 in 
Ball Memorial Hospital, Muncie, after a long illness. 

Jane, who worked as an admissions clerk at Taylor 
for several years, graduated from Asbury College in 
1950. Dwight lives at 1421 N. Mulberry, Hartford City, 
IN 47348. 


Jeff & Marsha (Neal) Brunett 
welcomed their third child on August 17 
with the birth of Jeffrey Luke. Elizabeth 
(3) and Anna Jeanne, bom May 11, 
1988, complete the family. Jeff is an 
emergency room physician at Commu- 
nity Hospital in Indianapolis, and 
Marsha is busy at home with the 
children after teaching junior high 
school math for two years. Their home 
is at 3208 Summerfield Circle, Indian- 
apolis, IN 46214. • Sarah Elizabeth 
was born June 1 1 to Larry & Mandy 
(Cull) Chizum. Brother David is 
almost 3. Larry is senior systems 
analyst for Computer Sciences Corp. 
and Mandy is at home with the children. 
Their address is 7829 Delbrook Drive, 
Indianapolis, IN 46260. • Jim & Kim 
(Felton) Clarke announce the birth of 
Tyler Jacob on February 4. Brother 
Jeremy James is 3. Jim is a CPA and 
audit manager at Coopers & Lybrand. 
Kim, formerly employed by Coopers & 
Lybrand, has received her CPA license 
and is now assistant controller for Gulf 
Stream Coach, Inc. Their home address 
is 53635 Kershner Lane, Elkhart, IN 
46514. • Michael & Marcia (Harness 
'87) Daugherty live in Columbus, Ohio, 
where Michael has been promoted to 
applications analyst at CompuServe, the 
nation's largest online computer 
information service, and Marcia has 
been named managing editor of Creator, 
a bimonthly music ministry magazine. 
Their address is 4930 Wallington Drive, 
Hilliard, OH 43026. • David & Kathy 
(Newell) Dinkier are rejoicing in the 
birth of Alyssa Danielle on June 22. 
After teaching in a Christian junior high 
school for four years, Kathy is now at 
home with Alyssa. The family lives at 
51 1 Weeks Avenue, Riverside, NJ 
08075. • Chris Goeglein has been 
promoted to director of human resources 
management information and pay 
systems for Lincoln National Corpora- 
tion in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Chris and 
Deb (Glass) and son, Justin (2), live at 
7833 Glenoak Parkway, Fort Wayne, IN 
46815. • Pam (Miller) Hays and her 
husband, John, welcome the arrival of 
their first child, Greta Annaliese, on 
May 27. Pam is managing editor of 
publications for the American Physical 
Therapy Association, and John is pastor 
of Washington Community Fellowship 
Church. They live at 1312 Emerald 
Street N.E., Washington, DC 20002. 

• Dean Moyer has completed the 
course work for the master's degree in 
church music and is serving as minister 
of music at First Missionary Church of 
Berne, Indiana. Cass (Huston '85) is at 
home preparing for the birth of their first 
child in January. Their address is 517 
West Van Buren Street, Berne, IN 
4671 1. • Tom & Beth (Knudsen) 
Shevlot had a son, Thomas Alexander, 
on July 26, 1988. Tom is marketing and 
advertising manager for KPT, Inc., and 
Beth is office manager for a tax and 
financial consultant. They live at 3901 
Yonkers Drive, Bloomington, IN 47401. 


Steve Bauman married Cheryl Varitek 
on June 10 in Sterling Heights, Michi- 
gan. Taylor participants were Jon 
Campbell '86, Arlene Bauman '83 and 
Dan Bauman '82. The couple lives at 
19 Eastview Apt., Berne, IN 4671 1. 
• Cindy Burgess is copy editor for The 
Item in Sumter, South Carolina. Her 
address is 87 Chalet Court, Sumter, SC 
29150. • Upon completion of his first 
year as a sales representative for Zep 
Manufacturing, Jon McCracken was 
awarded the company's prestigious 
Rookie of the Year award in December, 
1988. Jon is now a territorial manager 
for Up-Right Aerial, Inc., in Ridgefield 
Park, New Jersey. His wife, Susan 
(Henningsen '86), is a supervisor for 
Prudential Insurance Company in 
Parsippany, New Jersey. Their address 
is 145 South Main Street, Wharton, NJ 
07885. • Nathaniel James joined the 
family of Jim & Su Ray on Father's 
Day, June 18. Jim works for United 
Airlines as an application programmer 
in the revenue and finance department. 
Su has a music calligraphy business at 
home. The Rays live in a Chicago 
suburb, at 4 Jefferson Court, Stream- 
wood, IL 60107. • John & Nancy 
(Norman) Rizzo proudly announce the 
birth of Joshua Michael on May 3. John 
is with Educational Assistance Ltd., a 
company working with large corpora- 
tions to raise scholarships for needy 
students. Nancy is a part-time teacher of 
high school English. They live at 242 
Polo Club Drive, Glendale Heights, IL 


Dave & Michelle (Mathes) Becker 

reside in Lubbock, Texas, where Dave is 

in his first year of medical school at 
Texas Tech University. Michelle works 
for the Gordon-Murdock Co., a local 
food broker. Their address is 3313 
22nd Street, Lubbock, TX 79410. 

• Donald & Jackie Hecox are happy to 
announce the birth of Mandolyn Rachael 
on April 17. Donald is self-employed as 
a hard-surface floorcovering contractor. 
He coaches wrestling in the public 
school during the winter and is also 
involved in an active music ministry. 
Jackie was a bank teller for nine years 
before becoming a mother, but has made 
a permanent career change. The Hecox 
family lives at 7308 Edward Drive, 
Loves Park, IL 61 1 1 1 . • Christine 
Hume and Tim Bresnahan were married 
August 26 in Danville, Indiana, and now 
reside at 3949 Wind Drift Drive East, 
Indianapolis, IN 46254. Tim, an Ohio 
State University graduate with a degree 
in accounting, works for Willoughby 
Industries. Christine works for 
Electronic Data Systems as a systems 
manager. • Jeff Raymond has been 
promoted to administrative assistant 
with the Trans America Athletic Confer- 
ence. He spent the last year as a sports 
information intem for the NCAA 
Division I conference. Jeff will 
continue to work with sports informa- 
tion for the six conference sports and 
will assist the commissioner with 
selected administrative duties. His 
address is 1794 South Lumpkin #10, 
Athens, GA 30606. • Ron Spyker 
received the MDiv degree in May from 
Garrett Evangelical Theological 
Seminary. He is pastor of Wolcott 
United Methodist Church. Ron and 
wife, Cynde (Brook x75), Ryan (14), 
Brooke (12) and Nathan (8) live at 123 
East Anderson, Wolcott, IN 47995. 

• Olivia Maureen was born February 2 
to Scott & Sarah (Meier) Wagoner. 
Scott is pastor of Grace Evangelical Free 
Church, and Sarah is a homemaker. 
Their address is 502 N.E. 6th Street, 
Aledo, IL 61231. 


Matt Basiletti and Karen Rolund '88 

were married July 29. Taylor partici- 
pants were Dave Bauer, Mark 
Andrews x, Troy Funte, Kay Stotts 
'88, Cami Piekarski '89 and Laura 
Rolund '91. The Basilettis live at 403 
North President, Wheaton, IL 60187. 

• Pete & Kim (Smith '88) Buhrow 


Dr. and Mrs. Gordon Krueger celebrated their 50th 
wedding anniversary on July 25, 1989. 

Gordon and Ruth came to Taylor in 1955, when 
Gordon accepted a position as assistant professor of 
chemistry. Ruth taught in the local elementary school. 
Gordon retired in 1979. The Kruegers live at 612 Reade 
Ave., Upland, Ind., 46989 

have moved to 1038 Shoshone Trail, 
Macedonia, OH 44056. Pete will 
continue working for Ernst & Whinney 
through March 1990 when a merger will 
eliminate his department. Kim has been 
employed as a personnel administrator 
at Olympic Steel Corporation since last 
April. • Ruth Plumb and Mark 
Wenger '88 were married August 5 in 
Indianapolis, Indiana. Taylor partici- 
pants were Rhonda Sabol, Matt 
Ringenberg '88, Maria Amstutz '86, 
Rob Easier '88, Nate Tropf '74, 
Darren Hotmire '89 and Chuck 
Stewart '88. Ruth and Mark live at 
1007 Arrowhead Drive, Apt. 14B, 
Oxford, OH 45056. • Jim Robbins & 
Tami VonGunten were married April 29 
in Woodbum, Indiana. Taylor partici- 
pants were Dirk Ailts, Steve Wild, 
John Stark, Kevin Davidson '86 and 
Dave Jost '86. Jim and Tami live in 
Fort Wayne where Jim is a senior buyer 
for Wayne Home Equipment and Tami 
works for GTE North, Inc. • Brian 
Shepherd and Lorri Arendt '90 were 
married August 19 in Flemington, New 
Jersey. • Valerie Wilson homes- 
chooled American missionary children 
in the northern Philippines for the 1988- 
89 school year. For 1989-90, she is 
teaching first grade at Faith Academy in 
Manila. Her address is P.O. Box 820, 
1299 Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines. 


Nathan Beadle and Kim Barthauer 

'89 were married July 15. Taylor 
participants were Dale Barthauer, 
Crystal Handy, Jamey Schmitz, Matt 
Wengerd, Mark & Lou Ann (Preston) 
Beadle, both '78, Craig Beadle '82, 
Clyde Parker x87, Kristine Bailey '89, 
Becky Litwiller '89 and Joan (More- 
land x63) Barthauer, mother of the 
bride. Kim and Nathan live at Cause- 
way Drive #2-B, Indianapolis, IN 
46214. • Amy Coats and Mike 
Bertsche were married July 22 in Lynn, 
Indiana. Taylor participants were 
Megan (Rarick) Clodgo, Shelley 
Rogers, Tammie Byrnes, Joe Man- 
iglia, Kathy (Coats '79) Jaderholm, 
Peggy way '87 and Menda (Pike '89) 
Wright. Mike is an actuarial consultant 
for Lincoln National Life Insurance, and 
Amy is a substitute teacher. Their 
address is 2020-B River Run Trail, Fort 
Wayne, IN 46825. • Shelly Cramer 
married Terrell Gramling on June 25, 
1988. They are under appointment with 

Gospel Missionary Union as missionar- 
ies to southeast Alaska, but will be 
living at 15137 Road 5, Pandora, OH 
45877, until the summer of 1990. • 
Patti Gammage and Patrick McNulty 
were married June 1 7 in Royal Oak, 
Michigan. Taylor participants were 
Dan Chilcott, Lisa Gammage '90, 
Sandy Yutzy x85, Kris (Leffingwell 
'87) Chilcott, Cathie Wolfe '87, Paul 
Gammage x87, Kris (Walton '86) 
Gammage, Wendy Smith '90, Connie 
Lindman '90 and Jeff Wallace '89. 
The McNulty s' address is 931 Beacons- 
field, Grosse Pointe Park, MI 48230. 
• Dina King and David Home '89 
were married June 24 in Holland, 
Michigan. Dr. Jay Kesler '58 gave the 
meditation. Other Taylor participants 
were Nanci Plumb, Lisa Anderson, 
Anne Wagner, Dave Askeland, Rob 
Muthiah, Mark Kach, Terri (King 
'80) Brooks, Juli (King x86) Elliot, 
Joel Durkovic '89, Richard Muthiah 
'89, Brad Newlin '89 and Mark Gove 
'91. Both Dina and David are attending 
Columbia Bible Seminary pursuing a 
master's degree in Christian education. 
Their address is CBCS #729, 7435 
Monticello Road, Columbia, SC 29203- 
1599. • Tamara Lee King x and Scott 
Ooley were married June 3. Tina 
Ooley '84 was a bridesmaid. Scott is a 
student at Anderson University School 
of Theology and Tamara is completing 
her bachelor's degree in accounting at 
Ball State University. • Joe Maniglia 
is junior varsity coordinator for East 
Central Illinois Youth for Christ in 
Champaign. His address is 2020 North 
Mattis Avenue #105F, Champaign, H 
61821. • Kathy Nelson is a social 
worker at Roc Vale Children's Home, a 
residential home for sixty developmen- 
tally disabled children and young adults 
in Rockford, Illinois. Her home address 
is 1271 Revere Ridge Road, Rockford, 
IL61108. • Brian Roth has been 
commissioned an ensign in the U.S. 
Navy following his graduation from 
Officer Candidate School at the Naval 
Education Training Center, Newport, 
Rhode Island. 


Meleita Abshear was married June 17 
to Donald Street. Taylor participants 
were Marta (Abshear x76) Metcalfe, 
Michelle Bailey '87, Martha Godfrey 
'90, Lisa Clark '88, Lori Anderson 
'90 and Eric Jenkinson '92. • Janice 

Canze and Paul "Snowball" King '73 

were married July 8 in Upland, Indiana, 
with Rev. Jim Mathis '64 officiating. 
Roger Varland '80 and Dana Sorensen 
'73 participated. Paul is on the staff of 
Wandering Wheels, and Jan is a 
substitute teacher. Their address is P.O. 
Box 207, Upland, IN 46989. • July 15 
was the wedding day of Leza Davis and 
Curt Cutforth. Taylor participants 
were Brian Luke, Denise (Groff) 
Luke, Connie Lindman '90, Kira 
Rucker '90, Suzanne Huprich '90 and 
Inger Lindberg '91. Curt and Leza live 
at 2596 Sandbury Blvd, Worthington, 
OH 43235. • Denise Groff married 
Brian Luke on June 17, with Cami 
Piekarski, Curt Cutforth, Sherri 
Lytle, Leza Davis, Shelley Rogers '88 
and Mark Harris '88 participating. 
They live at 4300 West Irving Park 
Road, Chicago, IL 60641. They are 
houseparents at Lydia Children's Home. 

• The wedding of Jill Hay and 
Jonathan Jeran '88 took place June 10 
in Auburn, Indiana. Taylor friends 
participating were Julie (Bagley) 
White, Jay Dellis, Pam Scott '90, Jeff 
Wetherill '88, Jim Bunce '88 and 
Stephanie Wilson '91. The couple 
lives at 508 North High Street, Hartford 
City, IN 47348. • Janelle Hershberger 
and Philip Good were married July 29 in 
Knox, Indiana. Linda Brubaker, Ellen 
(Suter) Keck and Sonya Good '90 
participated. Phil is a senior at Missis- 
sippi State majoring in business admini- 
stration and accounting, and is a self- 
employed farmer. Janelle is teaching in 
the Macon school system. They live at 
R. 1, Box 85, Macon, MS 39341. 

• Wendy Hopkins married Jonathan 
Phillips '88 on June 3 in Paulding, 
Ohio. They live at 4819 Columbia- 
Road, North Olmsted, OH 44070. 

• Carol Neuhouser and Mark 
Stocksdale '88 were married June 9 in 
Upland, Indiana. Taylor participants 
were Dawn (Hendricks) Keller, Jon 
Stocksdale '83 and Martha Godfrey 
'90. • Julia Resch and Brent Huber 
were married July 29 in West Lafayette, 
Indiana. • Christa Snyder, only senior 
on the 1988-89 Lady Trojans winning 
basketball team, has accepted the 
position of assistant women's basketball 
coach for the University of Southern 
Colorado at Pueblo. She will pursue the 
MBA degree there. • Pam Teo and 
Doug Zelinka '87 were married July 15 
in Palos Heights, Illinois. 

V I S T A 

Brenda Hendrickson '76 and her 
husband J ere Schade were in 
Beijing during the political up- 
heaval earlier this year. Though 
currently taeching in the U.S., they 
hope to return to teaching positions 
in China next year. 

A personal account of events in Beijing and Tiananmen Square 

What future, China? What hope? 

The feelings of Chinese students about their government 
find mute expression in this poster, one of many which 
appeared on university campuses in Beijing. 

His voice came to me over 
our shoulders: "Here you 
may find the future and 
the hope of China." 
He was an elderly man. His 
perfect English indicated he was 
a professor. He passed us by 
without further comment and 
disappeared into the crowd. 

The Friday afternoon of June 
2 was our first visit to see the 
statue, "goddess of democracy." 
It turned out to be our last visit 
to Tiananmen Square. 

My husband and I had spent 
three satisfying years teaching 
English at two different Chinese 
universities: in southern China 
(1983), and in Beijing (1987-89). 

Our students often spoke to us 
about their despair regarding 
future job assignments, finances 
and family pressure to succeed. 

Students' dissatisfaction with 
the system sparked many inter- 
esting discussions. They were 
especially curious about our 
religious beliefs. Most had no 
concept of God. It was clear to 
us that Chinese people, and 

especially the academic commu- 
nity, were searching for some- 

We were not surprised, then, 
when Hu Yao Bang's death in 
mid-April triggered a massive 
response by students. Hu had 
been the Communist Party chief 
until 1987 when he was stripped 
of his post because he was 
lenient with the student demon- 

Da zi baos, large character 
posters, appeared mysteriously 
on every Beijing campus and 
throughout the city. As new 
signs appeared each morning, 
hundreds flocked to read them. 
In the early morning hours, the 
more cautious read by flashlight. 

At first, the posters were in 
memory of Hu, but as days 
passed, it was clear the students 
were using his death to make 
statements about their dissatis- 
faction with the government: 
"Save the Youth of China!" 
"Knowledge is important and 
should be stressed!" "We will 
pursue democracy and freedom 


C( H I 1* A 

until death!" "Make revolution! 
"Advocate reform!" "It's time to 
wake up!" 

By the end of April, a million 
demonstrators, led by university 
students, defied a ban on 
marches, took to the streets and 
headed for Tiananmen Square. 

Triggered by a stinging criti- 
cism in the Chinese newspaper 
of the recent student boycott of 
classes, Beijing's 8 million 
citizens, as well as students, 
were aroused. Students distrib- 
uted copies of their demands to 
the millions who lined Beijing 
streets on April 27. 

As a university student 
handed me a copy of the stu- 
dents' demands, he asked me to 
share it with other foreigners. 
Quickly, I crammed it into my 
backpack, thinking it was a 
'souvenir' of what I knew was an 
historic event. 

On the night before what was 
to be the first of many marches, I 
visited several of my students in 
their dorms. 

Several were not convinced 
that a march in defiance of gov- 
ernment orders would be an ef- 
fective way to help their de- 
mands be met. Others were 
afraid of reprisals and their par- 
ents' warnings not to participate. 

One girl, still not convinced 
about participating, suggested 
they take bikes in order to make 
a quick escape, if needed. 

The strongest of the group 
urged them to walk together 
bravely and not try to escape, 
even if the policemen were to 
have weapons. With tears in 
their eyes and locking arms to- 
gether, they vowed to stick to- 
gether. That night was a sleep- 
less one for them. 

By the time they returned to 
our campus at midnight the next 

The author snapped this picture of 
the "goddess of democracy" at Tian- 
anmen Square just one day before 
its destruction by army troops. 

evening, crowds cheered as they 
jubilantly entered the college 
gates. The dining halls were 
opened. Students reported excit- 
edly to us that the people of 
Beijing not only cheered them 
on, but also gave them food, 
drinks and even pairs of shoes. 

The excitement that night was 
contagious. Even the normally 
unmotivated food service 
workers cheerfully served the 
midnight diners. 

Midnight marches on cam- 
puses and day-long marches to 
Tiananmen Square gave way to 
"camping" on the Square. 

By then, the students' main 
goal was to have "an honest and 
open dialogue with top leaders 
regarding their demands." When 

this proposal failed because the top 
leaders refused to meet with the 
newly formed student association, 
thousands of university students 
from other parts of China flooded 
Tiananmen and lived on the 
Square for weeks. 

By mid-May, Gorbachev's his- 
toric visit and the hunger strikers 
attracted world-wide attention. 

On May 20, martial law was 
declared. What followed were 14 
sleepless nights of road blocks, 
barricades and waiting for troops 
who never advanced. 

We visited a park on Saturday, 
June 3. Trying to have fun that 
day was like eating delicious food 
without having a sense of taste. 
Everyone knew that something 
bad would happen soon, but no 
one knew what or when, and all of 
us were weary from the two weeks 
of anticipation. It was to begin 
that night. 

We first heard the gunfire at 
about 10 p.m. We tried to comfort 
each other with suggestions that 
troops were firing tear gas cannons 
and rubber bullets. 

Feeling isolated, we walked 
home and quietly lay in bed until 3 
a.m. listening to machine gun fire 
and wondering about students and 
friends who might be outside. 

A friend telephoned at 4 a.m. 
from a hospital where he worked 
to tell us of the slaughter. 

Later, a dozen foreigners joined 
together for prayer in our apart- 
ment. In spite of (or perhaps, be- 
cause of) our great grief, shock, 
and fear, the passages we read 
from the Bible lept from the pages 
and became living words of 
comfort from God's own mouth. 
"So do not be afraid of 

them. There is nothing 

concealed that will not be 

disclosed, or hidden that 

will not be made known.... 



Do not be afraid of those 

who can kill the body, but 

be afraid of the One who 

can destroy both body 

and soul in hell. 

Are not two C 

sparrows sold for { 

a penny? Yet 

not one of them 

will fall to the 

ground apart from 

the will of your Father. 
And even the very hairs 

of your head are all num- 
bered. So don't be afraid; 

you are worth more than 

many sparrows." (Matthew 


On Sunday, we wept. Black 
arm bands were distributed to the 
few students who hadn't fled from 
their dormitories to their houses. 

"They're burning all the 
bodies.. .no one will ever know 
how many died," one of our 
students cried as we walked arm 
in arm. 

A black banner with names of 
those who died was draped over 
our college gate. 

Students told us that five to 
ten thousand people were killed. 
Later, these reports were con- 
firmed by other eyewitnesses, in- 
cluding journalists from Hong 

Intermittent gunfire continued 
to sound around the city as 
people searched for friends and 
loved ones. One of our students 
stopped as he biked through 
campus. "I'm going back to the 
square to look for my friend. We 
went there together, but I can't 
find him now." 

Despite the gunfire, people 
went to help the wounded and the 
grieving, and some went to talk to 
the troops who had killed so mer- 

Sunday's atmosphere of shock 


C? H I Nt 


Though we were nau- 
seous with despair for 
our Chinese friends, we 
no longer had any fear of 
death during those last 
four days in Beijing. 

and numbness turned into one of 
panic by Monday morning, at 
least in Beijing's foreign com- 
munity. Yet, while all around us 
there was a sense of fear and 
chaos, we experienced four days 
of peace and orderliness in our 

Though we were never to see 
many students and friends again, 
those moments spent with ones 
who came to say good bye are 
precious to us. 

Words seem meaningless 
when friends come to us full of 
grief, with no hope for the 
future of their children or their 
country, and words could seem 
even more empty when they 
come from the mouths of 
foreigners who can simply get 
on a plane and pretend it was all 

a bad dream. 

But words were the only 
^J' comfort we could offer those 
r we saw — words which 
J sounded trite, even as we 
J spoke them, but truths we 
believe with all our hearts: 

A God is not blind to 
what happened; God 
doesn't let evil go un- 
punished; with Christ 
there is forgiveness for sin and 
hope, even in impossible situ- 

Though we were nauseous 
with despair for our Chinese 
friends, we no longer had any 
fear of death during those last 
four days in Beijing. We simply 
knew that God was still God and 
was still in control. If our time 
to die had come, we were ready. 

With this assurance, we con- 
tinued to cook for anyone who 
came at mealtime. We continued 
to pack our belongings. We con- 
tinued to say good bye and 
comfort friends we could safely 
visit or those who took the risk 
to come see us. 

We waited until Thursday, 
June 8, to be evacuated by a 
friend from the New Zealand 
Embassy. We went to a hotel for 
a few hours. Then, after less than 
an hour at the airport, we 
boarded a flight to Hong Kong. 

As teachers here and in China, 
we believe, with the professor 
we met at Tiananmen Square, 
that students are a country's 
"future and hope." As Christian 
teachers, we know, assuredly, 
China's future and hope lies in 
Christ. Our prayer for China is 
that her leaders will repent and 
turn to God and that the 8 
million residents of Beijing and 
1.1 billion Chinese will, from 
this tragedy, learn of their only 
Future and Hope. — BH 


Thank you for your generous and sacrificial giving to 
Taylor during the 1 988-89 school year. We sincerely 
appreciate your support. 


It only takes a spark . . . 

The glow of candles illuminates the Rediger 
Chapel/Auditorium during the commissioning 
service for Taylor World Outreach. Even so, the 
combined gifts of her many donors enable Taylor 
University to shine forth as a beacon to a dark 

and wanting world. 

A candle may be set aflame by a single spark. 
Your gifts to Taylor University, joined with those of 
other loyal supporters, fuel a flame that has been 
burning bright for nearly 150 years. Yours is a 
significant role. Thank you. 

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